I Dropped With ThatDenverGuy 20 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 2 months ago
Subscribe to ThatDenverGuy Click here - ruvid.net/u-thatdenverguy
MIdgetpy game therioes
Luke TheNotable 3:13 I’m that girl sorry not sorry
Brady Tobac
Brady Tobac Month ago
Max Pointer
Max Pointer Month ago
Luke TheNotable it’s crazy how much better you got at fortnite after dropping all those devices!!!
Ttv TrueBORN Mike btw
There were 68 replies so this is what I had to do
Okhavefun__ 2 months ago
@Ghost ‘ Ok sure
omtarek 2 days ago
This guy is more entertaining then all my teachers 😂
_xane_ %
_xane_ % 6 days ago
Your team placed 17th at game 17
bryce trosper
bryce trosper 7 days ago
you can get tntnas boom bow and shoot the fish and they will blow up and you can get the loot
MemeLifeYt 8 days ago
2) What is the process called that the Ancient Egyptians used to preserve the dead?
JaxKing 9 days ago
Ayo cuh i live in Denver
QuickScope 10 days ago
Good commentating
ThatSaltyLemon 21 day ago
I wish Denver talked
Mr Jay
Mr Jay 23 days ago
Game 17 he came #17th
Onerecruitforyou 24 days ago
"Did you know you can fish with a harpoon gun?" Umm you are over tier 100 how did you not know that XD
ツRaizzed 29 days ago
Alex Sif
Alex Sif Month ago
8:02 match 17 place 17
Ryder Stover
Ryder Stover Month ago
Ah yes,my favorite youtuber ThatBoomerGuy
You_vice Camble
You_vice Camble Month ago
wtf happened to this game
I’m Oppsie
I’m Oppsie Month ago
Is it just me or did you stop playing fortnite since season 9 and you noticed you used to be super toxic but your not anymore but then you play again in season 12 and you start feeling toxicity growing on you?
ngu suzu
ngu suzu Month ago
“It got really salty real quick in the crack house” -Luke 2020
Frostvii Month ago
1:52 to 2:01 lol
Kobi Timmins
Kobi Timmins Month ago
Do you drop the shark 100 times
NOOB Nooby
NOOB Nooby Month ago
What is wrong with the colors
I dropped out of college 100 times and this is what happened
kyLe dE si
kyLe dE si Month ago
8:32 its a demogorgon skin from stranger things
XzSkyzX Month ago
He played with tiko
20 - Diego Mora
20 - Diego Mora Month ago
Youre goated on the sticks
Lord Krythic
Lord Krythic Month ago
1/10, thought you were going to drop acid and play fortnite. You should be sued for false advertising.
bryant vl
bryant vl Month ago
Luke the notable:and did some damage Me:thats a lot of damage
P1ña Loves You
P1ña Loves You Month ago
Bro the Arctic Assassin skin gives you good luck all the time no cap
SyntaxLofi Month ago
i thought you switched to pc
ruleyk Month ago
B-boomer cup..?
MrHotPocket YT
MrHotPocket YT Month ago
He called soccer skins football skins cause in Britain, I think it’s called footBall facts!
Loi Kei Clan
Loi Kei Clan Month ago
Luke is cracked.
MrChiefs6000 Month ago
0:16 ok boomer
Allan Aguilar
Allan Aguilar Month ago
The boomer cup stream is taken down 😢
Nepal Nerds
Nepal Nerds Month ago
The orchard is my spot too
fa magnetic
fa magnetic Month ago
this "thing" Stranger things fans: 😤😤
Snowballed Ghast
ok boomer
daMeme_Dream Month ago
Remember who's your favorite P.E. teacher...??
random_Unknow2020 Random
My last name is Frisco. Lmao I think that's what I heard him sah
Seann2x Month ago
Eat your cereal
Ultra Jaff
Ultra Jaff Month ago
Drop with dantdm
Alphasun Month ago
Isnt ThatDenverGuy also ThatStardewGuy?
Roisin Tevlin
Roisin Tevlin Month ago
Frenzy farm is more anarchy acres
Aaron Laws
Aaron Laws Month ago
Land un named lokashns 20 or 100 times
Logan Plays The World
The best combo since pb & J
ZhenoFN Month ago
450,000th view
Mudkip Man
Mudkip Man Month ago
100 drops into Misty Meadows or Steamy Stacks
Pq Gaming
Pq Gaming Month ago
Luke in this video saying ThatDenverGuys name: *Yakkos World Song Plays*
Hxvoc Month ago
So if he competed in the Boomer cup is he older than 40?
PabXD Month ago
Did you know you can do something that is meant to be done with the harpoon gun? Me: OMG REALLY???
Oskr Month ago
I dropped creative 100 times
Sandy Fowler
Sandy Fowler Month ago
Do u add people back??
• s
• s Month ago
fortnite needs more content it’s becoming kind of dead
Folmi Trabbi
Folmi Trabbi Month ago
Antonius nilsson
We dropped 20 times so the video would be 10 min
What colorblind mode do you use
Christian Sapp
Christian Sapp Month ago
You should drop holly hedges 100 times
Mason Oda
Mason Oda Month ago
Hey Luke I Have a quick question... Can you make a settings and bind video? PLZ?
Giancarlo Perez
Giancarlo Perez 2 months ago
Ok boomer
Stupid Cretin
Stupid Cretin 2 months ago
Yep... he's running out of ideas.... keep playing minecraft.... because unlike fortnite, minecraft isn't dead
Rokas Žiburis
Rokas Žiburis 2 months ago
ok boomer
rico Alimonsurin
rico Alimonsurin 2 months ago
O look at the date man Kobe
CamoflaugeMan900 2 months ago
U deleted boomer cup vid whyyyyyyyyyy
MISTER MUFFIN 2 months ago
More Minecraft
Fernando Nightingale
Can I do 10 drops with you
Ethan Johnston
Ethan Johnston 2 months ago
Rachael Fixico
Rachael Fixico 2 months ago
Bro fortnite is dead soviet jump game is where its really at
goo mooth
goo mooth 2 months ago
halo 3:43 and did 117 damage ...this is a halo refrence ok 343 is the maker of halo and 117 is the master chiefs number
Korey Chidori
Korey Chidori 2 months ago
that boomer guy
Vize On 60hz
Vize On 60hz 2 months ago
3:05 side traps don't go off if players stand at the opposite side of the box
waxytrout 80
waxytrout 80 2 months ago
20 drops where ever you want to go
dark destroyer
dark destroyer 2 months ago
Where’s the Minecraft!!
get forbidden
get forbidden 2 months ago
You should host next world cup
BST Littlebeast113
BST Littlebeast113 2 months ago
Make more hardcore Minecraft please!.
History GEEK
History GEEK 2 months ago
You should do I dropped unnamed locations 50 times whit tors
Sagi 2 months ago
How old are you?
Jakey boy
Jakey boy 2 months ago
I added u on xbox
kfkdk dkfk
kfkdk dkfk 2 months ago
Minecraft harcore
Cyclonexd 2 months ago
I said 100 times 100 times
KixDK 2 months ago
Maybe you should make a 100 days In hardcore minecraft with RTX enabled
Zenmaboiplayz 2 months ago
Make a new video called I dropped risky reels 100 times 2.0 its a good location with 8 or 9 chests so yea
Kellen Craig
Kellen Craig 2 months ago
I dropped out of the battle bus with no glider 100 times and this is what happen
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