I Don't Like the Dentist

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope ur teeth r good

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Dec 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Dry Fiji Water
Dry Fiji Water 4 hours ago
jesus menchaca
jesus menchaca 5 hours ago
My birthday is on june 11 yeah let's go
Seth Terault
Seth Terault 5 hours ago
Rentals are evil
La chiperita De NiuYor
you:telling the story me:KILL ME NOW!!!
Kai Da Foox
Kai Da Foox 8 hours ago
4:42 5:25 I’m dying
Elly Nicole
Elly Nicole 8 hours ago
I never had wisdom teeth...😬🤭😑
Chaymae K
Chaymae K 9 hours ago
I kinda have an overbite that apparently not even 4 years of braces could fix 🙄 (my dentist's statement). And I have the inclined wisdome teeth (they're actually horizontal), and till now I'm avoiding removing them like the Plague !!!!!
antobono 64
antobono 64 9 hours ago
Before this video I got an ad that was like "are you having problems with your teeth go to this doctor" then after that ad I got this video
Ally McDougall
Ally McDougall 10 hours ago
Once I went to the dentist and they stuck a needle in my mouth
jeffmaniak 21
jeffmaniak 21 10 hours ago
You are lucky XD sedatives doesnt work on me and i got 4 teeth removed
Destroyer700 10 hours ago
I they had to rip 2 of my teeth out, it was not fun jaiden, even tho they numbed my gums I could still feel the taking the metal thing digging in my gums behind the tooth, ya they pushed the metal thing in my gums and started stabbing away at the thing tat was keeping the teeth there, and then yanked them out, I could feel that but thank god for the numbing
picklez Plays
picklez Plays 11 hours ago
Jaiden: “ wow 😲. THE TootH FAiRY WAs SCamInG Me ALl ThIS TImE!” Me: “ ummm yea?”
Skyler Fox
Skyler Fox 12 hours ago
OMG I hate drilling imagine this I burst with tears and scream like bloody murder I need some dentist to hold me down
Irock 55
Irock 55 12 hours ago
Neri Gomez
Neri Gomez 12 hours ago
That's litterly my life with the dentist
My Dentist Had The WORST Toothpaste Stuff. (Idk What It Is Called.) It's So Gross
Nate Porthouse
Nate Porthouse 13 hours ago
Don’t worry I went through it to
Brenna B Beaver
Brenna B Beaver 13 hours ago
hey jaiden i also play animal crossing is it ok if you give me your island code
Emily Alaniz
Emily Alaniz 13 hours ago
6:24 I lost it
Alyssa Menjivar
Alyssa Menjivar 14 hours ago
My friends: how r u gunna get it out Me: 1:41
Dizzyleafu-tail 15 hours ago
I am terrified of anything to do with anatomy. I still cry when I think of them. I think I'd just live with the pain.
Awkward_gacha productions101
I'm contemplating starting animation
Raul Colon Aquino
Raul Colon Aquino 15 hours ago
I had my teeth pull out before l. That hurts. If I could describe it I would say hell
Coffee Keys
Coffee Keys 15 hours ago
That 4th planet Mars
I have a condition which makes my enamel really thin and another condition which messes up my teeth shape so I constantly need treatment 😭😭
Smotsh123 123smo
Smotsh123 123smo 17 hours ago
In sweden the dentist is relly nice
Tavotex 2555
Tavotex 2555 18 hours ago
I pass for that BUT BY A SERGURY
Prisciliano Rojas
Prisciliano Rojas 18 hours ago
When I went to the dentest I fell asleep in the car so when woke up I hade a missing tooth 😂
Sydney Reed
Sydney Reed 19 hours ago
Sydney Reed
Sydney Reed 19 hours ago
Esteban García
Esteban García 19 hours ago
"Does anyone wanna get into a fight!?"
Grant Mackenzie
Grant Mackenzie 20 hours ago
Her boobs have eyse when her body screams
Me My Friends and I
Me My Friends and I 20 hours ago
Thank you for using pink for the blood color instead of red because I know it's weird but it's just kind of gross and scary 😅🤷
Hyphen 21 hour ago
Blood: [is Pink] My brain: *DaNgAnRoNpA rEfReNcE*
Mr.L Gaming
Mr.L Gaming 22 hours ago
0:30 Don’t mind me, I’m just recovering from the earrape.
saintsSpade 23 hours ago
Ok but can we talk about how painful it is when they clean the glue off your teeth after taking your braces off??
King Ryan
King Ryan 23 hours ago
Not wisdom teeth but other teeth
King Ryan
King Ryan 23 hours ago
I had that as a 11 year old
michael Day ago
The day you got ur wisdom teeth removed was right on my birthday XD
Damian Maj
Damian Maj Day ago
I pulled out 3 teeth in a week
I needed to pull out some of me teeth from the dentist and I crypt a lot
nattawut mugkalakiri
jared augustine dubouzet
0:51 the dentist lost her mouth
Girl Studio
Girl Studio Day ago
That time i had a old baby toothe had to take it outand i actually bit the dentist finger ha good times
Zasper Day ago
Why did I get a dentist ad...?
alex tello
alex tello Day ago
me going to da dentist(but really heaven:ez day for me. also me:*Whistles in the car* me:*arriving* reseptionest:DR.P! me"sits* also me:*look at his glock and axe* mind:HOLY SH!
sai foxy 2308
I never was afraid dentist even when I was 2 or 3 years old
Mikayla Ortiz
Its OK they actually pot me 3 shots in my mouth and I felt dead
Nithun Sathyadharshanan
You know jaiden I have a pretty good set of teeth, so I have never gone to the dentist for braces. Also, I have skipped many dentist appointments, but I guess that is what I get for loving to go to the dentist.
Kirboweirdo Day ago
1:11 dat index finger
Nithun Sathyadharshanan
You know jaiden I have a pretty good set of teeth, so I have never gone to the dentist for braces. Also, I have skipped many dentist appointments, but I guess that is what I get for loving to go to the dentist.
Afton Robotics Official
If you have a wisdom Tooth For an two year and It Not Come Out Hit this like On This Comment For Commit Kill dinist
Johnny Berman
Jaiden: If anything you should be afraid about how much they charge 2020 me: You ain't seen nothin yet
london gamer
london gamer Day ago
june 11 is mah bday
Epic Playz
Epic Playz Day ago
I actually liked the dentist bc I sometimes got to have mint.
Omolola Agosu
Hi Five🖐
Omolola Agosu
My name is Justin agosu
Omolola Agosu
I do too 🌬😀👍
c l o u d y
c l o u d y Day ago
Until I was 10, I had gotten THE SAME BARBIE TOOTHBRUSH FOR 4 YEARS.
Bee09 Bluca
Bee09 Bluca Day ago
Ive got a overbite to lol
Kingston Vlach
Hehe that joke was funny
Mandy Wilson
Mandy Wilson Day ago
Ok bu like I asked if I could have my birthday party at the dentist when I was 2......
Same for me
xXGacha WolfXx
I love the dentist I get toys and stickers because I am oldest child who go to dentist and good child me and my older brother who is 1yr older than me ÙwÚ I also never cried but I’m 8 so dat petty old I cried at 6 tho
Adrian Haase
Adrian Haase Day ago
I got my teeth pulled but it wasn’t so bad
Naria Biswas
Naria Biswas Day ago
I hate the dentist
Hannah Myerholtz
I love you
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head Day ago
Pull em out and and and and wash em off, the memories.
Angel_Cloud Day ago
Her explaining how she hates dentists *random commercial of dentists comes over* Me:OH MaH GOSh tHe CURsE IS ReAL
Veneta Dimitrova
at my dentist that gas is called fun gas
kariesa lane
kariesa lane Day ago
Wait..you think YOUR TEETH IS BAD!?HAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahh....hah....see mine...
Justin Rock
Justin Rock Day ago
I got a soft tooth filled and the needle didn't hurt at all
pookie psp
pookie psp Day ago
pookie psp
pookie psp Day ago
Monday I have to go to the dentist
Cheryl Shropshire
I had a underbite..But I had baby teeth and like my dentist did not tell me I had to take some teeth out :^
L Steve
L Steve Day ago
Whene her doctor sees ghis video Ooooooooh thats wat was wrong
L Steve
L Steve Day ago
I like this vid
L Steve
L Steve Day ago
Timton Even BETTER but still good
lexi Forman
lexi Forman Day ago
Its it me or is the dentist worst then the doctor xD
Joan Mackesy
Joan Mackesy Day ago
My birthday is on June 11
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