I Dropped Frosty Flights 20 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Frosty Flights took off as a new location in Fortnite Battle Royale in early Season 7 and with this location came a new vehicle, the fighter plane. Learn to use the fighter plane to get out of the snow and into the final circle where altitude will lead you to the Victory Royale. But don't forget to loot Grandma's House or invest in the private island off the coast before leaving Frosty Flights. Learn all the strats as I dive bomb through 20 Frosty drops and remember to... Stay Notable.
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Comments 80
Andres Macuga
Andres Macuga 8 days ago
Why only 20?
This video is every sweaty try hards worst nightmare
Eevert Kämppi
Eevert Kämppi 13 days ago
Map got massive update. Me watching after the whole shit was updated: wut?
TheTactical78 T7T8
TheTactical78 T7T8 17 days ago
I miss being able to sit in the sky and reliably get at least 2nd every game
Kamikaze Month ago
1:25 that should not happen
Yes Month ago
I played 100 normal games and this is what happened
Rey Gamer YT
Rey Gamer YT 2 months ago
Pro players: planes are over powers and should be vaulted Normal players:planes are planes
Oli’s Place
Oli’s Place 2 months ago
Where’s 1000 days Minecraft??!!
johnboys vlogs
johnboys vlogs 2 months ago
RIP to the og map
Josh Levine
Josh Levine 2 months ago
If you go to 7:25 he will laser some one
Johny Wick
Johny Wick 2 months ago
I'm late I know
Makoto Narukami
Makoto Narukami 3 months ago
I’ve seen this video already but it’s the first thing RUvid suggests me
Jake 3 months ago
Frosty Flights was my favourite location
DDGaxel Nilsson
DDGaxel Nilsson 3 months ago
Joey Block
Joey Block 3 months ago
I miss when this game was fun
RNG Wolv
RNG Wolv 3 months ago
ashleigh kayser
ashleigh kayser 3 months ago
Look at those frames
Chicken Man
Chicken Man 3 months ago
Him: you must be bored me on the toilet
xd Bumz
xd Bumz 3 months ago
It’s not there no more
Buzzer 3 months ago
8:13 15 then to 17?
Texas Republic
Texas Republic 3 months ago
Good thing its gone
The Bunny Gamer
The Bunny Gamer 3 months ago
That house in game 2 WAS called crackshots house but its now chapter 2
JJ studios Justin Hulett
Grandmas house is actually crack shots house
Nathaniel Johansen
Nathaniel Johansen 4 months ago
Why did you only dropp ther 20 and not 100
Mah Elbad
Mah Elbad 4 months ago
Let me be one of the people who says ... 2019 anyone ?
chuck plissken
chuck plissken 3 months ago
Sense Tepozr
Sense Tepozr 4 months ago
Miss season 7 :(
BenJ:D 4 months ago
100 drops: 20-30 minute video 20 drops: 10 minutes ...
360 Edge
360 Edge 4 months ago
U love the omen cape
Arcticz -
Arcticz - 4 months ago
this video was released on my birthday
Dacian Not daily
Dacian Not daily 4 months ago
Frosty flights is a proper location so it deserves 100 drops
ION Plays
ION Plays 4 months ago
Your art style is awesome 😎
Communist Penguin
Communist Penguin 4 months ago
I swear to god the dark bomber at 4:51 is me it’s the exact outfit I always wore in season 7
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Jp tyrannosaurus 29 4 months ago
Who else watches these videos because of nostalgia
ali ashraf
ali ashraf 4 months ago
Jp tyrannosaurus 29 nostalgia??? Season 7 brings you nostalgia???? Wow
WaDuMonkey 4 months ago
I miss season 7
Night O.W.L gaming
Night O.W.L gaming 4 months ago
15 15 17?
THABREEZ 456 5 months ago
Who’s watching in Chapter 2?
I T P 4 months ago
I'm playing in Chapter 38, Season 9 They added a toaster launcher.
LOOooOk OuT POTaTo mAn 0-0
Is your fortnite lagging cuz of computer or wifi
ᴊ ᴏ ʀ ᴅ ᴀ ɴ
Springtrap Afton
Springtrap Afton 5 months ago
I'm in fortnite chapter 2 and there's no Frosty Flights
boy_thats_blonde 5 months ago
0:26 Thats what she said
Tobias Sayre
Tobias Sayre 5 months ago
He put the best skin in the game in the thumbnail. *Respect has increased by 100*
Scionic gamer
Scionic gamer 5 months ago
It goes 15 to 17
Bone Crusher1018
Bone Crusher1018 5 months ago
Anybody else notice that for game 16 it still said15 lol
not Cret
not Cret 6 months ago
Season 7 was my favorite season cause my friends (who were twins) got a second ps4 this season. We were all finally able to play together. This video brings me back to those moments. I
jacob egerton
jacob egerton 6 months ago
Grandmas house... Lmao it's crack shots cabin
Affe Squad
Affe Squad 6 months ago
My trio location
NikiTheGameFreak 7 months ago
I dropped my xbox 20 times and this is what happened Ps. PS4 is better.
kasper Markus
kasper Markus 5 months ago
PC is best
Charlie Dann
Charlie Dann 7 months ago
He didn’t write game 16
Eclipse Yankee
Eclipse Yankee 7 months ago
# RIP Planes
AlexWhitehead 90
AlexWhitehead 90 7 months ago
Why not 100 times
Bubba JD
Bubba JD 7 months ago
Where’s the shifty shafts hundred drops
Brayden Esposito
Brayden Esposito 7 months ago
Season 10 anyone?
Henry Herr
Henry Herr 7 months ago
Does any won miss the gold and epic heavy AR.
Sebb 7 months ago
If your in Season X like and reply ideas for acceptable nerfs that still keep the fun maybe Epic will see and bring them back
NicNac 0
NicNac 0 7 months ago
5:20 haha now Mechs are in the game
Very Big Furry
Very Big Furry 7 months ago
Why is frosty flights still in the game when planes were vaulted all the way back in season 8?
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant 7 months ago
It’s crackshots house
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant 7 months ago
First game 1 victory
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant 7 months ago
Game one fell out that is a glitch it was a 1 v 1 and that happened and you don’t take fall damage
Billy Henderson
Billy Henderson 7 months ago
I honestly miss the planes
Kdog12 7 months ago
Do a 20 drop teir list
More Jason
More Jason 7 months ago
You cussed on one video don’t cuss on another
H00ded_ 7 months ago
5:20 ish he must LOVE the mechs
declan dont know what to say :p
Me: I want like luketodo 100 drops to frosty flights that would be cool Luke: brings out video but 20 drops Me: unsubscribe
Optic Stainless
Optic Stainless 7 months ago
Why so laggy???
Justin Whalen
Justin Whalen 8 months ago
I'm watchin in season 10
FC I Furrycake
FC I Furrycake 8 months ago
Bacondonut Man
Bacondonut Man 8 months ago
His best win loss ratio
InkSplatter!-Chan 8 months ago
Dropping frosty flights 80 more planes?
Irma Messer
Irma Messer 8 months ago
R.i.p Planes, Press f To pay respecc
Just A Toaster
Just A Toaster 8 months ago
That house was actually crackshot's cabin from the season 7 trailer
Just A Toaster
Just A Toaster 8 months ago
That house was actually crackshot's cabin from the season 7 trailer
Gruigi Universe
Gruigi Universe 8 months ago
Frosty flights not good enough for 100 drops but great for 20 drops
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 8 months ago
What heack
Misty X
Misty X 8 months ago
Your the man Luke 🤣🤙🧡🐐
Linas Krulikauskas
Linas Krulikauskas 8 months ago
Game 16 showed game 15 lol
GrapeSpaghetti 8 months ago
Luke: I don’t talk nonsense on this channel Some other vids Luke: the llama didn’t give me any guns Llamas don’t drop or give u guns
Rippervain 8 months ago
It’s 9 o’clock and I have seen this video at least once before and I am tired What am I doing
TFT zuccost
TFT zuccost 8 months ago
Frosty is my favorite drop. Why wasn't this 100 drops???
Harith Dean
Harith Dean 8 months ago
10:01 btw
Spinyfish 8 months ago
1:21 AiR bAbBlEs ArE vErY fUn
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