I found out my parents are not my real parents..

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My parents were finally going out that day. It was only to pick up the groceries but
it was still a big deal for me. They never left my side. I was always in the presence
of either mom or dad or both.
I didn’t get why they were so protective of me. They were protective to the extent
that they never let me leave the house. I was always inside the house looking out
the window. I felt like Rapunzel in her tower sometimes.
When I looked out the window I saw kids playing, running towards school buses
and whatnot. When I asked my parents why I couldn’t be like other children they
always had an excuse. They even counter-questioned me,
“What if you get lost? Or kidnapped?”
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One day, when I was about 7, I saw my dad talking on the phone near the window.
I went to him and said in my baby voice, “Dad, I want to go to school.”
He stopped talking and hung up the phone. He looked at me and I saw his face was
going red. Although he didn’t say a word, I knew he was getting angry. At that
moment my mom came rushing in and said,
“We are home schooling you. Don’t bother your dad. If you have any questions ask
I had been scared of my dad ever since to that day and I was already in my teens.
That was why I always did what they said. I behaved, stayed inside the house and
never bothered my dad.
I had only been out two or three times on the grocery run with mom. That time too,
her eyes were fixed at me like a hawk.
That was why when they left to go out it was a relief for me. I could finally be
alone; I could get a sense of privacy and freedom even though it was inside a
Usually, when I was alone, I liked exploring the house. I thought that was the only
way I could figure out why my parents were so protective and why my dad was so
angry. I had searched the attic and even my parents’ room a few times before, but I
couldn’t find anything. That day, I was facing my fears and going down the
basement. It was scary down there but I hoped I would find something.
I turned on the lights of the basement headed down there.
“Even with lights on this is scary.” I said to myself.
But I was right. There were so many things there. Some of the things looked way
too old. There was this old television, my old crib, and so many papers. I started
going through the papers. It looked like some kind of bookkeeping of money and
there were so many names.
“Are my parents taking money from people?” I thought.

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Jun 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Michalia Banks
Michalia Banks 3 hours ago
Did they really change their profile pic so we can't recognize them are they serious?? You guys suck leave RUvid!!
queen Lilly
queen Lilly 11 hours ago
SavageBillahx2 18 hours ago
This channel is creepy
Squeen B
Squeen B 19 hours ago
I dont trust strangers so I wouldn't have done that
Jasmin Kusainova
Jasmin Kusainova 20 hours ago
Who recording kinapaing?
Daisy Dominguez
Uhhhh idk
Reubes Kays
Reubes Kays Day ago
Next title I went in a pool and got pregnant
Zaki Abdi
Zaki Abdi Day ago
You are lying because l am 28 years
Brawl XZYM
Brawl XZYM Day ago
Hey thc
Donna Gallardo
It's creppy how she said do you think your parents are you real parents lol 😆 12:47
Abdiwasac Mohamed
My dad and mom is my real parents
Her: black with black hair Her parents: Blonde,white with blue eyes Her real parents: white with brown hair Her again:I fOuNd My ReAl PaReNtS Me: are you are you sure about that 🧐🤔
RxinyFalls 2 days ago
*there is 5 VHS Tapes how can you clearly tell that those people were your real parents?*
Arisha Noor
Arisha Noor 2 days ago
What if u get kidnapped? I was like isn't she already kidnapped 😂
Karyna Holloway
Karyna Holloway 2 days ago
I pressed it 20 years later I am dead
Karyna Holloway
Karyna Holloway 2 days ago
How's black🤔
Giovanni Ndndnej
Giovanni Ndndnej 3 days ago
I would jump out the window
tasnim jannat
tasnim jannat 3 days ago
Of course they are not your real parents you can see the color of your ski- nevermind
Giovanni Ndndnej
Giovanni Ndndnej 3 days ago
Your recists
Sezal Hooda
Sezal Hooda 3 days ago
Next tittle: I was raised by a dog and a cat.
Emmie Does Royale High
Sorry sister I already saw your 20 more amazing lifes on another channel and vid. ;-;
Gillian Bennett
Gillian Bennett 4 days ago
but the baby doesn’t even look like her though?
Queen Keliary
Queen Keliary 5 days ago
I love the video 😭😭😭
life with Trish
life with Trish 5 days ago
Plot twist : her real parents were kidnappers that also took her from her parents and later her current kidnappers kidnapped her from her previous kidnappers....🤔
Huong Pham
Huong Pham 5 days ago
The 20 years longer life thing is a lie.
Francesca Medina
Francesca Medina 5 days ago
Wow I have real parents not KIDNAPERS
Zocutegirl Poopmonster
What’s your white baby but I don’t want to grow up she’s black?!
Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan 5 days ago
unintelligent human being
how tf do kids believe this shit?
FoosdJr r8 dry p Mukhtar
I feel sorry 😞 for the girl
This _Guy
This _Guy 5 days ago
Bruh she sounds like a teacher from an educational game made for 3 year olds.
moon dai
moon dai 5 days ago
I just don't know why, she dont jump through the window?
Phakmo Dhundup
Phakmo Dhundup 5 days ago
SoftiDove New
SoftiDove New 5 days ago
If her mother was her real mother Her: Why cant i go out? Mother: Corona
JT Feria
JT Feria 5 days ago
Tomorrow morning and we will
Teboho Masiane
Teboho Masiane 5 days ago
Those are bad people
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 6 days ago
And I subscribes your channel 🤗
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 6 days ago
You are brave
Parakh Bhardwaj
Parakh Bhardwaj 6 days ago
Did you ever see the guy that gave you the address agian?
Dylan Henson
Dylan Henson 6 days ago
This is the plot of tangled...
Jihan Audrey De Jesus
my parents is my real parents
Saira Irfan
Saira Irfan 6 days ago
I am 30seconds in and already know she is adopted because she looks noyhing like her parents
Saira Irfan
Saira Irfan 4 days ago
@unintelligent human being what?
unintelligent human being
Kyrah Point
Kyrah Point 6 days ago
Why didn't she try to open the window the only to thing that would stop her is if he window is Locked some how
Annu Shinnie
Annu Shinnie 6 days ago
They should be my real parents.. If not they would've disowned me by now🤣🤣🤣
Dallas_41 6 days ago
How did a random coffee guy find her address
R Shen
R Shen 6 days ago
my parents are my real parents.
Mikey Ann
Mikey Ann 7 days ago
Everyone is saying how different she looks from both sets of parents. But how about the fact that she looks nothing like the baby in the video she found?
Brian Pilgrim
Brian Pilgrim 7 days ago
Ya I New she was adopted from the very beginning and look anything like them
Brian Pilgrim
Brian Pilgrim 7 days ago
Or kidnapped whatever
Taysir Omer
Taysir Omer 7 days ago
''this will make u live 20 more amazing years'' like wtf????
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 7 days ago
Do u know if actually happened has any vids
guineapigs life
guineapigs life 7 days ago
Her: I don't know how to escape : me just jump of the window
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 7 days ago
3:07 There are six. Wth?
Madis P
Madis P 7 days ago
The baby was white and her parents and she (I'd say) is black
Mihika's World
Mihika's World 8 days ago
benson cruz
benson cruz 8 days ago
mine is not a kidnaper at all thier good parents
Pureflog Water Filtersb
I was so scared
Gaming Robe
Gaming Robe 8 days ago
On the tape I saw a white green eyed girl
TheFE2Gamer_Jay ProGamer
What about that window chap?
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 8 days ago
Lol imagine recording you kidnapping a child like “oh yeah ‘course we should record this, we definitely need to keep track of our crimes.”
springamakronik 8 days ago
How was she the baby
Kiki Karmel
Kiki Karmel 9 days ago
help I keep changing my name
Is this dora
Karla Ruso
Karla Ruso 9 days ago
The tape: *Claire Baker.* My mind: *Hannah Baker...*
Shirley Mogos
Shirley Mogos 9 days ago
I. love you guys.
CreAtive1 BJ’z World FleNoury
She sits right by the window is she slow
James Burke
James Burke 9 days ago
Ayan Haroon
Ayan Haroon 9 days ago
Ayan Haroon
Ayan Haroon 9 days ago
Lol his face is going red get out of that world and be a tomato dadd
It's THAT girl Ché
Nobody: Me: Dora with curly hair🤩
Akshara Rajesh
Akshara Rajesh 9 days ago
Yeah my mom and dad
Lady K
Lady K 9 days ago
My parents are not my real parents. Mmmmm.....ok wouldn't have guessed that at all.
Gaming with Ariya
Yes my parents are real
YunaDaTuna 9 days ago
0:34 why is the mom in the counter-
Aliyah Syahirah
Aliyah Syahirah 9 days ago
you hv a window to jump out ..
Justice Williamson
I’m pretty sure they are!!!
krcyndixer 9 days ago
she did not notice
ava Evans
ava Evans 10 days ago
I thank that are my real parents 😯🤨
gem Stone
gem Stone 10 days ago
Okay if one could question what are you guys do that oh yeah you live for an extra 20 years thing unless a you guys have in curse of your channel is sentient demon that grants wishes or you're just a bunch of f****** idiots
Braelynn Mejia
Braelynn Mejia 10 days ago
I didn’t know what to say or so I’m just gonna say this
Annie Allor
Annie Allor 10 days ago
why does her hair look like a triangle
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