I Gave 10,000 People Text-To-Speech Commands on Livestream

Wilbur Soot
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I would like to apologise to the solicitor's office
Phil: www.twitch.tv/philza

Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
Follow me:twitter.com/WilburSoot
Edited: twitter.com/TalentLacking
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


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Jul 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Fishie !
Fishie ! 2 minutes ago
3:41 😮
Monkey Man
Monkey Man Hour ago
thats what immediate regret looks like
Elroy 4 hours ago
*4:09* Like a teacher trying to silence their students whom they just taught how to clap :)
visual fish
visual fish 4 hours ago
That was a good video
Carter 1825
Carter 1825 7 hours ago
My youtube lagged while watching this
stephen mutke
stephen mutke 8 hours ago
That was a good video
Kans2 14 hours ago
Phil the Apache helicopter
Patrycjanotfound 15 hours ago
Meredisu 15 hours ago
Cr1minal Cat
Cr1minal Cat 19 hours ago
i just realised this video was relisted in m bday
iiPancakeii 21 hour ago
11:36 every time I die in among us Me when im trying to explain my favourite yt (Wilbur)to my friends but they interrupt: 00:40 When my friend is explaining to me that ‘sSsIPeRwOlF’ is Better than Wilbur soot: 00:50
M/A 23 hours ago
13:10 Nothing like some relaxing elevator music to spend your evening listening to
Beakyboii Day ago
The People who disliked don't understand the word "Dedication"
N. Sorata
N. Sorata Day ago
Couldn't be me. I got *Sensory Issues*
Snake - Eye
Snake - Eye Day ago
Wilbur’s reaction to the pigeon is just amazing 11:33
Wilbur going to Dadza for dad advice 🥺
Kerosin Day ago
Your music sounded like your computer had 79 errors at once
B e a n s
B e a n s Day ago
Da Blue Guy
Da Blue Guy Day ago
"Hi chat." "I have made an affront to God."
Elora VanDerArk
Watching him trying to get them to stop clapping is like watching a teacher trying to get a class to be quiet
Moonlit Clouds
For anyone wondering 11:32 . You’re welcome.
Eden Duncan
Eden Duncan Day ago
Wilbur: *trying to say one sentence* Chat: WILBUR SOOT
Evie Lin
Evie Lin 2 days ago
Imagine hearing your name from 10k people at one time
Minecraft Bro
Minecraft Bro 2 days ago
"8,000 people telling me to scream for money"
Mythical Dragon
Mythical Dragon 2 days ago
I fell asleep watching this and just woke up to a bunch of wilbur soot
kitty creamypuff
kitty creamypuff 2 days ago
is it just me or does anybody want wilbur to make a story time video
Dr of the Wheels
Dr of the Wheels 2 days ago
The next video be like - Wilbur adopts 10k children | **Wilbur rages and dies**
Why did i just get this video on my recommendations 😃
Minecraft Survival
Madelyn Olsen
Madelyn Olsen 2 days ago
*Wilbur music plays* Wilbur: "Yeah, that's not bad..." *Demonic Wilbur music intensifies*
Fate_ Voltz
Fate_ Voltz 2 days ago
i nealy choked on my lunch
Second Supporter
Second Supporter 2 days ago
All I heard: *GAD*
Guesswho the Introvert
*the claps finally stop* OH THANK GOD- *rakuten ad plays with rhythmic clapping* NOOOOOOO-
thomadash 3 days ago
Wilbur at the end: "This is the equivalent of playing a single sound file thousands of times!" Me: "WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL US THAT AT THE BEGINNING?!"
KASH BROOKS 3 days ago
This mans profile pic
mak_is_strange 3 days ago
this was the first wilbur video i ever watched idk just a fun fact
Afjaz Idk
Afjaz Idk 3 days ago
Phil making a funny noise sounds like a bunch of killer robot bees swarming towards you I can't-
Roccara Rudd
Roccara Rudd 3 days ago
The amount of horror in Will's face at 8:17 was absolutely hilarious 😂
owo uwu
owo uwu 3 days ago
Captions at the beginning be like: “hi chad”
Colton Chavis
Colton Chavis 3 days ago
Wilber: ok stop **ooo intinceafice**
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 3 days ago
Adding scream as one of the options when painting was a mistake XD
*Qt_Kxrmit* 3 days ago
Why is this tiktok hat here
Audrey Gardner
Audrey Gardner 3 days ago
*"8,000 people telling me to scream for money"*
rawsk 3 days ago
Rishika Giddaluru
he should of made the sound hummina lmao
patpoki 4 days ago
pranked 4 days ago
Netriosilver 4 days ago
Netriosilver 4 days ago
Jenifer Fisher
Jenifer Fisher 4 days ago
im dying of laughter good thing i always come back
Axolotl Bones
Axolotl Bones 4 days ago
This was the longest 16 minutes of my life and it was lovely :)
Kelly Nightcore
Kelly Nightcore 4 days ago
this is a good video!
КЕКЕЛ 4 days ago
Brian He
Brian He 4 days ago
Imagine he redrew the Mona Lisa15:02
Jordan 5 days ago
11:33 i am literally crying from laughter
Fishclipz 5 days ago
Fishclipz 5 days ago
Gianna Renshaw
Gianna Renshaw 5 days ago
Hello Wilbur!!! I recently broke my right wrist. Please pray for me! I love you so much! Thank you for posting!!!
Amanda Brownlee
Amanda Brownlee 5 days ago
*CLap ClaP cLAp*
Amanda Brownlee
Amanda Brownlee 5 days ago
wILbEr sOot
Jesse Kinnaman
Jesse Kinnaman 5 days ago
Why do I hear ‘Hold your junk’ instead of ‘Audio Jungle’
O Snake puto
O Snake puto 5 days ago
Stream on Rio de Janeiro be like
Zypper 5 days ago
alt title: "someone with no sense of rhythm tries to clap along to freedom dive"
Lilianna Morgan
Lilianna Morgan 5 days ago
wilbur get a new pc
spider can play
spider can play 5 days ago
Nola White
Nola White 6 days ago
For me the time is 6:05 and im like ya yeet this was.. 6 mins ago
Dsrk⋆ 6 days ago
that was a good video
TechnonixX 6 days ago
Wilbur: Pidgeon!!! Also Wilbur: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Leaonn N
Leaonn N 6 days ago
This is where "PIGEON! aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" is from
AKMR TheOriginal
AKMR TheOriginal 6 days ago
11:30 pigeon
I am on Youtube
I am on Youtube 6 days ago
Nathalia Coleman
Nathalia Coleman 6 days ago
oo oo hoo ooohoo oo oo oooooo hhh ooh -phil
Fy Jfhg gbhfhc 2
Fy Jfhg gbhfhc 2 6 days ago
8:53 just my own timestamp don’t mind me
JustBoliveOil 6 days ago
PiGeOn OhHhhHhHh- Wilbur Soot 2020.
I do not exist
I do not exist 6 days ago
Eva Escobar
Eva Escobar 6 days ago
this made me laugh wayyy to hard at 1:30 in the morning
Henry Rodrigue
Henry Rodrigue 7 days ago
8:59 I died
waitied 7 days ago
10,000 people clapping on twitch = loud popcorn
Fox Inc.
Fox Inc. 7 days ago
It’s like Wilbur is telling his “pets” to stop barking lol
McKenna is a person
shout out to whoever clapped first
PickleMip Gaming
PickleMip Gaming 7 days ago
The video at 12:34 is a classic dating back to 2019 with my friend @ProPixelGaming We’ve recreated it with my dog I’ve drawn a comic strip of it happening I know exactly when it happens in rogue huckster’s video with it in This video is literally a meme with us
toaster oven
toaster oven 7 days ago
Rip cpu
{JJ_Playz} 7 days ago
Saving this for myself 8:00
Annika 7 days ago
the real reason wilbur had an insanity arc
Jxsie 7 days ago
Valentine 7 days ago
0:41 5:09
Amelia O
Amelia O 7 days ago
Bubble wrap, clappity clap.
Will... now you know what it’s like to be a teacher. I’m glad you had fun.
clxud’s caffeines
Wilbur is like my teacher trying to calm the children down
Blaine Petty
Blaine Petty 8 days ago
“I had to tell him that 8,000 people were telling me to scream for money.” Speech 100
Karen Lau
Karen Lau 8 days ago
12:32 12:38
Memey-Cream :P
Memey-Cream :P 8 days ago
Aliea Howe
Aliea Howe 8 days ago
I’m hyperventilating
Chilled Sword Fighter - galaximoonwalk
Me : *sees the stream* also me when I joined : *WTF's happening?
Podjy 8 days ago
Wasn't that PC dead
Jessi Carla
Jessi Carla 9 days ago
sWeAtY PeaR
sWeAtY PeaR 9 days ago
Pigeon POG
XxFoxplayz 9 days ago
This was the funnest video ever do part 2
XxFoxplayz 9 days ago
Willbur trying to speak *twich* dieing of laughter Willbur:😅😯 Me:Aahahhahhahahaha *wheezing*
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer 9 days ago
you saved me... why mmm... *G O O D*
shreeya animations
*Pigeon!* **Head rips off** *MEAAEAEAAUUUUUUHHHHH!*
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