I don't have any friends.

evie may sellars
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sad multifandom | I don't have any friends
*watch in 720p*
This edit means so much to me, i have taken a while to make it and have put a lot of thought into it. When i'm sad i like to put all my emotions into my edits, and this one couldn't be more perfect or suited to me right now.
I'm still concerned about the term 'friendship' as i don't really understand it.
Bullying happens everywhere, everyday. People aren't always aware of bullying as a lot of the time they do not know they are being bullied, and if they are, they're scared to tell anyone incase it gets worse. Or in other cases their 'friends' are the people that are teasing them.
Hence why i have merged the idea of friendship and bullying into this edit.
If you are being bullied please speak to someone, whether it's a teacher, parent/guardian or someone you trust.
evie x x
song: 'I am a man who will fight for your honor' Chris Zabriskie
fandoms: the end of the f*cking world, teen wolf, pretty little liars, skins, perks of being a wallflower, IT, 13 reasons why, friends with benefits, school of rock, a girl like her, edge of seventeen, kidulthood, wonder, the duff, the breakfast club, and cyberbully.
voiceovers: a girl like her, nick vujicic "on bullying', the breakfast club, cyberbully, and a demi lovato interview.


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Jul 22, 2018




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evie may sellars
This edit means so much to me, as i have dealt with a fair share of bullying during my time at school and being cyber bullied online. I have also been in very toxic and fake friendships, so i have made this edit to help spread awareness on bullying and friendships. I have taken a while to make it and have put a lot of thought into it. When i'm sad i like to put all my emotions into my edits, and this one couldn't be more perfect or suited to me right now. I'm still concerned about the term 'friendship' as i don't really understand it. Bullying happens everywhere, everyday. People aren't always aware of bullying as a lot of the time they do not know they are being bullied, and if they are, they're scared to tell anyone incase it gets worse. Or in other cases their 'friends' are the people that are teasing them. Hence why i have merged the idea of friendship and bullying into this edit. If you are being bullied please speak to someone, whether it's a teacher, parent/guardian or someone you trust. evie x x
KAREN ORTIZ 2 days ago
I have a friend she she die😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😭
violet moon
violet moon 18 days ago
Is that picture of you, Evie? You are so beautiful. Beautiful people who are nice make others jealous and insecure and I know it is cruel
Olivia Piloni
Olivia Piloni 20 days ago
i will try to be your virtual friend :) cuz i only have 3 bff 's
xmrvlx Month ago
i really hope your doing well and your safe. if you wanna talk all these people are here for you
70 Alfie 70
70 Alfie 70 Month ago
I have no friends
Tyler Akon
Tyler Akon 4 hours ago
I don't have any friends here, I am new to this country it sucks. I'm depressed all day. I feel I'm failing.
Aya Jawad
Aya Jawad 11 hours ago
If u have a bff like
Patrick Cannon
Patrick Cannon 12 hours ago
some days killing myself seems like a way to end my depressing life
Ghost Mohamed
Ghost Mohamed 17 hours ago
One thing we don't need friends,what u need is family,I have 0 friends but 2 brothers one younger and one older than me I can look up to we fight countless times but at the end we stick together that's family,the are only a few friendship that last a lifetime
nipagoz kvian
nipagoz kvian 21 hour ago
If someone is addicted to one person is the worst thing ever could happen you make the world through there eyes they make there way by using u .
nipagoz kvian
nipagoz kvian 21 hour ago
I don't have anyone to talk thats the most worse feeling I depends on very few they fall on me first later trash me out . if I want I can but feels the world is fake and mean and funniest part is I m still 18 more to walk on and my life doesn't have any full stop it goes making so many cause and wounds on my mind.
A Bit Silaashh
I am scared to make friends now. Because I know that at some point in my life they are going to leave me. It might be just another friendship to them but to me it's a relationship that I care about more than I care about myself.
Byron Needle
Byron Needle Day ago
It’s been 5 years since I graduated high school, by my senior year, I had 3 friends, the day after I graduated not a single person gave a fuck about me. My parents sheltered me all my childhood to where it damaged my social skills. Basic fun teenage experiences that millions of people go through I still haven’t done. I’ve never had a girlfriend and the “friends” I have currently don’t care about me. Almost everyday of my life I wake up to no new messages asking how I’m doing. No one ever wants to hang out in person, and when I try and interact in social media I always have to message first and most of the time they read my messages and never respond. I want to start fresh and new but after years of bad experience with people I often have a mindset of “fuck everyone”. I want to get better, I need to get better, I need help.
Jade Isla
Jade Isla Day ago
I hope anyone knows that, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are not alone, have an amazing day, and if you need a friend, I'll be ur friend!❤️❤️
Lydia Martin-Cooper
I have a best friend. But since she has a boyfriend she always wants to be with him. Every time we meet or when we are having a sleepover she calls her boyfriend. Do you know how much it hurts to hear it every day? That he is the BEST thing that has ever happened to her. And she says a lot like that. And never to me.
Aldo Rodriguez
" If your obsence never bothered them... Your presence really never mattered... Find yourself people who will always miss you."😔💔
Shay Shay 101
Shay Shay 101 2 days ago
I honestly would be so much happier If Snapchat wasn’t a thing. I hate scrolling through random people stories and seeing everyone have a blast while i’m stuck at home not even invited. Some people will never understand that feeling and if you don’t you’re lucky.
Aldo Rodriguez
I know how that feels like.
artsybug !
artsybug ! 2 days ago
"I don't have any friends..." just hits me really deep at the end. I cried so much during this video, I felt like I was actually considering myself into these kind of situations and it sucks. But who needs friends? they'll just turn their backs on you like how my "friends" did to me.
Jenny's Animations
I just want to mean everything to someone. Just one person. I just need to have someone that I love and who loves me
Dilkush zahira
Dilkush zahira 2 days ago
I kinda love the comment box,,,..because everyone shares and be the real them..they be their self.......if anybody wants to friends with who doesn’t have actual friends...please text me ..I am there’s for you your not alone..💜🥺. I am girl..14 years old..
Jada Burgess
Jada Burgess 2 days ago
okay so someone please tell me what all these movies are called ??😭
Amber Louise
Amber Louise 2 days ago
I have friends. But they’re not close to me. They’re all close and best friends, they always go outside and hang with one another. And I always just sit there, watching them, thinking what’s the point of me even being there.
sampada rijal
sampada rijal 3 days ago
i lost my all the frnds now I am so alone no one is there understand me
Hla Tin
Hla Tin 3 days ago
I just wish I had good friends. Friends who get me really well. Friends who don't constantly misunderstand me. Whenever I have something to share and if I did share, most of the friends I have say stuff like I expected u would get better or like that's good, as if whatever I share is nothing. Whenever I feel bored and feel lonely, I find no one to talk to OR call. It's this "I am being a burden" thing I feel like whenever I try to share my feelings and they take it the wrong way whenever I share something with them. It would be so good if I could find someone who just understands....... I just feel so left out whenever I go for group hangouts.... I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me but it's like none of them care about me..... Not close to relatives...have a cold family.....no friends who understand me....I'm so just lonely.... Just few people who encourage me and support me are all I need....
ponnzel 3
ponnzel 3 3 days ago
I used to have a lot of friends, now I got none.
FELICIA ADAME 3 days ago
I am so ugly to make friends
Tintumon Pp
Tintumon Pp 3 days ago
I am alone since childhood.It is difficult when they gather together and quarreling with us.at that moment I am a solo fighter.even teachers are supporting them.
Pak Technology
Pak Technology 3 days ago
But what i doooo 😞😭
Pak Technology
Pak Technology 3 days ago
I also donot have any friend 💔😞😞
dei luo
dei luo 3 days ago
I don't wanna be friend with people that don't care... so i choosen cat.
Lily Hellstedt
Lily Hellstedt 4 days ago
I only have fake friends and I am to scared to let go of them because I don’t want to be by myself 🖤🖤
David Gonzales
David Gonzales 4 days ago
I tried making new real freands in school but he betraid me i even tried being happy in school even im alone but its hard.
I don’t got friends either. I have friends but there not nice.
JYM •Deviant•
Im afraid to called any of my friend as best friend bcoz I dont know what will gonna happen in the future...dont want to get hurt by someone called best friend
Coconut Gun
Coconut Gun 5 days ago
I just wish someone cared about me man, life’s just so lonely
i eat dirt
i eat dirt 3 days ago
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 4 days ago
Someone does.
"Carl you motherfucking piece of shit gang-banging cock sucker."
Who is else is gonna be even more lonely in summer cause of corona?....😥☹
you’re kidding
you’re kidding 5 days ago
shit fucking hurts when you have “friends” at school but they never care to ask you to hang out, text you, ask how you are. They only come to you when they need something and if you can’t give it to them they leave you like trash. Fucking hate it here. You do so much for them just to get left behind and used. Finally when you realize that and stop caring about them that wave of sadness and loneliness hits. Especially when seeing everyone else around you with groups of friends. Knowing you’ll never have something like that.
you’re kidding
you’re kidding 3 days ago
Angeeel __michelle.nguyen (two underscores lmao) I LOVE CMBYN. I cried over it 😭
Angeeel 3 days ago
Awwww I’m really glad it helped 💜 i wish you THE BEST !!!! You deserve every good thing that life can offer! Aand btw i love ur profile pic im a biig cmbyn fan hahahaha whats ur instagram we can dm !!???
you’re kidding
you’re kidding 4 days ago
Angeeel thank you so much 🥺 seeing replies and comments like yours helps me mentally bc I know that people experience stuff like this and it’s not just me. you don’t know how much this helps I hope you have a good day ✨🦋
Angeeel 4 days ago
Trust me*
Angeeel 4 days ago
I relate to this so much as if im the one who wrote it. It sucks man. But trust you’ll find true genuine friends one day ! Someone cares. I care. Stay strong and keep your head up ❤️ you’re loved and appreciated and you matter ❤️
Rocio Flores
Rocio Flores 5 days ago
I try to make friend's, but the effort doesn't work. Then I tried making an effort to make friend's with other lonely kids, yet they also rejected me. That's when I gave up. Till this day it remains the same.
Edrian Bulao
Edrian Bulao 5 days ago
When you don't want to buy and eat in the canteen or cafeteria because you know you don't have someone to eat with or talk to.....
fitness At First Gaming the Next
The background sound was high🙄
DemonssDemonella 5 days ago
Emotional music drown out words barely can understand hmm great video
Mary Rose S
Mary Rose S 6 days ago
I have no friends. I always wanted have but no one. I remember when i want to be close to my cousin and be confident to try be close to her. But she said. "Don't try be close to me because i don't". When i was in high school. I heard my classmate. She said that im not belong with my friends. No that i am 25, years old. Still no friends i want but no one want. Stil left alone :) :(
Jennifar Mariam
Jennifar Mariam 5 days ago
BANG BANG 6 days ago
I don’t need friends they disappoint me and this came up
Lowkeyy Lily
Lowkeyy Lily 6 days ago
You know what REALLY hurts? When you have 3 BEST FRIENDS they mean everything to you.. then you have to move. Everyone at your new school acts like they are your friend and then a week later you have no one everyone is horrible to you.. they call you fake and you have no one to turn to.. then you think oh yeah.. you text your friends from your old school a big long paragraph about how mu ch you miss them and how much you need them rn. All they send is “oh 💀” or “oof” or “💗” you feel like your drowning and you will never come above water. Then you take a look at your old tik toks together and start crying. You give up. You give up being there for people that you only exist to when they need something. You loose all hope on making friends or finding comfort. Then you are scrolling through insta and see a picture of those three friends from your past school and they have another girl with them.. laughing and smiling with them. And to make it better she is blonde and short. Congrats.. you have officially been replaced. Your invited to their birthday party (witch you can go to bc you can drive an hour away to go see them) are left out bc of all their new friends and when you get home you cry. You then have your birthday party.. some “friends” from your new school came and you invited your friends from your old school.. they said they dont wanna waste their time driving down there bc its 2 hours. Even though they wernt busy and their parents allowed them to come “they didnt wanna waste their time” even though you “wasted your time” at their birthday party they didnt even pay attention to you at. You feel broken and sad and ask yourself “why me” “i was always such a nice friend” then in February your dad and mom kinda split up, your dad might go to jail, and you might not be able to see him again. You have no one to talk to. You might have to move back. Nothing will be the same. Your old friends arent your friends anymore, your mom will barley be able to pay for food and your dad isnt there. So basically you moved for no reason except to have your life ruined. Your dad couldnt of dont what he did if we didnt move, and you and tour friends would still be friends if you didnt move. You hate your life, yourself, and you have no one to talk to about it. This.. this was my july 4th through now.. lets see where the rest of my terrible life take me now..
Anthony Skidmark
Anthony Skidmark 6 days ago
Hannah XXX
Hannah XXX 6 days ago
Things that suck about having no friends: - having no one to tell good news about - having to actually to try to make friends - seeing your supposed friends meeting up without you The list goes on and on ...
i eat dirt
i eat dirt 3 days ago
O K 6 days ago
Having no friends is like having no meaning in life, it sucks.
_Daily_ Whatsapp Status
*Why. I dont have friends* 😞😓😓
Vasiliki Michailidou
Why is so hard to make friends!If anyone here wants to be friends please send me your Snapchat or messenger and i will contact you! I swear! :)
J Spin OH MY
J Spin OH MY 7 days ago
I am strong. I will... Be. I will exist. I will try like fuck to be happy, at least today. But shit, I'm so lonely, today. I'm so fucking lonely,
Ice_Wolf 7 days ago
I don't believe in friends anymore.. No joke..
Red Dead Clunky 2
Hahah lol!!
Moeurn Sivteang
Moeurn Sivteang 7 days ago
More than 7 years that I has spent my time to caring someone who I thought she the only one of my best friend. I loved her so much. But sth wrongs happened. She got a new friend and started leaves me. I’m so sick..
chiyo chiyo_
chiyo chiyo_ 8 days ago
I don't know but I feel like it's my fault for not having friends. Every time I was loyal, they would always stab me in my back, leave me alone and go hang out together without inviting me and then, after that they all act like it never happened. My aunts keep telling me that it's important to have friends and all but I don't even know how to explain to them about this and I keep beating myself over this.
Swastica Thapa
Swastica Thapa 8 days ago
Its the worst feeling when you are left alone by your family and friends. You have no one to share your feelings. Your family is busy to criticize you and When you get to know that your best friends hate you that time is like you're dead inside you feel nothing except embarrassment and loneliness and pain.
kimmy 11
kimmy 11 9 days ago
I had eating disorder since when I started my high school year till now. From then it really effected my personality I lose my confident, self esteem and i hated my body myself so much. I use to be so outgoing but now I'm just a timid introverted person. Its struggling for me that i always try my best to make new friend in college but all they want is attractive and popular girl . It was so hard to deal with this everyday 😞😞
Ron Rockz
Ron Rockz 9 days ago
I watch this video everyday and cry. I NEED A FRIEND !
King boo King boo
People have used me so many times in life that i feel left out
Nicolas Summers
Nicolas Summers 9 days ago
I may be a little late to the party but it sucks realizing that you dont have anyone at all that is there for you and when you try to be there for them, they treat you like you are nothing. All I want is true friends
kpop fan
kpop fan 9 days ago
I am so sad .My closest friends are snubbing me all the time and I feel so bad. In my life I never had friends and I was thinking that I finally got but I was wrong. I'm so sorry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
SINIGAMI 9 days ago
Hey you! Yeah you! You are in comment section, where's all of as are friends (:
Dot Talks!
Dot Talks! 9 days ago
No frnds....... I die inside
Stop bully me
Stop bully me 9 days ago
Life is pain, this whole world is a prisoner, and it feels like you are lost without a friend.
Rhea Bankemper
Rhea Bankemper 9 days ago
The Most painful feeling is when your “friend” just talks to you and “cares” about you when the other friend is sick or so.
M. J
M. J 10 days ago
I just want one of those ride or die kind of friendships y'know the kind where you tell each other everything, do everything together. U do crazy stuff together, inside jokes only u two understand and they know u almost better than you know you. They are like family. U plan your future together....so yeah I want a soulmate. Because a soulmate isn't only in a romantic way. It's just someone that understands u completely.
Kylekiller5826 0-0
Kylekiller5826 0-0 10 days ago
Man the comments are being so nice rn 😪
Raziya RS
Raziya RS 11 days ago
I'm just glad I don't have any friends... cause all the ppl who came into my life only hurt me...so it's not a big thing for me if I don't have any friends cause I don't want to sell my self to someone so they can lay it off on me and enjoy...I love to be an introvert. All those ppl who come into your life ...you might be nothing to them ...so it's better to avoid everyone...... nice vid btw...😊
Lanie 11 days ago
my two friends leave me out and I think they talk shit about me
zin 11 days ago
My bestfriends all the four of them, suddenly decided to not show up when I was moving to another city. They left this huge hole in my life. Im 25 years old. I have seriously have no friends. I tried online, with those I don't click with, or if someone showed interest, then they are looking for sexting. I'm so tired. And the quarantine is over, but I'm not so excited about it , because I have no out there. It hurts me , when people feeling so hopeful about finally seeing someone after months, I haven't been with any almost one years now. I travel alone, I go and eat alone. My weekends are going out alone. This is hurting me so much. I just wish I had this one person, who I can be completely myself with, just one....
uhu stick
uhu stick 11 days ago
yea i dont have friends. i´m sitting in my room alone. But i´m happy ´cause i have my parents and my sister. i´m jealous of the other ppl around me but firstly i need to focus on me :)
Hiroshiyee 11 days ago
Does anyone else just feel like the side character in tv shows when your with your "friends"
unKnown otaku
unKnown otaku 12 days ago
I have one friend who i always liked and cared but there was one thing that i never realized until i just notice now She judges me on everything i always accepted her as a close friend but she only wanted fame and beauty I had two best friend but they left me since i hang out with their ex best friend Those two best friend i rlly loved them they never judge me or hurt me they listen to my problems but either way i wasnt good enough for them There ex bestfriend became my bestfriend she sometimes judges me and leave me i still accepted her since she still accepted me, even tho she hurt me i laugh i laugh everyday with her but inside im just dying my family doesnt know anything and honestly this is my first time typing this to the public Only one thing keeps me happy it might be a weird but anime and music keeps me happy
mazy duck
mazy duck 12 days ago
i have no friends now.. i guess its okay? i mean i like my own company, someties i feel loney but i learned how to cheer my self up over the years, i still cry over seeing other people with friends who are their for them, i dont really get bullied much just people picking on me but othe then that i mind my own buisness so i wont start drama, thats my friendless life
Nathan Padlan
Nathan Padlan 12 days ago
Im suffering from depression i have fake freinds who don't care about me don't think im important they treat me like shit im nothing
-Drew- 12 days ago
I'm sad to hear that. Some time we have to let go of others, and find new people in life. If your "freinds" treat you horrible then they don't deserve to have a freind that is loving and caring as you. I hope you find new freinds some day, maby after quaratine since we can't go outside. Stay strong, happy and kind.
EquineFlower 12 days ago
I don't have Friend too no one like me because 'Im ugly' but just idk why people hate me
Razane elele
Razane elele 11 days ago
bet they're jealous, And u're not ugly bcuz they say so...let DA HATERS HATE.
Cara Now
Cara Now 12 days ago
I didn't came to cry but now I'm crying
9/8c 12 days ago
Ah the memories than I was the nicest kindest person out there who wouldn't want to hurt anyone and couldn't defend myself and for that was bullied everyone else just watched. Girls would just hang out with these bullies. Even as an adult thinks didn't change much. In my old work I was just bullied being me who I am and the next minute he talks all nice with girls with no shame what he's done to weaker people. "Be confident" here's your idea of confident bully good people that boosts your confidants and takes away from good people. And girls say they like nice confident guys that don't realize that all of them are fakes and douchebags while actual good people get left alone. How many break up stories you hear saying that he use to be nice I reality he never was he just pretended. Women say all man are pigs after giving attention to all the bullied amd confident guys and ignoring and rejecting shy broken and nice guys. Good job society.
Biscuitix Gacha
Biscuitix Gacha 12 days ago
Ok so i am so sad right now and idk what to do... my BFF used to be very good but lastly she is acting like I am her enemy idk why so i will explain what happened today: We were 3 , me my bff and one of my friends. So my Bff just randomly took my backpack and i had a box collection with 5 slimes bcs i like very much slimes, so she played with all my slimes for over 30 minutes and after that i wanted to put them back in the backpack but one slime was at her and i told her to give it to me, but she said "No" the i wasked why and she said bcs she doesnt want to give it back and then i sayd one more time to give it to me and she sayd that only if i give her my wole box but ik that she would steal eat and then throw all my slime on the ground so i said no so i was so furios that i put slime on her foregead and then i take it off XD😂 and she threw my slime on the ground and then she put it on my hair and said that i desirve that and i was like WTF???? Are u Down or what????and then she just said that she wanted to walk and my other friend just went with her. (She always leaves me and is going everywhere with her) so i just stood up and i sit on other chair and then tge friend called me and asked where i am and then they both came to me but tge thing is that when i am getting so anxious i am bitting or even take off my maniqure so i was taking off my maniqure and my finger looked like it was about to bleed and then the friend asked my "why ur here?" And i said "huh? Bcs i want" and then my bfff just said "lets go she only cares about her maniqure" and then the friend told me to walk with them but i didnt responsed bcs i was so sad bcs of my bff that i almost cryied so my bff told her "oh lets go maybe she and leave her alone, she really seems to like to be alone" and they just walked away and i felts so terrible that idk what to do anymore like i was holding all my emotions in my when i went home and acted like i was happy but the thruth is that i am very depressed and idk what to do like i always told my bff "sorry" when we argue but she didnt said this to me never so i think that this is all her fault everytime and i dont think that this time i need to be sorry but she need bcs i always feel like dieing when she doesng say sorry to me and she just goes out with my other friend and i am all typing this while i am crying please help me😭
-Drew- 12 days ago
That's sad, it seems to me that your freind is not a good freind. You deserve better freinds who love and appreciate you. Be you, be your self. Sometimes people end up not being freinds with someone that used to be their freind, and that's okay. I hope you make new friends that are kind and loving towards you. :) Don't give up, don't be sad, it's not your fault.
Mr Cartoon
Mr Cartoon 13 days ago
I’m in a group of freinds and I’m the least favorite
Thea 13 days ago
Anyone wanna be friends?
zin 11 days ago
I need one ...
Thea 13 days ago
Asmaa Derrar im sorry :(
Asmaa Derrar
Asmaa Derrar 13 days ago
I do ....I knew that my"best friend"Was Fack I need friends real friends
Saima Noor
Saima Noor 14 days ago
I don't like friends
dotaevolve 14 days ago
Friends are great thing
Matt Jarvis
Matt Jarvis 14 days ago
😢😭😢 stop bullying
holsss 14 days ago
When i dont have anyone to talk with i fell someone give my heart a punch
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