I Dropped 50v50 50 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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I dropped 50v50 50 times and this is what happened. A lot happened, there were Red Ninjas EVERYWHERE!
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 8 months ago
Drop into a subscribe! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
BryanReynolds43 alt
BryanReynolds43 alt 3 months ago
Use Code Luke-TheNotable
SH4D0W_ BigMouth
SH4D0W_ BigMouth 6 months ago
lllBattle World Gaming
Undoubted Giraffe
Undoubted Giraffe 6 months ago
I've already subscribed. Also I am your friend
Toni Sonic
Toni Sonic 8 months ago
Luke, pls drop John Wicks House 100 times
William Goodrich
William Goodrich 8 months ago
Ricky _TheAnonymous
If you are using headphones at the end of game 5 only use the right one it is cool
Ludvig Öjehagen
Ludvig Öjehagen 7 days ago
Can we see Tors face anytime? You two are sooooooo cute together!
TTV LoyalCow
TTV LoyalCow 8 days ago
Hey LTN can I do a 20 drops spy games with you Edit: I make some cringey vids and cod
Kou Xiong
Kou Xiong 12 days ago
Luke and Sypher are like the facts are fortnite people
Defaultyboy 0592
Defaultyboy 0592 14 days ago
Cough cough team rumble
Nero Lemon
Nero Lemon 15 days ago
drop the agency 100 times
Wxns 19 days ago
Maybe do I dropped lazy lake 100 times or maybe I dropped The Shark 100 times
i wish he did a dropped shark 100 times
TheTactical78 T7T8
TheTactical78 T7T8 24 days ago
I was once in the toilets of the old season in season 7 in high explosives 50v50 in a 1v24 . Got all of them in a single rocket because they were trying to skybase
Shadowhunter, the son of Darkstalker
LTN: Oh hey look retail row, how disgusting! Lazarbeam: Am I a joke to you?
Lealta Month ago
Frost Month ago
He hit 8 250 headshots A 69 headshot And said 50v50 37 times
luke: Tors! Stop get off! Tors: NEVER.
Ninjabrine 25
Ninjabrine 25 Month ago
You should do I dropped the switch 20 again (with me lol im a switch player).
Keaton Barney
Keaton Barney Month ago
I’ve been delivering pizza for two years and I hope watching this video doesn’t get me mugged
Chintana Vanderslice
Even I got kill by a Soccer skin to
quackss 2 months ago
I did a 100 drops video 100 times
Ben_YT Gaming
Ben_YT Gaming 2 months ago
Kids username named die you libtard Luke the notable: I would like to use my uno reverse card
camanaterZ 2 months ago
*50v50, they can't kill us all*
Lucas Mahaffey
Lucas Mahaffey 2 months ago
Ltn they can’t kill us all me wait did he inspire the Area 51 raid
*screams in confusion*
2:41 RIP Minigun. Gone but never forgotten #neverforget
Hyper Sonic64
Hyper Sonic64 2 months ago
I dropped 50 v 50 500 times
Reality 2 months ago
2:58 haha, semen
Devy Da goof troop
Devy Da goof troop 2 months ago
The girl I. The starting with the green shirt was probably me
R K15
R K15 3 months ago
Whenever I watch these I never get past game 45.....
Shark Randoms
Shark Randoms 3 months ago
if lightsabers where in 50 v 50 you could maby beat 16 people if they didnt have explosived
BryanReynolds43 alt
BryanReynolds43 alt 3 months ago
Brute exist chapter 2 I'm bout to end this mans whole career
BryanReynolds43 alt
BryanReynolds43 alt 3 months ago
Cl4ps 3 months ago
I thought it said 50v50v50 wHaT
John Dietiker
John Dietiker 3 months ago
Imagine 50v50 with reboot vans
I'm not tony
I'm not tony 3 months ago
Petition for you and tors to drop duos 100 times and voice over together
V01D Shado
V01D Shado 3 months ago
Actually, at game 22, the best mates was 0.00535182 degrees off
1337 Cubing
1337 Cubing 3 months ago
I remember when red ninjas were the new default skin...
GPL 3 months ago
if you like mega mall mire than Retail or just don't like Retail, you're a damn boomer, that one goes to Luke specifically, boomer
jason ross
jason ross 3 months ago
you 69 damage in round 3
Tara Holitzki
Tara Holitzki 3 months ago
He said semen
Korblox Crew
Korblox Crew 3 months ago
Who remembers that driftin game mode
Racinq 4 months ago
8:45 LMAO "I killed her too!"
Mayro 4 months ago
0:50 HjDoogan
Caramel Thighs
Caramel Thighs 4 months ago
20 drops with tors
Chikeny chicken
Chikeny chicken 4 months ago
2:57 100 semen fighting to get to the egg...
SXTTON ツ 4 months ago
2:57 ewwwww
John Goff
John Goff 4 months ago
Do 20 drops but it's actually just tors
stacey mead
stacey mead 4 months ago
chapter 2 team rumble
Kyle Choy
Kyle Choy 4 months ago
I want 50 vs 50 as a limited mode
SHaRINGoN Slick 4 months ago
2:58 ~100 semen😂
Worship baby yoda not god
Do 100 drops with fans and let some of them do the voice over and games
Blagoy Nastoynishki
Blagoy Nastoynishki 4 months ago
Do 300 days hardcore minecraft
TheLegendary_Bros1 4 months ago
2:39 wee 2:48 😂 7:05 9:13
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 4 months ago
I want hoverboards
Mystifi JaguarGaming
When you said something about the gold pump I found one 😯
sam 4 months ago
I said red red ninja 100 times and this is what happened
Hecter Specter
Hecter Specter 4 months ago
Who watching this in chapter 2! Like | | V
SleepingArt 364
SleepingArt 364 4 months ago
Dude how dumb is this guy NOT EVERY DEFAULT IS BAD
DriftLightning14 4 months ago
WARNING! RUvid might take down Kid-Friendly Channels Like You In 2020 January
Joel Ferguson
Joel Ferguson 4 months ago
I don’t like that people talk about defaults just because they don’t have a skin some r good I’m a default I’m pretty good
Jaxson Goodwin
Jaxson Goodwin 4 months ago
Kyle Choy
Kyle Choy 5 months ago
I want 50v50 back
Andrew Meilunas
Andrew Meilunas 5 months ago
6:33 subtitles lol
Dominic Tong
Dominic Tong 5 months ago
I've been wondering if him and toes are dating or not.
draycal 5 months ago
Land the osjen 100 times agen
Whatever Created
Whatever Created 5 months ago
3:53 to 4:00 not anymore luke
FrogieTM 5 months ago
I miss 50 v 50
Zachary Fair
Zachary Fair 5 months ago
Luke: there are hybrids and blackhearts galore from season 8 Me: um aren’t u in season 8?
Jamie Debolt
Jamie Debolt 5 months ago
That shod be alegal
EpiclyDerpyYT GD
EpiclyDerpyYT GD 5 months ago
2:57 Uh Luke, You have said something you cannot take back
Zachary Fair
Zachary Fair 5 months ago
Luke: gold pump footage I miss that thing Chapter two season one: I’m about to ruin this whole mans career
Naruto Dookumaki
Naruto Dookumaki 5 months ago
This is how many times he said red ninja 👇🏽
Dankisouris Rex
Dankisouris Rex 5 months ago
This is how many times he said fifty 👇
COOKIE GAMER 5 months ago
Is it just me or did the golden pump do 33 damage up close
ssgssjaiden 「空白」
I dropped lazar lagoon as many times as lazarbeam yeeted
Usecodealberto09 !
Usecodealberto09 ! 5 months ago
Hey look RETAIL ROW Mega mall: am I a joke to u?
Spinyfish 5 months ago
Every time stamp 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 jeez this takes forever 0:10 , 0:11 , 0:12 , 0:13 , 0:14 , 0:15 oi I’m bored
Thewindowsminer 6 months ago
I know I am late but what did I just hear at 2:58
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 6 months ago
If you drop 50v50 50 times you’re encountering 5000 different players
Robert George
Robert George 6 months ago
You should 1v1 like 50 times I wanna 1v1 you my Xbox GT: Very Limitless
Corey 6 months ago
4:23 “Figured i’d blend in with the noobs.” You’re wearing a 2,000 v buck backbling and the tier 💯 pickaxe
CrazyblackFurwolf 6 months ago
Everyone sub to me on using u Luke TheNotable
Christine Druga
Christine Druga 6 months ago
r.i.p naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa r.i.pump fantascit
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