I Dropped Rainbow Six Siege 100 Times And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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Aug 28, 2019




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Comments 7 757
I Hate Humans
I Hate Humans Hour ago
9:55 he one tapped 3 people ...
AtlasCube 3 hours ago
First of all: Y u playing casual as a beginner? Newcomer good, but casual is a place where the toxic players hang out
XPlays101 YT
XPlays101 YT 7 hours ago
When you record your gameplay do you use the built in screen recorder in the xbox??
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 7 hours ago
Bro in game 33 did anyone else notice that his teammate killed him?
Christian Cox
Christian Cox 8 hours ago
Bruh what was he doing with hibanas x-kairos in game 2
JBUG0617 8 hours ago
9:58 casually one taps the whole team
Aiden Hopkins
Aiden Hopkins 11 hours ago
You better than me on round 2
Fat Gaming
Fat Gaming 13 hours ago
Hibana pellets - for reinforced walls to make a hole to see through
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 14 hours ago
Frost with 9mm smg op
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 14 hours ago
This video reminds me of a 1v5 clutch I did when I was new to rainbow I planted the bomb then went down the stairs sprayed 2 headshots then tossing a grenade,knife and pistol headshot finished the round
Justin Huang
Justin Huang 14 hours ago
I dropped my baby 100 times and this is what happened
Meme Boy
Meme Boy 17 hours ago
This is hurting y head
Salty Desire
Salty Desire Day ago
I want to make a video like this but as someone in gold. I wanna see how much a gold can improve by consistently queuing into a game
XxRAVENXx 05 Day ago
At 11:37 nobody took frost he lied
Cooper Bot7
Cooper Bot7 Day ago
this is so hard to watch
Gamer Supreme
Gamer Supreme 2 days ago
Surprised that there was no hackers :|
Tanner TamejGames
this is so painful to watch. especially for playing for like 3 years
Roman Bintz
Roman Bintz 2 days ago
It’s annoying how he says versus bc he says verse
Roman Bintz
Roman Bintz 2 days ago
When pinging the enemy is an expert play
MADDKING77 lol 2 days ago
Sarcasm about balance when shooting at clash Me: awww he's learning
soft boi
soft boi 2 days ago
1:48 sorry but that would have been a tk already by me (because there is lit a new Comer mode but they always play casual)
Because 4406
Because 4406 2 days ago
Every time he says grenade launcher I cringe
Brodee Damico
Brodee Damico 2 days ago
He made a smart play when he killed his teammate during interrogation so he wouldn’t be exposed Zofia and bandit are some of the best operaters Edit put a cog on IQ’s gun
The Dank Gunslinger
"I finally figured out what that grenade launcher is for. It's for blowing up two doors at once!" Oh you have much to learn.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 3 days ago
Do another one PLEASE
Bandit 3 days ago
I have 973 hours and. Bro.... bro. I'm in pain
Mlgella -
Mlgella - 3 days ago
Why is every video he makes somewhat related to fortnite. This is R6 not fortnite. AKA fortnite is trash
Victor Boucher
Victor Boucher 3 days ago
Jens Jensen
Jens Jensen 3 days ago
Can we Do a 1v1?
RhodriGamerTV 3 days ago
Pls more Rainbow Six Seige
Planet Devin
Planet Devin 4 days ago
When you have too much time
Hydraking17 Sealord
Game 60nice
Gina 4 days ago
You almost aced
Ibnainley H3W0
Ibnainley H3W0 4 days ago
This hurt me inside, this was painful to watch. Holy shit.😂
The Dank Gunslinger
"Instead of going with just Recruit, I went with Caveira." *oh no*
TheGamingBomb !
TheGamingBomb ! 4 days ago
Allan Maldonado
Allan Maldonado 5 days ago
Luke going against the shield use impacts or nitros they are explosive gadgets they’re only on certain operators so yeah I wouldn’t I wouldn’t recommend the knife because you usually get exposed
Wet Breadd
Wet Breadd 5 days ago
“The valkyrie operator” 😂
NexxSZN 6 days ago
I’m a Bronze and yet I’m this is still painful to watch lmao, he shot a dead teammate with stim shot on doc LMFAO
NexxSZN 4 days ago
My profile pic is godly ur 9 stfu kid
My profile pic is godly
@NexxSZN did I ask for your opinion?
NexxSZN 4 days ago
My profile pic is godly did I ask if anyone cared
My profile pic is godly
No one cares
Shawn Latour
Shawn Latour 6 days ago
Spoiler: disc broke
NCC TheVoidHazard
Also tachanka is getting a buff he can shoot a fire bomb and now he's mobile
Ov3n_Tv 6 days ago
Jojo123 The cricket guy
It’s like this game is perfectly balanced Operation health: am I joke to u
Jack Swatek
Jack Swatek 7 days ago
Luke: *throws impact* Jaeger: *locks on head*
FPS Bod 7 days ago
Please do not say your dropping 100 times
Smerky merky
Smerky merky 5 days ago
Yes, don’t compare that garbage fortnite to this
Mr.Burnt nugget
Mr.Burnt nugget 8 days ago
It’s weird seeing the original ads of the shields hate me if you want but I loved those times
Zøaxy 8 days ago
I wish I could’ve gotten that good after 13 games
8 days ago
Please do not call it “drops”
My profile pic is godly
You're complaining bcuz of a title?
Carter Kolenda
Carter Kolenda 8 days ago
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is my favorite game ever
My profile pic is godly
Good for u.
Carter Kolenda
Carter Kolenda 7 days ago
It actually is
Sweggs Boi
Sweggs Boi 8 days ago
Can someone make a counter for how many times he says rainbow six siege
Cameron Rocks
Cameron Rocks 8 days ago
Was confused how he was good ish at round ten then saw he was on console XD
Louie Day
Louie Day 8 days ago
200 drops in R6Siege
Nicholas Kurz
Nicholas Kurz 9 days ago
Imagine being his teammate or on the other team and steamrolling and being like a mentor
SoLowKey 9 days ago
I know these vids sponsored but Luke should do 100 games ranked.
Horrible director
Horrible director 10 days ago
I’m watching this when shifting tides is the operation and I miss playing on plane
QuackaDuck 10 days ago
Or the barricades could of hurt your team
oolong egg
oolong egg 10 days ago
Who else thought he would literally drop the game disc 100 times to see how bad the game would run
James Guarascio
James Guarascio 10 days ago
lvl 190 wanna borrow my acoount
NCC TheVoidHazard
NCC TheVoidHazard 10 days ago
Q learning lul Thats ai learning... I'M FUNNY everyone has made that joke haven't they
Oxy 10 days ago
What edition did he buy
Konsol Oyuncu
Konsol Oyuncu 10 days ago
TTV: I am using same charachter every match LTN: This much ı am gonna use fjkaıjfaojfııosaf
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