I FINALLY Play a Harley Benton...Are They REALLY as Good as People Say??

Darrell Braun Guitar
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Finally! It took over 7 months for my HB-35 Plus to arrive (major Thomann screw up).
Was it worth the wait? Let's find out!
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1. Thomann screwed up! - 1:01
2. AAAA flame maple top?? (specs) - 2:39
3. What does it sound like? - 4:29
4. The devil is in the details - 8:40
5. So, should you buy one? - 13:01


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Aug 4, 2020




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Darrell Braun Guitar
VIDEO SECTIONS: 1. Thomann screwed up! - 1:01 2. AAAA flame maple top?? (specs) - 2:39 3. What does it sound like? - 4:29 4. The devil is in the details - 8:40 5. So, should you buy one? - 13:01 Enjoy!
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 17 days ago
Hey man I ordered one of these lemon drop guitars and mine seems more orangish then yellowish like yours. Or is the lighting making yours appear more yellow.
mikonokoki Month ago
Yes! I got my diy strat style guitar from HB just for fun. Very nice work at this price level around 70€. But body needed lot lot sanding before staining. But you know, diy is about sanding :D
God be with you
God be with you Month ago
*Sounds nice.*
JimmyTulip1 Month ago
So what are these "other options" that you would go for instead of that one?
Sz Ki
Sz Ki Month ago
@brent4uc ?
Neil Aspinall
Neil Aspinall 12 hours ago
HB is an exclusive brand of Thomann. They can be hit or miss but an excellent hit is the DC-Junior in every respect.
Kutay Yavuz
Kutay Yavuz 20 hours ago
Great review! and i have to say you make it sound great! Thank you!
Neal McEneaney
It looks beautiful 🤩
Only 5 star experiences with Thomann 👍
Eddie Mautone
Pretty nice sound
Bob B
Bob B 2 days ago
Do you have a reverb on? or is that just me or even the guitar?
Dartheomus 2 days ago
You point out the AAAA flame maple top, but I've seen $4k Gibson guitars with AAAA tops that didn't look nearly as nice as that HB. I guess if we ever want something with the quality of a PRS guitar, you would need to get an AAAAAAAAAAAAAA top. Is that enough A's? What a terrible system! Otherwise, cool guitar. Shame the frets were so terrible. I couldn't deal with rough frets, but hey... polish them up yourself and hopefully good to go.
LazyLion 3 days ago
let's play with a touch of dirt DUMPS A BUCKET OF DIRT
Mark K
Mark K 3 days ago
Whether it is a high end guitar or not, a little care in craftsmanship always goes a long way. There is no reason for a guitar to leave a manufacturing plant in that kind of shape. I would gladly pay a extra $20.00 - $30.00 to have that looks after at the dealer level. In my opinion, what other short cuts are they taking? But I do not play so this is just my 2 cents.
jayjay ripoff
A basic setup from me would cost would be £35 + strings. To sort the frets, levelled, crowning and polished, nut recutting and full setup, £65 + strings. So its pretty cheap enough to get it up and running, and hopefully playing well. They could absolutely put that on the price and ddo it in house.
thronepotato 3 days ago
It would be great if you would comment on the fret size (jumbo, etc) and the quality of the tuners (stay in tune, etc). Also the quality of the strings or do you swap them out right away. Lastly, any set up work or adjustments that you would do before demo. Any fret dressing or leveling. Love your reviews but wouldn’t mind seeing more than the tone.
Andrew Mueller Ananta Babaji
Not that they are in same price point but what of the Chapman's or Solar guitar brands? Real nice guitar quality in harley price point is Jackson Monarkha JS22
Antifender Anticaster
Good morning. Finally you woke up.
Miguel Rodriguez-Olmos
Here in Europe Thomann works very very well. I place several orders each year from Spain and they arrive fast, very well packed and you can even choose among a few courier companies. Free shipping over 200€, extremely easy to return. This is by far my favourite online shop for music or any other thing. Sorry for your bad experience but maybe you have a similar shop in north america that you could use.
Francois6048 5 days ago
So with fret leveling, and fret edge polishing this guitar is a must. The only thing that keeps me from buying those everytime is that sticky, 3mm thick plastic finish on the neck. Nothing feels better than a bare wood neck.
Brandon Kennylz
Brandon Kennylz 5 days ago
7 months to get here?? my new HB is coming today, i ordered it YESTERDAY, im so damn surprised, overnight from germany to nj!
Acoustic Shadow
Acoustic Shadow 5 days ago
Darrell, I thought you very fair with regard to the egregious delay in shipment, and other points in the review. That's important because you gotta be fair in this life - but not so with everyone. Good on you, bud.
Shem Ozzy
Shem Ozzy 5 days ago
I like it 🎸👍
Peter Oppong
Peter Oppong 6 days ago
GREETINGS...... DARREL, KINDLY give me this splendid guitar's specs, colour AND price. Where to order. I'm in Toronto Ontario. Thx.
Elias Kyparissis
Elias Kyparissis 7 days ago
Have been buying atudio gear and what nit from thomann forever shipment to finland is usually 1 week. Never had troubles with them..
jonas baert
jonas baert 7 days ago
I had a screw up with thomann too , i bought a harley benton as first guitar and it came in in 2 pieces it was broken. I called them and they provided me a new one i could keep the broken one
Jam Brenn
Jam Brenn 7 days ago
It's not close to gIbson sorry Darrell but for me it is a sloopy replica in to many wAYS.
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 8 days ago
Darrell, I am a newbie, 6 months, in this guitar journey and have been watching your vids for half that long. I am using acoustic guitar right now but someday might walk on the wild side with electric guitar or acoustic guitar. Since there are a plethora of choices out there it is bewildering for a newbie like me, from the size, the cost, the construction, the electronic, the style of play, etc.... What electric guitar should I have for a guy with small hands playing general pop, rock kind of music? Or perhaps you do a vid going over the types of electric guitar for the style of play? Thank you much and keep up the awesome work.
Jan Fels
Jan Fels 8 days ago
What Kind oft guitar in this intro is this with the turning single coils ? I never sa one like this , i had also an idea with an single coil Mechanik ...
SuperstarMagic 8 days ago
No, they’re even better!
khankrum1 9 days ago
If Harley Benton decide to make some High End Guitars some manufacturers would be screwed.
Sigge Värn
Sigge Värn 10 days ago
4:50 how do I get that split coil sound on my hb-35? Any specific effects you use? Amp settings? Please I really wanna know.
Pelican Jay
Pelican Jay 11 days ago
This was like watching a lion eat a zebra after he had his money tied up for months. Buyers remorse! Not worth it..meh.. and it looks like it had a head stock break, it has that typical "frown face" repair scar.
Jay Richardson
Jay Richardson 11 days ago
My Epiphone has a AAA Flame Maple top and its really AAA
Paul McCullough
Paul McCullough 11 days ago
What would you say is the best budget ES335?
Ray Prevailer
Ray Prevailer 11 days ago
I got one of the higher end LP's. I live in New Mexico. I did not have any shipping issues. I am very satisfied with this guitar. The nut was cheap plastic garbage though. I bought a tusk replacement and fitted it myself. The Roswell pickups were pretty good but I did change them for Duncan's.
supedersen 12 days ago
Thomann is a bad seller. I have bought 3 guitars the last year, that were returns sold as NEW. Dirty, misused and defect. Returned of cause. I want NEW gear.
Tim W.
Tim W. 12 days ago
Like my ibanez artcore aj95. This looks similar.
ShagStars Productions
I bet the best guitars from thomann are 299 Harley Benton fusion II series.
ShagStars Productions
I live in a country best to germany. After buying IT takes 2 days to arrive.
James Walsh
James Walsh 13 days ago
Lemon drop Colour ?
Dickie Lee
Dickie Lee 13 days ago
Great looking Guitar.
Simon N
Simon N 13 days ago
Sounds absolutely fantastic. Beware though, a guitar can sound ten times better in the hands of a good player. Thomann - I've bought quite a bit of stuff from them over the years and have no complaints. But it only takes one bad experience to put people off...?
Nasty Paz
Nasty Paz 13 days ago
Yo, can people talk about the guitar and not about Thomann?!
QDSGames 14 days ago
I had a Harley Benton once, I hated it. Out of tune, poorly made. Even a professional couldn't get it to work properly. I sold it an bought a Epiphone. Now I'm happy.
airman501 14 days ago
The highlight for me was a Larry Carlton 335 lead sound on the humbucker. Well played, as always!
Ramp Agent
Ramp Agent 15 days ago
Did you buy a b stock? I find your review not to convincing the bentons i have tried are great for the money.
eduardo arellano barreto
sadly no longer available at Thomann
Erick Weber
Erick Weber 15 days ago
thoman sent me a broken head stock...its a AFD epip slash .. and dont reply about that broken guitar when i complaint
micha janosch
micha janosch 15 days ago
hi! i'm from germany as thomann is. i ordered several times from thomann and it always went perfect. refound also is no problem
Massimo Maoli
Massimo Maoli 15 days ago
Excellent presentation!
James Hartung
James Hartung 15 days ago
DC JR for me!
TT9 15 days ago
Well was it as good as people say?
Stratmaster75 SSN
Stratmaster75 SSN 15 days ago
We'll take your word for it, until we try one ourselves bro...good video man From Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎸👑
jarry Dee
jarry Dee 15 days ago
They were really god with me.. Took like 2 weeks to get it to the USA
Lil Claptrap
Lil Claptrap 16 days ago
is it really that yellow?? CAUSE ITS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!
Alistair Burford
Alistair Burford 16 days ago
Always helps if the guitar is in tune for the first licks...
I always got my order in 1 to 2 days
justin barrett
justin barrett 17 days ago
ordered the same guitar...took almost an entire year to get...glad I got it though...I do want to change the tuners though. AAA or AA etc...it's not an asthetic thing...most guitarists confuse this..it is, however, a wood grade...less knots, more "even" grain...and even grain would mean less ripples.
Didier Dieudonne
Didier Dieudonne 17 days ago
Hello, I often buy in Thomann, guitars or parts for my guitars or my drum kit, and it is really a great online shop, with great choice and prices. I never experienced any problem from any kind with them and the delay to receive items is shorter for a delivery in France. Now, if you are a player, you can buy one of their cheap Harley Benton guitar kit, a rough "strat" for less than 79€ ...;-)
Adam Czech
Adam Czech 17 days ago
Wow major screw up. I usually get the absolute best service at Thomann. They are always eager to help and obliging.
Tonnie Dorland van
Tonnie Dorland van 17 days ago
i live in the netherlands, and i only have good experiences with thomann. i once ordered some pick ups, turned out to be out of stock they offered me the choice of full refund or wait untill they got back in stock
مستر لواحظ
I got mine with bodywork damage. Sounds OK. It’s a bargain but you get what you pay for
ildemaro zerpa
ildemaro zerpa 18 days ago
Darrell by any chance can you tell me what are you using for the overdriven Tone?
Larry L
Larry L 18 days ago
Seems to be another cheap copy of a Gibson. A Chinese guitar sold through a German multinational importer.
Steve Morse
Steve Morse 18 days ago
Them misleading on their website by saying it is a quadruple A is not cool when it clearly is not and when you add frets that are not properly sanded I find you too accommodating in your conclusions.
Tim Chambers
Tim Chambers 18 days ago
Whats better for 50 more. We in Ireland order monday get it friday. Maybe its different to canada in brands
Mike Head
Mike Head 19 days ago
Hi Love your videos and wondered if you might have a look at this lap steel slide guitar. The price is certainly good and any reports I have seen so far. But your expert eye and ear would be appreciated. As you must have guessed I am after that classic David Gilmour slide like the intro to Breath. So taken up by Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) riffs and sounds I wanted to try his iconic slide guitar sounds. After much research I happened upon what most Floyd tribute bands are using over here, Surprisingly low priced £99 GBP from Thomann. In Germany: The Harley Benton Slider 11 lap Steel W/ Stand. Those of you in the States will find this under the Rogue name who I am told is the actual manufacturer in the east. I intend to tune it for open, E with lots of reverb, as that suits my type of music and fret board knowledge. Your time appreciated Mike
Eddy G
Eddy G 19 days ago
I just love the lemon burst but it’s just a too cheap a guitar for me to buy, and it would just stick in my brain
Mike Cullen
Mike Cullen 19 days ago
I ordered a second guitar from thomann, a 12 string acoustic electric and a case. Both were in stock and got delivery in five days. So I got to say my experience was way better. It could just be the luck of the draw. But without your review, I would never have heard of this brand an I am very happy with my purchases
Mark Kroos
Mark Kroos 20 days ago
Hey Darrell, I love your gear videos, they've been really helpful! At 13:55 You mention that there are some better options that might run $50-100 more - I assume you're talking about other similar non-mainstream brands that are high high quality...do you have anything specific you can recommend? Thanks a lot!
K D 20 days ago
Hi Darrell.... im looking at a 335 style electric guitar. Its got "La Grange" ,on the headstock and apparently made by Texas Guitars. Can anyone help me find out more about this guitar. Thx
Chris Hill
Chris Hill 21 day ago
I've got an HB TE80 with Wilkinson pick-ups, its great and the luthier i take my guitars too, said it was a lovely guitar.
Juan Carlos Suarez
Every time I hear the word scarf joint I expect a spliff so big that I can roll it around my neck to make me warm in winter. Please stop being so disappointing
M S 21 day ago
Harley Bentons are 100% hit or miss guitars, they "have" awful QC. i.e they check that the guitar has 6 strings and ship it.
George Kountouris
George Kountouris 22 days ago
Can anyone help me out Epiphone Limited Edition ES-335 PRO Electric Guitar Cherry for $400 vs this Harley Benton HB 35 plus for around $300 (once I figure shipping). Is the Epiphone better (I can’t find any comparison vids). I’m looking for a gift for my daughter, I’m not a guitarist. Thanks for any input from anyone! Great video BTW!
Sébastien Buchert
Sébastien Buchert 22 days ago
Without a doubt the Harley Benton ! Save the extra money for a guitar tech appointment to be 100% sure that all the small issues are fixed and that it is well set up. I assure you that your daughter will be very pleased ! I wish I had a dad who would buy me gear hahah ! Nice
A Bobble
A Bobble 22 days ago
Thomann are really good with customer service in Europe.
Diesel Weasel
Diesel Weasel 22 days ago
During the clean demo the bass was clipping hard. Was that the amp or were you hitting the recording software too hard? Overall I like your content.
KippWebb125 23 days ago
I had the exact same problem but I stayed on top of it by writing every day where is my guitar. Long story shot DHL did something to the guitar so the same model was shipped again UPS Express and surprise I had the guitar in 3 days. Avoid DHL and go with UPS; it is worth the couple extra bucks.
Harry Longmore
Harry Longmore 25 days ago
Vintage Harley Benton made by jhs John hornsby skews Trevor Wilkinson hardware
James Ramsey
James Ramsey 25 days ago
Yeah I had a not so pleasant experience when my credit card seized up because it was an overseas transaction,(I guess I should have let them know first).....wasn't too happy and ended up cancelling the transaction. But truth be told I'm still lusting over their stuff : )
Richard Plijnaer
Richard Plijnaer 26 days ago
Made in China..... This must stop. They try to destroy the economy by Covid 19 and than install a socialist world dictatorship No, you make money with these video's. shame on you.
Pierre-Stéphane Bouchard-Montpetit
The flame top issue would have got my blood boiling
Dalibor Madzar
Dalibor Madzar 27 days ago
I bought 3 Harley Benton guitars and got them shipped to Alabama. It took 3 weeks every time. So The delay is definitely unusual. To the guitars themselves, I own the same guitar in red, and yes, this one needed a bit of work, but after polishing the frets It is close to perfect! I don’t think your statement about not being able to expect a perfect guitar is incorrect. It all depends on the price range you’re playing in. In my experience they very well have guitars that are perfectly finished, however they have a bigger price tag. I own one of them that is absolutely flawless and came with features that you simply cannot get for that price tag. (Floyd rose 1000, gold, Grover tuners gold, stainless steel frets, etc., all for under 350 bucks shipped,) As for me, I own multiple high end guitars, however, I am a huge Harley Benton fan. It’s hard to find better guitars for the price. My two cents...
ShreadTheWeapon 27 days ago
Splitting both coils on this model sounds much beefier than on the Gibson/Epiphone parallel - for the time being. Would it be worth the risk of ordering one? As of November 2020, I think my next guitar purchase may still be either the Yamaha SA2000 or Fender Modern Player Thinline Tele Deluxe.
Allan Pape
Allan Pape 28 days ago
At the prices HB's sell for you can expect to have to do some work to get them to play at their best, but the prices have now increased to a point where they are very close to some well known brands that have better quality control. The biggest problem for me is that you can't see what you are buying, plus by the time you replace all the cheap parts, your money would be better spent towards a higher quality guitar.
alpha numeric
alpha numeric 28 days ago
How is it compared to the blue "Super Cheap Les Paul"?
AllanAxe 28 days ago
I got this fender MIM neck last year brand new it had rough fret's so i had to polish them. So its not only a HB issue.
Tarsan97 28 days ago
a beauty. Yes HB gaining ground fast. Bliz krieg !
john psathakis
john psathakis 28 days ago
For the price, they do an amazing job and come on, all of us played way worst guitars (we learned to play on worst guitars and we would think they were amazing)
Gregory Dorrell
Gregory Dorrell 29 days ago
i just recieved the 550 amber paradise maybe bit higher end than your one once i cleaned the frets with oil changed strings it sings
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 29 days ago
I got mine today (friday) at noon. I ordered it wednesday afternoon. Shipping notice and tracking said it went from Germany to Thoman and to me in 2 days flat. Def needed some ( mild ) fret polishing and rounding and better tuners. Other than that it seems awesome so far.
theBlueSlushy 29 days ago
This or the Xavier pro-500?
Gary Brady
Gary Brady 29 days ago
I live in Ireland. I ordered my harley benton from thomann on a Sunday, they were closed so the order got processed on the Monday. My guitar showed up on the Thursday. Quickest online delivery I've ever witnessed and the shipping was free!!
Joe Blankenship
Joe Blankenship Month ago
My HB shipped from Germany, and arrived in Virginia, USA in 4 days flat.
George Kountouris
George Kountouris 23 days ago
Which model did you get? Are you happy with it? What was you shipping cost? Thanks!
Staubsaugore 24 days ago
Zuschauer 9
Zuschauer 9 Month ago
My experience with Thomann ist great. Btw. I live in germany. Give them another chance.
Bernard vo
Bernard vo Month ago
je trouve que cette guitare a un bon son . j'ai des Gibson , éclectique et acoustique donc je dis ok pour cette guitare. Apres il faut savoir en jouer .
Wood indahouse
Wood indahouse Month ago
In germany it tooks about 1 or 2 days after purchase and you have your harley benton in your hand :) No problem with send it back and get another one for free if there are some issues or without a reason. Yea there are some issues with the frets sometimes...if they polish them the guitar would be (round about) 100 dollars more expensive.. (don't know the price from this model but should be 1/2 or 1/3 more of the price ;) 30min polishing and you are fine ;) greets 🇩🇪
TheGuardian Month ago
I love how people keep being smart about price of the guitar. I've always thought that it was all about the player.....
TheGuardian Month ago
I bought my first electric - 250€ Harley Benton Classic Jam with amp combo. No set up, no nothing. I was very satisfied. I've previously played acoustic for 15 years (on and off, childrens' music school and then self-taught campfire style). Then I went to guitar store to buy and test effects pedal. They gave me LP Epiphone for testing (plus decent Marshall amp). It was awful - strings were too close together and just felt wrong in general, tone was bad....
E K Month ago
I bought a Harley Benton Tele back in March and received it in April. Pretty standard for international shipping I would say. Like Darrell said the fine tuning is not exactly on par, but in the $150 price range it does stand out and plays really well so I enjoy it. The Roswell humbuckers sounds awesome! A good buy for aspiring guitarists!
One Mean S.O.B.
One Mean S.O.B. Month ago
It takes a fool not to make these badass
The Lenawee Trekker
You have a better attitude than I would have had given that they shipped your guitar to Germany, and than you had to wait so long to get it. I understand that it comes out of Europe, but that wait time is just beyond the pale. Otherwise, it does appear and sound like, a beautiful guitar.
hockysa Month ago
to be fair to Thomann, you bought during pandemic time
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