I Drank a Gallon of Water a Day for a Month

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Okay so it wasn't always exactly a gallon and prob not exactly a month but I didn't know when I started & also it made the title easier, so it's close enough lol
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Feb 20, 2020




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The Gabbie Show
new music soon
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 11 months ago
Princess Pea why are u even here if u don’t like her.
alan sanchez
alan sanchez Year ago
I climbed out of my head and watched myself implode a thought without a body gotta be the shot to take a load off my brain is poison and I’m searching for the antidote but every time I find it my defenses scream oh no you dont
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose Year ago
Now I want cookies
Indigo Powers
Indigo Powers Year ago
Actually putting lemon juice in your water WORKS MIRACLES and if you can put alot
Jessica B
Jessica B Year ago
Please get your blood sugar levels tested!
Allison MuddyOrbs Studio
Started this challenge for myself today so I went over here to see how your results went haha. Also I can say with confidence that for me, the pee never went full clear like it was very slightly tinged on the first day but I guess I'll see if it improves throughout the month. Anyways, love you Gabbie. Keep your head up. Looking forward to the album!
Sarah Faye
Sarah Faye 7 days ago
Honey I drink 2 gallons and I have dandruff
Kristina Marquez
Kristina Marquez 27 days ago
I know this is random, but you look really good girl! I feel really old now. Because I have a daughter older than you. I just look really young for my age.
Saša Bulović
Saša Bulović Month ago
I have frequent migrenes as well. I went to the doctor and she immediately knew my eyesight was getting worse. I got my eyes checked out and got my first glasses. I am +0.50, which is small but it helps a lot. In a way it doesn't make sense because I see clearly with and without glasses. I still get migrenes, but not as often.
Nekorb Luos
Nekorb Luos 2 months ago
My pee record is over five minutes cause it made me late for class
Rose Lee
Rose Lee 2 months ago
Could it have been related to your medication?
Lisa Fakes
Lisa Fakes 2 months ago
My migraines are all food triggers. Red wine, aspartame, sucralose and msg. Msg has gotten worse the older I get. It’s in everything, chips are a huge culprit
Pip 3 months ago
That sounds like diabetes.
Chloe Smithfield
Chloe Smithfield 4 months ago
I've had dandruff since I was born, but that's because I have eczema
BabyBunnyBun 4 months ago
Gabbie: (is literally dying) Some random person: *are you drinking enough water?*
Skull 4 months ago
I have dandruff and im 17 lmao
yas angie
yas angie 5 months ago
Aw that water bottle is super cute!
cookie life
cookie life 5 months ago
My doctor recommended to drink 3 to 4 bottles of water a day and that's what I do sooooo.... Yeah
Laura Weihe
Laura Weihe 5 months ago
i’ve drank my whole 32 oz water bottle watching this video. i normal only drink one bottle all day 😂
A/X 5 months ago
Might just have an electrolyte imbalance. If your body doesn't have enough electrolytes, you will just constantly pee and still feel thirsty. It's not always diabetes.
Becca.Bender37 5 months ago
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: dandruff is not caused by a dry scalp. dandruff is the buildup of dead skin cells that haven't been evacuated because of the presence of hair. it can also be caused by excess oil and moisture in the scalp. -sincerely, a person with chronic dandruff & scalp issues
Malisa Kenney
Malisa Kenney 6 months ago
Did you know hyperthyroidism or hypothyroid can cause alot of your symptoms i have hypothyroid
Isabella Bourque
Isabella Bourque 7 months ago
That ain't dandruff, sis. It's dry scalp. VERY different thiiingss
Ariana Fan
Ariana Fan 7 months ago
*me sitting praying that the dandruff goes away* dandruff: doesnt move me: realising im gonna suffer w danfruff for the rest of my fing life
Asra Akbar
Asra Akbar 7 months ago
“It was snowing we had a white f Christmas” 😂😂
Jayme 7 months ago
I watch this video and take a sip of water everytime Gabbie says, "water"... has helped me with staying hydrated
Mittie Spillers
Mittie Spillers 7 months ago
Ava Grilliot
Ava Grilliot 8 months ago
Omg that's legit how my dandruff is in the winter If its winter there is less moister in the air so it can dry out ur scalp I think so if its winter, then that might be why
Sophia :D
Sophia :D 8 months ago
Gabbie, I think you’re dehydrated.. do you drink enough water?
Delilah Matrese
Delilah Matrese 8 months ago
holy shit does it not hurt people to drink more than like 3 ounces of water
Meghan Gigante
Meghan Gigante 8 months ago
GIRL, your hormones could be off, hormonal acne..
Meghan Gigante
Meghan Gigante 8 months ago
...sips water as i watch because... of this...
The Shepherd's
The Shepherd's 8 months ago
Could she be a diabetic
Abbi Fleming
Abbi Fleming 8 months ago
I literally never feel thirsty so I never drink water and right now I'm quarantined so I just figured why not force drink myself ✌
Debra Lujan-Wunders
Debra Lujan-Wunders 9 months ago
Sounds like DIABETES!!! Look up the symptoms. Get to your doctor quick and have them do blood work, test for everything, but especially a fasting glucose test!
Trina Dubya
Trina Dubya 9 months ago
I never timed how long it took me to pee before, but now I'm curious. I suspect I have a bladder the size of a jellybean, though, because I usually empty out fast. But when I've had a lot of water in the last hour or two, my bladder fills up again quickly. Rather than returning to the loo five minutes later, I sometimes just sit there and wait to empty out again.
LaggardInLove 9 months ago
Try iron and sun!
Saphear M
Saphear M 9 months ago
Drinking too much water causes hyponatremia which means you have low sodium levels. Make sure your eating enough sodium rich foods
Saphear M
Saphear M 9 months ago
Gabbi I’m a nursing student please get checked for diabetes.
Yari Redding
Yari Redding 9 months ago
doing this for 80 days ... wish me luck 😭😂
Yash Samyak
Yash Samyak 9 months ago
gabbie wont see this but people with dandruff- PUT OIL ON YOUR SCALP. idc, coconut, almond, olive just put some oil on it.
Jacie Rae
Jacie Rae 9 months ago
Gabbie:"And thats the TEA!" Me: And thats the WATER!
Jiggs 9 months ago
“Yellow Leaves” lmao that’s too much nitrogen content in your soil mixture for your plants😂😂😂😂
Shreya Sanjay
Shreya Sanjay 10 months ago
One thing I noted is that cold water doesn't help quench me thirst much it's room temperature water that does that. I can literally drink the two litres of recommended water intake in one sitting if I'm thirsty and if it is cold water that will not get rid of my thirst. But when I drink room temperature water it quinces my thirst much more faster. I know this was drinking water after keeping the bottle and the so I thought this might be helpful to someone else she is probably not gonna see this.
•Winter Weeb•
•Winter Weeb• 10 months ago
Me sitting here with dandruff: 👁👄👁
Andrew Paige
Andrew Paige 10 months ago
Your not retaining it so pinch of salt tip of your tongue
R C 10 months ago
You sound like me before I found out I had an autoimmune disease 😬 I kept writing it off just as other stuff ☠️ go see a doctor 😂❤️
Emmy Wilhelme
Emmy Wilhelme 10 months ago
My record is 2 minutes
MagicPlanet8801 10 months ago
Have you been drinking enough water gabbie?
Savannah King
Savannah King 10 months ago
I know this video is old but I just wanted to say when my pee isn’t clear I can drink 30oz of water in an hour and then it’s clear....
Toryn Barnes
Toryn Barnes 10 months ago
2 minutes
Faerie galaxies
Faerie galaxies 10 months ago
People are telling that gabbie is having symptoms of diabetes. Here's the thing. I have been having the same symptoms and I feel like I drink enough water but maybe I should try to drink more so I wont just self diagnose myself from the get go. But who knows, I might have symptoms for diabetes
Allison Mcrae
Allison Mcrae 10 months ago
I love your hair!!!!
Sara 10 months ago
Head and shoulders is a Godsent
JAAYDE BAKER 10 months ago
Abigail Miller
Abigail Miller 10 months ago
You should have one ounce for every lb that you weigh. 148 Oz is fine for 148 lbs
BeatlesNinja 10 months ago
Hey guys. If you are drinking a bunch of water but still feeling dehydrated and thirsty, try eating foods high in water content rather than drinking it straight up. You can look it up on your own, but my faves are cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, celery, and oranges. It's way a secondary way for your body to obsorb the water that it needs rather than just chugging gallons and peeing all the time.
Andrea Rooney
Andrea Rooney 11 months ago
Somebody PLEASE tell me what shape her glasses are. I need some blue light filtering glasses for school and that's what I'm going for
Maisy Perez
Maisy Perez 11 months ago
As a cosmetologist, dandruff isnt caused by not washing your hair. Washing your hair too frequently can cause dandruff because it dries out your scalp.
philip gazer
philip gazer 11 months ago
weak I had 360 oz and my dandrift is gone and that was in one day not the dandrift
jack noffsinger
jack noffsinger 11 months ago
when i had a kidney stones i had these symptoms it wasnt just water idk go get an xray done
FandomWriter 11 months ago
Guys, I get it that this is a symptom of diabetes, but let’s chill. She is always on diets and heavily worried about her health. So I doubt she has it. PLUS, it’s been 6 months and she hasn’t said anything. So let’s us sip our water and chill
Angel Kay
Angel Kay 11 months ago
This video saved my life.
Tensive Rabbit
Tensive Rabbit 11 months ago
I thought Gabbie was pregnant for a damn sec
MR_SUGAS_FIRE 11 months ago
Ah yes i too suffer from consuming too much screentime 📱🍽
MR_SUGAS_FIRE 11 months ago
Fall H.
Fall H. 11 months ago
47 secs of peeing? !!! Wow
Fall H.
Fall H. 11 months ago
Spring water with lemon in it. Watermelon so legit hydrating. Celery juice so hydrating. And also take a tbsp apple cider vinegar daily to help with stomach acid. Oh and check the iron levels for real real
Fall H.
Fall H. 11 months ago
The first two minutes of the video GASP
Gwynevere Nunnally
Gwynevere Nunnally 11 months ago
Another issue with hydrating is if you don’t have enough salt it doesn’t really matter because you body cannot process it
Donut Hoel
Donut Hoel 11 months ago
everyone saying gabbie has diabetes
Randy Eason
Randy Eason 11 months ago
I had a sip of water every time Gabbie said water and I just drank a whole a$$ 32 ounces 🤣🤣
Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green 11 months ago
Try a deep conditioner mask leave on 30mins
Ironell Rodriguez
Ironell Rodriguez 11 months ago
I had a friend who had the same thing and it was for a medicine!!!🤓
CHEN NAN Year_15
CHEN NAN Year_15 11 months ago
340K subscribers? insane
ellamcsmella 11 months ago
my dandruff is terrible... like when i put on clothes it’s a snow storm that’s how bad it is. but literally all drink is water! it might also be to the fact i have eczema but idk
yazmin espino
yazmin espino 11 months ago
anyone ACTUALLY play the game ? i am hahaha
Rohan Khubchandani
Rohan Khubchandani 11 months ago
gabbie girl... it sounds like you have diabetes
Emma’s Wrld
Emma’s Wrld 11 months ago
i got this kit of shampoo, conditioner, and a serum for dandruff and it worked it was from ulta
ojs_switch 11 months ago
Ive been for like 1:25
Merissa Bailey-rios
Merissa Bailey-rios 11 months ago
wash your hair every other day to help your dandruff it will help.
I have all of the symptoms you have.😑
Terse and Tiny
Ever done an oil treatment?
Tiffany Allen
Tiffany Allen Year ago
You need to go to a doctor if you feel that thirsty constantly and your urine is that coloured even with all the water intake. You might have some underlying health issues.
Dukes of Hazzard0101
I’m 19 I drink 2-4 gallons of water a day
Imran Ahamed
Imran Ahamed Year ago
idk if you'll see this but I think I know what you're experiencing. Did you know most American water isn't good for you. It's called "dead water". This is water that is too clean and it actually bonds with minerals in your body and you pee them out but actually your pee would come out clear as the day progressed so idk about that. Then the dead water causes you to actually become dehydrated and leads to most of the side effects that are explained in your video for over hydration. Dead water includes purified water like Dasani. Arrowhead will have more minerals but it also not great because of the ph and quite frankly doesn't taste good to me. Essentia is not great but for bottled water it offers the minerals you need. Personally I have a reverse osmosis filter with an alkaline filter attachment that adds in additional minerals that you need. The reverse osmosis creates clean dead water taking out environmental contaminants like pesticides and then when it runs through the alkaline filter it adds in minerals like potassium, manganese etc. I didn't pay attention to your whole video but the feeling thirsty all the time and feeling more hungry as well as the dandruff could be because of the water you are drinking. If you're just drinking tap then that has minerals and chemicals and I don't know what that would do. Also this advice is not fully informed and is mostly from research I've conducted as well as personal experience. When I started college I just drank Dasani and actually started experiencing dry eye and my contacts always bothered me as soon as I put them in. Essentia finally worked but that was expensive and the $500 filter payed itself off in 3 months. also I got essentia wholesale so you would probably pay it off faster. btw Im kind of obsessed with water ever since I went through this same stage. OH lastly fruits and vegetables will significantly help with hydration. Forgive the bouncing thoughts.
Vera Bryant
Vera Bryant Year ago
Maybe you have lice
Alayna Sousa
Alayna Sousa Year ago
i climbed out of my head and watched myself implode a thought without a body ought to be the shot to take a load off my brain is poison and im searching for the antidote but everytime i find it my defenses scream oh no you dont WoAh
The Winter Witch
I'm 12 and I work out kind of a lot, but only drink like 2-3 glasses of water/tea/coffee in a day. That's really not a lot but I don't want more. However, I really feel good and I don't have problems with that
Rebecca S
Rebecca S Year ago
Have you been checked for diabetes?
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme Year ago
Ur bf is adorable
Bless the good
Many of these are symptoms of diabetes.
Gabriela martin
You actually don't want to clear pee often. Because, if you are drinking so much water that your pee is clear, your body is not taking time to process out all the junk that you normally pee out. That's why when you pee, want to have a light yellow color cuz that means that you're getting enough water, so you're not dehydrated but your body is also filtering out junk that you do not need. Yes I watch a lot of doctors shows how could you tell?
Laiba Iqbal
Laiba Iqbal Year ago
Roses are red Violets are blue The part you are looking for Is 5:22
Elizabeth Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey
don,t drink to much water,pop or juice because it makes you more thursty
Ashley Quintanilla
I can’t pee longer than like 5-10 after I got cancer
alicia wilson
alicia wilson Year ago
I am going to doing this !!!
nkechi magnus
nkechi magnus Year ago
I climbed out of my head and watch myself implode a thought without a body oughta be the shot to take a load off my brain is poisoned and I'm searching for the antidote but every time i find it my defenses scream oh no you don't WOaHHhHH
Condi Awioo
Condi Awioo Year ago
Girl are you sure it ain’t diabetes....
oopsy daisy
oopsy daisy Year ago
Gabbie has clearly already snatched Payton’s wig
Nat Year ago
For your dandruff you can use a dandruff shampoo and conditioner. The one i use is a tea tree & lemon sage mix from WinCo. Dry shampoo is a good thing that i use too when my hair isn't washed and I am lazy.
Stephanie Young
I wonder if youre diabetic
Tehe Tehe
Tehe Tehe Year ago
To all the greys fans: remember the episode where the guy with the tumor is always thirsty...same energy here
Name Here
Name Here Year ago
I've been drinking lots of water for 4 days (so far) and honestly whenever I've watched videos of people drinking lots of water a day, I've seen that those people need to use the bathroom sooo many times a day, but for some reason I haven't needed to pee that much (maybe I'm just very lucky)
30 Day Water Challenge!!
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