I found the RAREST skin in Fortnite and 1V1’d them!

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Fortnite - I found the RAREST skin in the game!
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 8 935
Ali-A 6 months ago
I was a BOT in this 1vs1 - Hit 👍🏻 “LIKE” 👍🏻 for another Ali-A vs Recon Expert video (where I can actually build lol)!
Zahida Nasir
Zahida Nasir 3 days ago
Unucky, ali. You forgot to respawn after winning . So you had less health in the last round.
Peter Strakowski
Peter Strakowski 4 days ago
You always are a bot
NIFTY 187 9 days ago
I think skull trooper us the best skin
Adama Traore
Adama Traore 10 days ago
xdFlamezzz add me Jv-11 on epic games
Adama Traore
Adama Traore 10 days ago
xdFlamezzz u from EU ? I’m from EU
2020 boi
2020 boi 37 minutes ago
i would love to have the recon expert because all of my friends say i got bad skins
Ben Guppy
Ben Guppy Hour ago
Renegade raider
XxBillyYTXx Rehman
XxBillyYTXx Rehman 15 hours ago
Ariel assault trooper ill want
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque Day ago
Reconexpert boy beacuse its rare one
Paden Galley
Paden Galley Day ago
Renegade raider and helmet
Belinda Bond
Belinda Bond Day ago
Black night or drift
Barbie Zenner
i would like the black night 👇🏻drop a like
Maha Troby
Maha Troby Day ago
Gil trooooperrrrrrr
Maha Troby
Maha Troby Day ago
Gul trooper
Joseph Keetley
Recon expert because I don't have any og skins
lzr zeko
lzr zeko Day ago
1v1 one me
yeezy ya
yeezy ya 2 days ago
i want storm trooper cuz it is cool and my fortnite id is fartman12323
Ayaan Riasat
Ayaan Riasat 2 days ago
I want the purple skull trooper because I haven’t got any purple or gold skin that’s why I want it
Jay serrano
Jay serrano 3 days ago
Any skin I have no skins
GUNNER POOLE 3 days ago
I want the galaxy skin
Auveen O Regan
Auveen O Regan 3 days ago
Ali a can I 1v1 you my name is dashingpuppy7 and I am 10
Nut Chanat
Nut Chanat 3 days ago
Pikeridegw I would like all of them ami right guys like if you with me
Lamalover 28
Lamalover 28 3 days ago
Lamalover 28
Lamalover 28 3 days ago
Reagade ranger
Lamalover 28
Lamalover 28 3 days ago
Lamalover 28
Lamalover 28 3 days ago
Or recon expert or renegade
Lamalover 28
Lamalover 28 3 days ago
Renegade raider
Mommyrocks R
Mommyrocks R 3 days ago
Renagade rader
Dylan Fox
Dylan Fox 4 days ago
It’s was a recon exspert
Arron Jude
Arron Jude 4 days ago
Black night gg9900
Abbie Coles
Abbie Coles 4 days ago
Recon expert
Lucas Viana
Lucas Viana 4 days ago
Ikonik because I like ikon
Flare Ghost
Flare Ghost 4 days ago
Gtg Bye
Gtg Bye 5 days ago
Red Knight because it looks cool
Yandel Cruz
Yandel Cruz 5 days ago
Renigade because I barely have any skins
MaxPower YT
MaxPower YT 6 days ago
Up ur sense and u WILL be a better player
Miles Green
Miles Green 6 days ago
because i like it and really want it
Miles Green
Miles Green 6 days ago
And love your vids
Miles Green
Miles Green 6 days ago
renegade raidor xbox agreen0000
k V
k V 6 days ago
poke digger 2
poke digger 2 6 days ago
Renegade raider would be one I love to have. I didn't start fortnite at that time but I'm still goated. My name is N8varain555. You the legend would do a million favor if you gifted that.
Fly Boi
Fly Boi 7 days ago
I had a lot of og skins like Renegade raider and Black Knight. But then I got hacked and lost all of them. I have an Xbox account with OG John Wick and all the battle passes after.
Aiden Old
Aiden Old 7 days ago
I want the skull trooper original
Adelyn Bruce
Adelyn Bruce 7 days ago
Id like brite bomber.
bobbi welsh
bobbi welsh 7 days ago
I want og skull, recon expert,and renegade raider
jacksonville 23
jacksonville 23 7 days ago
Stealth reflex Favourite youtubers skin
Kelly Thomspon
Kelly Thomspon 7 days ago
Reckon expert
Etienne WALSBY
Etienne WALSBY 7 days ago
Foul trooper
pcg koolkid
pcg koolkid 7 days ago
Recon expert
amazing beyblade Lucas
Raven he looks dope
Connor Bramley
Connor Bramley 7 days ago
luca miceli
luca miceli 8 days ago
I would like the renegade raider because it looks like a cool skin
Damian Gruca
Damian Gruca 8 days ago
Codname elf
Anna Breannan
Anna Breannan 8 days ago
Ali I would like gull trooper
jenson ramsdale
jenson ramsdale 8 days ago
John wick because I like his style
D on wii G
D on wii G 8 days ago
JESSE RODAS 8 days ago
I didn’t ask
Xd proudy
Xd proudy 8 days ago
Turn on captions and see what is says. Oh my without a week on expert Captions 2020 be like.
Andrea Sigmond
Andrea Sigmond 9 days ago
NEBRION CLIPZ 9 days ago
5:30 the lobby music and Ali’s clash so hard 😬
Theresa Schneider
7 years old weniget weder
Anthony Allen Haas
I did it
Kristian Perez flores
Recon expert
Krzysztof Baran
Krzysztof Baran 9 days ago
Krzysztof Baran
Krzysztof Baran 9 days ago
Renegade raider
Sarah Graham
Sarah Graham 10 days ago
My freind has got black night
Evaraj Singh
Evaraj Singh 10 days ago
The epic Canadian skin because I am Canadian
Death strike 250
Death strike 250 10 days ago
Renagade raider or black night or galaxy skin my username is Death strike 250
Rebecca Shelbourn
Rebecca Shelbourn 10 days ago
Rex because it will be my first skin
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