I Don't Like the Dentist

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope ur teeth r good

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Dec 29, 2019




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Comments 100
luke Hour ago
yea your subs are now on 9-11 noice
Li Sh
Li Sh 2 hours ago
The only time i cry of fear is when my teeth hurt more then they ever did I only cry because of anxiety, pressure, bad things and pain
Biantoro Iskandar
Biantoro Iskandar 2 hours ago
Jaiden my parents are dentist and they pulled my baby teeth it did not hurt at all and chill my parents used a jam and put it on I was playing my phone while doing my mom did it am few seconds later my teeth is out I hardly feel anything ;-;
GOOMBA GAMER 3 hours ago
The way jaiden describes the fear she had is how I’d describe my fear for needles except both my brain and body are freaking out
ali ahsan
ali ahsan 4 hours ago
this will give me nightmares
Masayu Salma
Masayu Salma 4 hours ago
I have never been more mentally connected
Fluffy_Nugget 5 hours ago
In the beginning was that a dangonranpa reference- or did you just want to make the blood pink?
Nguyễn Nhã Quân Lớp 8A5
Gumdrop the noob Channel
My fear is the dentis and the hospital i got a uti if you get an uti you have to stay in the haspital 6 days 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
fiddle diddle
fiddle diddle 5 hours ago
i genuinely thought the video was just 3 minutes
Yousaf Shoaib
Yousaf Shoaib 6 hours ago
The Channel
The Channel 6 hours ago
;-; my parents are dentist Kind of offensive
Garrett's Corner
Garrett's Corner 6 hours ago
Nobody: Jaiden: does anybody wanna go into a *F I G H T ?*
Cerise Hood
Cerise Hood 7 hours ago
I got a rootcanal done recently and after they injected the numbing thing into my gums, they left me alone so it can kick in and - For some reason - Seeing the needle after the injection freaked me out and I was shaking a lot. I had enough time to try and text a friend but I literally couldnt hold my phone I was shaking and my hands and arms felt weak and I forced my self not to cry right there and then
Isaiah Bautista
Isaiah Bautista 8 hours ago
Jaiden, Dentists are suppost to help you with health problems like cavities.
Nick Le
Nick Le 8 hours ago
I would feel the same
Paxton Brock
Paxton Brock 9 hours ago
I know how I’d feels I did this I hate it I’m like help help MOM HELP
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 9 hours ago
Yep no way to make and CONNECTION...(I like the dentist)
Brooke Hindman
Brooke Hindman 10 hours ago
I had my bottom tooth getting loose for 3 or 4 MONTHS!
ANA MEI 10 hours ago
Why you don’t like the Deneen’s
ANA MEI 10 hours ago
ANA MEI 10 hours ago
Hi 😀
Helen Jalbuena
Helen Jalbuena 11 hours ago
i swallowd a tooth and is scary aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
en6rr 11 hours ago
This is just me
Olivia Villegas
Olivia Villegas 12 hours ago
Hey one time I went to ortho and I saw something that looked like a needle and I said "woah woah I don't do needles" and they said "oh iyts not a needle" and I was like oh I was so embarrassed
Guesty 13 hours ago
I have my sister as my dentist, HA!-
Exotic_ Lizzy
Exotic_ Lizzy 14 hours ago
When I was like 4 I remember that the dentist actually strapped me down to a chair and WITHOUT NUMBING ME
Brandon Mccarty
Brandon Mccarty 16 hours ago
You don’t like the dentist I love love love the dentist
Shark pj 34
Shark pj 34 16 hours ago
Dod anyone notice that when she said: my stumick was like ahhhhhhhh it was from piggy
Talik B
Talik B 16 hours ago
Actually I has a dentist appointment before I did not feel scared just when I got the first needle in my mouth it felt weird
Pranav N Arun
Pranav N Arun 17 hours ago
I have to do this too
Gushy Gusher
Gushy Gusher 18 hours ago
I would rather be fully asleep because I freak out so much
e 18 hours ago
Me when my tooth is olmost felling: mom can u help me ? Jaiden: 1:41
Moularte ,
Moularte , 18 hours ago
LOOK JAIDEN IM A KID AND GET OUT 4 TEETH AT NOW BUT BY A THING I HAVE (the thing is i literally just have 2 permanty teeth like one go out but theres one last) OR IN OTHER WORDS I NEED TO PULL OFF ALL OF MY TEETHS AND THAT REALLY WILL HURT
Jatin Som
Jatin Som 21 hour ago
1:45 baby teeth(milk teeths) don't have roots
Akselbassen 22 hours ago
I know your pain
Olívia Irie Lee
Olívia Irie Lee 22 hours ago
One time I was at dentist I slept lol 😂
• IamEmma •
• IamEmma • 23 hours ago
Me: OMG no drugs NO NO NO Jaiden: YASsS GIMmIEEe
velda channel
I chew on my right side cause my left tooth side is wiggelling and it hurts OOF
like why would anyone want to be afraid of the dentist there just making your teeth suffer and have the worst days of your life why would anyone be afraid of the dentist YOU HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF THE DENTSIT
Teddy Czyz
Teddy Czyz Day ago
5:23 im not trying to be mean or anything but , im 12 and i didnt cry when i got a niddle stabbed in my gums
Kristan Lacey
What?!?!?! :0 💯
Enrique Villarmino
Why? tic-tac-toe?
SCP 001
SCP 001 Day ago
me when someone gets in the portal behind me 6:26
Neil Blue5
Neil Blue5 Day ago
Lol I just had a dentist appointment today and it didnt hurt bc they added some special things and the dentist said I was more braver than dome adults that made me happy.
Faceless Horror8
2:36 XD
Thirdy Garrido
The wisdom teeth is like the traitor in piggy but need to get the RB battle sword so u protect it and the piggy who is the good that’s supposed to kill the traitor is off sooooo wisdom teeth is a nightmare ;-;
Thirdy Garrido
Thirdy Garrido
Btw the traitor kills u that’s the sword ok teeth
Christine Marie Jimera
When u said rip ur teeth out i remembered when they ingected me in the mouth and pulled out my tooth
Victoria Euan
Actually I get $20 every single time the tooth fairy comes
I had to go under to get like 5 of my teeth out. I had to eat nothing but liquid foods for about 6 weeks. I hated it so much.
Hello I’m a stupid kiddo heh And my profile
:_: my brain sells: if ririrjdhdudknege REEEE
Robert Schmidt
Damn the sixth grade wasn't good to you, was it??
I see your Pepto Bismol blood Jaiden.
Ultra Krillex
I feel bad for Jaiden because when the dentist operated on me I had some sort of gas that made me loopy and not remember anything. That must've been bad for Jaiden that she had to feel all of the operation.
Lord Drago
Lord Drago Day ago
They put gas on me I still felt everything I saw everything and it only took 30 minutes
Runner 023
Runner 023 Day ago
the needles is kinda bad cus you feel the needle going below your teeth and touching it, GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I HATE IT
Runner 023
Runner 023 Day ago
when i was a kid i had this fear too recently i gathered some courage to go back after idk, like, 8 year welp long story short, i had 2 plaques in different teeth and a rotten one, the first one i removed was the rotten one, my anxiety alomst made me pass out during the teeth removal, it went fine, i never had fear of needles so the anestesy was fine, but i had an hemorrhage, and spent 3 days bleeding without end, and one day it just stopped (you are probably thinking why didn't you went to the dentist to see why you were bleeding that much, it was my first time removing teeth with root and i tought it was normal, welp the next week i went again to the dentist to remove the second, i told her about the incident and she went pale like if she just saw a ghost, we chat for a little and started the operation, it wasn't that bad, the only bad things is that i had to spend 3 weeks with stitches in my mouth and food getting stuck inside the hole in my gum, today i don't have more fear of the dentist, but holy shit my changed so much after that, before i couldn't see a tooth and i got scared of dentist, now i watch a lot of surgery videos and stuff
Alexis playzz8
I've gotten at least more than 8 teeth pulled
Jorden today I got a filling today and this maked me we feel better
Fiona Green
Fiona Green Day ago
I have many cavities because I refuse to brush my teeth, I also read the description.... so um jadien I'm sorry 😅
A_Roman Day ago
you are the best animator EVER
Jaysillyman Day ago
I like the dentist. . . Am I weird
Suki! Day ago
0:14 When Jaiden said dentist I heard it “Dead test” Oh no-
Hajime Hinata
0:09 *danganronpa blood*
Bridget Whitlock
Corbin’s World
Jaidon: wowwwww jaidon again: THE TOOTH FAIRY BIN SCAMIN ME FOR YEARS
Frederick Britton
i hated having braces i had it when i was in fourth grade all the way till 7th grade
Tanzin Khan
Tanzin Khan Day ago
I went to a dentist in Toronto tho and the dentist actually like instead of taking out my tooth with a cavity (I had one) they just put filling and it didn't hurt 😐
thebigE bird
thebigE bird Day ago
Natalka Galova
Like 99% of the world
Donald Hawkins
I like the Dentist, I wanna be a Dentist when I grow up! 😂
PinkGummy Bear The GUM SUM squad
I hope your teeth are fine today! 🦷 Giving this video a like! 👍🏻👍🏻
Kai McColl
Kai McColl Day ago
I have had to lose teeth when younger and my mother being Japanese when they asked to do laughing gas and stuff but my mom of course said: NO and it hurt a lot when the nerve things didn’t work as well
Eduardo Umanzor
I have an irrational fear of needles, one time when I was about 10 they had to take out the last baby tooth, a molar, I was so scared of the anestisia syringe that I said: "Take it off without anestisia" I still regret that
strange green thing
I have that fear to
cold toast
cold toast Day ago
Abdullah Abualhaj
mr blazing gaming
nice joke for a baby-tooth BADUM TISH btw as a kid like im a kid right now but when my theet is hurting soo much i ahve to go to adentis and like i think its gonna hurt but acsualy it dont hurt like when efen the guy tuck a needl at my theet and i go home eat some ciken wing ngl its preety good not to fell pain soo thats my experiants of a dentist ngl it dont hurt a litt bit maybe you soud not be scare of the dentis it dont hurt like me im a man btw im not even scare when i was in a waiting room to soo dont be scare of the dentis ok its not that bad btw if you read this all the way here i hope your save of any virus or a thoot problem if you know what i mean
William Schubert
The way she just up and fell off the table at 8:52 XD
Bromine Bradley
Bromine Bradley 2 days ago
6:26 *fill scenario in comments, I like to see opionion*
Fofo/Lyn Fernandez
Oh wait was that my toung? *eats it like u dont care*
Allie Vasquez
Allie Vasquez 2 days ago
9Swagg 2 days ago
When i was 8 its was my 1st time and i didnt xd
KralOZZY 2 days ago
my mo is a dentist so im not scaring
stellacore_ 2 days ago
Fun fact, getting your teeth pulled isn't that bad once they numb you, plus the shot just feels.. tingly? because they put this gel stuff on. the jelly stuff taste horrible by the way but the shot doesn't feel much. Also you can hear the snapping of the tooth when they pull it out it's like a *breaks ur neck* noise, kinda weird.
Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
6:07 Jaiden:THEY ARE PLAYING WITH NEEDLES Doctors: Bro hand me drill
zombiebot 3000
zombiebot 3000 2 days ago
I've had a my teeth pulled out they didn't give me drugs so I burnt down the dentist 🙃
Jun Watanabe
Jun Watanabe 2 days ago
0:27 roasting the dentist 101
My Alt
My Alt 2 days ago
Did it hurt getting them pulled out? im getting mine out in 2 weeks
Comrade Fire Crystal
Same here the dentist is really scary but ive had worst than removing teeth
Ethan Edwards
Ethan Edwards 2 days ago
Oh, this hits too close to home.
Lisa Kessler
Lisa Kessler 2 days ago
Lisa Kessler
Lisa Kessler 2 days ago
Why is this so funny?!
Micaela OConnor
Micaela OConnor 2 days ago
luckily alot of my teeth would not get wiggly when i needed them to, so ive had a lot of teeth pulled. one time i had a cavity and it was getting bad, i but i had a week before the appointement for it. anddd that week felt like i was in hell. so yea...
darth vader 3000
darth vader 3000 2 days ago
don't worry they give you anesthesia it makes you go to sleep if your parents have enough money
Richard plays
Richard plays 2 days ago
I think I’ll have a gre- oh never mind I think I’d sleep while I get my wisdom teeth out because that thing would jshsamvfkwhejfbemwhdnd me
Joemixels INC
Joemixels INC 2 days ago
5:48 overdose
Moira Donahoe
Moira Donahoe 2 days ago
Sorry I couldn't watch this all the way through I have a fear of needles and even an animated one scares me.
Something Interesting
Funny story once I got my braces off they did an X-ray to see if I had any wisdom teeth and I had 6 total wisdom teeth 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top and the best part is my two older brothers only had 3 wisdom teeth so the wisdom teeth they didn't have I got
navyeggbeater :p
navyeggbeater :p 2 days ago
They had to pull out two of my teeth
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