I Dropped Blitz 20 Times And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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Fortnite has been introducing new and reoccurring limited time game modes. Some have been misses, some have been hits, but an ultimate favorite of mine is the BLITZ game mode. In this mode, time is limited as the storm quickly closes in. Blitz is full of close quarters carnage, and in a game mode where the circle disappears, it gets pretty close and personal.
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Comments 80
JustoX 20 days ago
0:56 Thats A Renegade
JustoX 8 days ago
well at least its not a deafult
roman kalenic
roman kalenic 8 days ago
it’s a assault trooper stoopid
Aryan Velgekar
Aryan Velgekar 17 days ago
Dflxi 17 days ago
JustoX no its a assault trooper
Pilot Bulak
Pilot Bulak 20 days ago
Yup, that’s a renegade
Just a Jacko On the internet
Shadow.SnipeZz 11 days ago
Just a Jacko On the internet wAt
Mukesh Issar
Mukesh Issar Month ago
my phones at 69 percent
Childmanman Boi
Childmanman Boi 13 days ago
Psychicz Scep
Psychicz Scep 27 days ago
Yes u :D
Psychicz Scep
Psychicz Scep 27 days ago
No u
Bruce Bliven
Bruce Bliven Month ago
cloudz no u
Kookoo Peppa pig
No u
Fishstick_gamer Month ago
They should make a gamemode where there are 200 players in a game so their really cramped inside of the map
Maijin 28 days ago
@Sam Shelton why are you being a grammar nazi on something posted 6 days ago
Sam Shelton
Sam Shelton 28 days ago
Maijin Month ago
That would fuck up the servers alot.
Memelord007 Month ago
They sould always have this and have this named as “quick match” like pubg has
Mister Watchman
Mister Watchman Month ago
I though this was r6 siege
LHR Path
LHR Path Month ago
Bc the opp blitz
Memelord007 Month ago
Mister Watchman how did you think this was r6 siege
乃レノイ乙 Month ago
Btw that’s my fortnite name and I have my own skin
Cube Kid
Cube Kid 22 days ago
Cube Kid
Cube Kid 22 days ago
@乃レノイ乙 I said it because you're LYING
乃レノイ乙 22 days ago
Cabbytoo Stabbytoo then how am I supposed to show you and you are hating by saying sure you do
Cube Kid
Cube Kid 22 days ago
@乃レノイ乙 and no. I don't have discord but it's not that hard to film it onto youtube
Cube Kid
Cube Kid 22 days ago
@乃レノイ乙 and how am I being salty I'm just asking
Liyema Hlazo
Liyema Hlazo Month ago
You huge bot lol
XLRCrackedYT 23 days ago
Liyema Hlazo says u
Bruce Bliven
Bruce Bliven Month ago
Liyema Hlazo 🤡
GalaxyOnTwitter Month ago
@Mukesh Issar lol
Mukesh Issar
Mukesh Issar Month ago
@RIP KOBE BRYANT hate your name i do not want to think about that he my favourite :(
sixioss Month ago
Liyema Hlazo ur the bot lmao
Carrie4791 Month ago
Chicken nuggets
tale 15
tale 15 23 days ago
@Flaming Phoenix yup
Flaming Phoenix
Flaming Phoenix 23 days ago
I agree
tale 15
tale 15 Month ago
Me too
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Month ago
Imagine Blitz in chapter two...
FaZe Coronavirus
Camel Month ago
FaZe Doofenshmirtz the video is unavailable so nice try (:
Camel Month ago
FaZe Doofenshmirtz prove it
FaZe Coronavirus
It was in late January when blitz came back
Camel Month ago
FaZe Doofenshmirtz are you drunk?
Chilly417 Month ago
Man i want that skin but i don't have the vbuckks The football skin
Zenmaboiplayz Month ago
Luke the notable:a match takes 15 mins max The people who got a match that was 15 mins 1sec:am I a joke to you
Christopher Estep
Christopher Estep 2 months ago
I dropped blitz 17 times and then solid gold 3 times because fortnite’s LTM schedule sucks and this is what happened
Megan Conyers
Megan Conyers 2 months ago
Luke Can u do duos with me ;-; Username: TabbyCatXII
Isaiah Chock
Isaiah Chock Month ago
Lol no
Zenmaboiplayz Month ago
That option is currently unavailable please try again later
Rhys 2 months ago
Who’s here when I just came back
Rhys 2 months ago
When it came back sorry
Bidoof Studios
Bidoof Studios 2 months ago
Bro you just came back?
planes spotter and railfanner
1:02 They were trash and low. You're a bot ;) ;p
Camel Month ago
planes spotter and railfanner someone’s a toxic whiny baby
Eli daking
Eli daking Month ago
Yes we know luke isn’t the best, but shut the hell up dude
Arthur Lucena
Arthur Lucena 2 months ago
planes spotter and railfanner you’re s bot
Arthur Lucena
Arthur Lucena 2 months ago
planes spotter and railfanner U mad bro cause umm how do I break this to you ummm battle Royale wasn’t in 2016 and umm your a bot and you wouldn’t beat LTN ever
Bruce Bliven
Bruce Bliven 2 months ago
K-mal Gangsta he’s definitely a salty bot
Tyler Abner
Tyler Abner 2 months ago
I feel like LTN is in Optic himself
ThoughtfulPVZ 2 months ago
He is btw wrong video
Death Hound
Death Hound 2 months ago
Why is there no sound!???
lorraine ransom
lorraine ransom 2 months ago
Because your on mute i can hear it
Dark _Lawyer236
Dark _Lawyer236 2 months ago
That sunstrider that was in front of you in the lobby was the sunstrider that killed you
Egg 2 months ago
- Dark Vexed - *oh wait* shit
- Dark Vexed -
- Dark Vexed - 2 months ago
Egg 2 months ago
Rev F4ith can we please just drop the argument and both think what we want to think
Egg 2 months ago
Rev F4ith bruh literally anyone can use Sun Strider with Fable Cape
Rev F4ith
Rev F4ith 2 months ago
Egg the volcano skin was from season 8 there is no way there is that skin in season 6 so You should search up small brain.
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 months ago
0:59 "bot" -some guy
Go Sub
Go Sub 2 months ago
Game 14 his sniper went 1 down
Go Sub
Go Sub 2 months ago
I mean level
Tabitha Upshaw
Tabitha Upshaw 2 months ago
I like how when your guns our all golden and your first kill is with a pickaxe
Chris van Kempen
Chris van Kempen 2 months ago
Ply shell shockers
Epicpandagamer6 Hi
Epicpandagamer6 Hi 2 months ago
0:59 - call me a bot I dare you!!! People- you are a bot
Sinister Gaming
Sinister Gaming 2 months ago
CuriousHippo 2 months ago
Darin Lastine
Darin Lastine 3 months ago
Who's watching when tilted is gone :-(
Justin Mejia
Justin Mejia 2 months ago
daniel steele
daniel steele 3 months ago
If you don’t drop retail row I will unsubscribe
Dominant_Playr PS4
Dominant_Playr PS4 3 months ago
Lol he isn’t gonna read this you bot
Hehe Videos
Hehe Videos 3 months ago
He went to mega mall
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 3 months ago
Bruce Bliven
Bruce Bliven 2 months ago
Noah Williams False
Kenzie and The Triplets
Noah that’s not true.
Kindofmidget ?
Kindofmidget ? 3 months ago
Caleb Chikoski Hartman
6:42 why do you keep killing me
Catisbest Ok
Catisbest Ok 3 months ago
random skits
random skits 3 months ago
Jack Wreck2
Jack Wreck2 3 months ago
spooky man lol
kubaste44 3 months ago
Does anybody miss unvalted hashtaggoldheavy
Tusken Raider Master
Tusken Raider Master
Tusken Raider Master
Lawson Pedley
Lawson Pedley 3 months ago
yes hashtaggoldcombat
More lixer Opex
More lixer Opex 3 months ago
Luke :lets drop fnaf ultimate coustom night
Unreal Lilac
Unreal Lilac 3 months ago
Kim Roberts
Kim Roberts 3 months ago
Nia Camara
Nia Camara 3 months ago
Video idea: I Dropped creative 100 times!
Jack Wreck2
Jack Wreck2 3 months ago
Nia Camara how would that work
melrick 3 months ago
*grab your chug jug and RUN JUST RUN*
Aiden Forey
Aiden Forey 3 months ago
My first game of Fortnite was in Blitz
Samaksh Ghai
Samaksh Ghai 3 months ago
planes spotter and railfanner
Why are ltms always squads! Squads is a fucking terdsmear terrible gamemode as its rng a d stupid finding loot for all, involves team play which is mostly having idiot fill teammates, and yea no. Solo for the win. Literally. #moresololtms
Eli daking
Eli daking Month ago
planes spotter and railfanner then why whine abt it
Lawson Pedley
Lawson Pedley 3 months ago
@planes spotter and railfanner i agree i hate squads it is so boring solo ltms are better because ur friends aren`t making your ears bleed shouting omg i found a quad launcher
planes spotter and railfanner
@Greta Simmons Lol You idiots I have a bunch of friends but we like more things than Gaynite and when they do want to play squads themselves I turn down playing squads just saying the truth that squads sucks and yea I still have a bunch of friends.
Benicio Akerman
Benicio Akerman 3 months ago
Simmonz :p lol
Greta Simmons
Greta Simmons 3 months ago
It’s cuz you have no friends to play squads with
Aryan Narula
Aryan Narula 4 months ago
Who else thought that Luke dropped in game as the "Blitz" skin instead of the game mode by looking at the title?
arcade gamer8002
arcade gamer8002 4 months ago
Aryan Narula Me
Finn Drahola
Finn Drahola 4 months ago
Day 1 of annoying people: you are now breathing manually. You're welcome.
Adwm 4 months ago
Finn Drahola the funny thing that only works with blinking for me
Alex de HELL
Alex de HELL 4 months ago
Luke can we habe your clan badge?!
Luis Emiliano Cervantes
The Coin Kid Also Know As Carter
666 dislikes creepy
Leo 4 months ago
Hey guys
PantherB1zzard 4 months ago
Bc. Hey
Eli daking
Eli daking 4 months ago
Yo why’s everyone’s comment so recent
Eli daking
Eli daking Month ago
Beef Nation yeah but why is everyone like just seeing this video now
Beef Nation
Beef Nation 4 months ago
You have your comments on newest
DiamondSwords 4 months ago
Why did you need to extend it today :(
Eli daking
Eli daking 4 months ago
DiamondSwords huh
Ernie Estrada
Ernie Estrada 4 months ago
Who's waiting for a chapter 2 upload
GTAB goody
GTAB goody 4 months ago
I love LTN'S videos bruh
Jake Fitzy
Jake Fitzy 4 months ago
R.I.P LemonCrayon
tachaly 4 months ago
Play solo squad you noob
tachaly 4 months ago
@Tealghost 👍
Tealghost 4 months ago
tachaly ah just making sure
tachaly 4 months ago
@Henry guzman wHo CaN't TaKe A jOkE
tachaly 4 months ago
@Tealghost Yeah when i was thinking of writing this i was half joking but when i was writing this i started laughing and yes
Tealghost 4 months ago
Henry 1234 yeah he probably is 😂
Jaycee AHille
Jaycee AHille 4 months ago
._. Meep
erin3997 4 months ago
erin3997 4 months ago
Random Videos
Random Videos 4 months ago
Anyone noticed that in game 5, he killed lil frank while standing in frank
Jaxson Goodwin
Jaxson Goodwin 4 months ago
Hexifi 4 months ago
You should have recorded this then in editing made it 1.10 times speed
PianoMM 5 months ago
Luke's dream: An ocean of defaults to kill My dream: Not being a default
Miguel Schindler
Miguel Schindler 5 months ago
0:21 when her parents arent home abd they Show up 5 min later
BetterVideos 5 months ago
His leader was a twitch prime skin. (kills him) I unsubscribed. damn that was clean
Mr Smith42105
Mr Smith42105 5 months ago
My first solo win was in blitz solo
Benjamin P.
Benjamin P. 4 months ago
Technically that's harder so kudos to you
MuffledHook 28
MuffledHook 28 5 months ago
“I’m a slippery man” -LukeTheNotable
Itay Gobalak
Itay Gobalak 5 months ago
MuffledHook 28 lmao
Brojo Art Studios
Brojo Art Studios 5 months ago
6:43 wait, is that lazarbeam? He’s got the skin, cape, and anonymous
Thomas Ahearne
Thomas Ahearne 4 months ago
souspouce18 5 months ago
And he play's on PC
Clorifical 5 months ago
Brojo Art Studios lazarbeam plays on oceanic servers
Bunny Brawler
Bunny Brawler 5 months ago
Where am I? I thought I was apart of this game
Margarita Morales
Margarita Morales 5 months ago
Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim 5 months ago
Lmao Punjabi gang 6:29
Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim 4 months ago
Good for u
SoccerStar 46
SoccerStar 46 4 months ago
i am punjabi
The Comedy Bros
The Comedy Bros 5 months ago
Groove jammed he means he did the Napoleon dynamite dance
JORDYN GamerYt 5 months ago
Your trash kid I am just kidding
Brady Smith
Brady Smith 5 months ago
Agreed with you both
Muzamil Jara
Muzamil Jara 5 months ago
qtJoey _ Nice I agree well
joey luvs u
joey luvs u 5 months ago
Jennifer Fuller and your a 7 year old kid.
Mario Restrepo
Mario Restrepo 5 months ago
Paul’s World
Paul’s World 5 months ago
Do you have a minute 
isaiah Bailey-Perkins
stay notable
Gillian Williams
Gillian Williams 6 months ago
What is this ww2
NoahPlayz4 Fun
NoahPlayz4 Fun 4 months ago
Arbiter 4
Arbiter 4 5 months ago
Owen Stevens
Owen Stevens 5 months ago
Gillian Williams ?
UzI 6 months ago
"Nobody kills me except me" XD
Burger123354 6 months ago
Calls renegade raider a default 1:00
AscxndDarkBeat 5 months ago
Gillian Williams he said default dumbass
Hunter_ 234
Hunter_ 234 5 months ago
Gillian Williams he he he
Gillian Williams
Gillian Williams 6 months ago
Firstly that person wasn’t a renegade raider Secondly he said assault trooper Thirdly he was a assault trooper so he was right
Razulca 6 months ago
Burger123354 assault trooper?
Florian ツ
Florian ツ 6 months ago
"Their leader was this Twitch Prime Skin" [shoots him in the head for 150] "I unsubscribed"
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin
Findus btw ok boomer
Florian ツ
Florian ツ 3 months ago
@XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin Wtf is even your point? Can you just shut up and get a life?
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin
My profile pic is godly funny how your username is my profile pic is godly that’s the most 9 yr old thing to do bitch
My profile pic is godly
@XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin Bruh You're aren't savage 9 year old 😂😂😂
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin
My profile pic is godly like u then
Ultimatepronoob 6 months ago
So we all know blitz is the best mode right? I mean it's so fun
Ultimatepronoob 5 months ago
Peanut Ok so maybe not the best but definitely one of the best
Recn 5 months ago
Ultimatepronoob No
Vendogg Official Email
1:51 This joke was just too good
Dark Luca
Dark Luca 6 months ago
The old map was so much more fun
Hunter_ 234
Hunter_ 234 5 months ago
Season 11, who dis
Dark Luca
Dark Luca 6 months ago
@LameShadow so true
LameShadow 6 months ago
This is the map I started on I Loved it
Vendogg Official Email
Nasa Bleed vlogs
Nasa Bleed vlogs 6 months ago
Put back blitz
Z3r0_DAys 6 months ago
Should have been dropping 200 in blitz since it’s twice as fast
planes spotter and railfanner
Face palm. Got kindergarten math wrong.
iameverywhere25 6 months ago
it wasnt twice more like its 25% faster
Csolps 7 months ago
Roses are red Ketchup is too Where is tilted town I want too view
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin
Hunter Master Class YT thanks
HighSkilled YT
HighSkilled YT 4 months ago
@XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin Exactly where Is Tilted Town But The video was made before it came out
Csolps 5 months ago
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin roses can be red violets are blue i am not i can assure you
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin
Csolps roses are red Violets are blue Your a seven year old aren’t you
Olivier Bloemendal
Olivier Bloemendal 6 months ago
kachinogambino 7 months ago
9:55 his parters name is literally my last name lol
Monica Turner
Monica Turner 7 months ago
Who thought it was with the skin
Razor Misty
Razor Misty 7 months ago
You bot... 0:59 lol
My profile pic is godly
@XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin what?7 ages ago?
XdArctic6Assasin 6Assasin
** Misty** roses are red Violets are blue I was seven ages ago And you are to
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