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Ninja Sex Party
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Directed by Tucker Prescott, Stop Motion Animation by Apartment D Films
Starring Safiya Nygaard
Music Credits:
Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
Produced & Engineered by: Jim Roach
Recorded at Sunset Sound Recordings and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
Additional Engineering & Editing by: Jerik Centeno
Mixed by: Thom Flowers
Mastered by: Randy Merrill, Sterling Sound NYC
String Arrangements by: Dallas Kruse
Ninja Sex Party is:
Vocals: Dan Avidan
Keys & Synths: Brian Wecht
TWRP is:
Talkbox/Synthesizer: Doctor Sung
Bass: Commander Meouch
Guitar: Lord Phobos
Drums: Havve Hogan
Additional guitars, synths & programming: Jim Roach
Video credits:
A Preative Production
Starring: Safiya Nygaard
Director: Tucker Prescott
Executive Producer: Felicity Jayn Heath
Producer: Maddy Milburn
Director of Photography: Tucker Prescott
Second Camera: Madison Kirk
1st AD: Ismail Hameed
2nd AD: Keilon Thompson
1st AC: Chris Davidson
Gaffer: Adam Siler
Key Grip: Eddie Saucedo
Swing: Barret Nicols
Production Designer: Lucca Liberal
Art Assist: Anastasia Antonova
Food Stylist Kaylyn: Jade Study
Wardrobe Stylist: Chanel Gibbons
Wardrobe Assist: Lola Gibbons
Wardrobe Assist: Kaycee Kuna
Lead Glam: Gina Espinoza
Animation: Apartment D Films
BTS: Mars Arayza
PA: Henrii Coleman
PA: Adrian Cobb
PA: Marlon Savinelli
PA: Carson Tucker
Maitre’D: Zan Alda
Server: Matt Watson
Vampire: Kailer Scopacasa
Vampire: Madeline Blomdahl
Extra: Stephanie Presz
Extra: Michael Proud
Extra: Aaron Valenzuela
Extra: Zafer Alpat
Extra: Robert Krell
Extra: Chantry Knox
Extra: Larry Herskovic
Extra: Danielle Hutchings
Extra: Gloria Laisure
Extra: Sharon Lubin
Extra: Kent Harris-Repass
Special thanks to Marinate Your Life, Mai Linh Nguyen, and Tyler Williams
I picked you up at eight
My heart was racing, and now we’re on our first date
You look so radiant as we walk into the restaurant
You start to talk and then I smile and nod
You told me about your life
But I was lost inside your oceanic eyes
Our hands touched briefly as the light reflected off your golden hair
A strong electric charge was in the air
Now it’s 10 o'clock
And the meal is done
But the conversation’s
Just begun
You’re fascinating
I feel blessed
But I have to be honest
I don’t know what we’re talking about
And I haven’t for a while
And I don’t know what we’re talking about
And I haven’t for a while
My eyes are open wide
You speak with passion but I’m panicking inside
Cause I’ve been daydreaming about a Pterodactyl named Lamar
When he’s tired of flying he drives a car
He’s got to get to work on time
His nursing job is on the line
His wife is always on his case
Why can’t she give Lamar some space???
I don’t know what we’re talking about
And I haven’t for a while
And I don’t know what we’re talking about
And I haven’t for a while

Im pretty sure you’re telling me about your new job
I’m not absorbing anything - smile and nod
I’m thinking about ladders, if I tell you is that odd?
Is it my turn to talk? You’re looking at me OH GOD!
Focus…focus…Penguin in a costume
How many Draculas are hiding in this room?
Marlon Brando was so very handsome in his prime
I’d make an awesome cop if I could stop committing crimes
I don’t know what we’re talking about
I am totally lost
I don’t know what we’re talking about
I uh….where am I?
I don’t know what we’re talking about
And I haven’t for a while
Lamar’s gonna have to go back to night school!
And I don’t know what we’re talking about
And I haven’t for a while
Let’s go back to my place and…Oh…I see you left at some point.


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Apr 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Cheyenne Vogelsang
Cheyenne Vogelsang 9 hours ago
Mythikal 21 hour ago
ADD: The Soundtrack
Reginald Day ago
Misshowzat 2 days ago
Wow, the algorithm got it right. Should I be glad or terrified? ...Batman, I think I'll be Batman.
FictionalFactoids -
I don't know why Safiya Nygaard is in this but I'm loving it
SJ Scrubs
SJ Scrubs 4 days ago
I love how Dr. Sung isn't even TRYING to make it seem like he's actually playing his keytar.
Fab4Sunrises 4 days ago
Such an adhd mood
Blubehriluv 6 days ago
The faces he makes while taking sips just absolutely destroy me. Everything about this video and song is just so incredibly perfect. The camera work the animations the cast the hook the distractions the chorus the guitar riffs the outfits the band the references it's just... I'm addicted
DiamondEpsilon 6 days ago
She's a keeper!
SweetPea 264
SweetPea 264 7 days ago
3:32 I just now noticed that it said ‘The Prophecy’ down in the left corner. I was too busy looking at Dan that I didn’t even notice until now.
MoonShadowWolfe 7 days ago
Losing track of a conversation because you spaced out thinking about this song is to be the butt of a joke only you will ever understand.
AnotherChosenOne 8 days ago
Oh my gosh. It's Kenny G
SpiderMonkey20s 9 days ago
Watched this dozens of times and only just noticed the lotion and "spent" tissues by Brando's picture.
Alexa S
Alexa S 10 days ago
No disrespect to Tyler and Ashley, but Safiya and Dan would be the ultimate power couple, maybe too powerful
Aquarionus 11 days ago
Has no one realized the lady is being played by Safiya Nygaard ,whos a youtuber. or just me..
Collin Gardner
Collin Gardner 11 days ago
I literrally had a date go from terrible to the best date ive ever had because of this song..... we now have 2 kids.
kitty bartlett
kitty bartlett 11 days ago
Anyone else confused on the costume dan is wearing
Tyler Rickard
Tyler Rickard 2 days ago
No because that's what he wears in his videos...
valkrieknights 12 days ago
Geez Dan, Bowie would be envious.
sonsofsparda22 13 days ago
Me with ADD
B.B. Rodrieguez
B.B. Rodrieguez 14 days ago
2021, and I'm still worried about lamar.
Joshua Waldorf
Joshua Waldorf 14 days ago
How come this guy doesn't have a large following. He needs a following.
Tyler Rickard
Tyler Rickard 2 days ago
1.3 million followers isn't a following to you?
XexcellX 17 days ago
what happened to lemair?
Minty Bunny
Minty Bunny 17 days ago
Yo anyone know what conditioner Dan uses? His curls are HYDRATED
carlinianam0s 18 days ago
I just want somebody to hold me and look at me the way Ninja Brian looks at a yellow balloon.
carlinianam0s 18 days ago
A very angry cat
A very angry cat 19 days ago
The part at 2:27 was amazing!
Gilbert Gottfried
I played this for my wife. I was crying, trying to explain that this is how i feel, every day, and how i struggle constantly to pay attention, about the pain, and how i'm not being rude, I just... she was just laughing her ass off, at the video and then me. She knew. She's just been leveraging it against me all these years. :(
OlderSnake 22 days ago
Danny needs to do some weird Al song XD they can look so much alike XD
Mahvimcoo 23 days ago
Hahahaha, after watching this several times, I've just realized Dr Sung is... uh... Playing extremely masterfully. hahaha
Nate Roe
Nate Roe 23 days ago
Holy crap, NSP's production quality recently really said 📈📈📈
The Floral Punk
The Floral Punk 24 days ago
But what happens to Lamar? :(
Moth W
Moth W 24 days ago
all rise for the unmedicated adhd anthem
Tristan Del
Tristan Del 28 days ago
is this a cover? this is so good
ANTREU96 29 days ago
The actress is a brunette and has brown eyes, yet danny sings "oceanic eyes" and "golden hair". Not to be meta, but that describes his girlfriend. So cuuute
Legion 26 days ago
i thought it was funny lol, because it really shows he knows noting about the girl in the video and RREALLY isnt paying attention-
notfeedy notlazy
notfeedy notlazy 29 days ago
0:45 bwahaha
Anna Jacobsen
Anna Jacobsen 29 days ago
How has nsp been around over 10 yes and I am just now listening?
The Amazon Bois
The Amazon Bois 21 day ago
Faith Midnight
Faith Midnight Month ago
Are all the songs by this band jokes?
The Amazon Bois
The Amazon Bois 21 day ago
Shaynah H
Shaynah H Month ago
I didn’t realize that was Safiya until I read the description
Noel Crist
Noel Crist Month ago
2:50 vampires then someone named Brando? It’s almost like it’s a- THE WORLDA!!!!!
Brendan Dugdell
Brendan Dugdell Month ago
Cool Doggy
Cool Doggy Month ago
I’m more concerned about Lamar than Danny’s date tbh
ToniPepperoni Month ago
This song lives in my head rent free. I think it’s becoming a vocal tic for me lmao
Caidalee Month ago
The key change always gets me because the INSISTENCE of not understanding the conversation is a MOOD.
Brooke Rainbridge
blue suit makes me uncomfortable
buZZwig Van Roţțen
2:08 I love this look dan gives like he just blurted something out, but it works perfectly with what she was saying
Omg it's Safiya Nygaard???
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily Month ago
Oh nice let’s watch this nsp music video! I’m so excited to see Dan- SAFIYA?!?!?!
Sigusen Month ago
This is my new personal anthem
Trans fer
Trans fer Month ago
I think this is their most family friendly song lol
Mr Vaporize
Mr Vaporize Month ago
I can't believe they pulled a "Queen" reference
Aidan Eaglesfield
ADHD anthem
Mario M
Mario M Month ago
Oscar Clayton
Oscar Clayton Month ago
"Oceanic eyes? But her eyes are brown." It's called pollution and it's a serious problem.
Cherry Boy
Cherry Boy Month ago
I showed this to my gf and she and I agree that she's Danny, im so fucking lucky.
vV Y0Y0 Vv
vV Y0Y0 Vv Month ago
So what were they talking about
Adam Snediker-Morscheck
Press f to pay respect for Lamar.
Alex Nairn
Alex Nairn Month ago
Spencer Lent
Spencer Lent Month ago
No, I’m pretty sure it’s MATT from SUPERMEGA.
Samuel Maltby
Samuel Maltby Month ago
I love this song!! Such a blast. Love the content keep it up 😊
MaltheTheGamerRM / RubGoose
This is so good
JROD310 Month ago
I showed this to my girlfriend, she told me she finally understands why I don’t remember anything at a date
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Month ago
3:20 love how it just feels like Brian is a wing man (again) and he just sees this going wrong very fast
Dead Memes
Dead Memes Month ago
Is no one talking about that queen part?
Cheese McCheesey
Wait- SAFIYA?!
caterpillar emoji
the way he hits AND I HAVEN'T FOR A WHILE is stunning
Ninja Brian
Ninja Brian Month ago
Ryan Aubin
Ryan Aubin Month ago
Is Commander Meouch wearing Nike Decades? You know, the shoes worn by the Heaven's Gate cult.
Yamel Nomis
Yamel Nomis Month ago
this is what school feel's like
ReDemonLord Month ago
Can we talk about how pretty that Unus Annus dress is?
coco260 Month ago
Is it sad to say that this is basically my college experience in a nutshell "um teacher....I don't know what your talking about, and I haven't for awhile"
Molandria Month ago
Lamar must really hate his life now with all this covid....
Gamer Man
Gamer Man Month ago
I like how with the starting part describing her she doesn't even have those features like sometimes they just zoom in on a different thing from what he's talking about entirely
Brandy Fuller
Brandy Fuller Month ago
dude my husband has that exact same purple tie!
Theo's Ghost
Theo's Ghost Month ago
Everyone rise for the ADHD national anthem
R41N80W SCR4TCH Month ago
This song sounds like a weird al song through and through
Ana_Thema Month ago
Unus Annus dress
EHail 26
EHail 26 Month ago
Adhd in one video
Sleeping Zombie
Sleeping Zombie Month ago
Please give this dress permanently to Safiya
BaconCat Month ago
I'm so annoyed at myself for putting off listening to this album till now, ITS GODDAMN AMAZING
DuderDudeMan Month ago
This sounds like a Weird Al song.
I'm a person
I'm a person Month ago
Be like Brian Wear a mask
Papa Jay
Papa Jay Month ago
is it just me but when I looked at the picture for the video, did Danny look like Weird Al for a split second?
Chancellor Kelly
Why is no one talking about that Queen section? That was so well done
Rey Rey000
Rey Rey000 Month ago
I'll take this as an educational video
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Month ago
Am I the only one that just realized that Safiya is in this
TheAguydude Month ago
There are two strategies to fix this: Boring strategy: Being honest Simple strategy: Excuse yourself for the restroom. Upon returning, ask what you were talking about.
FunStuffies Month ago
Poor Lamar the Pterodactyl...
Spencer Lent
Spencer Lent Month ago
Was the waiter MATT from SUPERMEGA?!
josh Month ago
more people care about lamar than they let on
QuestionNotMark Month ago
Finally they incorporated the most important performer on their band, a balloon holder
Olivia Walton
Olivia Walton Month ago
I just relized that the girl is Safiya Nygaard
Chikki Month ago
This is what ADHD feels like
Matthew Gonzalez
I love how the influence of Weird Al is so upfront and fucking awesome work Dan.
nstk 808
nstk 808 Month ago
Loki 9 days ago
I thought that mouth looked familiar 😂
Hg Mercury
Hg Mercury 20 days ago
I was just scouring the comment section for my Safiya fans 😂👏
Cheese McCheesey
Yknow whats so weird, I watched this whole video once and didn’t realize it was her and on my second rewatch when they show the zoom in of her mouth it clicked. I’m like WAIT I KNOW THAT MOUTH- 😂😂
JaretBro Month ago
I can't believe this came out in 2020. This seems like ages ago.
Bunkie Boy
Bunkie Boy Month ago
This is just "What the fuck are you talking about, Arin?" The song
Wynter Boing
Wynter Boing Month ago
I didn't know how much I needed to see Saf with the grumps until now
irmuu sanaa
irmuu sanaa Month ago
f he starts making parodies and stays ageless until his 169 I will start calling him weird Danny.
Diva sargent
Diva sargent Month ago
Danny is packin' in that suit
Tanan Clarkles
Tanan Clarkles Month ago
Awesome song! Can we get Safiya and Tyler on a Guest Grumps episode though PLEASE
Neko Month ago
This is ADHD for me in a nutshell
NeroLucifarious Month ago
So we can all agree nsp is the second coming of Queen.
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