I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
DALLMYD Year ago
Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!
Titin Titinalga
Titin Titinalga 4 days ago
the 3kay gaming Hunter
Can I have an Cristal
#XMDUK Xtreme Metal Detecting UK
Awesome 👍
Sa Ha
Sa Ha Month ago
Hi I❤️U
Krysten BossLeiter
Krysten BossLeiter 2 months ago
I'm 8
Ellen Davis
Ellen Davis 3 minutes ago
It's so nice they returned to the owners
Michael Brackett
I love you Tristan
Bo Beldowski
Bo Beldowski Hour ago
Benjamin Leonard
Benjamin Leonard 2 hours ago
At 6:08 people are talking about giving it back to the owner but if you look behind his hand you can see a kid doing the orange justice.......
Supremescorpion 5 hours ago
Did any one see that kid in 6:09 just doing the orange justice
Yamina Adem
Yamina Adem 6 hours ago
Wow man you lucky
Tavia Harradine
Tavia Harradine 6 hours ago
Who here is watching videos from like a year ago because of covid 19
Badon Sun
Badon Sun 7 hours ago
your awesome Dallmyd...❣️👍
SUCESS may brother .desejo a você toda a sorte do mundo para você nobre amigo e muitas conquistas e prosperidades sempre o sucesso está em suas mãos 👐🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Parabéns com determinação e objetivos traçados a Vitória é certa levanta esse troféu que é seu 🏆 .Deixando aquele GIGA 👍🏼🇧🇷
Chlo� khalil Mcginnes
Jake is in the water
Maria Pereira
Maria Pereira 7 hours ago
Adimiro a atitude que voces tem de devolver o objeto ao verdadeiro dono mesmo que seja de outro lugar. Parabéns
Zamantha Arendain
Zamantha Arendain 9 hours ago
I feel bad bruh...
Andrew Archer
Andrew Archer 10 hours ago
i wonder if after he posts the video like hundreds of people are like "oh hey that one ring is mine" even whether it is or not
Sawyer VanRider
Sawyer VanRider 10 hours ago
bruh your a great person that dude sounded so happy.
Nathan Viloria
Nathan Viloria 11 hours ago
Yes we do
Nathan Viloria
Nathan Viloria 11 hours ago
Dee Jenn
Dee Jenn 11 hours ago
I LOVE this Video! You are SUCH a Sweet Boy! Bless You For Being SO KIND to that Man Mohan! You Have Good Karma and are Blessed with the Angels! I don't Subscribe much to You Tube BUT i AM subscribing to Your Channel! I'm Telling my Daughter and Grandaughters to Subscribe to You Also. I Can't Wait to Watch Your Other Videos ** Blessings to You **
Linda Craig
Linda Craig 11 hours ago
I wish I could do that. You are so cool
Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham 11 hours ago
Go to Vegas to the pawn shop get thousands for all those rings
Lioness Gaga
Lioness Gaga 12 hours ago
I will live a like, a like you , all three of you a lot
Evan Richards
Evan Richards 13 hours ago
you guys are so maen I'm never ever going to watch your videos nanana booboo
SnowMaN1988 13 hours ago
Generation gullible
Young SkiO
Young SkiO 14 hours ago
*Start of the video* Me: English please?
Hannah Oprel
Hannah Oprel 15 hours ago
Who is watching this in 2020(quarentine)
Mark Robbins
Mark Robbins 18 hours ago
But did you go to the vacation house
Sienna Riyo Amantiad
actully does any body miss some body u love u relly miss him or her beacuse of corona i do my siblings were seperate so am sad i still have ther number doe accept one :(
Lyna Gamer
Lyna Gamer 20 hours ago
If i found a 14k ring and it has no owner i will sell it for sure
Am I the only one thinking that you talk super fast?
Carol Arndt
Carol Arndt Day ago
You are an awesome young man to give back things you find
بنوته كيوت
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Day ago
Pure BS! All planted beforehand to fool people and get cheap views. 🤣
Lorena De Armas
Anyone else think the sand is like a glitch
Maisie Howarth
This is how many people loves when he was swimming with the fish ⬇️
Bonnie Trott
Bonnie Trott Day ago
So glad the guy was happy to get his ring back. Such a good deed you have done to return it to the guy.
Loretta Davis
Dude!!! slow down. You talk sooooo fast lol
Mario Schaplewski
Mia Rampersad
what kind of ring is that? the diamond one? pls someone tell me!
Why do you need To know my name
Oh Yeah ask everyone who lost a diamond ring I’m sure you’ll find the owner fast
avril leong
avril leong Day ago
i think you are so lucky
عبد اللطيف شنوف
Found the ring and gained a link to explore more.
Cxdi tervet
Cxdi tervet Day ago
14:45 howd he disappeared
Robyn Drew
Robyn Drew Day ago
Kalle Tp
Kalle Tp Day ago
Thats not peso its 2 euro coin
Imagine if one of the owners is like: Damn it were divorced now I already threw that why give it back?
Samir Kumar Choudhury
Dude can u please contact me, i am going to buy a metal detector so can u suggest me one? @_da_one_in_billion_ instagram
d_brick Day ago
I would not give a single ring back im gettin rich bih
Pizzacooljr .N.V.
What did you do with the other ring...
Julia Levine
Julia Levine Day ago
Laura Nolan
Laura Nolan Day ago
You are so stinking cute w a huge heart
Ilyssa Mansss
Wow this man is awesome keep up the good work,
Ilyssa Mansss
Rory not , I meant !
anonymus anonym
anonymus anonym 2 days ago
I have lost all those rings
MotherFucking CHICKENS
Kao Xiong
Kao Xiong 2 days ago
Nick trick 12
Nick trick 12 2 days ago
He is at Hilton rainbow towers in Hawaii
Josh Sadikman
Josh Sadikman 2 days ago
OMG! that is the most beautiful ocean I'v ever seen! ( PS on my dad's computer )
CayleePM 2 days ago
You must get a bunch of money from scooba diving because you always find money
Itisfinished 2 days ago
Great positive video,, love it.
Karema Albargathi
Why are you guys so mean to him now he looks like he’s embarrassed 😩
Elizabeth DeBisschop
we have those same thing
Mznfred 1901
Mznfred 1901 2 days ago
That diamond earring must have been Kim's
Bama 2 days ago
Are you on Facebook Jake?
Luke_Howe 2 days ago
Can anyone tell me what make his small metal detector is please thank you
Bama 2 days ago
What’s Jakes last name?
Bama 2 days ago
Roll Tide.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 2 days ago
I love your new videos
Bama 2 days ago
What kind of metal detector is that?
Princess Sissy
Princess Sissy 2 days ago
I have a friend who tossed his ring in Gulf after a messy divorce. Said it was his closure. Probably impossible, but would be interesting if it was ever found.
Is it just me or does the metal detector sound like it’s barking
JASMINE JUKES 2 days ago
He does good for the water!!
JASMINE JUKES 2 days ago
He is so amazing
cute angel
cute angel 2 days ago
brandons was so saddddd porrrr thing
April Deamond
April Deamond 2 days ago
The one ring with the diamond not the classroom I actually got the same one out of a gumball machine
dayna aldredge
dayna aldredge 2 days ago
I feel bad for Brenden
Jaun_ the ghost OwO
at 6:10 in the vid theres just a kid danceing in the background
Samantha Phillips
That one kid doing dances tho😂
Debbie Rabe
Debbie Rabe 3 days ago
Thats great. You made this guy happy.
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