I found the RAREST skin in Fortnite and 1V1’d them!

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Fortnite - I found the RAREST skin in the game!
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 7 719
Ali-A Month ago
I was a BOT in this 1vs1 - Hit 👍🏻 “LIKE” 👍🏻 for another Ali-A vs Recon Expert video (where I can actually build lol)!
Kody Dunn
Kody Dunn 8 days ago
Ghoul trooper because I really want a og skin please
Imani Tieanna
Imani Tieanna 8 days ago
Xavi Saeed
Xavi Saeed 9 days ago
Julie Barker
Julie Barker 10 days ago
de sikhay
de sikhay 7 hours ago
renegrade raider it looks dope
KillerPotatoZ 8 hours ago
Noob Soup
Noob Soup 8 hours ago
I want to 1v1 Alia ha I would win so easily
hashtag fin
hashtag fin 13 hours ago
Recon expert
Rakesh Gandhi
Rakesh Gandhi 14 hours ago
I want the second expert because I don't have a skin and people make fun of me
19 hours ago
Matevz Vrhunc
Matevz Vrhunc 22 hours ago
i want recon cuz i like it
Undoing Oak7
Undoing Oak7 22 hours ago
Ghoul trooper!
Fierce Wolf Dhanvanth
If skull trooper because it's just so cool
Gaming whith Theo pro
Pelie because I like him
Claudia Cartwright
renagade raider name is Noahnat534 so i dont get made fun of
deep shah
deep shah Day ago
FaDe _pheonix99 renegade raider love u
Tennispro YT
Tennispro YT Day ago
Renegade raider and the pick ax
Tacticalhail 190
Skull trooper ☠️💀 coz I looks cool and I just really want it
jims5670 jims5670
Douglas Mackemer
Skull trooper because it is my favorite skin
Anthony Callaway
Anthony Callaway 2 days ago
renagade raider that would be dope
Storming Viking
Storming Viking 2 days ago
Renegade raider
Rab Beep
Rab Beep 2 days ago
My name is Rab the master
Rab Beep
Rab Beep 2 days ago
Rab Beep
Rab Beep 2 days ago
Renegade rader
Callum Bryce
Callum Bryce 2 days ago
Recon expert
Lil Brazy
Lil Brazy 2 days ago
Recon expert because it’s all white
Naza Amir
Naza Amir 2 days ago
Goul tooper
five pixels
five pixels 2 days ago
I'd like to get a skull trooper
know mad
know mad 2 days ago
batbro games richardson
Craig Wisener
Craig Wisener 2 days ago
Goul trooper
Reecey RockStar
Reecey RockStar 3 days ago
I want a reecon expert
Yung Nate
Yung Nate 3 days ago
Renegade raider
the challengers
the challengers 3 days ago
Renegade rader
Dark Cronic7
Dark Cronic7 3 days ago
Skull Trooper to Dark_CronicX
BxRyZe 3 days ago
Your actually trash
BxRyZe 3 days ago
Bro do u acctually play fortnite for fun or are u just a try hard wannabe
Lucylou Naylor
Lucylou Naylor 3 days ago
Ettore Perri
Ettore Perri 3 days ago
could I have the red knight because he was my 1st favourite skin on fortnite and really wanted it the first day it came out
The CW Flash
The CW Flash 4 days ago
Renegade Raider
Ismael Eng
Ismael Eng 4 days ago
recon expert. I when’re it because my friends at school make fun of me because I don’t have the recon expert and they bully me
Ismael Eng
Ismael Eng 4 days ago
And my epic is spays man 11 and I play on Nintendo swich
Tyrek Williams
Tyrek Williams 4 days ago
Aura it goes great with my pieaxe
Hypno- Reek
Hypno- Reek 4 days ago
Ghoul trooper
john ksntas
john ksntas 4 days ago
Renegade raider it's my fovourite
Aaron Harding
Aaron Harding 4 days ago
Please drift because I am a big default and I don't have 1 skin.also I sal you on t.v.
Kale Waunch
Kale Waunch 5 days ago
Renigad rader is what becuse I have no skin
4546B Szczygiel
4546B Szczygiel 5 days ago
Goul trooper
Protect Tecca u feel me
Me I want renegade raider bcz I’m mobile and everyone said I’m a bot my name is Harry Potter 1i0
George Knight
George Knight 5 days ago
George Knight
George Knight 5 days ago
urška tiršek
urška tiršek 5 days ago
Helmet boy beacos he looks nice
Rickey Tomlinson
Rickey Tomlinson 5 days ago
Asullt trooper
King Youtuber
King Youtuber 5 days ago
Gole troper
Garry Mason
Garry Mason 5 days ago
beach bomber
Weyt Ryder
Weyt Ryder 5 days ago
John Wick My friend has been bullying me because I’m a default. I only have the free battle pass and even that is unupgraded. He has John wick and flexes all the time. If I got Koh. wick he would stop. Epic account: Argetsingr
trash_can 6 days ago
I really want Renegade Raider because I don't have any og skins
[1]Rose Team Leader
I want Skull Trooper because it has a cool green style
Sushi Gameing
Sushi Gameing 6 days ago
Purple Skool
Mariesia Wilson
Mariesia Wilson 6 days ago
renagage raider becaushe i have 3 skins all season 10 skins
Art Lo
Art Lo 6 days ago
Why is Ali a so trash
Maria Pedro
Maria Pedro 6 days ago
Ben lobb
Ben lobb 6 days ago
goul trooper
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