I Dropped Tilted Towers 100 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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You've seen Salty, Dusty, and Paradise, but do you recall the most famous of them all? 920 Drops into different locations and modes, BUT none of them Tilted Towers. Tilted is a legendary drop and can be used to improve your skills and reactions. Quick kills and quick deaths define Tilted Towers, but if you can conquer the Towers you leave with the most NOTABLE of loot. Watch and learn how to survive in the streets of Tilted to win honor and glory for eternity. Stay Notable.
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Dec 22, 2018




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Comments 15 798
Luke TheNotable
Please Subscribe! You won't get Tilted! -> bit.ly/2CCW0gf
TTV_Kingtaj 15
TTV_Kingtaj 15 3 months ago
Luke TheNotable ur a bully y do u judge people in their skins
Foxy TheGamer
Foxy TheGamer 3 months ago
#chapter 2
Foxy TheGamer
Foxy TheGamer 3 months ago
How about drop wepping woods 100 times
Jax Richter
Jax Richter 4 months ago
Hahaha sike
The Ace Boyz
The Ace Boyz 6 months ago
That Was In Season 6-7
Sun CC
Sun CC 7 hours ago
Luke...im sorry I come from the future in chapter 2 season 2 there is no tilted
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 13 hours ago
Josiah Crill
Josiah Crill 15 hours ago
Yay tilted!
Sir Inferno
Sir Inferno 23 hours ago
F in the chat for tilted. Its way harder to get 20 kill wins with tilted cause its gone. The agency is the new tilted towers, all I can get is 16 kill wins.
Despacito Spider
Despacito Spider 23 hours ago
_I Dropped_ _-Tilted Towers-_ *_The Agency_* _100 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)_
Sullivan Reck
In game #40 that guy was probably afk
Lucie MAX
Lucie MAX 2 days ago
19:50 this scared the heck out of me
Lighting Games
Lighting Games 2 days ago
16:29 The perfect way to describe tilted
Blaze faithful
Blaze faithful 2 days ago
23:43 hearing that out of context is so weird
A_Rgamer 2 days ago
Sander games
Sander games 3 days ago
You kilt ninja
Killler Ghost521
Killler Ghost521 3 days ago
Alexandrea Barwin
He switched for a blue gun I do not know the name to a gray gun 12:16
Ted Skelton
Ted Skelton 3 days ago
12:52 Tilted never really changes much. Just you wait.
Silas Hartz
Silas Hartz 4 days ago
Currently watching this for nostalgia
Montio8 Davis
Montio8 Davis 4 days ago
logan hawkes
logan hawkes 4 days ago
Tristan Alexander
noice abjhd
theother swan3
theother swan3 5 days ago
John Sarno
John Sarno 5 days ago
SO MANY SECOND PLACES... it hurts to just watch
Hermann Alvsvåg
Hermann Alvsvåg 6 days ago
Minigun is back :)
Lucas Perry
Lucas Perry 7 days ago
You got a challenge land at salty 100 times. Battle pass challenge
Ghazwan Makiha
Ghazwan Makiha 7 days ago
The GamerKing
The GamerKing 9 days ago
I like how i still waches, Lukes old videos, and still findes mistakes. Game 15-16 same game😂
yaw afriyie
yaw afriyie 10 days ago
you always win as toxic trooper
yostided 10 days ago
Goldenkid9 9
Goldenkid9 9 10 days ago
I dropped into tilted towers 0 times and this is what happens.....
Lu iz
Lu iz 10 days ago
Rip tilted towers
Mew DK
Mew DK 11 days ago
Galaxyseeker567 11 days ago
RIP tilted, and the old map
Eli daking
Eli daking 12 days ago
Luke is the only person I know who goes to tilted for loot and not kills
John Merbell
John Merbell 12 days ago
I should drop tiled 100 tim...
Midnight Drabble
Midnight Drabble 13 days ago
16:29 I was not expecting it and cracked up!
Memelord007 13 days ago
Do, 100 people dropped into my tourdament 20 times, and this is what happened!
once i started shooting at a default and he just stood there drinking his minis
Cruz Cutts
Cruz Cutts 16 days ago
Getting good at TIlted TOWers TAKEs some TIME!
3ddje on IG
3ddje on IG 18 days ago
Hector Trujillo
Hector Trujillo 19 days ago
Wip wash
Liam Strickland
Liam Strickland 20 days ago
No one:Luke on game 46 vdgrrfvvefefvecdvdcdvfccdc$gv win
Super Awesome Gamer Kids
the noise i make while running when my mom has a belt 16:29
RIP KOBE BRYANT 24 days ago
5:21 u also had 2 assault riffles
Harry Chessum
Harry Chessum 25 days ago
2:03 this kid has insane aim 2:07 uhhhhh mabeye not
Tatertot Warrior
Tatertot Warrior 26 days ago
Tropical XIV
Tropical XIV 26 days ago
I miss the old fortnite 😢
Gareth Ashby
Gareth Ashby 27 days ago
Taj Mansora
Taj Mansora 27 days ago
Anyone 2020
Omar Hassan
Omar Hassan 27 days ago
You sound really pretentious when you make footnote videos
c s
c s 27 days ago
Lol 15:10
TTVGAMER BTW 28 days ago
Im a fan i added you on xbox
The SchoolGamer
The SchoolGamer 28 days ago
pause 2:07 you can see that he might have been using aimbot
Wavy 21 day ago
just a controlla scrimma
GamesJay 1
GamesJay 1 28 days ago
Mukaprom YT
Mukaprom YT 29 days ago
Luke has been watching to much fe4rrless
Megan Pettus
Megan Pettus 29 days ago
2020 any one?
Nicholas Ashford
Nicholas Ashford 29 days ago
I was in squads. We went tilted and it was only us. Btw there was 90 people in the lobby
Bell Dolphin
Bell Dolphin 29 days ago
I dropped ocean 100 times and this is what happened
Chilly417 Month ago
If you watch the first salty and the most recent salty, his voice and excitement changed so much
Betty Turza
Betty Turza Month ago
I say you are the best RUvidr ever
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