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daddy issues!
daddy issues! Hour ago
i don't know why it makes me so happy that he used the purple forest background thing from twisted pair for the ad.
Amanda Purello
Amanda Purello 3 hours ago
Jake....dude.... why
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew 5 hours ago
Your floor is dusty boi.
Mikayla Cross
Mikayla Cross 6 hours ago
Jake Paul took "use alliteration" in marketing a bit too far - movement makers - freedom fam
Ashleigh Exford
Ashleigh Exford 7 hours ago
“Proof is in the pudding jakey” why’d that take me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ella Mills
Ella Mills 8 hours ago
Billie Gene is not my lover He’s just a guy who’s tryna scam me for 400 bucks
Chase Zwartz
Chase Zwartz 16 hours ago
Where do I cop that gnarly MattySmokes merch
Bucky! At The Disco
Bucky! At The Disco 17 hours ago
Lovin the Dunder Mifflin mouse pad
Eirun Naa
Eirun Naa Day ago
human Day ago
"Hop inside me, let's go for a ride" would have sounded SO wrong out of context...
Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam
Kurtis, I subbed to you a while back simply because you are innately likable, witty, charming, and incredibly funny. This video made me like you even more. I started my own channel a year ago, but unfortunately working a full time job to pay my bills kinda cannibalized all my time and made maintaining a channel damn near impossible. Thank you for your blunt honesty- so much of this social media success truly is LUCK. This is not to say that you don't work hard- you're posting regularly, constantly touring and collaborating and making podcasts. You deserve every bit of your success, plus more. It would not surprise me to see you get your own show, Netflix special, or something else one day soon. Either way, I am very happy with my decision to become a resident of Kurtistown.✌😎
AshyNoLife Day ago
Weirdest intro ever but ok
blah_blah Day ago
I literally got an ad for a business course thing before the video
Gggccc Dddaaa
Def caught the flash of Jake and Amir: 30th Birthday ;)
Valeria Azzali
Look at that beautiful beautiful Dunder Mifflin mouse pad
Arina Ira
Arina Ira 2 days ago
Stacy S
Stacy S 2 days ago
Dude, his "recruitment" video reminds me of those Scientology videos that are so insane.
Wikkid Spork
Wikkid Spork 2 days ago
Bro i love how deep fried that clap is
Leilani Jones
Leilani Jones 2 days ago
The San Diego phrase is a line from Anchorman.
Carmen Loredo
Carmen Loredo 2 days ago
You really got to have the personality and energy for youtube. It takes talent and passion to keep making ideas. Only specific types of people work with it
Stacy Calderon
Stacy Calderon 3 days ago
The sketches are what I come to this channel for
Sammy 3 days ago
Ah, well it's safe to say that when Jake's youtube career ends he can recruit for pyramid scheme companies because he is so talented at passionately communicating absolute BS.
Arjanne Intia
Arjanne Intia 4 days ago
very random but did kurtis just use the one direction font
Awkward Otter13
Awkward Otter13 4 days ago
Has jake invited Kurtis to vlog yet?
Paul Whittaker
Paul Whittaker 4 days ago
12 year olds have no idea what student loans are
Color Me Stoked
Color Me Stoked 4 days ago
My parents arent happy but they also didnt go to college so
stop changing the name
hey on the website where you order tickets and it says 18 and over, does it mean you have to be 18 and older to order them or go to the show???
stop changing the name
Commie Dog42 so I gotta be 18??
Commie Dog42
Commie Dog42 3 days ago
xonni 4 days ago
Yall check out Improvement Pills channel if you want real inspiration and good advice. :)
Delia Suggs
Delia Suggs 4 days ago
kleetus corncob
Justin Dayhoff
Justin Dayhoff 5 days ago
You had me at bowel movement maker. #newsubscriber
EpicGamingHD 5 days ago
The entire intro to this video was a horrible fever dream...
Zach Shapiro
Zach Shapiro 5 days ago
Anyone who noticed that jojo gasp....yes
Zach Shapiro
Zach Shapiro 5 days ago
The intro...
Nicholas Leclerc
Nicholas Leclerc 6 days ago
1:07 - 1:25 Uuuuuuhhh... gay vibe alert ??? 1:22 What theeeeee... fuuuuuuuck ???? 1:35 - 1:45 WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST FUCKING SMOOOOOOKE ????
the golden rose
the golden rose 6 days ago
I fainted this morning and the intro made me feel like I was not done recovering...like a fever dream almost
ashira Jay
ashira Jay 6 days ago
0:03 little does he know a virus..well show cancelled
watersticks 6 days ago
Jake and Amir AND Babish?? Yeah I guess it is that kinda night Kdizzle B)
KatiTheRat •
KatiTheRat • 6 days ago
Jake Paul tried to be the next Gary Vee
Madison Bays
Madison Bays 6 days ago
Peachy 7 days ago
Why is his facial hair and same color as his own flesh
Nikki Bowen
Nikki Bowen 7 days ago
why did that ad sound like the presentation of the sabre pyramid from the office
Brittany Aguirre
Brittany Aguirre 7 days ago
what the fuck was that fever dream i just watched 😂
Hana Noor Azam
Hana Noor Azam 7 days ago
Thanks for the skit at the beginning
Makayla Takang
Makayla Takang 7 days ago
The Mark Lack bit made me laugh so much more than I should’ve 😂
Lorena Ravelo
Lorena Ravelo 7 days ago
thought leader? i hardly know her
Omega Playz
Omega Playz 7 days ago
I got a business school ad for this
ajlegrand13 8 days ago
Emerson Cook
Emerson Cook 8 days ago
Jack M
Jack M 8 days ago
13:40 are they in the GMM set? df
Erica Baker
Erica Baker 8 days ago
This looks like the site for a pyramid scheme.
echo 8 days ago
i’m actually disappointed in myself for understanding the “san diego is german for a whales vagina” reference
GoingOverboard 8 days ago
Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that Jake Paul is a Scientologist
i l a n a s m i t h
netflix we want this one
Lynzie Ball
Lynzie Ball 8 days ago
It makes me really happy that the first videos of Jake Paul that show up are Cody and Noel’s
the billy gene part 😂😂😭😭💀💀
Azriel 8 days ago
Bad and Boujee will never be the same "...she a thought thoughtleader"
Acid 9 days ago
You're hilarious. I almost pee myself watching you.
Brianna Carmona
Brianna Carmona 9 days ago
kurtis used his powers of being the son a demon and the vampire king but it's not something he has to try it
Jiilaal 10 days ago
16:36 He's quoting Anchorman here
Minigamer :D
Minigamer :D 10 days ago
That's some artsy beginning
please no
please no 10 days ago
1:27 the son of a demon AND the vampire king 😳
Raidou Kuzunoha
Raidou Kuzunoha 10 days ago
"San Diego is German for whale's vagina" oh man I also love Anchorman
Flowdeep TDKM
Flowdeep TDKM 10 days ago
Is it possible that Jake planned on youtubers making videos about it and actually paying the 20 bucks? That would acutally be a smart idea. Lol
Onlydogs 10 days ago
Can’t all this be summed up in “don’t pay your taxes”
Mallory Oof
Mallory Oof 10 days ago
14:53 ted talk is quaking
Mallory Oof
Mallory Oof 10 days ago
Uwm gwuys I hwave sumfwing to say 🥺 👉👈 we lwive in a socwitety
Shanza Zahir
Shanza Zahir 3 hours ago
😭this is so deep it cured my depression. 😭😭
Young Bull
Young Bull 10 days ago
Comments full of self defeatists bashing a man who they clearly are jealous of. Whether you want to admit it or not. It’s cool, you guys can repress your feelings it only hurts you. (No I don’t like jake Paul) I do respect his grind though.
Shanza Zahir
Shanza Zahir 3 hours ago
g r i n d
Nicole Hernandez Morales
7:44 that one direction font tho
Jessalopagus Tomlins
Thought leader I hardly know her
Ross McClellan
Ross McClellan 11 days ago
He spelled Billy Gene wrong!Billy Jean!
GoGo PowerRanger
GoGo PowerRanger 11 days ago
"San Diego is the German word for a whale's va*ina" is a movie refference from Anchorman 1.
TraficCat 11 days ago
is nobody noticing the Twisted Pair background at 21:41
emily yoder
emily yoder 11 days ago
the intro was impeccable.....
Luke Kane
Luke Kane 11 days ago
The San Diego Comment Is From Anchorman
fayhe macdonald
fayhe macdonald 12 days ago
"Our generation is smarter" I'm sorry could you repeat that? I couldnt hear what you were saying over the noise of me eating this tide pod
darcietd 12 days ago
folks! if you would like actual real advice on financial freedom/independence, go and read Money School by Lacey Filipich! she does amazing work with kids in schools, teaching them how to start their own businesses and make a profit! please don’t support the jake pauls of the world!
morgan glenn
morgan glenn 12 days ago
Someone on RUvid makes videos like jakes on free for RUvid actually his advice isn’t half bad
Olivia 13 days ago
i swear you already made a video on jake paul.
Casual Walrus
Casual Walrus 13 days ago
epic dunder mifflin mouse pad
Lexi Wagnitz
Lexi Wagnitz 13 days ago
I think we have the same bed :0
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