i Ditched my iPhone XS Max

Jonathan Morrison
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So, I Ditched my iPhone XS Max and switched the iPhone XR. Here's my long term review of the iPhone XR.
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 1 543
Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison 4 months ago
It was a good run iPhone XS Max 😭 drop a ❤️ if you’re using a XR tho! 👏🏼 also, watch this video 😎 ruvid.net/video/video-PUTnLr8jBqg.html
Malcom Johnny
Malcom Johnny 2 months ago
Jonathan Morrison upgrading my XR to XS Max few days ago. And I kinda 10% missed the size and portrait mode on XR which is great
Claudiu Bîță
Claudiu Bîță 4 months ago
iPhone XR it’s sucks dude, this is the reality.
bushood 4 months ago
@Jonathan Morrison look at this instagram.com/p/B0gUnNQAU1P/?igshid=1n41tzxx9jw3r
Bloks-Roblox 4 months ago
Tech Explained MEE! I have the blue XR
NoLye Pisces
NoLye Pisces 4 months ago
Mayur Soni
Mayur Soni Month ago
I saw a video recently from jerryrigeverything and he has a way to remove the back glass and put a new one
Quang Curry
Quang Curry Month ago
Ay Jonathan part of clippernation
Richard Paul
Richard Paul 2 months ago
My 11 pro Max is going on 48 hours, no charge and I’m just below 30%
Tine Adivar
Tine Adivar 2 months ago
beautiful. I really like the iPhone. ❤️
Az Swaye
Az Swaye 2 months ago
Just dropped my phone for the 75th time, still no marks. :D *laughs in nokia*
Joshua XOXO
Joshua XOXO 2 months ago
Get a case
Daniel 2 months ago
Los Angeles will always be Lakers Nation!!! 💜💛
kaylee adair
kaylee adair 2 months ago
I am thinking about getting the iphone xr
Laura B
Laura B 2 months ago
I do really wish I would have bought the XR, but I was impatient and ordered the gold XS right away.. I'm still holding onto mine..
humaira cool2
humaira cool2 2 months ago
stop your broke again much bad :) iphone xs max yes
LA Dude
LA Dude 2 months ago
You called at 699 I think Apple listened to you
Tim R.
Tim R. 2 months ago
But on the other hand they got rid of that blue 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dr. Hamad Bouresli
Dr. Hamad Bouresli 3 months ago
Hello Great video my friend It's changed my thinking 🤔 Can give us an update on how is your daily use the XR if you still use it Thank you
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana 3 months ago
I seriously don't understand why anyone would go without a case. You know these things are expensive and prone to breakage, so why would you not do everything to protect it? anyway thats the simplified version of what i wanted to say
Game Music Minutia
Game Music Minutia 3 months ago
Agreed! I tried the iPhone XS and XS Max, but the XR has been my favorite of the three. Love my blue beauty :)
The Product
The Product 3 months ago
Lol u full of shit
Arren Gaming
Arren Gaming 3 months ago
hey jonathan what case did you use on your xr?
iABLH 3 months ago
I love my iPhone XR. Battery life and the consistency 👌🏼
Young Dab-A-Roosa
Young Dab-A-Roosa 3 months ago
Galaxy S9 is far better
MirroTea 3 months ago
Does anyone know if the XR and XS price will drop in September or October (after the 11 comes out)?
iABLH 3 months ago
If you get it from Best Buy probably. They usually drop a $100 off the original price for older models.
The Gaming Mas-THOR
The Gaming Mas-THOR 3 months ago
He’s so dreamy ❤️
samperry209 3 months ago
Google pixel 3a is better.. but I’m an Xs owner and tbh I prefer the normal Xs to XR
TankQ 3 months ago
Yes X(R)
Demetrius Martin
Demetrius Martin 3 months ago
Yeah I just seen a picture from my cousins iPhone XR and I was blown away by it that camera is amazing I'm going for the 11R I have no interest in $1000 phones I'll wait to the price of the 11 max drops or is bundled on eBay or Amazon
Yas 4 months ago
He will only use the XR for couple of months until iPhone 11 comes out... also fuck your stupid thumbnails
Eco LuX
Eco LuX 4 months ago
LastPass? More like LastDitch
B calm & humble
B calm & humble 4 months ago
Good luck paying $600 for a glass back replacement 🥱
T3G Media
T3G Media 4 months ago
All case all the time.
YouTube Zone
YouTube Zone 4 months ago
I am buying the Iphone XR this week
Gianni R
Gianni R 4 months ago
You have $750 to buy any phone you want and you buy a xr instead of a 7 pro? You're out of your mind.
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera 4 months ago
Ditches XS max.... gets iPhone 11 5 weeks later
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia 4 months ago
What it do babyyyy
DNB Catalina
DNB Catalina 4 months ago
Right now I am using XR and Galaxy S10 both just for curiosity. What I have noticed: 1) S10 is a faster device than XR 2) S10 has a better display than XR but XR display not bad at all. 3) The animation on XR gives a buttery experience though 1 or 2 seconds slower than S10 in app opening speed. 4) The Dual speaker present in both device but S10 is louder 5) headphone jack output also better to some extent in S10 6) camera still image quality is better in XR although S10 gives ultra wide and super steady videos. 7) software upgrade in both device is ok now. S10 running on July security patch. XR running on IOS 12.4 8) Battery back up same on both device although idle Battery drain is less in XR but charging speed is much faster in S10. 9) S10 provides reverse wireless charging which XR lacks 10) S10 is a lighter device than XR. Both are good for day to day use.
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 4 months ago
the Xr sucks bra its 720p... i cant stand 720p anymore thats soooo 2015 bro... move on from iphones
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 4 months ago
and no resolution is not everything, PPI is, the more, the better, there is no point arguing about it anymore.....
Suby Li
Suby Li 4 months ago
Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu
Belthazor22 4 months ago
PewDiePie is a Nazi
Ali 4 months ago
XS Max is a waste of time and the ultimate flop of Apple to date.
Ryan Paetz
Ryan Paetz 4 months ago
Still on that iPhone X
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT 4 months ago
Wiebe Mulder
Wiebe Mulder 4 months ago
Love the iPhone XR although it’s just way to expensive for me
Ania 101
Ania 101 4 months ago
Guys which phone do you recommend me to buy iPhone xs max or Samsung a 70
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