I Dropped Neo Tilted 15 Times And Then It Got Vaulted (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 2 months ago
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Victoria Emson
Victoria Emson Month ago
PlazmaSloth Month ago
The problem with chapter 2 is the old map was so much better and made it so I could play the game because there was less things that needed to load. Another problem is that no mobility and no ways to have fun it’s just complete sweat. The last problem is there is no story line that we know of that could hint to the old map/weapons/mobility coming back.
Kay Month ago
Honestly one of the most fun videos to watch in forever. I miss season 9 :(
mystic Month ago
I subbed now give me a cookie
Samir Belica
Samir Belica 2 months ago
ya did it
Sean Sanchez
Sean Sanchez Day ago
If fortnite went back to like season 9 or 6 -7 I would play it
Bartthegamer13 Gamer
Can I just vent a little if that's the right word well if anybody sees this than a Aready have vented but boy do I mess chapter 1 even season 10 I like better than anything in chapter 2 well not you know the mech but i loved the rift zones that just felt more fortnite than anything in chapter 2 so it was so bad I've even move to a another mobile br called creative destruction well it's on PC but I play on mobile
Yashovrat Singhal
Now chapter 2 season 2 is now better ?
Hotdog Faith
Hotdog Faith 3 days ago
I think I heard something. 4:05
Michael Bullard
Michael Bullard 4 days ago
Imma be honest, and y'all can hate me for this, but season x was HOT GARBAGE. It was unplayable. I actually enjoy chapter 2. I got bored after five minutes in season x cause the game had lost its charm. Edit: Oh, btw, launchpads and miniguns are back. The only thing I don't like about season 2, chapter 2, is bots. 11 kill games aren't as cool if everyone is a bot.
d.alexander45 4 days ago
I miss Fortnite having more than 2 other real players in your match above all. Epic just took the whole unique and fun part and threw it out
Matthew Benet
Matthew Benet 4 days ago
I’m so glad he branches out to other games
Dillon Savage
Dillon Savage 5 days ago
Am I the only one who got scared from this 4:05 ? And this 8:10 ?
Supermodel FC Super star FC
All he said came true
Snarky L
Snarky L 6 days ago
How to Video games
Man Luke really hates chapter two
J N 7 days ago
Antonio Abbandonato
2:37 chapter 2 roasted
planes spotter and railfanner
They through the sandbox away because they are starting a new one, Chapter TWO. We have miniguns back and helicopters already and have a decent sandbox in season 2. Remember how Chapter 1 it took to like season 5 to get mobility and content, things we are already getting in Season 2 of this new 2nd Chapter of Fortnite
Patrick Hoover
Patrick Hoover 10 days ago
Actually, mega mall was the shortest lived.
chariis Natalia
chariis Natalia 11 days ago
8:11 that scared tge crap out of me
CanadianMang024 12 days ago
Honestly I like chapter 2 a lot more than the late seasons of chapter 1. It’s more of a test of skill than luck
Mytholis 12 days ago
I just realized.. what if Fortnite is doing so much change because they want kids to learn that there is going to be change?
jamez gamer
jamez gamer 12 days ago
Most word said:soccer skin
TheWolfBoy 13 days ago
The mentions he made about fortnites changes and how chapter 2 threw away everything that was good...that, that I felt it was kinda the reason I stopped it just wasn’t as fun as it use to be I switched to apex in hopes fortnite would one day be like the old days but nothing changed and I regret spending as much money as I did in the game... Also I kinda feel in love with apex legends even more after playing titan fall 2 campaign and apex legends lore. That’s just my thoughts...
shawn deltergo
shawn deltergo 13 days ago
Season 2 Drum Gun is back Minigun is back Bows are back Heavy Sniper is back Launchpad is back
Evan Hietpas
Evan Hietpas 13 days ago
Also why did they need to change the pumps?
MemeLifeYt 13 days ago
Liar u changed to PC
Manic Monkey
Manic Monkey 13 days ago
“I don’t want to attack chapter 2 to much” *Proceeds to attack it for almost the entire video* (No hate, still love you!)
hi1 Five
hi1 Five 14 days ago
5:44 I just took his balls away...
Omar37kotob 15 days ago
Yeah I miss chapter one so much and I wish fortnite go back like it was😔😔😔
HubPlayz Gaming And More!
I miss old weapons and the Season X map. I wasn’t there to see Season X fully because I barely played Fortnite on my iPad.
David Johnson
David Johnson 17 days ago
You know time flies when people consider Season 9 nostalgic. SEASON 9.
Montage Maker
Montage Maker 19 days ago
MysticVitriol 19 days ago
3:10 not anymore 3:25 he predicted the future
Serena Alvarez
Serena Alvarez 19 days ago
Luke the Notable: I wish there was a sandbox with a combat shotgun to the planes. Creative mode: Am I a joke to you
Slushy Solider
Slushy Solider 20 days ago
Who else misses the old pump shotgun the icon and the damage
Jensen HARGREAVES 20 days ago
And still managed to get to the 10 minute mark
Raafay_ _s
Raafay_ _s 22 days ago
CEO of uploading on my dads birthday
Brayden Parker
Brayden Parker 22 days ago
This vid should be called: I make really good points about why new Fortnite sucks and should be reverted
T-DØG 22 days ago
One reason I didn't like Neo Tilted is THERE WAS NO ALLITERATION
Dj Debebe
Dj Debebe 22 days ago
I attacked chapter two 100 times and this is what happened😂😂
Taper Boi
Taper Boi 23 days ago
6:02 who uses y as jump
Ramo Stuff
Ramo Stuff 23 days ago
At 4:06 Luke says f***
Platinum 24 days ago
Take a shot every time he complains about Chapter 2 or says “sandbox”
Platinum 24 days ago
Stop whining, Chapter 2 is miles better than Chapter 1, deal with it. 👉😎👉
David Long
David Long 24 days ago
“The shortest lived location” *cries in Starry Suburbs*
David Long
David Long 24 days ago
This should be titled “I whined about Fortnite chapter 2 for 10 minutes and this is what happened”
Nerd's Entertainment
1:14 chapter 2 When he was editing the video, it was chapter 2?
I am not bored. It’s just your birthday
David Matemba
David Matemba 25 days ago
Launch pads are back boi
Ravyn the ʎuoW ʎuoԀ
"I like Minecraft better" *Everyone liked that*
George Buckle
George Buckle 26 days ago
Same, i dont spend money on fortnite and all they do now is add skins
Traditional Gemmy
Traditional Gemmy 27 days ago
The new map is shit
lil mclaren
lil mclaren 28 days ago
*bring. slipstreams. back.*
Assassin · Huskey
Assassin · Huskey 28 days ago
I remember doing that same baller inside the airways. The ballers were fun as hell they removed them just like the plane except the plane was weird to use.
MR Pate
MR Pate 28 days ago
Fortnite is gay
Hello Jeff
Hello Jeff 28 days ago
7:15 he just hit snow of a tree
CStone 471
CStone 471 29 days ago
It would be great if fortnite made an exclusive game mode in which everything (every weapon, every consumable, and every vehicle) was unvaulted
Masongfortnite YT
Masongfortnite YT 29 days ago
I’m watching this in chapter 2 season two and using ghost grenade But it’s actually called shadow grenade in ghost and shadow are the main things or teams
BlockyShapes Month ago
Like throughout this video: chapter 2 season 1 is so much more bland than all previous seasons. Chapter 2 season 2: I’m about to save this mans whole career
Miles Paschke
Miles Paschke Month ago
My guy u play Minecraft and ur dissing fortnite?
Ghosty Spying
Ghosty Spying Month ago
We want risky reels
Amiel Singo
Amiel Singo Month ago
fun fact: this is the first time you dropped an odd number of times
Get OuTclassed
Get OuTclassed Month ago
I dropped The Agency 50 times and this is what happened A henchman killed me
Benjamin Vu
Benjamin Vu Month ago
All the tips and tricks for the old island is useless
Zane Meyer
Zane Meyer Month ago
I think that chapter 2 is better in he terms of locations. I hated having one location that everyone went to.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Month ago
Rip traps we will all mis you
Nathan workman
Nathan workman Month ago
8:11 made me crack up
Parker Flips
Parker Flips Month ago
7:35 well I thought your dad worked at epic though
Jay OConnor
Jay OConnor Month ago
Did luke say f**k 4:08
Jœl Ķůmāř
Jœl Ķůmāř Month ago
Drum gun was unvaulted in Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 as Midas' Drum gun with a mythical level
Hannah Beckett
Hannah Beckett Month ago
i can relate tbh 9:37
Dominic Eberle
Dominic Eberle Month ago
This entire video is just him insulting chapter 2, and I love it
Twinz_Playz - BTD6
eventlesstew Month ago
RIP 100 drops neo tilted
Suck My Toes
Suck My Toes Month ago
It was my birthday
Noah Millar
Noah Millar Month ago
every single thing that you said in that video is true. and that's why you are my favourite RUvidr
Nothing Month ago
Don’t worry if I get enough likes on this I will make a big area with every item in fort-nite because Luke wants them stuff back
TrueBot Month ago
why is the baller not in FN? maybe cuz it's one of the main thing everyone complained about? xD
GD Savage
GD Savage Month ago
lalevi 26
lalevi 26 Month ago
Who is now laughing because of chapter 2season2
Jay The Don
Jay The Don Month ago
You are a black hole late
Yellow Eclipse
Yellow Eclipse Month ago
I dropped the vault 20 times and this happened.
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