I Dropped SplitScreen 20 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 3 months ago
Like the video if you want more Tors!
ItzSaltyz 25 days ago
Small screen with 30 FPS? Welcome to the world of the switch
devtrin 26 days ago
@Retr0 Man lol
Caroline Rodgers
Caroline Rodgers 29 days ago
David Labella
David Labella Month ago
Luke TheNotable split screen on mobile
Emperor sheev Palpatine
Ethan Clifford
Ethan Clifford 2 days ago
Does any one know that tors is a girl skin and LTN is the boy of tors skin.
Braddock Frazee
Braddock Frazee 5 days ago
7:46 that true but also really nasty
FinallyFoundOut HowToChangeName
The amount of dick jokes
Mihai Sabo
Mihai Sabo 6 days ago
Play mobile fornite 40 times
Megaturtle320 7 days ago
"wieners fit really well into tacos," note that tors is the taco and Luke is the wiener.
aggeliki gioupi
aggeliki gioupi 8 days ago
if tou drink mountain due you get energy katanas of becuse you are full of energy
Frantic2x 9 days ago
“I was able to fit my whole banana inside of this man... snowman”
Jbugster 2000
Jbugster 2000 9 days ago
i got rejected 100 times and this is what happened
Technology Addict
Didn’t they get rid of split screen in chapter 2
Lilly Henry
Lilly Henry 9 days ago
Can u still split screen in season 2 if so then me and my brother wanna try but we don’t know if it works
-VyRuZ -
-VyRuZ - 10 days ago
This relationship is goals ✊🏼✊🏼
Corbyn Howarth
Corbyn Howarth 12 days ago
The tor’s has a dirty mind I like it
The Brownie Man
The Brownie Man 13 days ago
Split screen? Really!! Oh I might have to come back
Zameena Ramdipsingh
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 14 days ago
Not to roast you but you do be bore us btw tors is better than u sorry
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 14 days ago
Do moreeeeeer pls
Nándor Molnár
Nándor Molnár 15 days ago
I mean i play on the switch so i always play on the switch i play on a smaller screen and 30 fps...
Ok B00merzz
Ok B00merzz 15 days ago
Do more I love these fortnite vids
Cooper Scott
Cooper Scott 15 days ago
Tors sounds like ms.mojo👀
Bon Bon
Bon Bon 15 days ago
Purple penetrator
ParadoxD 16 days ago
“She penetrated that person good” LTN, 2019.
Golden Raven
Golden Raven 17 days ago
Why is it so cute when martyrs couples are you tubers🥰😃
giant bomb gaming
giant bomb gaming 17 days ago
Fit my entire banana in this man. Me: ok t..hen...
Zain Bashir
Zain Bashir 18 days ago
Just noticed the description LOL Editor:tors
K B 19 days ago
This is a master peace
LycanRy 19 days ago
7:43 jesus tors is dirty minded
Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe 26 days ago
*”Weiners fit really well in tacos!”*
giant bomb gaming
giant bomb gaming 26 days ago
7:44 Me: ok then
devtrin 26 days ago
"Weiners fit well into tacos" TheTors
Kindorix 27 days ago
When you say ur 15 :pedos 4:08
Pheels Goodman
Pheels Goodman 27 days ago
adorable af doesn't cut it
Pheels Goodman
Pheels Goodman 27 days ago
also, #wouldsmash
andreea manu
andreea manu 27 days ago
Dont worry Tors i dropped there for You even jf i didnt record
Your average weirdo *Jarmale*
I don't have a problem with split screen, but I don't think it's necessary for your skin to take up a third of your screen.
Caroline Rodgers
Caroline Rodgers 29 days ago
Spilt screen is magic
Grapes r Guud
Grapes r Guud Month ago
Tors kinda sounds like Randy’s wife from south park
JR Raines
JR Raines Month ago
7:44 I thought this channel was kid friendly.
Reddy Month ago
Instead of the wife took the kids. Tors took my V bucks
Creamy jacks Tasty
Purple penetrator best at nothing fans will get it
Ghost killer
Ghost killer Month ago
Is that your true wife
omega. Month ago
its not just splitscreen where ltn is on top and tors is on bottom
Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Leo Month ago
Marian Mationg
Marian Mationg Month ago
i freaked out when i heard Tors!
Ryan Garner
Ryan Garner Month ago
I just missed my final hockey game the most important one of the season so I come home to watch your videos and I completely forget about the hockey game thank you for being so awesome
Brandon Ealey
Brandon Ealey Month ago
Can your wife talk to me till I fall asleep everynight
Dalton Mott
Dalton Mott Month ago
250 days in Minecraft with tors back on your map when you beat the ended dragon and add on more to the village your home defeat wither and actually try to make your house and village out of minerals iron diamonds gold coal make more farms underground base its Ltns base don’t let tors now
Unknown Sans
Unknown Sans Month ago
You both have that narrator coice
Trevor Wozniak
Trevor Wozniak Month ago
Why was there so many dirty jokes on a kids channel
crazy supernova
crazy supernova Month ago
“I’m on top and Tors in on the bottom like in split screen.” Also how something else works
Fortnite Beast
Fortnite Beast Month ago
Lol he doesn’t like 109 how bout 289 LOL I WAS SO MAD
Mr Jay Jim Jams
Mr Jay Jim Jams Month ago
Cutlass of consumerism? Did you mean to say Cutlass of capitalized franchise that was ruined horribly and you will get copyrighted by the most unholiest mascot of all time from an unnamed company? I dunno just a hunch.
Igc chelpool
Igc chelpool Month ago
Toss should have a channel
Igc chelpool
Igc chelpool Month ago
Despacito Spider
You do get something when you level up over 100... the abilty to *_F L E X_*
Fearless Gaming
Fearless Gaming Month ago
Tenticle H3NT4i: *exists* LTN: The purple penatrator
Icpnguin Month ago
8:10 7:43 What has this channel turned into
Eva Wesley
Eva Wesley Month ago
Eva Wesley
Eva Wesley Month ago
The toes is dirty minded
PuG BloamZ YT
PuG BloamZ YT Month ago
The banana joke lol
Bryan Pim
Bryan Pim Month ago
7:40 “I’m playing as the wiener skin wieners fit really nice in tacos”
Grayson Zinnert
Grayson Zinnert Month ago
How many different names did luke make for the lightsaber to not get copyrighted
Anonymous 690
Anonymous 690 Month ago
Tell me you don’t feel sexual vibes 7:45
Collinrules0306 Month ago
Exactly the person takes up 20%
ILiekYogurt Month ago
"Tors held the low with her purple perpetrator and ask you can see Tors penetrated them good" Luke the Notable~ December 28th, 2019
Northern Wolf
Northern Wolf Month ago
7:44 I’m sorry but I don’t think I wanna watch this anymore...
gold Week
gold Week Month ago
Tors is right your talking is BORING
Khiem Kien
Khiem Kien Month ago
9:43 lol your channel thing covers tors marshmallow skin head
Prince Heaven
Prince Heaven Month ago
Sorry I killed you 1:12
Skull_BREAKER Month ago
Just saying I just realized tors was his wife and not a friend
At 3:58 he levels up to 44 at 4:04 he levels up to 109 but it says it was in the same game
Lima Honkai player_Lv77
Good thing you and tors is together I ship you guys
Trent Wild
Trent Wild Month ago
It light saber and you do not no Star Wars
Anselmo Dinero
Anselmo Dinero Month ago
cejayscon gaming
CheesyyJenna Month ago
I love her voice it sounds so like it sounds like a narrorator but like a good narrorator
BinkeyJudo Month ago
Tors is his imaginary wife
Wild Onion
Wild Onion Month ago
William Smith
William Smith Month ago
Im watching this 2 months after the video came out and they fixed the synced emotes
The Video Game Master Video Games- Fun
I can not even emote and go on splitscreen :(
Crazy Dude :P
Crazy Dude :P Month ago
I’m just gonna go and cop the house real quick
Archie-cat Month ago
At 9:44 it looks like the marshmallo skin but with his face
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