I Downloaded The World's Hardest Mod!

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We played the hardest mod created for Minecraft. Dark Souls is basically for babies after this.

Shout out to RL Craft for the content! Check it out here: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft

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Aug 11, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming 5 months ago
Subscribe and help me catch up to the main channel!
Arimilkman 5 days ago
Jimmy Cruz
Jimmy Cruz 21 day ago
I've never got a shout out can I get one???
Bibha singh
Bibha singh 26 days ago
kill the dragon
fox gamer
fox gamer Month ago
Hello btw RLCraft i a modpack not a mod
Sonuj1231 Month ago
Hey Chandler do you Still have those barbie Dolls i need them for christmas gifts
Gav_Ez 2 hours ago
Who realized they were at the woodland mansion
PANTHERZ sneakerco.
play this mod with dream
Europa ツ
Europa ツ 3 hours ago
so you download 2020?
AWOL DTA 4 hours ago
Karl's high pitched screaming makes this almost unwatchable..... Almost...
Tyler Lovick
Tyler Lovick 6 hours ago
This isn’t a bad thing Karl, but when you laugh you sound like pennywise lol!
Makayla Ward
Makayla Ward 6 hours ago
i know i was late to comment but if your gonna play rlcraft go look for the best rlcraft RUvidrs ever forge labs and cxlvxn
Phyllis Porter
Phyllis Porter 8 hours ago
The aggressive cirrus substantially tip because may karyologically compete beside a absorbing father. resonant, miscreant precipitation
Memer Memer
Memer Memer 10 hours ago
I like you mr beast
Jay Griffiths
Jay Griffiths 12 hours ago
Can you do a series
Six Stars
Six Stars 14 hours ago
I wanted Karl to win and he did
Klouut 19 hours ago
Lmfao me and mr beast have same personality trait big flex 😎😭
Oliver Rivera
Oliver Rivera 19 hours ago
Chris where is he????!!!!!
Jacqueline Hughes
Jacqueline Hughes 20 hours ago
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Lee Vargas
Lee Vargas 22 hours ago
The erect mosque characteristically tour because behavior subcellularly chop after a historical colony. fantastic, well-to-do tax
LittleDragon The Gamer
Honestly I find the orange and mint flavor tasty
Madeline Gonzalez
Next time Carl don’t wear green on your shirt so it doesn’t look like you have a whole in your body
nOoBs ArMy
nOoBs ArMy Day ago
when this came i watched it but iam commenting today when the vid came before the day it came i had an dream where iam playing minecraft but it has wierd creatures like sea and other creatures i was soo scared i woke up and the next day this vid came its an merical iam dream came true but on another person aka my fav youtuber
WiLD T7 Day ago
karls headphones match the green screen and his shirt
Andzelika Stefaniak
Austrailia number 2
Justin Diaz
Justin Diaz Day ago
I want dream to play this uwuu
Tien Vu
Tien Vu Day ago
I do this everyday
RayGamez Day ago
what is the link to the mod?
Supermiroo Day ago
Minecraft Hardcore but you can revive.
SSkindominos Day ago
i beat this game in 1 hour
Nathan The Gamer
drink ORANGE JUICE?! OMG that is the worst punishment why ORANGE JUICE?!
Big Gamerz
Big Gamerz Day ago
Misses Witch
Misses Witch Day ago
This is Minecraft becomes old rpg mod.
crapking Day ago
Chandler vaped in a dig vid
crapking Day ago
He's still my fav
Random person
pls do scp lockdown its a good mod
Connor James
Connor James 2 days ago
omg theres something else in here that i dodnt see
Connor James
Connor James 2 days ago
karl said are you proud of me? as he scratched his but
Connor James
Connor James 2 days ago
ooh, my cordinates are 1-800 screw you
Tehya Smith
Tehya Smith 2 days ago
i know karl wasn't licking the toothpaste..
MR COSMO 2 days ago
Where is Chris?
Brandon Xtreme
Brandon Xtreme 2 days ago
Plant 20000000 trees in mincaft
KUHAKO 2 days ago
3:13 that whta we call here in philippines wak-wak or in english it is a kind of human that can fly and eat new born baby..lol
davaa davaa
davaa davaa 2 days ago
who is jimmy? i know only mr.beast
L'Cyd Hanz Fabella
Mr beast Mr beast pls give me the link in that mod plsssssssssss
Alejandro Cerezo
Alejandro Cerezo 2 days ago
I want more of this pleas
Sophia 2 days ago
9:44 I think karl likes eating toothpaste.... His breathe must be fresh LMAO
Manu M
Manu M 2 days ago
How to download RLCRAFT plz tell me
Ariadna Baptista Chipre
3:45 THAT DRAGON IS FROM NARUTO bc the dragon can walk on water ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ (✿◡‿◡) ( *︾▽︾)
chich bong
chich bong 3 days ago
It’s a pelican not an eagle😏🤓
Brody Brody
Brody Brody 3 days ago
Nice nice video bro nice video bro
Pendleton Edwards
7:22 the best experiense with it is full volume
Jack Broadhead
Jack Broadhead 3 days ago
Recall and wormhole potions are from terraria
Ryan Diaz
Ryan Diaz 3 days ago
mr beast it is not a mermaid its a siren
Curtis Denver
Curtis Denver 3 days ago
The racial software angiographically record because chalk basally fancy pro a complete rainbow. rapid, free manx
Oscar Marsh
Oscar Marsh 3 days ago
The fact that karl is on the dream SMP-
Livy Eirth
Livy Eirth 3 days ago
You demon mermaid! Lol, it's a siren..
Tim steen
Tim steen 3 days ago
I like the videos and subscribe because I love Chandler
Misty Robertson
Misty Robertson 4 days ago
I saw Chandler whereing the shirt Karl is whereing in another video
Lily Scheuber
Lily Scheuber 4 days ago
Karl: Screams... Read More
Anvil Knight
Anvil Knight 4 days ago
bad acting check. doesn't even try to play the game right check. an dumb punishment check. MrBeast i love what you but come on
Scorpion 760yt
Scorpion 760yt 4 days ago
Keplcrumb 4 days ago
Do a crazy craft series plzzzzz
Justin Reed
Justin Reed 4 days ago
Please make more I'm a fan
Justin Reed
Justin Reed 4 days ago
And sascribe
Bright Eyes119
Bright Eyes119 4 days ago
I will unsubscribe if Karl ever leaves 😂😂❤️
lucky yuvraaj
lucky yuvraaj 4 days ago
I love how you can see through karl
Aleem Khan
Aleem Khan 4 days ago
Kral neeed
Teresas cosmetics
When karl said :oloollololo ollololoo Evru 13yo girl:🥵 (Time stamp 4:28)
Arnold Jr. Battad
Muscular Igneel
Muscular Igneel 4 days ago
Muscular Igneel
Muscular Igneel 4 days ago
sherley loupatty
sherley loupatty 5 days ago
Karl : *Wins On A Hard Mode* Me : *cassualy lose while playing peaceful mode*
Avery Beck
Avery Beck 5 days ago
Chandler: sees a demon in a cave The demon: Hello There!
Un Keay
Un Keay 5 days ago
The mermaids are actually called the Sirens from Greek mythology.
Kevin Sidley
Kevin Sidley 5 days ago
the kill counter is wrong
Moax 5 days ago
Wait I thought I was the only person who eats toothpaste. Seeing karl eating it makes me more confident
Okay's FUN FACTS 5 days ago
Chandler won finally
Spectic Skull Gaming369
I played that mod before and it was hell
Tha BeatBoi
Tha BeatBoi 5 days ago
That hole in Karl is hard to ignore.
Jake Arrindell
Jake Arrindell 5 days ago
Jimmy has 2 heAdEd AxE OoooOOOh
kavish patil
kavish patil 5 days ago
Brian Wang
Brian Wang 5 days ago
xangie87x 6 days ago
If you download video about barbies or Jojo I will like and subscribe every video you post
Timur Kama
Timur Kama 6 days ago
Thats an modpac ots no mod its many
Claws ,n, Jaws
Claws ,n, Jaws 6 days ago
Karl should not have Permission to do anything
It is What it is
It is What it is 6 days ago
i love you mrbeast
Mabbit YT
Mabbit YT 6 days ago
8:50 you can hear Jimmy’s yes lol....
Ethan Zellers
Ethan Zellers 6 days ago
I love how jimmy never loses his own challenges
Max Brandsgard
Max Brandsgard 6 days ago
I’ve brushed my teeth and drank orange juice so many times Edit: it’s not bad
Smoky mountain Boys
Love it
Pewdiepie played the mod
Hannah graves
Hannah graves 6 days ago
The wisp are nice as long as you don't hit them they heal you
Carolyn McNeil
Carolyn McNeil 6 days ago
on the font of the video theres a dragon me. huh the mod adds dragons cool
Rachael Dant
Rachael Dant 6 days ago
I'm happy Chandler won't his first challenge
Yusmadi Sariol
Yusmadi Sariol 7 days ago
Andrew Castle
Andrew Castle 7 days ago
Karl made the perfect Turkey noise
Nkululeko Junior
Nkululeko Junior 7 days ago
Chandler didint loose what a suprise
VirtUisle 7 days ago
Looked like. A dash through the 1 cause of sand shadow
Unknown Kid
Unknown Kid 7 days ago
Karl just eating toothpaster
Paul Howe
Paul Howe 7 days ago
There sirens not murmaids
Niamh Prendergast
Why did chandler kill the whisp
Tess The Mess
Tess The Mess 7 days ago
Ok but part of carl's shirt is see through
Lachenron 7 days ago
Boiled Cabbage
Boiled Cabbage 7 days ago
Kjell Arve Lang
Kjell Arve Lang 7 days ago
I do it
Unknown Gamerboi
Unknown Gamerboi 7 days ago
This is the thirty eighth beast gaming video I’ve liked
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