I Dropped Rainbow Six Siege 100 Times And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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Aug 28, 2019




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Comments 80
James Keiller
James Keiller 9 hours ago
How many times did u play that why Jupiter guy
214570 maughan
214570 maughan 13 hours ago
AsianMiso Day ago
No offense but your trash
Shaz 2 days ago
I’ve never heard the words gangsta pistol sound so white
galactic_cobram 19
After this came out I saw a increase in black berds
Mama by the way '_’
Me as a siege player when he played clash: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 2 days ago
Tries to heal the dead body
Danger Doggo
Danger Doggo 3 days ago
Never played R6S, looks fun, should I buy it?
Adam Kilmister
Adam Kilmister 4 days ago
Wood 4 just kidding
Fish Stick
Fish Stick 5 days ago
Ltn the grenade launcher breaks reinforced walls
DabMasterGaming 5 days ago
I bet you’re wondering what’s in the gas canister, well... It’s war crimes
Daniel 5 days ago
This gameplay was alright as I am only level 80
DeMeNt3D_ Ch1CkEn•0161
It annoys me how he doesn’t tilt his gun in any game
Kaden Alardin
Kaden Alardin 6 days ago
“ Ooohhh daddy yes “. Hahahahahahaha
zaba mala
zaba mala 7 days ago
How do you get shield recruit and also how do you play hostage mode
DatOneBro DaBoss
DatOneBro DaBoss 8 days ago
lol no sights
Dane Buzzno
Dane Buzzno 8 days ago
Who’s watching this one operation still wave is out
Conner Sutton
Conner Sutton 8 days ago
This hurt my soul so much
Jacob Concannon
Jacob Concannon 9 days ago
Hey I’m a frost main too.
Koy 9 days ago
You were finka nut
Stormytrooper52 10 days ago
“Hurray the hostages is dead” FUZE
Stormytrooper52 10 days ago
A true fuze
Max Hertig
Max Hertig 10 days ago
Cav with the pistol a head shot is a down not a kill
Rob Debrocke
Rob Debrocke 10 days ago
Dooeys *
Dooeys * 10 days ago
How r u versing such bad people!?
twentytwo 10 days ago
As someone that has over 30 days worth of playing *this hurt*
Jaydon Richard
Jaydon Richard 10 days ago
game 33 he played pulse and got killed by his teamate
Galaxy unicorn Forever
You don’t drop...ITS NOT FORTNIGHT
Zachbhunter37 11 days ago
Luke thenotable cures my isolation
Play for Days
Play for Days 11 days ago
1000 subs with no videos challenge
Your so bad
AshDor 12 days ago
Who are your favorite operators
Carskin 13 days ago
The amount if lying in this video is insane like he likes about eyerything
Rapidal 13 days ago
The first few games were like pouring bleach straight into my eye I am still suffering eye damage please help jk doe you get good and I like the series :)
TheRealReason 14 days ago
Dont use red dot use acog and holo
ITS_PAT 15 days ago
What level are you
Kudoqt 15 days ago
9:57 , think meaty marly stole his account
Dylan7 Jones
Dylan7 Jones 15 days ago
As a plat this is hard to watch
George Strauss
George Strauss 15 days ago
He plays against bots
Rise Knight
Rise Knight 16 days ago
1:44 how did this man not get voted to kick
aiden golden
aiden golden 16 days ago
19:40 ima pretend I didn't see that...
aiden golden
aiden golden 16 days ago
19:40 are we going to talk about he put it backwards so the enemy team can see the whole OBJ.
aiden golden
aiden golden 16 days ago
9:57 MeatyMarley wants to know your location.
Cage 17 days ago
Being a player from Skull Rain, this hurt me
TheFireDog911 17 days ago
Pro tip dont camp whit cav your team mates will hate u for wasting a operator
X D_bestkid?
X D_bestkid? 17 days ago
you inspired me now im a pro thanks man.
Nicholas McCloud
Nicholas McCloud 18 days ago
1k subs With no videos
Luke is the Tutorial Master
Drelauda 18 days ago
how do you have DLC operators if ur new
xxtoxicphantom XD
xxtoxicphantom XD 18 days ago
game 24 he got kicked out
Matthew Ibarra
Matthew Ibarra 19 days ago
4 one taps Nani
Rusty_Ghost15 20 days ago
Luke do 100 tachanka
Private 20 days ago
10:13 I wonder why..🧐
WickedTester176 20 days ago
This was really hard to watch. 25:16 also, no you didn’t lol
Gabriel Esteves
Gabriel Esteves 20 days ago
Ur actually so good and ive been playing fir three monts
Jean Diaz
Jean Diaz 20 days ago
I saw a player named finka nut
Jake Patane
Jake Patane 21 day ago
17:11 *breathes in* THE TORS!
Cedric Tillis
Cedric Tillis 21 day ago
If you look at game 64 then got to game 71 it’s the same game look at the mvp
Oleg Plešina
Oleg Plešina 21 day ago
2:12 poor jackal
Mr JewGasser
Mr JewGasser 21 day ago
I have the deluxe edition so I have season 1 and 2 operators
Smileodon Playz
Smileodon Playz 21 day ago
Thank you
Lorenzo Ricko
Lorenzo Ricko 21 day ago
9:56 the new MeatyMarley ??
Tristen Demers_24
Tristen Demers_24 22 days ago
Why does the finka nut gamer tag look so familiar? I think I played against them
Giovani Davila
Giovani Davila 22 days ago
He almost dies any round but wins
Mason Tatum
Mason Tatum 22 days ago
I love how terrible you are at the beginning Like I sucked but it was because of my fps skills You sucked because you didn’t know anything I love siege
tylwch13 23 days ago
the way he played pulse peeded me off
Rond0 23 days ago
Game 1-50 hurts my brain
Cyvilix 23 days ago
Go to 8:57 if you want to get triggered
APCH_Kool-Cid 23 days ago
Ever heard of optics.
Dominic Federmann
Dominic Federmann 23 days ago
Bruhhh hibanas ability is used to breach walls not blow people up
homie 24 days ago
game 7 look at top right first kill lol
Lithium 24 days ago
Dude, he should play 100 games with ________ Edit:I mean he already did it with the recruit
Mystic Snipes
Mystic Snipes 24 days ago
Could you do a 100 drops on keyboard and mouse
Stuff Man
Stuff Man 24 days ago
He keeps saying names wrong there's bitch beard, cav, valk, and then just frost and castle.
Real 7T8 Lego
Real 7T8 Lego 22 days ago
“bitch beard”
JOEYbaby7 24 days ago
Tachanka is literally the worst defender and luke made him seem good
JOEYbaby7 24 days ago
When he shoots the guy that died with docs stim 8:57 😂😂😂
Mika Barlow
Mika Barlow 25 days ago
That’s not a grenade launcher it is a hard breaching gun
Alpha ModSquad
Alpha ModSquad 25 days ago
I remember 5 years ago playing this game for the first time back then when frost came out i saw her with a shotgun and ran till I was across the map lol
Xxliqs 25 days ago
Luke play overwatch 100 times
hopeless 26 days ago
Eli Young
Eli Young 26 days ago
So when he said the game was perfectly balanced i died a little inside.
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