I Do ALL The NBA Dunk Contest Dunks!

Jordan Kilganon
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Here is 6'1 Jordan Kilganon re-creating all made and missed dunks from the 2019 NBA Dunk Contest.


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Feb 20, 2019




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Pantho Muntad Ahmad
5:39 he said he hadn't done an elbow over somebody. Look at dunk league volume 2 top 5 dunkers. Jordan got eliminated that round, and the very last dunk he did was an elbow dunk over somebody. Should I know that actually?? Is that too much??
AngryBill 5 days ago
Not many people in the world can look at NBA dunks and not impressed. He’s one of them.
MrCatalan28 10 days ago
6:43 Damn! that one was impressive!
stp pollte
stp pollte 10 days ago
just the freethrow line under the leg dunk did not made by Jordan..
joash brown
joash brown 14 days ago
I can do that too, no pressure, no sweat,
Embr_wolf 16 days ago
*kinda wish his hair was still dyed*
Vincent De Andrade
Vincent De Andrade 19 days ago
He made better dunks than the players
ySteezZy BR
ySteezZy BR Month ago
WOW. Nothing more
Victor Almeida
Victor Almeida Month ago
GRAVITY: **exists** Jordan: hold my beer
Aidan Xu
Aidan Xu Month ago
Get this to 2222222 likes....
Nick 99 lazio
Nick 99 lazio 2 months ago
Timo Westrup-Kruse
Timo Westrup-Kruse 2 months ago
K Mosier
K Mosier 2 months ago
White guy can jump
Adam Baker
Adam Baker 2 months ago
imagine being this dude then watching the dunk contest
Rowan Lloyd
Rowan Lloyd 2 months ago
This was kinda a lame dunk contest. This year was way better
Julz Jam
Julz Jam 2 months ago
Free throw line dunk? Be cool to see a sub 6’2” make it.
dave macasusi
dave macasusi 2 months ago
Recreate this dunk contest!!!!!
ChopstixFNM 2 months ago
What if Jordan was a judge?
Alternate Universe
Alternate Universe 2 months ago
That dunk contest obviously lacked creativity immensely
Wade’s World
Wade’s World 2 months ago
Is that the same Nils that tried to dunk with Golden Child back in the day?
Jae Native
Jae Native 2 months ago
can your sponsors send enough to get a living room that doesn't look like a college dorm?? best drunker in the world shouldn't be living like this
PSTTC YTB 2 months ago
this dude should be in the dunk contest
Fork 2 months ago
I can't even do this on a 7ft rim
1 sub before quarantine ends
His new nickname should be CANADIAN BACON 🥓
Monica 3 months ago
Subscribe for 200k
Elie Elio
Elie Elio 3 months ago
weirdmanu 3 months ago
😍 I m in love
Monica 3 months ago
You got great dunks
nick savage
nick savage 3 months ago
was there ever any doubt that he can do all those dunks? of course not. he's the best dunker in the world. i just would like to know if he made all of them in the 1st try
Media Brands
Media Brands 3 months ago
Nobody never said white men can't jump. That was a fictional movie for entertainment silly playa playas. lol
Brady Rockhold
Brady Rockhold 3 months ago
Mike B
Mike B 3 months ago
This guy probably do it over and over again...and he's copying the dunks so yeah...I could do this easily with a 8 ft rim.
Dimitrije Vujić
Dimitrije Vujić 3 months ago
When black people say "White man can't jump"
William08 Carlsson
William08 Carlsson 3 months ago
maybe the one s did it, but we all know who s the best. JORDAN!!!!
Karaoke Entertaintment
Impressive but can you dunk over your mom/pop or grandma?
Milamasylum Alcohol
Milamasylum Alcohol 3 months ago
I have yet to see the free throw line dunk... C'mon Air Jordan!
Ethan Boone
Ethan Boone 3 months ago
If I tried this shit it would all look like 5:10 lmaooo
xCrypticSamurai 4 months ago
Bro Im so jealous of your name lmao. Its so sickkk
N T 4 months ago
Your good. You know that. Keep working.
jenna v
jenna v 4 months ago
There is a distinct difference between someone who dunks for a living and one who dunks as a part of their profession.
JM Hernando
JM Hernando 4 months ago
Dwade: 9
Kevin Paglione
Kevin Paglione 4 months ago
Jordan you remind me of the game NBA JAM. LOL. BEST GAME
Patoa Tavai
Patoa Tavai 4 months ago
Lol as if these NBA players care what this dude thinks. This is just an exhibition for them. Literally not important for them. Jordan is a below average bball player who obsesses about dunking... woopdidoo. If he had a little more respect for what NBA players are and do, I would turn a blind eye to his comments. But I’ve seen him diss NBA players dunking multiple times. Shut up, fool!
Bag Dan
Bag Dan 4 months ago
And here is me at 5'11 struggling to get a simple dunk
KinoGerbzz 4 months ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Dwayne Wade: 9
Eric DeMartino
Eric DeMartino 4 months ago
Made those all look easy, awesome!!
騷莎迷 SalsaMe
騷莎迷 SalsaMe 4 months ago
We are waiting for you in 2020!!!!
JKirishima 121505
JKirishima 121505 4 months ago
Can he do the leaning slam by MJ tho?
Adonai Flores Solis
Adonai Flores Solis 4 months ago
Do the Aaron Gordon one
cory quakenbush
cory quakenbush 4 months ago
Repeat for 2020??
Zacharias Sirhed Torstensson
Waiting for the 2020 version
Guapan Messi
Guapan Messi 4 months ago
The j cole impersonation was mad funny 😂 mans was wearing the tie dye and everything
Zed Ad Infinitum
Zed Ad Infinitum 4 months ago
That little fail montage at the start was fucking hilarious LOL
PagedPaper6 4 months ago
Imagine all the kids dribbling the basketball off their foot looking at Jordan doing his dunks in the same gym.
Andreas Albæk
Andreas Albæk 4 months ago
2020 Update?
Krischi MK
Krischi MK 4 months ago
What song is it at 3:17?
Abraham Garcia
Abraham Garcia 4 months ago
Yeah the nba contest kinda suck tbh.
Vergil 4 months ago
you're my number fan man
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 4 months ago
Diallo winning was a joke
TVStealer 4 months ago
Do this for 2020!
GOALS FOR YOU 4 months ago
This year?????
Arthur 4 months ago
Well, I'm here waiting for the 2020 one
Jack Lin
Jack Lin 4 months ago
Can you dunk do all Aaron Gordon dunks from 2020 dunk contest
Bora Cebecioğlu
Bora Cebecioğlu 3 months ago
He can
Banban 4 months ago
He needs a 7'5 man
fanboi jasontruong
fanboi jasontruong 4 months ago
Man you gotta do it now
Camilo Catano
Camilo Catano 4 months ago
And they say, "white people can't jump." White guy,"hold my 🍻"
J Velez
J Velez 4 months ago
Recreate this years dunk!!!
Edu Mil Grau
Edu Mil Grau 4 months ago
When he Said ⛹️‍♂️🤾 i Felt that
Lorewalker Cho
Lorewalker Cho 4 months ago
UNDER 6 foot close DUNK Attempts: ruvid.net/video/video-mazfaj4X8Oo.html
Simon Perell
Simon Perell 4 months ago
Pls do this after tomorow as well
Hey Air Jordan are you able to do more than 720 ? at least 720+180? .. A challenge if you like to accept1 :) bro.. ruvid.net/video/video-vM85yyG_p5s.html ruvid.net/video/video-TFziZ_PbQzo.html ruvid.net/video/video-Z840KrgBrPc.html
Grantas Milkonas
Grantas Milkonas 4 months ago
2:05 did the ball move too the side mid air?
Benjamin James
Benjamin James 4 months ago
This man can fly...
Behind You
Behind You 4 months ago
6:29 look at the background The guy shooting THAT BRICK THO
SomeJuice Month ago
Branson Novsam it happens lmao
Richle Estrada
Richle Estrada 4 months ago
Well, years past but still I can't hide that I'm a fan of yours Jordan Kilganon🥰
Da Man Chan
Da Man Chan 5 months ago
Great!! Can you dunk on FH line??.
drakestar13 5 months ago
i saw dunks from regular people who we never ever will see in 10 years in the NBA
Paul Studebaker
Paul Studebaker 5 months ago
Jordan tryna act like he never pushes off. WE ALL KNOW YOU PUSH OFF THE BALL EXCHANGE WHEN YOU JUMP OVER A HUMAN PROP. That’s why 80% of his dunks are over somebody.
lietuva 5 months ago
Which shoes are those green ones? :) cheers
Skyhawk 27
Skyhawk 27 5 months ago
Dennis Smith jumped almost as high as you
Aiden Troutman
Aiden Troutman 5 months ago
That can't be a ten foot goal
PR1NCETD0T 5 months ago
Aiden Troutman lol these guys are 6’1-6’2, and jordan has dunked on many NBA court baskets.
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