I Don't Like The Fine Bros React Series

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This is the greatest egg reacting of All Time


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Jan 19, 2019




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Teq is the big gay 69
Teq is the big gay 69 25 minutes ago
Watching people you agree with is fun.
Aeolian` 12 hours ago
Who is Kylie Jenner?
Nice User123
Nice User123 22 hours ago
And look what happened with the reactors… 🤭
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan Day ago
I really enjoyed this crap when I was around 12-15. I was a stupid child.
Gabellaneous Day ago
Kids react to moist critikal
suki cereal
suki cereal Day ago
my cousin was featured in a furby one
Ozzy Helix
Ozzy Helix 2 days ago
remember when they tried copyrighting react gives you one more reason to not like them
stephalupigus 574
Reactor:looks at egg Alsoreactor:dosnt like camera guy:remember i still have your family
Frank Fernandez
Frank Fernandez 3 days ago
I'm never showing you another video
Niemand 3 days ago
Elders react to heartattack from jumpscare
Yee Yee Ass Haircut
The elders playing gta 5 is a good one
A.Ffirmative 3 days ago
you know the thing is not funny when charlie says it's funny with his monotone voice
Rachel Louisa
Rachel Louisa 4 days ago
This is gratuitous.
L.A. Freeman
L.A. Freeman 5 days ago
Lol XD great reaction Charles
homiesapien 5 days ago
Like yo cut g
Death 6 days ago
You dont like anything do you??
ggg ggg
ggg ggg Day ago
He does
Kubix 6 days ago
Hate their lazy content. I could do the exact thing, I could get several friends, put them in front of a laptop, make them watch it and then ask what it is. Also put an annoying intro in a stupid voice choir. Never liked it honestly. 20million for something I could do. It’s boring as well. I’d rather watch paint dry than a bunch of kids react to something stupid.
Amanda Lallos
Amanda Lallos 7 days ago
A knew a girl in her late 20's who played a teen for their Teens React videos and she was exactly as unfunny as these videos make people seem.
Stain 7 days ago
Watching someone react to egg, oh my goodness, this is truly the peak of humanity’s evolution!, is it even possible to evolve any more
Andrea Laborde
Andrea Laborde 8 days ago
The bf1 themed react vids were good, with the elders giving their insight on video games and all that jazz
Ben Kivela
Ben Kivela 8 days ago
Tom has come a long way and now he is one of the elite specimens on that channel. He is a chad.
Michael G
Michael G 9 days ago
Watching those fine bro’s reaction videos is like watching a try not to laugh video that is way to good at making sure you don’t laugh
multisuperchi 9 days ago
1:42 when you smell some bullshit😂
Kimberly Kenyon
Kimberly Kenyon 9 days ago
The only one I thought was actually funny was the elders react to happy tree friends
Aaron Mwangi
Aaron Mwangi 10 days ago
Fine bros should react to this
*MoonCat* 10 days ago
I watch their videos for personal validation on my opinions because I seek reassurance in others, I think a lot of people do. Their content is boring though, so I just watch their opinions and then leave.
Dicky Mon
Dicky Mon 11 days ago
1:35 penguinz0's reaction was priceless
Sunny's Side
Sunny's Side 11 days ago
We have regressed to 2012 potato humor
Irfan Iskandar 06
Irfan Iskandar 06 12 days ago
You should see their recent videos during quarantine they made a zoom reaction so you can see their faceless reactions that are so unreal and cringy
JonahTV 12 days ago
The only remotely entertaining Fine Bros vids are the RUvidr ones, and that's only entertaining because some of the RUvidrs they get can make watching grass grow entertaining. They're the only ones who feel like real people
Waffleking206 12 days ago
Rlly ? I somewhat like it tbh like not to where I get erect but it’s not that bad
I’m already Sans Undertale
Tommy's House of Munch
I wonder how many suicides the Fine Bros series are responsible for
Pahqz *
Pahqz * 13 days ago
Celebrities and "influencers" are just dumb eggs themselves at this stage
This channel was a mistake
Fbe posts cringe
DCdangerbrooks 14 days ago
They talk like they've never been outside of their own Facebook page
thereal_FlipFlop 14 days ago
When you talked about showing a friend something you liked and they didn't, and they pretend to like it but the clearly don't... That's Every time I share something
aant 14 days ago
3:05 lol
Gabirom G
Gabirom G 15 days ago
I can't even finish watching this video
Anthony Copeland
Anthony Copeland 15 days ago
theres a vid on porn hub and its the elders react to video games but instead of video games it was tentacle hentai
North Star
North Star 16 days ago
Hey now big chungus is actually good! Everything else you said was spot on, chungus for life though
Three toed cockatoo
1:41 I creamed myself only after a second of charlie staring at me
Odd 16 days ago
I'm pretty sure they've signed some kind of slave contract. Those kids have been on that channel for years.
A Random Rat
A Random Rat 16 days ago
Babies react to their birth video
BawonSamndi 16 days ago
What about the elders playing gta? those two videos had some fun moments.
Sylvester Underfresh
Sorry to burst your bubble but pugs are deformed. A retro pug is cute because it doesn't look like it's face has been smashed with a frying pan.
A Random Rat
A Random Rat 16 days ago
Ok? Who the fuck asked, and who cares? You want us to kill all pugs or something?
Dan Animations
Dan Animations 17 days ago
This comment section is funnier than React.
Dan Animations
Dan Animations 17 days ago
UndoOpacity 17 days ago
5:10 what a beautiful singing voice
angelintodemonseed 18 days ago
I know this video is already two years old, but whatever. I still kind of miss the old format of reaction videos from the early 2010’s-the ones that “2 Girls, 1 Cup” skyrocketed. If you wanted to watch people react to a video you couldn’t find/didn’t want to watch, you clicked on the reaction videos. If you just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, you found the original video-they were separate things. One of the things TFB made popular, if not being one of the first channels to do so, was use content without permission in it’s near entirety, then try to silence people through copyright strikes/lawsuits. Their dirty laundry only truly became “mainstream” when the format copyright scheme was exposed. I never found them funny, liked them, or respected them.
September Kordelewski
They used to be kind of good. Used to be. The downfall personally began for me because of the fact that the memes/videos they showed in their try not to laughs became less relatable and more... idk... stupid
Squantle 18 days ago
Fun fact: nobody has ever watched the “question time” segment of a fine bros video once the video they’re reacting to stops.
Wert Gamer
Wert Gamer Day ago
Cloud81011 1
Cloud81011 1 15 days ago
Squantle omg I thought I was the only one.....lol
Bálint Szalai
Bálint Szalai 19 days ago
Eyyo Goblin reference
Shaun logan
Shaun logan 19 days ago
I agree with every thing Charlie says , there's just some people with heads up there shity asshole
lillost 19 days ago
I don't like the fine Bros either, but this guy seems bitter AF, like we get it, you like to watch the world burn, but can you let people enjoy things??
Nads 19 days ago
Teens react to the periodic table
Octavian Popescu
Octavian Popescu 20 days ago
Well, I have no idea who these Jenners are (they seem like the Kardashians, talentless forgettable celebrities famous for being famous, I do know who Ramesses II was though), I have no idea about the egg picture, I have no idea who Supreme Patty is (I hate memes, take a picture slap a few words and dimwits view you a some deep thinker... read books people!), I don't give 2 squirts of piss about social media (so many sites to keep track of, so much time wasted keeping track of who ate what this morning) or influencers (another way of saying random, but popular people whose views are really no better than any average person on the street)... which leads me to the question: why do people care so much about this useless crap?
Atreyu 20 days ago
Kickstand284 Gaming
If you laugh to this I need you to go to a doctor
Tim Page
Tim Page 20 days ago
Remember when they tried to patent the react format? 😂
Anonymous Doe
Anonymous Doe 21 day ago
3:30 Yea my friends reacted that way when I showed them this channel...
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