I Downloaded The World's Hardest Mod!

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We played the hardest mod created for Minecraft. Dark Souls is basically for babies after this.

Shout out to RL Craft for the content! Check it out here: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft

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Aug 11, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming Month ago
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Manan Bhansali
Manan Bhansali 2 minutes ago
@Victoria Aguilar hi
Victoria Aguilar
Victoria Aguilar 8 hours ago
Mk beast also......I would love it if u react
Beast_ BeFit
Beast_ BeFit 17 days ago
Guys subscribe, hit the like and the bell baby
Manan Bhansali
Manan Bhansali 23 days ago
Please do use other games pls pls no Minecraft
ii Mxdnight Plxyz
ii Mxdnight Plxyz 23 days ago
Yes you need to get 40m on this channel
Kruz Jackson
Kruz Jackson 3 hours ago
Everyone: where’s Chris Karl: he he nobody can hurt me know
LegendarYO 4 hours ago
Someone make a compilation of Karl's laughs
Miguel Verutti
Miguel Verutti 6 hours ago
play among us
mashed pøtato
mashed pøtato 7 hours ago
Team Karl!
Zion marlon
Zion marlon 7 hours ago
When pokemon and minecraft combined:
Pablo Halvorson
Pablo Halvorson 8 hours ago
Does anyone notice Carl’s shirt
Zunira Khan
Zunira Khan 8 hours ago
ok now Chandler needs to stop saying the f word
Victoria Aguilar
Victoria Aguilar 8 hours ago
Mk beast also......I would love it if u reacted to my cousins tictok its ari_da_goat21 pls make a vid of it if u do that stay safe!!!!
Natalie Egan
Natalie Egan 10 hours ago
4:02 the trees spawned
Kane Kerr
Kane Kerr 12 hours ago
[Jimmy] you have to be a level 4 screw you level 4
NewLeader 1099
NewLeader 1099 13 hours ago
Does dream made this game?
Kartik Kumar
Kartik Kumar 15 hours ago
Carl laughs like a dolphin
oh prezo
oh prezo 15 hours ago
dig bick
Mystcx 17 hours ago
How does ur pc not turn into a baked potato smelted in a blast furnace?
MrNachosMampfer 18 hours ago
grapefruit juice is worse
Govender Vibashan
Govender Vibashan 19 hours ago
Karl got killed 7 times
Dody Dalman
Dody Dalman 19 hours ago
Wheres Chris?
Jayden Watkins
Jayden Watkins 21 hour ago
As someone who has had a year of crazy craft experience I can say this would be easy
Maryanne Wolter-Pryke
Yes l
Fae Forest
Fae Forest 23 hours ago
RLcraft is hard but fun as heck.
Houston Mullins
Houston Mullins 23 hours ago
RLCraft: I am the hardest mod ever Orespawn: Am I a joke to you
Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi
Karl is scared for a lifetime
Foxsauce Day ago
Karl's intelligence is beyond my understanding Those are Sirens not mermaids =T
Summer Sanchez Landero
i drink orange juice after i brush my teeth, it aint that bad
What is the safest place to download mods...I dont know cause I just switched to pc gaming from console.
Firebird Yt
Firebird Yt Day ago
Where is Chris
Summer Mowbray
It can’t be just me that finds Karl kinda attractive👁👄👁😂
bella vw
bella vw Day ago
9:46 the fact karl was ligit eating the toothpaste made me feel sick xd
Epstein Did not kill his self
Chandler literally found the rarest biome
Pix3L7 Day ago
u dumb
Priveen Rampersad
It's not mermaids it's Sirens
Gacha Meow
Gacha Meow Day ago
1. CARL IT'S A SIREN MERMAIDS ARE NICE 2. HERE IS MA PROOF 4:51 ok I love watching siren videos I am proud
MK FEVER Day ago
At 3:02 karl had 5 then next time you said Chandler had 5 and karl has 4 kill
Pulsations Day ago
those are not mermaids they are sirens
chris reid
chris reid 2 days ago
How is chandler so savage tho?
Sahir Castañeda
Sahir Castañeda 2 days ago
Nice teddy 🧸 chandler
Araa 2 days ago
why way chris not in the game?
Aljosa Vuckovic
Aljosa Vuckovic 2 days ago
Teresito Abelido
Teresito Abelido 2 days ago
ben abler
ben abler 2 days ago
This is just a rust mod for minecraft
Jman 2_0
Jman 2_0 3 days ago
literally the best punishment ever.
Controlla Player
Controlla Player 3 days ago
What are you a vegetarian eat the other animal
Eric Huan
Eric Huan 3 days ago
Jimmy: ...the hardest thing ever... A few weeks later... MrBeastGaming uploaded: The hardest video game EVER
Frank Hudson
Frank Hudson 3 days ago
Claudia De Oliveira
Mrbeast pls play fortnite or warzone pls
DANNY BOA 3 days ago
Ik this seems mean but can we replace carl
foxbro Is gaming
foxbro Is gaming 3 days ago
Where is cris
Lunalas Rule
Lunalas Rule 3 days ago
Mrbeast shoukd make a video where dream pvps the gaming squad in this mod
Beefydude 08
Beefydude 08 3 days ago
Did anyone notice that Karl was eating toothpaste!?!?
Ruy Vuusen
Ruy Vuusen 3 days ago
It's a modpack not a mod.
B4EAST 3 days ago
Scary game
Marylee UwU
Marylee UwU 4 days ago
4:22 I’ve never felt so happy until Karl said “TURKEYs”
Teresito Abelido
Teresito Abelido 2 days ago
Ehm. its 4:23
Gavin H
Gavin H 4 days ago
Chandler has weapons and proceeds to punch the mobs xD
kristin kozee
kristin kozee 4 days ago
Can you play roblox elimination tower PLEASE
Fabi�n S�ez Rivera
Ireane Sayson
Ireane Sayson 4 days ago
Jimmy: They call me dream! Also Jimmy : *directly dies after saying that*
Ireane Sayson
Ireane Sayson 4 days ago
I love how the names of the mobs are on top of them and they don't say it
jdhicks1979 4 days ago
Karl finally got a face cam
Prezison 5 days ago
Oh u playin Minecraft. I like ya cut G
Jedbry 5 days ago
What mod this that can you please tell us🥺
Arnav Chauhan
Arnav Chauhan 5 days ago
Stop flirting with the mermaids for 5 seconds - Mr Beast
Radioactive 9000
Radioactive 9000 5 days ago
I hope y'all have a fantastic day as cool as my Lego boat is you all are the coolest
Mandy Kelsall
Mandy Kelsall 5 days ago
Sanaraplayz 5 days ago
a fricking eagle just pick me up 6:45
Kenneth Mallette
Kenneth Mallette 5 days ago
Next Challenge: Hire real lawyers and play the trending game called 'Among Us'. Use the lawyers to defend your character.
Hyper bolt 0
Hyper bolt 0 5 days ago
In 9:45
Hyper bolt 0
Hyper bolt 0 5 days ago
Charl is eating thouth paste lol hahahahaha exposed in 9:42
Marina Stergio
Marina Stergio 5 days ago
more rlcraft
It’s-_-gween 5 days ago
R 6 days ago
i like my new memory i watched this three times i think and i do no remember what will happen
Purple guy Gaming
I brushed my teeth and then drank orange juice. It was good.
Alyson 6 days ago
I hate Jimmy by hating Karl and Chandler
First name Last name
Sean V: Everybody was surprised when Karl said he didn't die yet And it got 7k likes Me: yeah Karl hasn't died YET JUST YET
Haha lol tweyn terbo go Hisssssss
Jenna Stefanoski
Jenna Stefanoski 7 days ago
Chandler had to pick an ostrich and know the other birds love him know
Ryan Here
Ryan Here 7 days ago
Ryan Here
Ryan Here 7 days ago
I had did that before
Alex Guo
Alex Guo 7 days ago
I just made an account so hi
Sartha Thansin
Sartha Thansin 7 days ago
if dream is the best player in minecraft why dont you let dream play that game.
2332 Muntaha
2332 Muntaha 7 days ago
oh oh oh oh oh ma a a a aih go oh oh oh od....H e ee eh's ri i ight o o u u ts ih ih deh!
Alana 0_0
Alana 0_0 7 days ago
I have played Rl craft and I haven’t died yet. Mostly because I don’t play it anymore. It stands for Real life minecraft.
Ashley Pfeiffer
Ashley Pfeiffer 7 days ago
I played rl craft and it sucks
Dede Ric
Dede Ric 7 days ago
(These are my quest) 1 How did u download that mode 2 How did carl din't die 3 Why did Chanler din't get Mcdonald 4 How did carl join jimmy crew FANIL QUEST Where is chirssssssssst
Anna Sadecka
Anna Sadecka 7 days ago
Dandreb Ramos
Dandreb Ramos 8 days ago
I dont think thats coordinates
Coding Kit
Coding Kit 8 days ago
Hi Mr.Beast. My name is Praanesh. I from India. I love to do Animation, VFX, Editing stuffs. But I don't have a good PC. I only have very low end laptop, which takes 5minutes to open Chrome. Please help me. I have participated in many VFX competition in our region and won. For it is like giving tip to waiter, but for me it is like giving me the life I wanted. Hope you will help me
Kristy Gass
Kristy Gass 8 days ago
chandler needs bird
Audrina Rufener
Audrina Rufener 8 days ago
the mermaids are called sirens and they sing to attract men then they kill them
Daniels Tihomirovs
Where is chris?
Muffin The Wolf
Muffin The Wolf 8 days ago
You should try crazy craft!
Jesus Vindel
Jesus Vindel 8 days ago
your mean>:(
louise schwan
louise schwan 8 days ago
its a siren not a mermaid
Rose La Raia
Rose La Raia 8 days ago
I don’t know how but my grandpa live orange juice with tooth paste
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 8 days ago
Why was Karl eating the toothpast
Its_ya_boi PERSON
Chandler rocks
Yshua Tamayo
Yshua Tamayo 9 days ago
I’m telling Pat on you 😑
Rachel Kinzer
Rachel Kinzer 9 days ago
Jimmy: i never imagined a mermaid to be so terriffing Me; have you seen harry potter?!?!
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