I Dropped The Arena 100 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Welcome to The Arena! Where every point matters and Top 25 is a win every time. Where ballers roll rampant and defaults are dealt defeat. I played 100 games of Fortnite Battle Royale's newest Tournament Series: The Arena and this is what happened. I learned how to play the point system and I climbed through the divisions. And although I dropped 100 games The Arena deserves more drops to become a Champion, and I know I am looking forward to the future of ranked Fortnite.
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 11 months ago
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A Potato
A Potato 4 months ago
wat if i were 2 add u would u not ignore me?
TH Disc
TH Disc 4 months ago
1v1 plz
Creeperking2themax Yeet
Cat and A Plush snobby is gone❌
Lewis Kaye
Lewis Kaye 5 months ago
Landed snobby sores pls
iSwift 6 months ago
i juust realized this came out on my birthday!
TheBritshNail 9
TheBritshNail 9 23 hours ago
Luke: I lose 2 point... 2 POINTS! Me a couple seasons after this video was made: *sad losing 20 points and having to kill to get them back in contender league noises*
Joshua Marrero
This video is so weirdly entertaining
yaboi Kenny
yaboi Kenny Day ago
Fortnite is so bad now
meerkats 1264
meerkats 1264 2 days ago
i droped my child 100 times and this is what happend
Emre26 2 days ago
Open league
New Vibes - Jay
New Vibes - Jay 2 days ago
This is how many times he said *OPEN LEAGUE* 👎🏿
Omega Clicks YT
Omega Clicks YT 3 days ago
on the first game, when luke killed the 3rd player to make it one vs one, he said he has no mats when actually the guy he killed had 470 metal. I paused the video and saw the amount when luke ran past them so he could of won game one! TRIGGGGGGERED
Jeremy & Megan Eppens
hey you guys
Seth Leeduh
Seth Leeduh 3 days ago
his trap killed him
Savro8 4 days ago
This is how many times he said open league ⬇️
invrtp 4 days ago
David Worthy
David Worthy 4 days ago
Sorry fortnite
David Worthy
David Worthy 4 days ago
My friend killed you in footnote he's good right
Cameron Playz
Cameron Playz 4 days ago
Can we get an open league counter
Justin K Neely
Justin K Neely 4 days ago
He said “don’t remember,we’re in open league”about every time he died
TheGameRay 4000
TheGameRay 4000 5 days ago
I like roblox
k_ tanger58
k_ tanger58 5 days ago
Can u do “I dropped Arena 100 times on PC” please!!!
David Mauradian
David Mauradian 7 days ago
Did any body else see that he got killed by the same guy over and over again
A Hunt
A Hunt 7 days ago
"Gathered the soul" I'll never look at fortnite the same, ever.
Mr. X
Mr. X 8 days ago
Controller players: need a bunch of advantages against PC seats PC players *gets lazered"controler player, he is a controller player
Roman Castillo
Roman Castillo 9 days ago
I think he’d like Brutus’s mini gun
Lukemp4 9 days ago
now there is hype
Ash_Psycho 10 days ago
there barely faster you just suck
ninja roc
ninja roc 10 days ago
I once got 986 points
tshepo chiloane
tshepo chiloane 10 days ago
Zo Va
Zo Va 10 days ago
Banana army raid
lexx & phillip plays
fishy taking over
Blu 11 days ago
I wish I could go back to season 8 it was genuinely fun
Yung Trifle
Yung Trifle 11 days ago
Hi Luke
Mario Diego
Mario Diego 11 days ago
Do you 100 drops arena again
X Rainzz
X Rainzz 11 days ago
0:20 this is not normal fortnite completely different... so just way harder fortnite
sp00ky 12 days ago
I miss this 😕
Jaceq 11
Jaceq 11 13 days ago
Kyle Cannady
Kyle Cannady 13 days ago
You played 98 games of arena and 2 games of regular solo
Debra Leslie
Debra Leslie 14 days ago
Luke has a season 1 skin and is this bad
wr3cked 227
wr3cked 227 14 days ago
My channel is Wr3cked 227
wr3cked 227
wr3cked 227 14 days ago
Hey Luke can you please give my youtube channel a shout out please
Blast Jpup
Blast Jpup 14 days ago
I play on iPad and I have 3100 points
Zolvez 14 days ago
Hey LTN, I blinked, do it again
Anthony Soares
Anthony Soares 15 days ago
10:57 he gets shotgunned look who he dies to. 12:52 AGAIN!!
El De la Chevy
El De la Chevy 15 days ago
U explain things good
Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis 16 days ago
the times he said open legue and no points lost
Icey 16 days ago
Bruh my clans name is wireless but of course there was already a Wireless clan but we didn’t care and Wireless peen (one of my members) killed you
to_pro_4_u_2018 17 days ago
You bot killer 3 times nu Luke The Notable
Purgask 17 days ago
watcha eating
aodireland beast
aodireland beast 17 days ago
Ok I’m gonna start playing arena now
Zayne Poitras
Zayne Poitras 18 days ago
Game 80 was not in arena
Phoenix Marketing
Phoenix Marketing 18 days ago
Luke thenotable I really like your channel but agree with me fortnite has to go evreyone goes crazey over the game. I may just be a kid but I want to change the world and geting rid of fortnite is a great start.
Ben Spagnolo
Ben Spagnolo 19 days ago
Ok the reason your losing is because your aim. You need to do an aim map in creative.
Alex4Life 19 days ago
zulk 99
zulk 99 19 days ago
Haunted_Wolf564 20 days ago
Xbox is lit
Cutie Moonbear
Cutie Moonbear 20 days ago
I coming back to this video and realized that I was in your game 70
NotJamesHack Comdey
Can u make my wish come true 10,000 likes
Fatal Rapid
Fatal Rapid 21 day ago
You say you are at a disadvantage but you could of placed a cone 13:00
Fatal Rapid
Fatal Rapid 21 day ago
Or a wall
Liam Bassetto
Liam Bassetto 21 day ago
When the game was still good 😔
Bubbles 22 days ago
Did anyone else notice that he got killed by the same guy twice
Luigi in the looking glass
I was so surprised at 4:10 when I saw Anonymous(262) got killed by him yesterday!! Luke we got something in common lol
Games are life Life
Me: rip chug jug Cousin: return if possible
Caution Tape
Caution Tape 23 days ago
lol i was the one that killed him in game 31
Maverick Mergard
Maverick Mergard 23 days ago
I killed u in that hahaha
tripptripp 2
tripptripp 2 24 days ago
How many times does he say open league
MrMeowYT Games and Stuffs
I miss the old No-skin look 😞
Markus Välja
Markus Välja 26 days ago
19:30 he got eliminated by himself LOL
lily_playz 123
lily_playz 123 26 days ago
I feel stupid by commenting so late but this video was posted 2 days before my birthday ;-;
ItzMarcus 26 days ago
17:21 if you have bad games, take a break 22:04 if you have bad games, keep playing WELL WHICH ONE DO I DO???
Felix Andres
Felix Andres 26 days ago
Luke sounds like Bangalore over explaining
iSerpzy 27 days ago
12:52 That quite literally was a Baller because of the skin 🤣
AJ Random
AJ Random 27 days ago
How many times did this guy said OpEn dIvIsIoN
panther 13
panther 13 27 days ago
1:10 very little mats you hade 70 you could have built idiot
Moxie is a vibe
Moxie is a vibe 28 days ago
He got killed by whethys it’s a TikToker
Prestondab 27 days ago
Just a Jacko On the internet
19:31 wait whaa????
James Hinz
James Hinz 29 days ago
Welcome to the jungle
Zoe Fox
Zoe Fox Month ago
Open league open league open league
ツSimplistic Month ago
How come it kept on saying you were killed by Luke the notable when someone else killed you?
Mike Reed
Mike Reed Month ago
Which happens more? Luke running out of mats, or shooting him self with a rocket launcher?
Angela McMullen
Angela McMullen Month ago
Get claped by sweaty kid in salty it's alright it's open division 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Breithaupt
Alex Breithaupt Month ago
Open league Open league Open league Open league Open league Open league shut up about open league
Xmodern Month ago
I am better than you and I am one a Xbox as well
James Pritchard
James Pritchard Month ago
Wow are you no way
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