i dont know how to play minecraft

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my twitch is www.twitch.tv/dannygoonzalez btw

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Mar 1, 2021




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abigail 3 hours ago
back to rewatch this after he found the stronghold with the end portal 😁 so proud
Nexis JohnnyCheesepuff
Alex RTL
Alex RTL 5 hours ago
Isn’t he dream
Sha Siah
Sha Siah 6 hours ago
Is real drem
Sha Siah
Sha Siah 6 hours ago
That is dream talking face
Ayo are your eyes green or blue im colorblind
Mynxiish 7 hours ago
Petition for Danny to play the Sims 4
Tyler Kutschkau
Tyler Kutschkau 8 hours ago
That is so sus to say that you were watching dream so may I ask you are you dream?
Olena Mullan
Olena Mullan 13 hours ago
I think dani is dream
Venkatraman Srinidhi Bommuluri
As a Minecraft player this video triggers me
Thuan Le
Thuan Le 14 hours ago
He is dream
Marilen .g
Marilen .g 18 hours ago
What a jenious. He created a second channel to play minecraft and hide dream.
Jacob Ryan Philippe Maamo
hese dream i wathed
Jakob Thomas
Jakob Thomas Day ago
I did not know The 1st time but know i know
Jakob Thomas
Jakob Thomas Day ago
You are dream not a fan Maybe your fan of your self dream you are him you are dream
Jakob Thomas
Jakob Thomas Day ago
You are fakeing this
Jakob Thomas
Jakob Thomas Day ago
You have like played 10000000000 times dream 😈 i know
Jakob Thomas
Jakob Thomas Day ago
I know you are dream
how long do we have until he solicits a minor :( /j
Little Cactus
We need a new la croix update.
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Day ago
Hi Dream
Psycho Ranger
so now we know that this guy is NOT dream
Psycho Ranger
Psycho Ranger 16 hours ago
@Sam Sung he is not bro
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Day ago
He is Dream hes just pretending
Enrique Ornelas
The nether is minecraft hell
BINGO Day ago
I think Danny is dream his voice 🤔
Owen Lamothe
Owen Lamothe Day ago
He is dream
ryan dizon
ryan dizon Day ago
I feel like your dream
Creeper Mello
Creeper Mello 2 days ago
You said to. Yourself Dream
adrian lee
adrian lee 2 days ago
hi dream
he is the oppisite of dont know how to play minecraft
Allen gaming
Allen gaming 2 days ago
Search mugo and you will see it
Allen gaming
Allen gaming 2 days ago
He is dream
Ollie Hecht
Ollie Hecht 2 days ago
Hmmmmmm his voice if you lower it then.....................CLAY
danganronpa child
make more minecraft
Biitchy Wiitch
Biitchy Wiitch 2 days ago
Ew...la croix....thats gross
shareef shareef
shareef shareef 2 days ago
You are dream
elgamer delcastillo
Hello mr dream
Bryson Buzzell
Bryson Buzzell 2 days ago
Vicky0 D
Vicky0 D 2 days ago
Dream has been pretty quiet since this video came out...
Rabid Hog
Rabid Hog 2 days ago
He should collab with dantdm
Kurteon27_plays 2 days ago
The video title: I dont know how to play minecraft Him: He says he’s dream Me: Hmm.... Makes sense
Eva Lankford
Eva Lankford 2 days ago
He's dream lol
Jane Cat
Jane Cat 2 days ago
That was intense.
tepoy77 2 days ago
Dude you're literally dream
Tiec Tran
Tiec Tran 2 days ago
Hi dream
Mil Joseph Sorita
You are dream
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 3 days ago
I had my first la Croix the best ever
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 3 days ago
ur my fav youtuber I just wanted to let you know 😀 I wuv ur vids
Tester Account
Tester Account 3 days ago
he faked that he is bad at the game to hide that he is clay
mdmimad 3 days ago
He's not bad he's a liar watch a dream face reveal Danny is dream it is amazing I know!!!!!
SEMAJ DXD 3 days ago
OwlLee 3 days ago
Danny plays roblox hmmmmmm
SplatBad 3 days ago
Imagine Danny playing Undertale
kharl 3 days ago
Harry Pitman
Harry Pitman 3 days ago
Remy Boyz
Remy Boyz 4 days ago
i only had polar seltzer :/
Jhoana Devibar
Jhoana Devibar 4 days ago
Hello dream
ivo cruz
ivo cruz 4 days ago
u ARE dream, im from future
jan ethan delos santos
I'm gonna subscribe if Danny is Dream
bobby kohls
bobby kohls 4 days ago
hes dream
JuTheTuber 4 days ago
I feel epic seeing myself in the chat
oliveboard 4 days ago
the fact that he can build better than me and i have been playing for 5 years really says something
Plazaduck 4 days ago
Lilly 5 days ago
I thought danny said he was dream!
Alypgz Seiji
Alypgz Seiji 5 days ago
We saw hes Gamertag on minecraft and Dream's Twitch
YUNA MAIYAMA 5 days ago
u didnt notice that hes dream the whole time..... DREAM ARE U GAY?ARE U INLOVE WITH GOERGE I SAW UR FACE REVEAL
alex Hunter
alex Hunter 5 days ago
You are dream
Spider Potter
Spider Potter 5 days ago
Amelia A
Amelia A 5 days ago
U should play botw
Pro Bacon
Pro Bacon 5 days ago
Pro Bacon
Pro Bacon 5 days ago
Pro Bacon
Pro Bacon 5 days ago
You dream
Tommyzombie4 is a cookie
I thought you were dream
Angelo Gallego
Angelo Gallego 5 days ago
Your the dream guy
ArcticFox_2019 5 days ago
Whats up Dream
Sashwat Gupta
Sashwat Gupta 6 days ago
Danny is actually dream
Teofila Cecile Arreza
Go to google type. Dream skin
Celine :D
Celine :D 6 days ago
"I don't know how to play minecraft" Me:😐
31 GAMER 6 days ago
Just search dream face revealed
31 GAMER 6 days ago
Haah danny is a dream
Kain Hou
Kain Hou 6 days ago
Plot twist: He is Dream
Jax Cannon
Jax Cannon 6 days ago
If you are dream reply to this comment
Jax Cannon
Jax Cannon 6 days ago
This is not dream
iexinoir 6 days ago
this video is 500x funnier when you're a minecraft veteran
Jax Cannon
Jax Cannon 6 days ago
Now Im fully concerned and sure danny is not dream He is so baddd
Linda .H
Linda .H 6 days ago
It’s dream
DecayingMaze 6 days ago
Whoever said I was being “mean” for saying “Danny isn’t good at Minecraft”.... He literally said himself that he isn’t good💀 Plus Dream is one of the best players so how would Danny be Dream is Danny wasn’t that good at Minecraft😭y’all silly
Milky Muffin
Milky Muffin 6 days ago
Hi dream
EggsForLife11 7 days ago
U sound like dream
B!TCH LASAGNA 7 days ago
I've played Minecraft more than you... But I still can't make a decent house 😭
Shabnam Taraporewala
If u dont know to play minecraft how r u dream?
Pedro Martínez Torrero
Hi Dream
TheAp397 7 days ago
i really like watching somebody that isnt a god at minecraft becuase its acully relatable its cool watching somebiody with a simler minecraft skill level.
cool cube gaming
cool cube gaming 7 days ago
I thought you dream you liar
Hilario Jose
Hilario Jose 7 days ago
Are you dream?
AhmedVlogs 7 days ago
its dream
Esde Bes
Esde Bes 7 days ago
nathan wailly
nathan wailly 7 days ago
The Trickster
ッwhite 7 days ago
He is dream
The Gentleman
The Gentleman 8 days ago
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh dreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmm
Emily Aquino
Emily Aquino 8 days ago
Danny is pog.
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