I Don't Like The Fine Bros React Series

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This is the greatest egg reacting of All Time


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Jan 19, 2019




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Ben East
Ben East 4 hours ago
I used to like the React Channel...... Now the scales have fallen from my eyes and I see the truth. I feel so dirty, so unclean...
ItsPinkie 15 hours ago
the circles on the bros wall look like perfectly round titties with perfectly succulent nipples
donkeydog 7
donkeydog 7 Day ago
Kids react is funny.
Raymanic Day ago
I've never cringed so hard at the meme about their mom.
Sam 2 days ago
3:20 the fuck? sounds like bill hader up in this bitch
Suhan Dey
Suhan Dey 3 days ago
Kappa Pride Poro
Kappa Pride Poro 3 days ago
well i watch elders react to lil pump and vocaloids cuz who tf doesnt think its cute seeing a grandma jammin to the cringiest and pretty hype songs on internet
Purple Giraffe
Purple Giraffe 3 days ago
0:54 What is this noise?
Vizaar 5 days ago
Being a 2020 citizen, Charlie with longer hair is a much better look.
Punskina 5 days ago
At least they helped promote and credit Brandon Rogers when vine was stealing his stuff
JakeJM18 5 days ago
It's for children
ShockM 5 days ago
Carson and jawsh's bits were funny
SortedPants 5 days ago
I’m not a fan of react but you can’t call them boring with that voice
hoppyman11 6 days ago
"Elders react to dying of old age."
Jackson 0811
Jackson 0811 6 days ago
I don’t if it’s supposed to be known, or maybe I’m retarded, but they reuse a lot of the same stupid people for a lot of their retarded videos.
Jack Daniel's in the lion's den
The only thing their video did was remind me of how much I don't like Shawn Dawson, So thanks for that.
Luke L.
Luke L. 8 days ago
Elders react to dying
German Guy
German Guy 8 days ago
This dude looks like captain price but anorexic
quizr 9 days ago
The egg "meme" is so mindless that i wonder if it was created to gauge how much of society is a cro magnon. Each like is 1 NPC.
Master Chef
Master Chef 9 days ago
2020 anyone, no, nobody. Ok
BB Gun
BB Gun 9 days ago
I've only watched the Fine Bros React videos that have CallMeCarson and Josh together because they actually make it funny. They are just making eachother laugh the whole time.
Quoka 9 days ago
Those who can do, those who can't make react videos.
Blake Lindemann
Blake Lindemann 10 days ago
Reacting to a reaction video of a picture of an egg. Thanks cr1tikal
Alchemistic Academician
For real I have never watched a whole video from them. Ive just watched the immediate reactions, all the follow up questions are awful.
Andrew 10 days ago
4:35 I’ve never wanted to murder anyone as badly as I wanna kill this fucking dude in the red, holy shit.
Im Sore
Im Sore 10 days ago
Trikki for 2020
Trikki for 2020 11 days ago
6:00 that face right there sums up how I feel about fine Bros react
Blitzkrieg Faust
Blitzkrieg Faust 11 days ago
5:09 This fucking had me crying, hilarious.
Hayden 11 days ago
The cadence, the timing...Perfect.
Mila Leila
Mila Leila 12 days ago
This is exactly how I feel.
Scandigoose 12 days ago
the elders reacting to gta was the only ok one
TheGr8stManEvr 12 days ago
Reaction videos are the lowest form of "content" on RUvid. You're stealing someone else's hard work and making money on it. Commentary is fine, but that should just be a clip here and a clip there. Not the entire video. I want to start doing reaction videos of reaction videos, and encourage people to do reaction videos of my reaction video of said reaction video.
kiyu -_-
kiyu -_- 13 days ago
This feels like the definition of fucking normies...
Ciaran Sweet
Ciaran Sweet 13 days ago
The only time I watch a Fine Brothers video is when it's a topic I enjoy and I want to be triggered by their opinions, for my own fruitless attempts at self-validation
Take a Look at Yourself
The only react videos I watch from them are the kids reacting to bands.
The intoxicated male
Elders react to the insane clown posse
PyrotecnicTurtle *
PyrotecnicTurtle * 14 days ago
Their formula: give people something the aren’t familiar with, they like it hate it then kneckbeards hate on their opinions
LazyMAXRUN 12 days ago
Dave is Killin my mom,and he is gonna do the same to yours unless you contact me and you understand that when he has the gun,he is in charge. Be safe,and bye.
DiddyKongVsLuigi 14 days ago
THANK..... YOUUU! Hit the nail on the head.
Channel: Negative
Channel: Negative 15 days ago
yes very funny, i laughed at that
GWR C 15 days ago
That"s The Ugliest Dog In The Universe 3:14
Xtensioncord TV
Xtensioncord TV 15 days ago
Kids react to Qassen Suleimani
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman 15 days ago
Being quirky is not humor, And that’s not subjective
Christian Ambrose
Christian Ambrose 15 days ago
Democrats in a nutshell
bmtten 15 days ago
As a white guy, I can say with complete honesty that everyone who is featured on react, whether actually white or not, are the whitest people to ever exist.
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle 16 days ago
"the most low effort but biggest summation of effort 2019" this didn't age well
Analkin Thotwalker
Like the Carson picture man. Good taste :)
Faze Keevano Reeves
Well That wasn’t fine
SrLemo 17 days ago
Kindof hypocritical to hate the fine bros for being a reaction channel because you're a reaction channel as well. At least they put more effort into there videos
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman 15 days ago
Shoving piles of shit into a straw can be qualified as “effort” killing of the Jews can be qualified as “effort”. Doesn’t make either of those things good Effort is not a qualifier for quality Also he didn’t shit on them for being a reaction channel, he shit on them for the stale formula and the forced nature of it all
5:06 cr1t1kal kum cam
Steven Moseley
Steven Moseley 19 days ago
Lia Johnson, who use to be on there teens react series has a serious drug problem. She’s posted a few live-streams on twitch where she’s absolutely strung out of her mind. It’s so sad.
isaiah fruitlloops
isaiah fruitlloops 20 days ago
This guy is such a hater😂 *I LOVE IT*
Alex 20 days ago
Why is the word 'valid' used for everything
Uv Dagger
Uv Dagger 21 day ago
i watch them to watch the video there reacting to
yeet :0
yeet :0 21 day ago
they did an elders react to slipknot and one of old geezers actually knew the song, and that’s charlie as a boomer
Androkon 22 days ago
I am so insulted by seeing this garbage content by proxy that I'm at the verge of unsubscribing. Never show me that disgusting shit again, Charlie.
Pigboy 17
Pigboy 17 23 days ago
I have never hurd of Kylie Jenner or the egg
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman 15 days ago
Leftists would call you a bigot for that
Pouria Mzadeh
Pouria Mzadeh 24 days ago
I hate their try not to... I feel like they actually fuckin try to do the thing they shouldnt do
LONE Series
LONE Series 25 days ago
I use them to fall alseep no joke
Aman 26 days ago
Did I just watch a reaction to a reaction video, that made me react with a comment?
Unpaid Intern
Unpaid Intern 26 days ago
Uh oh this video is about to be taken down just like the leafy content cop...
Maekolah 27 days ago
5:10 hahaha
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