I drank a GALLON of WATER EVERY DAY for a WEEK | weight loss + before & after results

Taylor Woods
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this week i am drinking a gallon of water every day for a week straight to figure out if these benefits really work and view my before and after results. we are looking at everything from weight loss to energy to getting rid of those darn under-eye circles!!
i was inspired to make this video from another RUvidr named @Jade Billington, her channel is so lovely and I have linked her original video here for you all to see as well!
**PLEASE NOTE that water intake recommendations vary on so many factors including your age and activity level and medical conditions! please consult with a doctor if you're curious about your own water intake. i am on top of this as well and monitor my intake & active levels very carefully. please be safe ok! love you all**
link to Jade's video: ruvid.net/video/video-5A4KwzKtW0c.html
link to Meritage article: meritagemed.com/gallon-of-water/
link to the water bottle used!! amzn.to/2vTmrkk
1 gallon = 3.79 imperial liters / 4.54 metric liters
1 gallon = 128 ounces
8 oz = 1 cup
16 US cups = 1 gallon
my water bottle = 2000mL
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Feb 27, 2020




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Comments 80
Jaime Sit
Jaime Sit 2 months ago
For anyone who plans on trying this, make sure your monitoring the amount of water you drink at once, hyponatremia (low sodium concentration) can occur if you drink more than 1 litre (33 ounces) in an hour
Hello There
Hello There Day ago
I saw this after forcing myself to chug a 40 oz...
Lisa Raven
Lisa Raven 2 days ago
Thank you!
GirlWithTheGun 4 days ago
If you drink too much water at once it can also make your brain swell which is potentially fatal.
Lily sewe11
Lily sewe11 6 days ago
Jaime Sit also I have a question? Is it different for a teen??
Lily sewe11
Lily sewe11 6 days ago
Thank you for letting me know! You’re a life saver!! (Actually) 💜💜
Hannah Russo
Hannah Russo 7 hours ago
OMG you sound EXACTLY like my Aunt Joy!
Viridiana Ruiz
Viridiana Ruiz 7 hours ago
Me: this looks good Also me: drinks glass of wine while watching this but doesn’t drink water Help
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 4 hours ago
lol i’m jealous
Simple_ Gamer
Simple_ Gamer 7 hours ago
I need to try this............. Who else might try it Edit: I used to drink a lot of water but then I just stopped.
Ella Koehler
Ella Koehler 14 hours ago
Did you eat heathly and workout along with the water or did you just drink water to lose 6 pounds?
Ella Koehler
Ella Koehler 9 hours ago
Taylor Woods wow!!! I’m trying to lose weight fast and I’m trying this this week!!
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 12 hours ago
i did not eat healthy but i did workout a few times!
Senpai Day ago
As someone who is anemic and insomniac this sounds like heaven to me to stop feeling tires ugh. No more fainting or staying up all night. Definitely going to be doing this until I get back to sleep, I need to lose lots of weight before school
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 18 hours ago
all my love to u🥺
elvira georgiu
AHHH!!! imma do this now
Cal the Goat
Cal the Goat Day ago
Your eyes are so beautiful it’s like there starring right into my soul 😂 😻
Rachael Wilson
anyone else think she looks like polly from riverdale?
Audrey Ruiz
Audrey Ruiz Day ago
bruh she’s been doing 2 of those 73oz bottles = 146oz but a gallon is only 128oz/16 cups.. she’s drinking 18 cups of water .. i’d drown
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods Day ago
i fill it up a little less than full to not be too crazy lol
Zoey 101
Zoey 101 Day ago
Wait but did you workout
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods Day ago
yes zoey 101 lol
Louiza Batalova
Annlit Jayan
Annlit Jayan 2 days ago
Who else doing this and Chloe ting’s workout in this quarantine
Jenna Burns
Jenna Burns 2 days ago
I hope you not drinking out the tap baby
Keziyahhh Cabell
Keziyahhh Cabell 2 days ago
Anna Liisa
Anna Liisa 2 days ago
I see a lot of comments saying that drinking 1 galloon/4 liters of water a day is good for your body, but isn’t it too much water to drink for one day?? Like isn’t it unhealthy or bad for your kidneys? Idk I would just reaallly like to try this challenge, but I don’t want to do anything that would have bad consequences later.
KidsToys Club
KidsToys Club 2 days ago
I watched this and decided to subscribe!
LoyolaTyrese Vlogs
I was like she reminds me of somebody and I was like oh JOJO SIWA
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 2 days ago
lol 😭
Mackenzie’s funlife Having fun with me
Did you eat anything in the week? Or not because I want to try this
Mackenzie’s funlife Having fun with me
Taylor Woods ok Tks
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 3 days ago
of course!! all i did was increase my water intake
Avianna Ahumada
Avianna Ahumada 3 days ago
And by the way, even though you drink more water it helps you stop eating more. because when you drink lots of water you get full and can't eat or drink anything else.
Avianna Ahumada
Avianna Ahumada 3 days ago
I drink water all the time and every day and I barely eat because how much water I had drank
love this video!
Fabi Gonzalez
Fabi Gonzalez 3 days ago
I have abs. A Big Stomach
Claire Barnett
Claire Barnett 3 days ago
when people get out of quarantine they're either gonna be lookin' like this: l or like this: O
shayenne Bijlhout
my school is starting in a week and i’ve just been lazy all quarantine so now that its starting am im gonna try to glow up lmao
La'coria Love Bug
Thank you sis for this video
Sansdra SanBran
Sansdra SanBran 3 days ago
I read it as 61 lbs I'm dead, I was about to dislike cuz- 😭
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 3 days ago
HAHAHA that would be clickbait if i’ve ever seen it
Cerenity Henderson
Did you eat at all while doing this video?
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 3 days ago
yes of course! not on screen lol but the point is to drink water whenever you like, just upping your intake
Noor Masud
Noor Masud 4 days ago
Taylor is literally so funny she deserves way more subs
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 3 days ago
***### 4 days ago
What I like doing I'd just eat spicy food then drink that water up!!
Cassandra Holcomb
Woah I gots to try this cause I fat af
Victoria Robertson
For anyone coming back for this challenge, please please please replenish your electrolytes! Sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc. Also, 28 days is approx. how long it takes from the lowest layer of skin to reach the surface, so keep at it for at least a month to see major skin benefits. And another fun fact, if you are drinking enough water (body weight in pounds ÷ 2 = ounces of water/day), you do not "need" caffeine to function! 👌
Madidaplayer04 Johnson
you remind me of topanga from boy meets world so much it’s crazy 😭😭 hahahaha
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 4 days ago
stopppp that 😂😂
Ariana Cannava
Ariana Cannava 4 days ago
I love that most of these comments have likes or comments from the creator❤️💕
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 4 days ago
Faith Haney
Faith Haney 4 days ago
Taylor: Yeah, I looked horrible at the beginning of the video Me: B-BUT THATS HOW I LOOK ON A GOOD DAY
Faith Haney
Faith Haney 3 days ago
@Taylor Woods aww, thank youuu
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 4 days ago
i love you
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 4 days ago
🥺💜 you’re beautiful
iiJoylerii 4 days ago
I know im late but where did you buy the bottle from??
iiJoylerii 4 days ago
@Taylor Woods thank you
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 4 days ago
amazon :) i linked mine in the description
You are Beautiful
What if you already drink a gallon of water evetyday ... should I drink 2 lol
Layla's Taco's
Layla's Taco's 5 days ago
Here's a tip like if u like soda and juice and that stuff drink flavored water it helps a lot and taste soooooooo good it Xd
Kirsty Clyne
Kirsty Clyne 5 days ago
i just tried this and honestly i feel sooooo good now!!
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 5 days ago
Patrick Games
Patrick Games 5 days ago
Bruh I literally drink less than half a bottle per day
tamara Cruz
tamara Cruz 5 days ago
ive been drinking 4 22 oz starbucks cups of water every day and its great and i relate to the coffee thing i have boxes of k cups... creamers and even the glass bottle star bucks drinks in the fridge and i have not wanted any of that since increesing my water
Zahra Ali
Zahra Ali 5 days ago
I want to do this but I’m fasting. But I need to lose 30lbs by Saturday 😭. I’m currently exercising and doing the egg diet.
Brittany Marie
Brittany Marie 5 days ago
I chug water everytime you come back and act so happy 😂then I heard you say it was working for weight loss. I chugged a gallon right then 💀
Ivan Jurić
Ivan Jurić 5 days ago
Thank u 💘🥰💘
brianna r
brianna r 6 days ago
when she said 6 pounds i filled my water bottle SO fast
juno bs
juno bs 6 days ago
HI I'm late to this but I really want to try this. I honestly drink like 1 glass of water every...month.... So yeah I need to get some more water in my system but I really get tired of peeing like every second... But I realize now that I really need this so ye wish me luck
Rachel Huber
Rachel Huber 6 days ago
I dont know if you'll see this but, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR SWEATERS? You wear such cute sweaters and they're adorable!
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 5 days ago
thank u🥺🥺 i shop all over i guess lol which one did you have in mind?
Lucy Booker
Lucy Booker 6 days ago
"I'm always eating" I felt this on a personal level 😂😂
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 6 days ago
lucia santos
lucia santos 6 days ago
You have drinking between hours? I'm kinda lost because I have drinking in between 1 hour idk if I'm doing right can you help me? I'm drinking by cups and I have to drink 6 cups = 0,59L in my mind I'm sure that I have my maths right lmao I'm doing this : 10am = 1 cup 11am = 1 cup like till I finish the 6 cups I'm doing by 1 hour between cups I'm not sure if I'm doing righ
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 6 days ago
that sounds great to me! i think if that works for you that is totally fine. you are pacing yourself and staying safe and that's what matters most. for me, i just drink my water whenever i am thirsty, but that's just my preference!
Oh my wow oppsie
Oh my wow oppsie 7 days ago
Over hydration causes headaches. If anyone ever experiences this. Please stop drinking water right away. This is called water intoxication. If you continue there can be extreme cases, it can cause brain damage, comas, and even death. Please be carful and watch yourselves! 💗
Miggie Garcia
Miggie Garcia 7 days ago
this is a video i like. not boring and good change in scenes!! i watched the whole thing especially it being a health video. just found this video based on what i have been researching today. great video!
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 6 days ago
this is so sweet thank u :')
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 7 days ago
Do u have a slow or fast metabolism? Sorry just a small question
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 7 days ago
not a small question! i feel like i always used to have a fast metabolism but it’s definitely slowed down :( so definitely slower now
Queen of hearts Velvet
I don't think this is safe for kids or 13 year olds.
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 7 days ago
i agree :(
Valeria Abou
Valeria Abou 7 days ago
So you can eat or not?
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 7 days ago
of course!!!
Maryn Goodfellow
Maryn Goodfellow 7 days ago
Omg I tried this an I ate super u healthy but like also tried to be healthy and I lost 7 pounds!!🤯🤯
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 6 days ago
YES!! 😭😭😭
Lindsey 17
Lindsey 17 7 days ago
Who else hates where the comments are now
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 7 days ago
honestly me
Rhianalyn Cabañeles
Let me tell youu... It's okayyy drinking coffee.. Also is one of drinks helps you to lose weight.... Just saying... You did great. 😍😘💕💋😚😙😊
Lilly Cates
Lilly Cates 7 days ago
when she said 6 pounds i RAN to go get water and chug it😭
Voodoo Spy
Voodoo Spy 8 days ago
Stolen comment but we really be going back to school as either models or obese pigs 😂😂
athena_ pichardo
athena_ pichardo 8 days ago
i just found this video and your channel and your personality is like really cool lmao i feel like im being talked to by a friend you have another subscriber lmao :)
athena_ pichardo
athena_ pichardo 8 days ago
@Taylor Woods omg lyt lmao you're like really cool lol
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 8 days ago
you just made me so happy 🥺 love u wow
Ladi Waddell
Ladi Waddell 8 days ago
I’m on my last 32 ounce. The cup I have fits 32 ounces so I drink five of them lol.
Rachel Cunningham
i feel like this is such an easy thing to do and i wanna do it but i don’t wanna you know?
The Perfectly Fine Line
Yeah I am so doing this challenge. I loved this video. Thank you.
Crowned In Beauty
How do you come home from dinner starving??!
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 8 days ago
i prob meant to say i’m stuffed lol
? H O N E Y ¿
? H O N E Y ¿ 8 days ago
I litterally gained 7 pounds from quarantine . FIVMEJFOVODIOE
Anastasia Rose
Anastasia Rose 8 days ago
Me when she said I lost 6 pound drinking a gallon of water a day without exercise or diets Say less I'm on my way
Israel Ramirez
Israel Ramirez 8 days ago
Did you drink cold water or room temperature because I think if you drink cold water, cold water burns more calories at least I think.
Israel Ramirez
Israel Ramirez 6 days ago
Same thanks for responding
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 8 days ago
typically i prefer cold!
Candy Hot
Candy Hot 8 days ago
How many liters
M&M 9 days ago
She's such a bubbly sweet person! I love her!
Kendall Stinson
Kendall Stinson 9 days ago
Look ima go back to school like hot I have been picked on at school for a long time I’m 11 and I weigh 128 im over wight so ima go back to school like with abs now
aliah ceja
aliah ceja 9 days ago
Y’all know my ass gon drink. 7 gallons
Bethany Wanless
Bethany Wanless 9 days ago
I tried drinking lots of water and instead it made me bloated constantly and I put on water weight🥺😂
Bethany Wanless
Bethany Wanless 8 days ago
Taylor Woods around 2 weeks x
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 9 days ago
oh no!! how long did you try it for?
T. H
T. H 9 days ago
I’m gonna start drinking a lot of water then cuz I was told that I am a sickly person I always have headaches for no reason and I’m always getting sick
T. H
T. H 9 days ago
I’m trying this but I only have water bottles so I’m just drinking the water bottles and I have not been keeping track of how many water bottles I had I heard that 8 16.9 oz of water is a gallon I think I had like 3 or 4 but this is the most I have ever drank water problem is I have also been drinking juice
Mary Shore
Mary Shore 9 days ago
Were you also eating healthy
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 9 days ago
nope 😂
cαlíѕtα dσnσfríσ
You also look very happy with is soooooo goood✨✨💕💕 you sparkle queen
kxtie 9 days ago
I have a question thou, when you did this what day did you start to lose weight because it’s day 6 of me doing this and i still haven’t lost any weight yet :/
kxtie 9 days ago
oh okay tysm
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 9 days ago
i didn’t weigh myself until the end but i definitely noticed a physical difference before stepping on a scale. all bodies are different but your body could be holding onto the water atm
ya girl dee
ya girl dee 10 days ago
Is it ok if I drink water and eat an apple ?
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 9 days ago
of course eat as you normally would
Sksksksk Anna poop
Sksksksk Anna poop 10 days ago
can we just keep drinking and not eat?
Samantha McCarrick
Samantha McCarrick 10 days ago
when you lost 6 pounds, did you see a change in your body?
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 10 days ago
oh my gosh yes! mainly in my tummy but i bloat a lot there
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