I DRY AGED Steaks in NUTELLA and this happened!

Guga Foods
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After so many requests to dry age steaks in nutella I had to do. I will never let you down and today this episode is 100% requested by you. Nothing like a good dry-aged steak with nutella. If you love nutella on bread or anything why not have it with steaks.... Here is what happened.
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Jul 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Guga Foods
Guga Foods 6 months ago
You asked and I got you! Yes Angel is ok and so am I. We are ready for your next request. What will it be?
flop guy
flop guy 2 days ago
It isn't mold its yeast colonies
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 7 days ago
Dry age in ketchup
Michael Lau
Michael Lau 10 days ago
Try dry age with honey
jmaguni 12 days ago
Drya age angel then smoke him then deepfry him
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva 17 days ago
Dry age on horseradish sauce.
GT TV 37 minutes ago
Try dry aging in infused cannabis oil? 😂😂
AayanYT 6 hours ago
i might throw up eating this..
Lehuy Lincoln
Lehuy Lincoln 7 hours ago
Thats fat from the chocolate
『 Boba_mxlk 』
『 Boba_mxlk 』 10 hours ago
Guga: if this doesn’t put a smile on your face, there is something wrong with you angel: 🗿
Joshua D'costa
Joshua D'costa 11 hours ago
*You donut*
mario anto
mario anto 17 hours ago
Wasabi dried meat?
Zach Schermerhorn
This makes me happy 😂
Wayne Wayne
Wayne Wayne Day ago
Dry age everything with everything already!
Dim Guy Ah?
Dim Guy Ah? Day ago
Dude u r fking crazy, and I like it
Uzer playz
Uzer playz Day ago
Disgusting do people eat these meat with chocolate 🤢
Емил Иванов
Hope Gordon Ramsey doesn't see that, he will get crazy...
Viktoria Hobek
Guhh Day ago
0:10 " *EVERYONE* love stakes " vegans:
Jeremiah Fuertes
This experiment almost started a zombie apocalypse. But let me tell you something, it smelled delicious.
Zephyr Artz
Zephyr Artz 2 days ago
thats... not cured meat-
Archibong Glory
Archibong Glory 2 days ago
A total waste 😔
kasper bennetsen
kasper bennetsen 2 days ago
Nutella is made out of palm oil, if it sits too long without it being stirred it will seperate.
Choi Marquez
Choi Marquez 2 days ago
Fun fact: He's a donut
Nerd Singer
Nerd Singer 2 days ago
Poderia deixar marinando por um tempinho, só pra contaminar a carne com a nutela e não envelhecendo, rs, era certo que o açúcar alimentaria o mofo, rs.
gabriel jensen
gabriel jensen 2 days ago
dry aged in poop
etay gurevich
etay gurevich 2 days ago
What the heck r you doing
The Dragonfolly
The Dragonfolly 2 days ago
Dry age a steak in mayonaise
Andres-Roman Wood
So glad his nephew ended up cutting his hair
Dollopuss Films
Dollopuss Films 3 days ago
Do you ever do well done steak? I like my steak... cooked 😂
Reiner braun
Reiner braun 3 days ago
I'm having allergic reaction now.
AMXRAL 3 days ago
q nojo
zachary vernon
zachary vernon 3 days ago
Gordon Ramsey dissaproves this on tik tok
Dreg 3 days ago
Vine aqui por la reaccion de Ramsey y creo que no vio todo el video.
Jonny West
Jonny West 3 days ago
At 10:20 its not a bike, its K20 VTEC
Ignas 3 days ago
I'm sad that Gordon roasted this dish so much on his tik-tok
FireEntity 4 days ago
Congrats. You ruined a Steak
Nak6ma 4 days ago
Super Cal
Super Cal 4 days ago
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass 4 days ago
When there is mold don’t try to remove it and eat it like he did
Draven 4 days ago
this is how many times he said nutella / / ⭹
Dios Hades
Dios Hades 4 days ago
Came here to drop my dislike and a comment of what I just did.
Alphabetical civic soup sauce Ching chong bing bong
I found this whilst searching for “why do cat tails explode”
Leech 2 days ago
But did it help
Alexandre Descheneaux
Just by the look, i know that would be good
John Dirico
John Dirico 4 days ago
I’m allergic to Nutella unfortunately
cavespider6665 5 days ago
Anyone here after Gordon's reaction?
EMG DRUGgod 5 days ago
Gordon Ramsey Brought Me Here 🤣💯
KawaiiHinari 5 days ago
Is it normal for me a person who never ate steak before looking at this ?
Zephyr Artz
Zephyr Artz 2 days ago
it's alright but please note that if you eat decomposing steak, it usually leads to food poisoning and can make you very *very* sick. And that goes for any meat that has mold on it-
danwilson12 4 days ago
No it's not and will give you a warped perception of the food compared to when it is properly prepared and not a science experiment gone wrong and a jackass eating it despite it being unsafe to eat for views. It's normal in the sense that this is youtube and it's a curiosity that you're viewing it only because the video trended and shoved it in your face to make you watch it and make ad money and get more seconds of your eyeball time.
Jakob 5 days ago
does gordon watch these?
Akari Insko
Akari Insko 5 days ago
Him: everyone LOVES steak Vegans: are you sure about that?
Akari Insko
Akari Insko 4 days ago
@tylermech66 makes sense.
tylermech66 4 days ago
I mean, vegans love steak too, flavor isn't why they don't eat it.
Zane Childress
Zane Childress 5 days ago
I'm fairly new here, have you tried aging a steak in bacon grease?
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 5 days ago
Dry age a vegetarian steak or burger
ahsho lohay
ahsho lohay 5 days ago
No please why chocolate with meat
Stencil Walters
Stencil Walters 5 days ago
Anyone else here after Gordon Ramsey said not to do this?
Michele 6 days ago
I love this channel, the first part of its video is pure ASMR and the tasting part is really fun
Williegillan 6 days ago
Hahaha did you see Gordon Ramsay's reaction to this on his Instagram ? He wasn't impressed at all lolol
ari. cvps
ari. cvps 6 days ago
How did you not know it's thick LOL
Tony 000 Gaming
Tony 000 Gaming 6 days ago
Guga did you see that Gordon ramsay reacted to this?
Iqbalx1 6 days ago
Ramsey reacted to you
TenTop10 6 days ago
Maybe if you cut the time in half for the Nutella
Gio Vasquez
Gio Vasquez 6 days ago
Gordon Ramsey said you’re stupid for this... he wasn’t wrong
Andres uhia
Andres uhia 6 days ago
Aged meat with Nutella is a huge mistake
vasilis vs
vasilis vs 6 days ago
Speciale greek steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TinyBearTim 6 days ago
This thing weren’t dry aged it’s bloody mouldy and rotten
swostika neupane
swostika neupane 6 days ago
Hahahhah just saw Gordon Ramsay reacting to this😂
MrLegatoblue 6 days ago
I came here from Gordon Ramsay. ...I’m still disgusted
JOSH WU 6 days ago
Then Gordon Ramsay will ducked you up
Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer 6 days ago
10:46, Their faces tho
Mikael Mcivor
Mikael Mcivor 7 days ago
Its official, Gordon ramsey reacted
Mikael Mcivor
Mikael Mcivor 3 days ago
@Zander Productions i saw it randomly on ticktock
Zander Productions
Where? I need to see that
Wasin Silakong
Wasin Silakong 7 days ago
Gordon Ramsay
Kenneth Sigua
Kenneth Sigua 7 days ago
Gordon brought me here haha
Min Hannyein
Min Hannyein 7 days ago
try masala dry age meat
H.C 7 days ago
Gio herrera
Gio herrera 7 days ago
Does this guy actually think he can cook? Yikes..
That Memester
That Memester 6 days ago
Well this is how he does these experiments he listens to his audience suggestions watch his other videos he knows how to cook
Ihab Battawi
Ihab Battawi 7 days ago
What if you dry aged it with nutella for less than 35 days let say 21 days what will happen guga?? I mean if angel said it dry aged for too long will less dry age time will make it work?
deku25 7 days ago
Vegans something is wrong with you
MrWorshipMe 7 days ago
I'd like to know of an experiment that did work... All the videos I've seen so far were of failed experiments
Raymond Royce
Raymond Royce 7 days ago
Imagine your a cow, and you get killed for this
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 7 days ago
Dry age steak in ketchup
Zeptík 8 days ago
This is a warcrime! :D
Cabhan Biermeier
Cabhan Biermeier 8 days ago
I hate Nutella I’m alrgec
Shi Reyn
Shi Reyn 8 days ago
Next honey 🍯
Dr. Zoidberg PhD.
Guys, dry age a steak for a year!
PartTimeLazy 9 days ago
I saw the thumbnail and thought: "What... why?!"
Marcel Hofstede
Marcel Hofstede 9 days ago
Waar is de choco pasta
Weedle_Guy 9 days ago
Nutella is poop
ً 9 days ago
Guga: Alrai- * AD pop out *
laureano rodriguez
Bro it’s rotten
Mohamed Amine Elkhadraoui
tekashi witn no tatoes be like
naoi the simp
naoi the simp 9 days ago
everyone LOVES steaks *and i mean everyone* me who has never tried a steak: 🌝
Easa Laly
Easa Laly 10 days ago
Actually your tummy wouldn't be happy
Jojo Babusa
Jojo Babusa 10 days ago
Please chocolate dry aged meat
van nguyen
van nguyen 10 days ago
Love you guga
Rudranil Chatterjee
Nutella sucks!!!
EdoAdam 10 days ago
He sounds like peter griffin
edgbug 10 days ago
These guys are such LAUGH ASSES AND IT'S SO FUNNY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leeyan Lee
Leeyan Lee 10 days ago
Gagu foods
Jake Magri
Jake Magri 10 days ago
Chocolate, on meat, disgusting
Ilikepizza 10 days ago
0:11 everyone loves steaks. Me: I’m vegetarian.....
Angelica Camille Opeña
Just discovered this channel and I imagine this man challenging Soma to a shokugeki in weird food experiments
Big Brain Infant
Big Brain Infant 11 days ago
lets be honest we only watch this at 3am when we craving the weirdest things
Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend 11 days ago
Did You Swallow it? Yea? LMAO!
playDennisDE 11 days ago
10:06 He probably heard that VTEC kick in YO
NoseHump 11 days ago
Its so weird that they call each other brother. I thought angel would be gugas nephew
JuYue 11 days ago
Parent: don’t play with yo food. Also parent:
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