I Drove Cooper's CTS-V and Immediately Broke It... Badly

Cleetus McFarland
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May 17, 2018




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Comments 100
Eightball808 4 days ago
Cleetus: YESSS Cooper: Dammit...
Lilly Dudley
Lilly Dudley 22 days ago
Looking good w that haircut
Derek Carr
Derek Carr 27 days ago
Super cool 2 c U have your own channel 😀 Good 👍 goin Coop
mike Buskirk
mike Buskirk 28 days ago
Im thinkimg about naming my daughter hollie
TheDiecastguy 87
TheDiecastguy 87 29 days ago
i don’t know what happened i just eased into it 🤣🤣
Mostcom 29 days ago
Maybe my first comment, and I realized Cooper is flying solo, but if the team was still running together wouldn't it be cool to have a fleet of those caddies for everybody to drive to work in.
James Weaver
James Weaver Month ago
Mick Morley
Mick Morley Month ago
Heap of shit
Richard Carpenter
Only you dude.
Mad Lad
Mad Lad Month ago
That broke very easily
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Month ago
This is classic LMAO
Just Ben
Just Ben Month ago
It's no wonder that Cooper left..😂😂😂
Psycho Sal Mora
Psycho Sal Mora Month ago
This reminds me of Kyle (boosted booze) letting James rip the Wago
2jza70 3 months ago
Had to come back and re watch 😂😂
jake Farero
jake Farero 3 months ago
I love you Holly
Ian Fagan
Ian Fagan 4 months ago
love that cooper just laughs this one off lol
Burn Victim Yoda
Burn Victim Yoda 5 months ago
And not a single apology for BREAKING HIS CAR. lol
Jake P
Jake P 4 months ago
an apology is an admission of guilt. he didn't break the car. the car broke with him behind the wheel.
JasonhalloweenXXX 5 months ago
almost been a year since this shit!
Moparr Dudee
Moparr Dudee 5 months ago
Bring coops cars back to the channel !
junk man
junk man Month ago
He Gone
Krexum 5 months ago
Cleetus’s face when the spark flew: 😮
Aggies Gaming
Aggies Gaming 5 months ago
What ever happened to this thing
Austin Lizardi
Austin Lizardi 5 months ago
When celery’s starts that v he’s so happy
Lee Busuttil
Lee Busuttil 5 months ago
Poor cooper. The V is cursed 😂
Wesley Maynard
Wesley Maynard 5 months ago
Thats great, we blew the balancer on our 99 diesel suburban, that was an interesting sound
Bebe Putaura
Bebe Putaura 5 months ago
I had a bad feeling that you were going to brake that lol
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz 5 months ago
No mames
Jerry Barker
Jerry Barker 5 months ago
Dude I love this channel, I wish I could have jobs like them lOl, ima learn to tune
thacher longstreth
thacher longstreth 6 months ago
Mullet is gone?
Jake P
Jake P 4 months ago
Mullet is not there YET, its a 2 year old video.
Wrathlon 6 months ago
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 6 months ago
I miss this car on the channel so much that when the video popped up I watched it and now on to other ancient videos of by gone times ware the of v1 ctsv was ripping on the channel doing it for dale
Damn first bald eagle hit and bam lolol Glad its not hurt .
Malik Gillett
Malik Gillett 6 months ago
It would be a honor !! But I am gonna let it rip tater chip! 😂😂😂😂😂
Zombie Chief
Zombie Chief 6 months ago
He broke coopers car and seems to be more upset than cooper is even tho coop drove it for like 4 seconds
NuckleHead714 6 months ago
I would get rid of the flex joint on the hooker crossover pipe they tent to “break”
bluekoi455 6 months ago
Holley=my spirit animal
Bobby Bentley
Bobby Bentley 6 months ago
You cannot drive fact
Vyk 6 months ago
I dont think Ive missed many videos... But that damn ctsv breaks literally everytime its on camera
John Rotz
John Rotz 6 months ago
Who is Dale why do you always say do it for Dale brother
YourCousinLiam 6 months ago
Weird to see Cleet without the mullet.
Peppermint Nightmare
Cleet didn't even say sorry. At least say sorry man. I'd be sorta pissed if I were Cooper.. Like damn dude, you're not eve gonna apologize??
Caleb Ford
Caleb Ford 6 months ago
Lol immediately broke it
MrGreenthumb75 6 months ago
That’s just the best! Love you guys! Coop you’re sick bro!
The white beast
The white beast 7 months ago
Dis you broke her in ?
Nemanja Draca
Nemanja Draca 7 months ago
It’s a caddy who cares 🤣
Spencer Kirk
Spencer Kirk 7 months ago
Little did we know would still be broke to this day....
lucky seven
lucky seven 7 months ago
Good thing it was warmed up lol
Jolly Goodbeard
Jolly Goodbeard 7 months ago
You know you have an awesome friend when you break his car and he laughs about it while you’re devastated
hudsonhawk 001
hudsonhawk 001 7 months ago
My old man had a saying for guys like you. The man could beat an anvil to death with a ripe banana.
Tad Saxington
Tad Saxington 7 months ago
Does anyone know what year the V is?
Michael T
Michael T 7 months ago
I come back here once a month to hear cleet make blower noises
Dawson Macie
Dawson Macie 7 months ago
Higher power with you to get footage like this unless you planned it out. Haha naw good things happen to good ppl. Love your channel brother. From toronto
MAXNAZ 47 7 months ago
I love how the ctsv is basically a VE commodore...
TheAustin9110 7 months ago
woot NAPA battery
Kirill Andreev
Kirill Andreev 7 months ago
no hood is fun and all until some one takes your dipstick
Robert Poudrette
Robert Poudrette 7 months ago
So? Z'it fixed yet?
Justin Ferretti
Justin Ferretti 7 months ago
I hate these early model CTS. so many problems. Not sure about the V but I digress. 2008+ are the TRUTH!
Cliff P
Cliff P 7 months ago
Coop the pro mod parking is the other way...
YOU BLYAT 7 months ago
Did cleetus say "in you" at 5:57? 😂
jesusestavahere 7 months ago
YOU BLAT “and you”
Spencer Evans
Spencer Evans 8 months ago
GM reliability...
Me Yes
Me Yes 8 months ago
Whats with the PaPa Johns sticker? just curious.
Mad Ashell
Mad Ashell 8 months ago
guy is too lucky. has cute gf and a great dog too..lol. living life brother, god bless.
Peter Machek
Peter Machek 8 months ago
I always appreciate the Do it for Dale comment ! He was always my favorite ! Hell he was Nascar ! I built many motors on a Sunday afternoon as I waited for that cool black #3 coming thru the pack . It was never if , but when he was headed to the front.
Peter Machek
Peter Machek 8 months ago
Years ago I bought a small block Chev 350 4 bolt vette engine . The guy that sold it was a heavy equipment mechanic . He stole the steel crank and installed a cats crank . After installing that motor , it kept cranking the harmonic balancer down the key way . Guys this happened to me 6 f___ times ! I never put one thru the rad . I could feel it in the gas pedal , as I ran solid motor mounts . Guess who ran an ad a few weeks later for a steel crank for $250? That's right the mechanic. I went down bought it and lost it on him ! I would have paid the extra with steel crank in the first place .
Auldwulf 8 months ago
:30 to :59 = best thing in the world
richie gerardi
richie gerardi 8 months ago
um excuse me? wheres the mullet?!!!!!!!!
Chad Hamilton
Chad Hamilton 8 months ago
Lucky you didn’t blow the welds on the intake. Better check your floor pan bolts too when it’s on the lift. 🤣
michael s. clark
michael s. clark 8 months ago
Cooper: Its already warmed up. Cleetus McFarland: I just want to feel it in 2nd. Also cleetus.: what the hell was that.?
Chief Shepherd
Chief Shepherd 8 months ago
Major boner kill
Krunal Patel
Krunal Patel 8 months ago
Next shirt idea... "It ain't blown up!!"
Mark James
Mark James 8 months ago
Get rid of that CVS it breaks every time you guys start it
Paul Carmi
Paul Carmi 8 months ago
You're about a year and half late guy
moverunit 8 months ago
lol..... helllll yeahhh brother !!!!
h1ll13illy 8 months ago
you boys are funny as hell. pure americana. God bless
fishingtoothe_maxx 8 months ago
When a baby eagle is calling it’s mother @4:51 😂
Peyton Brimmer
Peyton Brimmer 8 months ago
I really hope I dont fuck my project like this I’ve been working on it for over half a year
Dksjs Jdkdjd
Dksjs Jdkdjd 8 months ago
That guy was kinda of an ass about it
Sidejob Speedshop
Sidejob Speedshop 8 months ago
Why are Cooper's cars no longer on channel? Cts, Camaro, Supra?
Klifter Phleefin
Klifter Phleefin 8 months ago
What a wonderful dog!!! I love her
Jimmy Arkthida
Jimmy Arkthida 8 months ago
Hey cletuius big fan in your video of your new speedway, I noticed some massive contrail or chemtrail, I hope they don't make your new track dark and depressing. From Australia Just realised about the geoengineering here in my mother land guide luck mate
Alexander Wright
Alexander Wright 8 months ago
Cooper: .you broke her. cleetus: correction. i accidently modified her into being less active then ususal.
Deloss92 8 months ago
@8:08 LMAO
VENOMARO 8 months ago
I wish that's what happened to my ZL1. Something was off one night driving it and now it's got an awful knock.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 8 months ago
7:20 boop
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 8 months ago
7:13 definitely premeditated) laugh out loud. Those evil hand jesters right b4 the pedal hit the pits of HELL... 😆 😆
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters 8 months ago
Great dog
Seth Ellis
Seth Ellis 8 months ago
Cleetus: I just eased into her Everyone in the comments: *aSsAuLTs rEv LiMItEr*
itsrayneninFL 8 months ago
it was probably all the nasty holes and terrible that is good old Ulmerton Rd lol
Tim D
Tim D 8 months ago
These videos are long and boring
Cavan Black
Cavan Black 8 months ago
“That’s totally not my fault” Kinda was.. you matted 2nd.
Hunter Antczak
Hunter Antczak 8 months ago
What did the supercharger sound like again?
2jza70 8 months ago
Who's here after it still doesn't run lol?
wvXvxvXvw 9 months ago
You know this is a big problem on the 2JZ as well, except they break without a blower. It's also extremely hard to diagnose if you've never came across it before because the pulley itself stays in the right place. What can make it even harder is the fact that they run and idle perfectly with a broken balancer. It isn't until you put a load on it that you notice anything is wrong.
DIY Guy 9 months ago
Check this out ruvid.net/video/video-w8G-FC_xJGo.html
kenneth saack
kenneth saack 9 months ago
That noice you hear is from the parking clamp
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder 9 months ago
God if u had that on the street here in Bakersfield California it would be impounded as soon as a cop saw the engine
7.3 DI Highboy
7.3 DI Highboy 9 months ago
Its warmed up so you can just....... 7 grand bang!!!!! Breaks it in 20 feet haha awesome
TheWarcraftIII 9 months ago
7:32 ty me later
Quick599 9 months ago
I miss Holley in the videos.
Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine 9 months ago
You guys a hero! I cant hold the Florida thing against ya!
Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander 9 months ago
Coming back to rewatch this I realized they noticed the first symptom of the balancer. Cleetus mentioned the solid engine mounts and he put his hand on the dash most likely because he felt the extra vibration. Now you know what a bad balancer feels like before it breaks.
tsmall07 9 months ago
Why did Cleetus drive it in if Cooper was riding back inside?
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