I Dropped Tilted Town 100 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 5 693
Jason Kowalewicz
Jason Kowalewicz 3 hours ago
instead of a bible he reads the minigun manual
Joseph Animations-ded channel
24:00 I'll pay you a hundred dollars to tell me what skin you had
Dustin Morris
Bruh big ops that was a scarlet defender
Ignas Smaliukas
Kari Brockhausen
Do Retail Row before it’s gone again
Enderman Gamez
Enderman Gamez 2 days ago
Sarim Sajjad 1106
I liked the match when he dropped in tilted town
Emil Hinchliff
Emil Hinchliff 2 days ago
Llamas do not have huvves. They have hooves
Blžed NTHN
Blžed NTHN 2 days ago
Ltn : I killed this nearby nog ops . Fortnite nerds : AcTuAlLy ThAtS tHe ScArLeT dEfEnDeR
Mysti YT
Mysti YT 3 days ago
Gooder then me 6:00
Smokie tree
Smokie tree 3 days ago
RIP dusty depot
Junior Listy
Junior Listy 4 days ago
11:35 Are you sure it’s a revolver luke?
Rhoda Small
Rhoda Small 4 days ago
The miny gin is kinda back
Drift_like_god 223
My name is rowdy lol
Jose rene Reyna
Jose rene Reyna 7 days ago
RAIN Deadly
RAIN Deadly 8 days ago
4:56 are we all going to ignore the guy who fell of the mountain and died to fall damage
GalaxyDoggio 8 days ago
This just show you how good people would actually be with out building
RND Fizzy
RND Fizzy 8 days ago
0:54 that's scarlet defender btw Luke I love u soooooooooo much
VX smiley
VX smiley 9 days ago
On the 60th game he died to building aka lachlans friend who has recon expert
TheLonelyBro236 _jack
10:45 my favourite moment
gamingboyy 38
gamingboyy 38 9 days ago
We hated tilted town when it was a thing. And now we miss everything from chapter 1
Kdog12 9 days ago
Game: 78 😂😂😂
ツillusionS 10 days ago
19:31 Twitch building lol
Deadl7250 10 days ago
21:14 nut residue When I saw this I was laughing so hard that I started coughing and crying.
Dave Frost
Dave Frost 11 days ago
He was gOodEr than me better bud is da correct grammer
Dizzy Clicks
Dizzy Clicks 11 days ago
The Bush Life Is A Hard Life But A Good Life - Luke-The-Notable
ArynAssasin2_ YT
ArynAssasin2_ YT 14 days ago
Drop misty meadow 100 times
Trapp3dXThoughš 14 days ago
So am I the only one that got triggered when he said gooder
Trapp3dXThoughš 14 days ago
So am I the only one that got triggered when he said gooder
Famous Brayford
Famous Brayford 15 days ago
Tomorrow’s my birthday username Donut_Dude_88
Erin Morga
Erin Morga 15 days ago
4:12 not a combat bro
eZaF vOId
eZaF vOId 16 days ago
Mini SweTster
Mini SweTster 16 days ago
Dexter Mendelsohn
Dexter Mendelsohn 16 days ago
In game three at endgame, why doesn’t he just go into creative if he wants to use the mini gun And game nine
Elizienne Costa
Elizienne Costa 16 days ago
4:13 combat shotgun?
Joe Rushton
Joe Rushton 17 days ago
Tabitha Upshaw
Tabitha Upshaw 18 days ago
4:13 gold combat shotgun really
Deqn Ivanov
Deqn Ivanov 18 days ago
10:32 Saw the lamma
VEK_PESTO 18 days ago
0:55 not nog ops
RIP KOBE BRYANT 21 day ago
4:11 where is the golden combat shotgun 0:20 he said this year
GravyBoat 69
GravyBoat 69 21 day ago
Tilted town reminds me of red dead redemption 2
Cherry Weekly
Cherry Weekly 21 day ago
0:55 *that aint no nog ops*
Screech Master
Screech Master 21 day ago
I love how he calls a six shooter a revolver
Mason Oda
Mason Oda 22 days ago
He should do a settings and binds vid
TheLogan47 22 days ago
*GAME 100:* Luke: I'm about to end this man's whole career. Lamma: *UNO REVERSE*
Ruby Wolf 06
Ruby Wolf 06 22 days ago
The guy that killed him at 19:31 has recon expert. He's in a Nicks video.
Supersammy 88
Supersammy 88 23 days ago
should i build you a minigun zonewars like so he see's
Broken Bones
Broken Bones 23 days ago
I clicked this thinking it was RDR2 I the re-read the title and cried...I’m leaving now
Cass Terrill
Cass Terrill 23 days ago
"gold combat shotgun" is actually a double barrel
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 23 days ago
“Just kidding he was way Gooder than me” 😂
HuddyBizzar Channel
5:41 Reminds me of my Ex.
Jz_Sterben06 24 days ago
as soon as i heard way gooder, my brain started to hurt my head.
Cedric Porter
Cedric Porter 24 days ago
Tayden Hayman
Tayden Hayman 24 days ago
6:14 Ceeday confirmed????
Villum Lytje
Villum Lytje 25 days ago
Luke:just kidding he was actually way gooder than me 6:00
Sharpe 28 days ago
6:45 lol thanks luke
6:00 he said gooder which isn’t a word
Nott Mattthew
Nott Mattthew 29 days ago
When he said Tuberculosis I was in the missing in red dead and for proof it’s called “fork in the road”
Arya singh
Arya singh 29 days ago
19:26 did you just quote lewis hamilton? xD #blessed
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