I Drank a Gallon of Water a Day for a Month

Gabbie Hanna
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Okay so it wasn't always exactly a gallon and prob not exactly a month but I didn't know when I started & also it made the title easier, so it's close enough lol
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Feb 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna 4 months ago
new music soon
Gracie Chaos
Gracie Chaos 9 days ago
Coconut oil on your scalp helps with dandruff
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 2 months ago
Now I want cookies
Gaming With Madii
Gaming With Madii 3 months ago
Gabbie Hanna bitch the longest I have ever peed is 57 seconds at school 😂😂I can’t
Henry Baxter
Henry Baxter 3 months ago
*Please Like This For Gabbie To See* - Hey Gabbie! I myself also have had scalp issues and I tried loads and loads of things to try and stop it, until I finally found something that hugely decreased itching and visible dandruff. This product may not work for all and therefore might not work for you but I highly suggest you get Dermal Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo because I have found it so good! Notes for use (read me): - I found the product smelt odd but try not to use any other conditioners or shampoos with it as it reduces the effectiveness, and after the shower you can't smell the scent! - I also found that (and the package mentions this) you should massage a small amount in your hair and leave it for 3 minutes and then rinse, then put another pea drop in your hair and scrub and then rinse immediately. The second wash will produce more bubbles than the previous, this means the product is working! - The product reduces oil production too and the ingredients used can feel bizarre on your hands as it "drys" them - (it feels "dry" when you're wet) - This sensation is only a personal thing and I just use some shower gel to moisten my skin again. I really hope this helps you out! It did wonders for me. I also have another product that is really good if you are on-the-go and can't access a shower, its called Betacap Scalp Application!
Indigo Powers
Indigo Powers 3 months ago
Actually putting lemon juice in your water WORKS MIRACLES and if you can put alot
C c
C c 3 days ago
Girllll lots of people get dandruff
The Penthouse
The Penthouse 3 days ago
If you're REALLY HEALTHY your pee will just be see through🙃
The Penthouse
The Penthouse 3 days ago
"yUo HaVe To DrInK" No. No. You don't.
Cora Macnaughtan-Clark
ok but bro I had this and like I would drink sooo much water and then my cells almost burst so maybe don’t let ur cells burst
Bianca Cruz
Bianca Cruz 4 days ago
When I get really bad dandruff I use tea tree oil, you put it in your scalp and let it sit as long as possible and shower.
Emily Dowdy
Emily Dowdy 4 days ago
i yoused to have really bad dandriph but then i got head and shoulders shampoo mabey you could use that
Trinity Cornell
Trinity Cornell 5 days ago
Do u drink any juice? It might help it helps me when I get really thirsty
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 5 days ago
So I’m currently doing this, and she said drinking challenge and I’m like *bet*.
Evey Stevey
Evey Stevey 8 days ago
For the dandruff, you might have Seborrheic dermatitis.
Hanna Smith
Hanna Smith 9 days ago
1/2 gallon = 64oz 64oz = 8cups 1cup = 8oz 1regular sized plastic water bottle = 16.9oz 4regular sized plastic water bottles = 67.6oz 4regular sized plastic water bottles = overachiever 3regular sized plastic water bottles = underachiever Drink 4 water bottles a day for the recommended amount or 8 cups :) Stay hydrated little fishies ;)
Tyler D
Tyler D 9 days ago
Gabbie Hanna pees for 20 minutes straight
Addy’s Vlogs My Bro
Use the app my water to keep track of water intake because almost all drinks have water. It will keep track of your water and give you stats and and advice you can put in any drink and it will put in the water intake. You can also set the amount of water you want to intake. @Gabbie Hanna
iStandWithRowling 10 days ago
Did you drink it through your nose you elephant? 🤭 Jesus excessive make up you clown.
chelsea andreasen
chelsea andreasen 10 days ago
Umm just saying 1 symptom of diabetes is your always thirsty cause my mom,dad,grandma,grandpa, and myself have it and all of us has that so you might wanna go get checked out
Roxy Lang
Roxy Lang 11 days ago
Omg!!! I'm allergic to mango to!!!!!! Raise your hand if you are as well👌
Faith Southward
Faith Southward 11 days ago
I want to be best friends with you lol. You seem so cool and like you’d be an amazing friend.
Dougal Pollux
Dougal Pollux 12 days ago
This video is so weird as I just started to try drinking enough water. It’s still only about two thirds of the recommended amount!
Brendan Kook
Brendan Kook 12 days ago
I'm kinda sad that she's on the youtube downfall... she still deserves the amount of love she used to get!
Katie Gail
Katie Gail 12 days ago
The dandruff could be an underlying health condition OR (and what it is for most people) is product build up!! I deal with this because some shampoos don’t go with my hair or I don’t rinse it OR If you use a lot of dry shampoo/ hairsprays those can build up and remember to not put serums or anything like that on your scalp
NooNooIsLove NooNooIsLife
so i was instantly like holy shit diabetes. then i came to the comment section and was like holy carp everyone is a doctor, GreAT mInDS THiNk aLiKE
Kazuichi Souda
Kazuichi Souda 16 days ago
Gabbie: take a shot everytime I say water Me:*actually does it*
Issa H
Issa H 17 days ago
Just realized Gabbie will eat salty, greasy bacon almost everyday. If I have something greasy I will break out with acne, and be sooooo thirsty soooo....
Decoy 17 days ago
damn thats a huge schnose
Evie Stirman
Evie Stirman 18 days ago
me watching this at 1 am omw to get a cookie
Charli 18 days ago
you should really just go see a doctor gurl
just your typical weirdo
i think 3 minutes also i'm rewathing this video i'm not late
Vada Tomko
Vada Tomko 20 days ago
Omg it’s so true I get migraines and half the time it’s cause I’m dehydrated
Donut Hoel
Donut Hoel 20 days ago
No one: No one ever: The comment section: yOu gOT dIAbeTEs
Veronica Moreno
Veronica Moreno 20 days ago
Me after doing the pacer test: **Drinks 32 onces of water in 0.5 seconds**
Ashley Long
Ashley Long 22 days ago
You may have kidney problems
Let'sDoMath 26 days ago
For large cystic acne, a ton of RUvidrs with acne highly recommend Pantothenic Acid, vitamin B5, megadoses. They take 5 to 15 pills from the NOW brand, which you can buy on Amazon. It takes anywhere from two weeks to twelve weeks for the cystic acne nodules to disappear.
Chandler McEwen
Chandler McEwen 26 days ago
when you realize she is 29 not 28.
Olivia Memolo
Olivia Memolo 27 days ago
Hey gabbie I know I’m a little late but I want to do this but I don’t know if it’s worth it can you say yes or no and maybe give me some tips thanks you if so Edit: hey gabbie please reply lol also I just ate a whole watermelon 🍉 and I feel great
Lucida Rose
Lucida Rose 28 days ago
Yeah 4 Liters by 3:48 pm. I drank it to fast though and felt light headed seems my right head plugged, never that much that fast again. Also try a dandruff shampoo if you aren't already, you may need a script for some if it's that bad.
Pepe The Frog
Pepe The Frog 28 days ago
The jump cuts in her vids are ridiculous lol. When you have like 17 jump cuts in one sentence, that’s a huge problem.
James Steen
James Steen 29 days ago
2 minutes is my pee record
Casey Werner
Casey Werner Month ago
Elizabeth pring
Elizabeth pring Month ago
Kyo straight up me and my old man don't never actually really talk about it but seriously first thing in the morning I feel like I pee a f****** River like I'm like am I ever going to stop
Elizabeth pring
Elizabeth pring Month ago
Fun fact if you are really concerned with the color of your urine and it is coming out a yellowish goldish color then you should try drinking proximately two shots of pickle juice or a half of a shot of straight vinegar and do that just once and follow with a bunch of water and maybe some Powerade with some electrolytes because you don't want to strip your body of the electrolytes but it will clean out your kidneys your bladder and your urethra track and make your urine clear and not smell
Elizabeth pring
Elizabeth pring Month ago
If you're feeling bloated a lot it might be that you're retaining water instead of absorbing the water which could be from your salt intake and your starch intake try cutting starchy gluten foods out in salt out of your diet that might help with that
Crimson Vixen
Crimson Vixen Month ago
i love your voice
Filukkas univers
Dandruff is not snowing....if it snows you have irritated non balanced scalp or it is dry
Filukkas univers
Pee record is 1 min.
Filukkas univers
A headace and migraine is not the same
Maddyland Month ago
So I had these three teachers and none of them let you go to the bathroom and one day I had them all on the same day so I literally couldn’t pee for 3 hours I peed for 2 minutes straight.
Alyssa Rowland
Alyssa Rowland Month ago
All I can think of every time you talk about how thirsty you are is 'type 1 diabetes'. I'm a type 1 diabetic and a lot of what you are going through sounds like high blood sugar lol.
Rachel Howland
Rachel Howland Month ago
wait from all the ear piercings you have done have you heard on the one that is on a pressure point and can really help migraines???
elizielia Month ago
BUT! was ur skin crystal clear, gleaming like a goddess arising from an ocean and glowing from within like a youthful pregnant mother with no issues but what shes going to order at Mcdonalds on the weekend?
Wolfie_ 10
Wolfie_ 10 Month ago
Breaks her leg * am I drinking enough water!?!?*
Lucyrine Month ago
Gabbie I really hope you go see a doctor
Misses Hair
Misses Hair Month ago
Gabbie... That "dandruff" may be psoriasis under your hair. That's a common spot for it and it's very itchy.
Terrisa Sweeney
Terrisa Sweeney Month ago
All me
Emery Owens
Emery Owens Month ago
Every time she said the word word water I took a sip of water and boy am I water logged!
Brianna Lambert
Brianna Lambert Month ago
The sleep thing if u sleep more then 7 hours u will be tired
Victoria Alliaud
If your pee doesn't look crystal clear from drinking a gallon you should be SUPER concerned
Victoria Alliaud
My personal trainer said i should think half my weight in oz. So if you weight 100lb, you drink 50oz.
Cici Bernardi
Cici Bernardi Month ago
You should get your daith pierced for the migraines
Daniela Castellanos
Gabbie and I literally are the same person
merrin keese
merrin keese Month ago
Pee record 1:17 I count my pee every time it’s a good one lol
Natalie P
Natalie P Month ago
Dandruff is apparently caused by stress. I’m 28 and only just started getting it too. It’s driving me nuts.
Maja Osmalek
Maja Osmalek Month ago
Was it a month or a week?
VictoriaScott The Classicist
The co start thirst could be a serious medical condition symptom. It sounds pretty concerning, and I hope you are alright now and have figured this out.
VictoriaScott The Classicist
It won't let me edit because my app keeps crashing. That is supposed to say constant not co start.
It’s.Just_Bella S
Yes water is good, BUT (but but but but but) Just drinking water water water all the time WILL NOT hydrate you!! Surprise Surprise, water is good for acne and other things but i wont hydrate you a lot. Mix some sugar with your water or drink juice just drink anything that dosent have caffeine
Chrys Dodge
Chrys Dodge Month ago
You’re allergic to mango 🥭 I’m allergic to bananas🍌 and the smell of bananas🍌 make me sick. Even talking about it, my eyes are itching!!!!
Be good if not Be good at it
On average!!! .... a healthy person will pee anywhere between 6-12 times in 24 hours
00Temporary00 Month ago
The reason you are less bloated when you drink a lot of water is because your body gets used to constantly having water, so it doesn’t hold onto as much (which also explains the peeing). It’s a trick body builders sometimes use. They will drink TONS of water for a couple of days, and then drink very little or none a couple of days before a competition. Their bodies are in that mode of not holding onto it, so they “dry out”.
Meghan Hollebone
Everyone diagnosing diabetes in the comments: 🤓🤓🤓 Me watching and drinking water: 😎😎😎
hilton k
hilton k Month ago
Its heeeeeeeeell fire That saying was so cool.
Everything with Mackenzie
I heard that if if you crave chocolate or something sweet, drink water and I tried it and it works for me but I’m not trying to be that person that’s like “drink more water, drink more water” no those people are annoying but I’m just saying only drink the water for cravings right after you get the cravings
kadybugz77 Unknown
Did you know that if you feel hungry between meals you should drink two glasses of water
Nomis Month ago
Yellow pee can also say a lot about the health of your kidneys! if you eat to much salt a day, your kidneys will not like it.
Kinsley McLay
Kinsley McLay Month ago
Makes me wonder if you are on birth control. Mainly depo.
singingproud Month ago
I was the same why untill i got my thyroid tested! It was crazy high!
Mira Lilly
Mira Lilly Month ago
Who else drank a whole bunch of water while watching this?
Sophie Kazules
Sophie Kazules Month ago
No one: Comment section: Go SeE a DoCtOr
Just another Brain fart
Girrrlll u have diabetes
J1LLEXZ _R3Y Month ago
haha try being allergic to pineapple
Missy Farr
Missy Farr Month ago
Girl do you have a water softener? you might need to replace the water softener salt.
Katie Reynolds
Katie Reynolds Month ago
literally everything she says in this video is me. i felt like i was watching myself
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