I Found Noob1234's SECRET Portal in Minecraft!

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I Found Noob1234's SECRET Portal in Minecraft! with PrestonMinecraft 👊
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 7 387
PrestonPlayz Month ago
Subscribe to find ALL of Noob1234's secrets!
Ibraheem Tahir
Ibraheem Tahir 16 days ago
TheButterBeanRealityShows :P tsS
Coupon ActionHero
PrestonPlayz Messages from Jordan I hope you get this message play gears of war if you do you have Xbox players or get a game they go on Minecraft and guess what how do you get guns in Minecraft that’s why I was outside OK You Are you OK that’s it for Ma question bye-bye precious and I want to do videos with you so my name and I liked all your videos I love Lego and I mean bro bro bro
elizabeth44e Mairey
The girl nood is girl 1234
ImJustB2019 Gaming
PrestonPlayz why is one of the color flames transparent?
Sunny Month ago
Hello Preston! I love your vids! 😸
[SO2] Soar nexus
[SO2] Soar nexus 19 hours ago
My minecrafg skin is red and blue and fire feet
James Clark
James Clark 20 hours ago
Noob1234Sometimes changes and and changes the jewel then what he does is he changes his voice to do like quack quack quack quack quack Track track track track
jiangyi100 21 hour ago
Newborn to threehave girlfriend OK!
Brody Posey
Brody Posey 23 hours ago
I do
Beth Hall
Beth Hall 23 hours ago
He has a girlfriend
Beth Hall
Beth Hall 23 hours ago
I know all of his secrets
Kembyr Goodwin
Jaloul USA
Jaloul USA Day ago
pinenk wool=girl1234
Jaloul USA
Jaloul USA Day ago
i know gole kee
Sushila Mulmi
Jace Marinda
Jace Marinda Day ago
I clicked it
Jedidias Rubio
it the key for noob1234
kingston pule-smith
nah my friend is a pro yo
Andre Hopotoa
by Andre
Andre Hopotoa
you are the parcor king and master of all preston
jayvee Valdez
Brandi Boudreaux
Brandi Boudreaux 2 days ago
Do you have your merch in XXL for me Preston the way I can wair the fire hoodie and other merch forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
Lili Diggz
Lili Diggz 2 days ago
the one color on his fire merch is moving XD
TRINITY Verwey 2 days ago
I want to join you in Minecraft
Steven Wolk
Steven Wolk 2 days ago
Do another one
Monica Bellicini
Monica Bellicini 2 days ago
it is girl1234 base
Ramir Torres
Ramir Torres 2 days ago
Star Writtensi
Star Writtensi 2 days ago
He has a glifriend
louise lovering
louise lovering 2 days ago
The girl key is for his girlfriend
david mercer
david mercer 2 days ago
Noob1234 has a girlfriend
Panther King
Panther King 2 days ago
I love lava
Lenuta Valeria
Lenuta Valeria 2 days ago
No I haven't.
Amisty Roberts
Amisty Roberts 2 days ago
Do you have Tick-tock because I have TickTock and I am I love TickTock and I are I think you would like tick tock
Diana Kendrick
Diana Kendrick 2 days ago
E my cos
michele crosby
michele crosby 2 days ago
The Raptor
The Raptor 2 days ago
Raptors videos
pokefan 1
pokefan 1 2 days ago
I know whos runing this under ground city Noob1234
Maegan Tealeaf
Maegan Tealeaf 2 days ago
Noob1234 has a girlfriend so, I guess it's hers? My best guess.
Magdelin Rose
Magdelin Rose 2 days ago
Suzette Lawson
Suzette Lawson 2 days ago
I wats jor woediejos to barv
Suzette Lawson
Suzette Lawson 2 days ago
preston it loek layk jor hom in minecraft
Jason Sanchez
Jason Sanchez 2 days ago
Eve Guy
Eve Guy 3 days ago
I love you guys
Matthew Duff
Matthew Duff 3 days ago
Preston rulez!!!!!!!
Matthew Duff
Matthew Duff 3 days ago
ĞìñğèŕBèář_ Pĺáýź
I followed you on Instagram 5 years ago but a year ago my dad found out that I had installed Instagram and made me delete it im sorry but I did follow you. You are my favorite RUvidr and Brianna love you all❤
Monique van Wijk
Monique van Wijk 3 days ago
I love your vidios❤️
Julnara lifestyle Kh
You’re my fan
Or Mabel
Or Mabel 3 days ago
No i don't have friends ok
BibiA Khan
BibiA Khan 3 days ago
What is you world called prasten🌍
Vandaniel Kong
Vandaniel Kong 3 days ago
does anyone noticed his shirt the green thing it thrugh
Zayyan Shaikh
Zayyan Shaikh 3 days ago
I'm a not a huge fan I'm a gigantic fan gigantic is bigger than huge
Zayyan Shaikh
Zayyan Shaikh 3 days ago
Pls play roblox
yohhane james angeles
This is how many preston sayed guys I I I I I
Quan Pham
Quan Pham 3 days ago
And I’m sure noobs can not spell
Beatriz Villafuerte
I got three sister
Bram Colby Calcena
Preston u build a underwater house :) because Brianna vlog dat hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahaa
Jan Geibriel Yoshioka
Heh preston dont know hes green lego merch its coverd minecraft
Samir Baltazar
Samir Baltazar 3 days ago
I like to see you do pranks they are so funny
James Shinault
James Shinault 3 days ago
My sister Autumn
Tracie Vander Schauw
grill 1234
Keegan Martin
Keegan Martin 3 days ago
Xochilth Jeronimo
We got to get noob1234 secrets so subscribe
Zach Snyder
Zach Snyder 3 days ago
You are the world’s best vloger , your content is amazing
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