I Dropped Mega Mall 100 Times And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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Mega Mall, the newest location in Fortnite. It replaced Retail Row so I thought I'd drop here 100 times. I had a lot of fun slipping through slipstreams and baller bombing noobertons. And I hope you have a lot of fun watching.
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 4 977
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 4 months ago
Help me get to 1M subscribers! SUBSCRIBE! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
Lapras_976 26 days ago
Yes sir
KyleMG 10
KyleMG 10 28 days ago
Strafe Cell LM mean s Luke thenotable
Clixz 59
Clixz 59 Month ago
Luke TheNotable “I Thanked The Bus Driver 100 Times And This Is what Happened”
Mason Williams
Mason Williams Month ago
Luke TheNotable reeeee
Baileyz 2 months ago
You have
Shannon Griffin
Shannon Griffin 7 hours ago
Stealth Rommm
Stealth Rommm 17 hours ago
Easter egg he is in the loading bay when he says we will go over is favorite drop later
B Time With Braden
Does dis dude know how to sort his load out?
Memelord007 3 days ago
Luke the notable: “Always listen to the voices in your head!” Me: “Ok!” (Grabs chair and rope)
JODY Field
JODY Field 3 days ago
Anyone here fro chaperter 2
Shadow YT
Shadow YT 5 days ago
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis 5 days ago
*Listens to the voice in my head* Tonight a 13 year old boy was arrested due to trying to steal 26 lbs of cooked rice and lo-mein.
The Gaming Bman
The Gaming Bman 5 days ago
Does he not realise scoops ahoy is from stranger things
Golden Princess
Golden Princess 5 days ago
Music to my ears 23:54
Logan Neiswonger
Logan Neiswonger 5 days ago
Game twenty six he had 14 bandi’s
Allison Harris
Allison Harris 5 days ago
If you dont know the layout of the mall then you should drop
Mitch TEM
Mitch TEM 6 days ago
I was in game 9!
Parallel James
Parallel James 6 days ago
im gifting my next 100 subs btw i actually am unlike the others
erikss 6 days ago
22:04 look at the 3rd teammate's name
Helgi Freyr Haraldsson
At 20 min in the vid
Helgi Freyr Haraldsson
He called a commander skin default skin
Lucio Alcaide
Lucio Alcaide 9 days ago
Anyone noticed that he switched to pc in a few games
Basically Box
Basically Box 9 days ago
Yeah guys we need to help Luke reach 1 million again
mystery dungeon mudkip
Finley1321 10 days ago
I thought game 23 was the lobby
Daftnut The Wizard
Daftnut The Wizard 10 days ago
Your voice is awsome
Neamt Andrei Icespirit101
Andrew Buono
Andrew Buono 11 days ago
20:07 It wasn’t a default, it was a commando
Nicola Diamond
Nicola Diamond 11 days ago
Game 32 luke: the proximity is insane Me: the proximity is insane - ly bad
Cody Nguyen
Cody Nguyen 12 days ago
25:42 "The weirder things"
Ian 13 days ago
25:56 Game 80 gets killed by jfresh spams LT 26:13 Game 82 kills jfresh spams LT
09dragonslayer 13 days ago
Dave: Where we dropping boy? Luke: Dave! like the other 87 times m a g a m a l l!
Tr4ash Aim
Tr4ash Aim 14 days ago
Lol he got killed by my best friend
Mroliv 1
Mroliv 1 15 days ago
0:25 switches from controller to pc
AliDaKing 15 days ago
11:20 LTN: i have low material (proceeds to have 323 wood)
Cutest Demon
Cutest Demon 16 days ago
FYI, if theres a default, doesnt mean their bad, i use the default skin, and im pretty good!
TheGamingNerd 1019
TheGamingNerd 1019 16 days ago
13:42 its because its from Stranger Things
Jackson Fricke
Jackson Fricke 16 days ago
Game 21 lol
Jhons Gameplay
Jhons Gameplay 16 days ago
I just noticed the ice cream shop scoops ahoy is from stranger things
Kzow 16 days ago
LTN Season 9 : today is the only day you can use Blue Pump and Gold Compact SMG combo Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 : let me introduce myself
Andrew Wise
Andrew Wise 16 days ago
go check out samuel wises twitch
Snippezz Value
Snippezz Value 16 days ago
He said there’s 200 people left
Rfg_Yaboionesock 17 days ago
Game 26: Bandages: am I joke to you
JustJoa 17 days ago
LTN: "It replaced retail toe, where I did not drop" Chapter 2: I've got you hommie
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