I *ELIMINATED* Fresh on Update Night... Twice

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Fresh pretty much big bot confirmed
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Comments 80
Evan Hamilton
Evan Hamilton 36 minutes ago
What skin is he wearing
BabyYoda_ _EatsFrog
BabyYoda_ _EatsFrog 17 hours ago
Epic games ePic games epIc games epiC games epic Games epic gAmes epic gaMes epic gamEs epic gameS
Annie Lauren
Annie Lauren Day ago
Lachy and fresh flirting for 15 mins
Anthony Campany
10:36 Toasted was in his game.
Shez Khan
Shez Khan Day ago
10:34 Toasted is in ur game
Lizard Gaming
Lizard Gaming 2 days ago
DazzaMack 2 days ago
19:00 little stroke
Jake Fitness
Jake Fitness 3 days ago
lachy its a junk rift
Melissa Butler
Melissa Butler 3 days ago
i love your random challenges
D Styck
D Styck 3 days ago
Comichig 3 days ago
ur a cycle
ur a cycle 4 days ago
Toasted shoes was in the next game. And after it was rel
Diangelo DiFrancesco
Anybody watching in 2020?
Ya yeet Team
Ya yeet Team 4 days ago
Wizard 1257
Wizard 1257 5 days ago
1:50 Where's the mech 🤣🤣 Its right there
Sam Santos
Sam Santos 5 days ago
Kermit de kikker
Kermit de kikker 5 days ago
Fresh is better than lachy everyone nows that
Summer Patterson
Summer Patterson 7 days ago
Remember when Lacey hated the combat shotgun
My Dad’s a Mexican
It’s season 12 and optimistic watching this and I just died b a sweat and I had no traps what did fortnite do their game is bad now
Garfield the lazy kid and gaming
The consumables changed clothes
Poston Wolfel
Poston Wolfel 10 days ago
Sense when does lachy do memes
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 12 days ago
Kiran Raza
Kiran Raza 13 days ago
fortnite made an oopsie
William Lettelleir
William Lettelleir 13 days ago
sick beard lachy
Kaash PlayzGames
Kaash PlayzGames 15 days ago
We all know the only counter to the mechs are. Dance. With the boogie bomb
UltimateGold_ playz
Imagine if mechs could build
Tyler Orion04
Tyler Orion04 16 days ago
Toasted was in his game 10:36
Kristian Harris
Kristian Harris 16 days ago
At the end lol he’s very 😡 lol
Chrissy Zona
Chrissy Zona 16 days ago
At 3:18 look in the kill feed someone’s name is mrfreshindian
Oliver White
Oliver White 18 days ago
1:51 wheres the mech The mechs right in front of you
susie dimovski
susie dimovski 19 days ago
That was my birthday
russel warner
russel warner Month ago
at 10:37 The ToastedShoes was in your if you look at the chat
Camden Fisher
Camden Fisher Month ago
Digging the beard Lachlan
Mikey G
Mikey G Month ago
Aidan Jones
Aidan Jones Month ago
Can you gift me the season 12 battle pass my epic is Maxbigdaddy24
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago
10:37 TheToastedShoes thanked the bus driver
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago
1:50 where is the mech lol
Fishstick Month ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Lachy: la~ma~m~am~am~a~m~am~a
Josue Flores
Josue Flores Month ago
Macklandrivera Family
Use code pappi
Gigi Month ago
Muslek is a BOT
Yellowkitty102 102
What was your job before you tube
Tracy Schneider
Tracy Schneider Month ago
He missed some junk rifts
Goat xX_phYsics_Xx
Goat xX_phYsics_Xx
Landynn Rosch
Landynn Rosch Month ago
your brother is in every frikin game i play evan team rumble
Riley Sharp
Riley Sharp Month ago
the game u found larma u where in same game as toasted
eeyorewells Month ago
Here in chapter 2 update night isn't sweaty anymore because there isn't updates🤣🤣
Mr. Shaving cream
And if u wanna support your boy. Use code lachy
Spinning Ninja
Spinning Ninja Month ago
You are popping off you are the best
Sandi Kotarščak
So funny: 2:00
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Month ago
You can’t aim
Andre Woods
Andre Woods Month ago
KyletheU2ber Gaming
10:56 of Lachy saying "rift junks." but it is actually junk rifts and that is actual factual
Saul T. Nutz
Saul T. Nutz Month ago
I remember when I could actually be able to hit the weak points.
suhnyy Month ago
Oman 123
Oman 123 Month ago
Top right of item shop he try’s to show himself use it as well but it’s not there before and after he promotes it 0:48
Cheenu Bansal
Cheenu Bansal Month ago
Chapter 2 when there is no update night
Ben O'Leary
Ben O'Leary Month ago
calm down lachlan
Emily Pelser
Emily Pelser Month ago
you are my favorite
Vicious Gaming
Vicious Gaming Month ago
ChickenLord 13
ChickenLord 13 Month ago
Every time Lachlan dies by a noob he says WHAT A BOT
Is anyone else watching this video?
kaisers124 Month ago
No body litreally nobody: Epic: lEt's aDd MecHs
Awesome Chase1
Awesome Chase1 Month ago
Lachlan you have searing problems
Dahl Month ago
daddy ur so hot
Oskar Toggwiler
Oskar Toggwiler Month ago
Taylor Adams
Taylor Adams Month ago
Hit ur shots bot’ u complain when u kill fresh and u Carnot even hit ur shots
Rebel Riza
Rebel Riza Month ago
KC162003@ncr.com KC162003@ncr.com
My dab is to legit to quit
Lisa True
Lisa True 2 months ago
I love how he needed to put eliminate in the title not kill because then he would get channel striked
Just Yolo
Just Yolo 2 months ago
Nice censor
Jacob Age
Jacob Age 2 months ago
Jasmine Schiller
Jasmine Schiller 2 months ago
0:18 oof
TEAM TRXCE NAE 2 months ago
David Kittler
David Kittler 2 months ago
Lachy I suck bot Fresh bad a fudging deagle
Sarah Cutts
Sarah Cutts 2 months ago
you are my favorite fortnite youtuber and i have watched all of your videos
Awesome kids
Awesome kids 2 months ago
y so many dislikes
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