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Doug Sundseth
Doug Sundseth 16 days ago
Possibly worth mentioning (and probably mentioned in the nearly 30000 comments currently on the thread 8-) ), that Ohuhu sells a 200-color set of markers (on Amazon US right now for $99.99US). Don't know whether that would have changed your evaluation, but it certainly addresses your biggest complaint.
Nicole Mendible
Nicole Mendible 3 hours ago
@Molly Jean shut up
Dogz Rulez
Dogz Rulez Day ago
666 likes Nice
Sonia Sony
Sonia Sony Day ago
well... sooo why I post a long essey about copics.. I wrote every aspect of them that I love and I think that they are the best (for me). Well I guess it's not worth to wrote an essey. I will sell my kidneys to buy one and starts digital art... I feel so devastated.... If u ask me why I want to sell my kdneys - well I lost job bc of covid and now I can't find a new one.
Cameron Day ago
the 200 color set isn't brushed tipped, they're fine tipped
Marie Gliva
Marie Gliva 6 days ago
@Fyre Heart Studios yes there is I believe that's the set Jazza was using. What I was saying is the 200 color set that the original comment is referencing are not the same markers that were used in the video. They are chisel and fine tipped makers. Both sets are $99.99 on American Amazon but one has more colors and the other has brush tips. I only commented because if I was a kid that saw this comment after watching Jazza use amazing quality affordable brush-tipped markers and then I ordered the 200 set I read about in the comments assuming it's what I saw in the video, only to have it arrive with no brush tip, I would be disappointed. If a brush tip isn't something that's important to you then by all means when the 200 set is back in stock it's a great value but if you're excited to use the same markers you watched Jazza use, brush tip and all, the 200 set is sadly lacking the brush tip.
Nelly Auch-Schwelk
Nelly Auch-Schwelk 2 hours ago
I‘m disagree because you didn‘t dried stylefile Markers.😭
Benzo Clips
Benzo Clips 9 hours ago
I think this was a waste of money
Cathrina Andrus
Cathrina Andrus 17 hours ago
You wanted all the comments, okay. Its upsetting to see someone go through all the effort, and spend all the money, to get all those different markers...only to do a crappy bracket system to compare. At least it wasn't an entire waste, and it was entertaining.
allen e miller jr
allen e miller jr 18 hours ago
Have ever done a video on Berol Prisma Markers. I’m 66 years old today, and no art Training but High school and love them, I’m not very computer or internet savvy. So I have no idea how to share my art with you but I a on face book! Allen Ellis. I enjoy your art very much.
Crazy Xenomorph
Crazy Xenomorph 18 hours ago
With all those markers surely you won't be using some, considering you have that many, maybe an idea would be to donate some to a school or art program
Rosa Aliza
Rosa Aliza 19 hours ago
This gave me an odd feeling of happiness because my English teacher when I was younger loved drawing and he had the pro markers. It makes me remember what a lovely man he is and how much fun he is to be around. Edit: the drawing that you drew for the pro markers even kind of reminded me of him lol
Slime Time Fun
Slime Time Fun 20 hours ago
people who use ohuhu’s ------->
KesslerE 21 hour ago
I mean, obviously the Copic Sketch were going to win, but the others held up surprisingly well.
Tonje T
Tonje T 21 hour ago
Also worth mentioning (and probably mentioned in the nearly 1000 comments currently) Promarker have sets of 24pc/pz in a wallet set :P you don't need to buy plastic caseing ones :P
Gia Lee Loves TV
Gia Lee Loves TV 23 hours ago
The copics are so dang beautiful yet so expensive. If I had the money I would definitely buy them because they are the best! I agree with you completely. These vids were fantastic! I loved your comparison with each set. It was a fair way to test them all.
Funnycake Ring
Where I am I can’t get alcohol markers
Funnycake Ring
I thought ohohu markers were going to win :3
Funnycake Ring
Hi :3
Alexis Nenninger
I would have picked the OHUHU because of the vibrant colors, and the blending, they also look really amazing. I was wondering if they were good on a lot of types of paper? If so that would be another reason, because I have to order a lot of art supplies online, because I live in a small town. Plus I just really like the OHUHU markers, they are beautiful when it comes to their performance.
kellie may oqd
Haha I'm watching this video on the tablet he was/Is holding lol
Sophie Abbot
Sophie Abbot Day ago
I believe that the Hulu markers, even with the limitation of markers, was more deserving of winning, they seem to have a more saturated and colourful pop on paper and give life to the characters while giving it that 3d like effect
Deen Dollisen
Did you know that i also buyed i think all (like 50 markers) and we battled all the markers and the winer was .......... Ohuhu markers
Miles Breen
Miles Breen Day ago
I would have picked the ohuhu. They look way more vibrant
Raelynn Hampson
Too Jazza, who said to make you feel something: Imagine me... Kicking you in the shins. ‘Nuf said.
Arielle Day ago
I think the entire brand of crayola watched this and was shaking in their boots when they saw they got 4th place and beat 2/3 forms of the Coptic markers
Lil Nutty
Lil Nutty Day ago
i love ohuhu. cant affort copic... hehe
STONEDay 2 days ago
If I subscribe RUvid will stop putting your videos on my homepage. lol
Designer's Doodle Lab
I will choose the ohuhu markers as I think those markers tips were so perfect for any art and also the colours were so vibrant and a absolute perfect
AJ Simmons
AJ Simmons 2 days ago
The Copic Sketch man do be looking like Richard Nixon tho
Kellee Hager
Kellee Hager 2 days ago
Jazza, will u review the Quick Craft Art Markers? It’s a USA marker and what I have. I would like to see how they compare to the Copics.
c0dename3_zues 2 days ago
The official results of the two part saga 1. Copic markers win 2. Jazza lost his sanity 3. The marker shell company make money 4. Touch is a clutch company who sneak their markers instead of whatever you order...... ALLL I ORDERED WAS FINELINERS AND GOT 4 TOUCH MARKERS FOR 800RS (1.something dollars) TOUCH MARKERS!!!!!!!
Arabella Swofford
it pissed me off when i heard copic lmao
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 2 days ago
Someone’s probably already said this but why do you spell colour “colour” when your Aussie (Q and A)
Daemic 2 days ago
By the light of our Holy Emperor, the Grand Inquisitor Sir Jazza brings the brightest of lights into the darkest parts of the marker empire. By his hand AND HIS SWEAT, have we, the people, seen the prowess, dedication and remarkable fortitude of a brilliant mind at work. It is without saying that we mark this day in the history of all Astartes that we may truly call this servant of the Emperor. Brother. Hail Jazza. Hail Copic. HAIL THE IMPERIUM OF MANKIND!
Gigi_ Draws
Gigi_ Draws 2 days ago
Could you upload the sheets you used as a review for each marker as a pdf? It would help a lot in showing in detail how they handle and blend. Thanks and great video!
jixem 2 days ago
Please move over there You said you wanted to me moved
Dane Kaneshiro
Dane Kaneshiro 3 days ago
Pls do a challenge like this with Arcylic Pens!!! I can't find any good ones the work on the bottom of skateboards
Sandra J
Sandra J 3 days ago
Where to buy the ohuhu markers in eu?
Noa Meijer
Noa Meijer 3 days ago
I would have chosen the copic sketch markers too because of the high range of colours yet they are quite expensive
Crsthine G
Crsthine G 3 days ago
Can i ask if the giveaway ends? Heheheh
Aida Valunaite
Aida Valunaite 3 days ago
* o m g *
My Vampire-ish Life
Like JAZZA said copic sketch is more pro but for me it will be ohuhu because copic sketch is soooo expensive that was my thought thanks for reading
Donny Shields
Donny Shields 3 days ago
Based on personal user experience, I prefer the ohuhu markers
Bob Zilla
Bob Zilla 3 days ago
I bought the 200 marker Ohuhu set on Amazon. This was my first time using alcohol markers. I found them fun to use and I loved the results I am getting with them. Thanks for the awesome marker faceoff video!
Laila Lindsey
Laila Lindsey 3 days ago
Ok I’m so sorry, but I’m about to get mean. I COMPLETELY disagree with the winner A few reasons include that the quality of Ohuhu is the EXACT SAME and if not BETTER than Coptic sketch. The price. Oh. The price. Copic Sketch is LITERATELY 10 times MORE expensive than Ohuhu. That’s like saying you would pay 10 dollars for one taco, but you could buy 10 identical tacos for one dollar! And I want 10 tacos :) And it sounded like you made your decision based on the range of colors. THERE ARE 200 OHUHU MARKERS!! YES! There ARE more Copics BUT 2,800 something dollars?!?! Ohuhu sells 200 for $99.99US And I feel like that the look of Ohuhu markers are 10 times better than Copics (That might not affect much, but still valid.) I wrote this because people might waste SO MUCH MONEY on this, and I just cringe to see that. The only downfall I see of Ohuhu is that Copics have replacement ink and tips, but to me it’s really not worth it. I currently own the 120 pack of Ohuhu chisel and bullet nib alcohol markers, and I am BEYOND happy. I’m sure you are NEVER gonna read this so I wasted my time, goodbye. -Laila Lindsey
Diya Tunes
Diya Tunes 4 days ago
Thank you, this has helped me with what to buy! I am sorry but I think that Ohuhu or whatever it’s called, wins in my book
Beantoronto AJ
Beantoronto AJ 4 days ago
Sibella Genis
Sibella Genis 4 days ago
Thanks Jazza. Can’t wait for your next video.👍
Billy Case
Billy Case 4 days ago
i feel like if the ohuhu markers were refillable that they would win for definite taking price into the equation but also delivering on quality
Shea Mcknight
Shea Mcknight 4 days ago
He should do an "Every Sketchbook Ever" video! Ones for ink and markers and all that fun 'jazz' 😏😁
Apryl Brown
Apryl Brown 4 days ago
Ive only ever used Crayola but knowing now they only have 14 colors total i would probably agree with you
VISION TV 4 days ago
Brilliant video but the level bias ruins the ‘test’ so much.
FlyingWonderGirl 4 days ago
Did you look at the 120 Ohuhu set?
Marietta McCullough
Fun to watch. You are funny and talented.
Ms. Tal
Ms. Tal 4 days ago
Why is he so biased towards copic, half the time it’s competitor looked better.
Jordan Ez
Jordan Ez 5 days ago
I think Sharpies should’ve got a shot
Abi L
Abi L 5 days ago
im honestly thinking about purchasing ohuhu now dang it you really got me jazza
Thanda Paani
Thanda Paani 5 days ago
Copics are the best the industry has to offer but Ohuhu seems really amazing for people who, you know, can't afford the best or rather do not need the best. It depends on person to person
Lissy Louise
Lissy Louise 5 days ago
I’d love to see you draw the personality of a touch marker 😂 all touch markers would just be the same person in different clothing 😂
Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur 5 days ago
Copic sketch
Vgeta 5 days ago
I would have picked the crayola markers if they had more colors
I am not Sean Lock
Aw man why was i so late to this. I almost guessed the outcome of this 100% correct before watching this one. I picked: 1) Copic Sketch; 2) Promarker 3) Arrtx; and 4) Crayola alcohol With Copic sketch winning. Looks like i have a sense of what to look for in a good marker, then. 😁
Noy Cohen
Noy Cohen 5 days ago
I would have picked ohuhu because I fill like it’s way more available for people that don’t work professionally
SteFunOfficial 5 days ago
I mean copic has 5% higher quality and are 10 times the price of the ohuhus. How do they have the same value
Vanessa 5 days ago
Hey y'all does anyone from Australia know where to get the Ohuhu brush nib markers? Been trying to find some on Amazon but they don't ship to Australia, so its a struggle to find them. 😥
c. Antonia
c. Antonia 5 days ago
Honestly, Crayola should gain extra points for sentimental reasons.
me likei bts
me likei bts 5 days ago
Give away: I think i would have picked ohuhu becuz if i had to do a project or a presentation i can buy the whole pack (i think) However the copic sketch has a HUGE range of colors and they are very expensive if you have not much money.
Let’s go with Fields
Legit didn’t even know crayola made alcohol markees, I need then
Let’s go with Fields
Jazz’s: if you missed the last challenge ting, were totally doing another and it’s something you totally want Me: oh lit I want that *checks date and cries in alcohol ink*
Liz Torres
Liz Torres 5 days ago
I always miss the code :/ and I'm paying attention! Sigh
Levi Lam
Levi Lam 5 days ago
I hope that the companies that you compared in these videos will sponsor you forever, because all the work, time, value and experience that you applied and used in these videos. They are great and unique. Excellent work
see the world with music
I agree with your choice
Michael W
Michael W 6 days ago
Where the Sharpies at...whaaa, no Sharpie love??
Dylia Escribano Prince
Espero que las compañías que comparaste en estos video te auspicien eternamente, porque todo el trabajo, tiempo, valor y experiencia que aplicaste y empleaste en estos videos. Son geniales y únicos. Excelente trabajo
Flemix98 6 days ago
Nice review!
Bl1ndeR 6 days ago
Stop motion
Stop motion 6 days ago
I think the ohuhu should of won
Lena S.
Lena S. 6 days ago
As a hobby artist who owns a few copic sketch and the cheapest set of ohuhu (chisel and bullet nib 40 marker set for 26$ on amazon) I have to say that ohuhu takes the cake for me because not only are they accessible and awesome, their customer service is prompt and quickly replaced 2 markers in my set that came nearly dried out
The Addict Of Gaming
And the winner is... Photoshop
Krazy 6 days ago
Tab A more like ..... A Tab...let... please laugh
Fiona Dewils
Fiona Dewils 6 days ago
You look like fun jazza's serious twin brother
Eva Ranska
Eva Ranska 6 days ago
Please Collab with DrawingWiffWaffles, Ohuhu are her bread and butter and she does amazing art!
Zach Temoro
Zach Temoro 6 days ago
I WAS ONE OFF! Had I picked Crayola instead of Artify, I’d be playing Mario Kart 8 and Smash Ultimate on a mini switch. Now I can only play them on the regular switch. #FirstWorldProblems 😢
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