i Ditched my iPhone XS Max

Jonathan Morrison
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So, I Ditched my iPhone XS Max and switched the iPhone XR. Here's my long term review of the iPhone XR.
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Jul 20, 2019

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Comments 1 559
Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison 29 days ago
It was a good run iPhone XS Max 😭 drop a ❤️ if you’re using a XR tho! 👏🏼 also, watch this video 😎 ruvid.net/video/video-PUTnLr8jBqg.html
Claudiu Bîță
Claudiu Bîță 13 days ago
iPhone XR it’s sucks dude, this is the reality.
bushood 18 days ago
@Jonathan Morrison look at this instagram.com/p/B0gUnNQAU1P/?igshid=1n41tzxx9jw3r
Bloks-Roblox 21 day ago
Tech Explained MEE! I have the blue XR
NoLye Pisces
NoLye Pisces 23 days ago
lucielant83 24 days ago
What case u were using for the XS max???
Game Music Minutia
Agreed! I tried the iPhone XS and XS Max, but the XR has been my favorite of the three. Love my blue beauty :)
The Product
The Product 2 days ago
Lol u full of shit
Arren Gaming
Arren Gaming 3 days ago
hey jonathan what case did you use on your xr?
ABST 4 days ago
I love my iPhone XR. Battery life and the consistency 👌🏼
Young Dab-A-Roosa
Galaxy S9 is far better
MirroTea 5 days ago
Does anyone know if the XR and XS price will drop in September or October (after the 11 comes out)?
ABST 4 days ago
If you get it from Best Buy probably. They usually drop a $100 off the original price for older models.
Thor Carillanes
Thor Carillanes 6 days ago
He’s so dreamy ❤️
samperry209 7 days ago
Google pixel 3a is better.. but I’m an Xs owner and tbh I prefer the normal Xs to XR
TankQ 7 days ago
Yes X(R)
Demetrius Martin
Demetrius Martin 8 days ago
Yeah I just seen a picture from my cousins iPhone XR and I was blown away by it that camera is amazing I'm going for the 11R I have no interest in $1000 phones I'll wait to the price of the 11 max drops or is bundled on eBay or Amazon
Yas 10 days ago
He will only use the XR for couple of months until iPhone 11 comes out... also fuck your stupid thumbnails
Eco LuX
Eco LuX 10 days ago
LastPass? More like LastDitch
B calm & humble
B calm & humble 11 days ago
Good luck paying $600 for a glass back replacement 🥱
T3G Media
T3G Media 11 days ago
All case all the time.
YouTube Zone
YouTube Zone 11 days ago
I am buying the Iphone XR this week
Gianni R
Gianni R 11 days ago
You have $750 to buy any phone you want and you buy a xr instead of a 7 pro? You're out of your mind.
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera 12 days ago
Ditches XS max.... gets iPhone 11 5 weeks later
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia 12 days ago
What it do babyyyy
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal 13 days ago
Techrexia: the feeling of always needing to upgrade to the latest and greatest tech product regardless of whether or not you actually need/will use all the features.
N Banerjee
N Banerjee 14 days ago
Right now I am using XR and Galaxy S10 both just for curiosity. What I have noticed: 1) S10 is a faster device than XR 2) S10 has a better display than XR but XR display not bad at all. 3) The animation on XR gives a buttery experience though 1 or 2 seconds slower than S10 in app opening speed. 4) The Dual speaker present in both device but S10 is louder 5) headphone jack output also better to some extent in S10 6) camera still image quality is better in XR although S10 gives ultra wide and super steady videos. 7) software upgrade in both device is ok now. S10 running on July security patch. XR running on IOS 12.4 8) Battery back up same on both device although idle Battery drain is less in XR but charging speed is much faster in S10. 9) S10 provides reverse wireless charging which XR lacks 10) S10 is a lighter device than XR. Both are good for day to day use.
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 14 days ago
the Xr sucks bra its 720p... i cant stand 720p anymore thats soooo 2015 bro... move on from iphones
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 14 days ago
and no resolution is not everything, PPI is, the more, the better, there is no point arguing about it anymore.....
Suby Li
Suby Li 14 days ago
Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu
Belthazor22 15 days ago
PewDiePie is a Nazi
Ali 15 days ago
XS Max is a waste of time and the ultimate flop of Apple to date.
Ryan Paetz
Ryan Paetz 15 days ago
Still on that iPhone X
Wiebe Mulder
Wiebe Mulder 16 days ago
Love the iPhone XR although it’s just way to expensive for me
Ania 101
Ania 101 16 days ago
Guys which phone do you recommend me to buy iPhone xs max or Samsung a 70
Na 503sir
Na 503sir 16 days ago
Omg he found out my password 👀
Amaya 16 days ago
I’m getting the iPhone XR tomorrow
Antonio 16 days ago
He broke his XS Max on purpose and I can't even afford an XR 😂
Desiree Miranda
Desiree Miranda 17 days ago
Lovin my 10R Coral 🧡🤩🧡🤩
RS Green
RS Green 17 days ago
My iPhone XS Max is incredible Period
Dominik Stanley
Dominik Stanley 18 days ago
Once you go OLED, you don't go back. You definitely notice it. Plus, the XR is thicker and heavier, which you'll notice also. The size of the XS is perfect I think. As far as value, the XR is it since many carriers were offering a BOGO free; you can't beat that part.
Renato Galusic
Renato Galusic 18 days ago
That jab at Pewdiepie was perfect
deanzaZZR 18 days ago
Clippers fan. lol
Christopher Hammontree
The 10r is a RIP off. Period
Troy Cruz
Troy Cruz 18 days ago
I traded in the XR for XS max cause I definitely noticed the difference between the lcd and oled screen. Was one of my main reasons I switched
bannajirocks 18 days ago
iPhone max is heavy . Looks prehistoric
bushood 18 days ago
Alpha 19 days ago
iphone xr and iphone x are the only good phones to buy.
Zac Murphy
Zac Murphy 19 days ago
I can fix that back glass lol
Vinay B
Vinay B 19 days ago
I charge my 10 r every third day. No social media but email, calendar, messaging, banking, shopping, photos and ticktick.
Adrian 19 days ago
This unoriginal nigga really copied Unbox therapy thumbnail lmoa
Zeeshan Abbasi
Zeeshan Abbasi 19 days ago
I'll stick to my OP7 Pro
Ry 19 days ago
If the XR had an OLED display, it would hands down be my phone of choice. I love, love, love the OLED on my iPhone X and can't see myself ever going back.
chivamex10 19 days ago
Putting a case on a phone is like wearing a condom during sex. It just feels so much better raw.
Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez 19 days ago
What case were you rocking on the iPhone XS Max?
Caxacero Anonimo
Caxacero Anonimo 20 days ago
Lakers 2019/2020 NBA Champions!
Paul 20 days ago
I love the random gold Majora's Mask cart sitting there; my favorite n64 game maybe only behind OOT
Nichelle Mazyck-williams
That’s that hurt 😔 Ouch 😖I have the XS Max Silver 512gb I upgraded in April from my iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black 128gb I love my Max and my carrier AT&T I have carried my phone without a case lucky enough to never have dropped it phew 😅and I love big phones so won’t be down sizing
Adib Haikal
Adib Haikal 20 days ago
I know I'm the minority but I used 3D touch everyday 😭
Chris Pacman
Chris Pacman 8 days ago
Me too, especially in Instagram
melmelcorvette 13 days ago
Adib Haikal same I’m shocked a lot of people didn’t use it
SMOKE BOWL 20 days ago
Jakeified 20 days ago
Waiting for 11R!
Chad Charming
Chad Charming 21 day ago
Yeah both are amazing. Quite an amazing video also
Muhammad Mokhtar
Muhammad Mokhtar 21 day ago
Whoo the fuck caressss
Tim Possible
Tim Possible 21 day ago
I upgraded to the XR from the iPhone 7 so I've never had that extra camera that comes with the Xs and Plus models.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 22 days ago
I love the videos man. But, I notice you have umm, well, very small hands. Just kidding, lol.
Zac Capps
Zac Capps 22 days ago
James Mathews BRoll?? I see you
Zac Capps
Zac Capps 22 days ago
He’s super talented with a DSLR
Jem Rey Verde
Jem Rey Verde 23 days ago
Proud xr user. Battery last more your relationship.
Alexandru Badic
Alexandru Badic 23 days ago
So it s 2019... and u can have any phone u want. And u prefer 720p... damn
ChrisAC15 20 days ago
I don't believe any of these RUvidrs that say that
Jake Reeves
Jake Reeves 23 days ago
It’s amazing how much better phones feel without a case... I love my moment case, but... oh man ✌️
Rahmat Maulana
Rahmat Maulana 23 days ago
for you guys who keep bashing the XR screen resolution, try it first in Apple Store, i was bashing it also but i got one and daaaaamn son, i regret everything, the screen is amazing i can't believe it, i also have op 6t and i still prefer the XR, wtf apple did a good job with the lcd
Dante Lewis
Dante Lewis 21 day ago
It's not that the LED is ugly it's that for 750 you would expect higher res, but that's just for tech people I guess
Chema Martín
Chema Martín 23 days ago
I really don´t know, to be honest. I mean, if you absolutely, 100% must stay iPhone, then mostly considering the price gap, yes, the XR is a viable option. It has way more downsides than Jonathan seems to want to accept, though. The huge notch, how bulky and not ergonomic it is, the humongous bezels (believe me, that story that you don´t notice them after a while is pure crap, their still there after 6 months, they still annoy me). On top of that, the bright areas in this "review" are really not that bright. Battery life is good, but nothing to go crazy about... You will want to kill yourself if at any point you need a quick battery charge, though, it is SO DAMN SLOW!!!. The camera is good, but again, nowhere near the "wow" factor Jonathan seems to hint at here. Most importantly for me, though, performance is simply sub par. From the annoyingly slow face ID (fingers crossed iOS13 fixes it) to app loading times (again, please iOS13 fix this) to simple tasks like browsing the web or upgrading apps, it simply can´t stand a comparison with my OnePlus 6. That phone is more than a year old, mind you, and right now there are SO MANY Android alternatives that are way better than the XR in every way at a lower price... I think buying an XR right now is nonsense unless the buyer has to remain iPhone.
PK 23 days ago
I got a XS Max for less than the XR. I got mine for 599 rather than the 699 XR. The XS Max is so good tho. The screen is what i really wanted. OLED > LED. But yes the XR is good for regular people. But for a tech person. XS Max is beautiful.
OBK 19 days ago
PK I’m waiting for WiFi 6 before upgrading anything and 5g as well for my iPhone. So maybe the 2020 iPhone I’ll upgrade.
PK 19 days ago
OBK exactly. Thats whats up. Im looking forward to the iPhone 11 Max. As well as the rumored Airpods 3/pro
OBK 19 days ago
PK nice pick up bro you can’t beat that at all. You can use it for a year and sell it for what you paid.
Harinandan Prasanth
Ranc Henash
Ranc Henash 23 days ago
So true. I bought 1 Xs, 1 XsMax, and 2 XRs, red and coral, and ended up with the 2 XRs.
NoLye Pisces
NoLye Pisces 23 days ago
I love my red iPhone XR!!!
Matt Syljuberget
Matt Syljuberget 23 days ago
Hold on, I need to rewind and watch again. I realized I’m just looking at him the whole time without actually listening. LOL. 😍
Aditya More
Aditya More 24 days ago
Anyone else having problems while searching in settings app? iOS 12.4
KeybladeScar 24 days ago
No thanks I’ll stick to my 8 Plus and wait for the 2020 iPhone with that Touch ID under the screen 😍
Salty Dog
Salty Dog 24 days ago
I don’t watch TV , I don’t have a TV ... my handheld device is my only device ... The 10 R has been amazing ... I purchased it nine months ago and my battery health is still at 100% even though this is my primary device ...
seto koji
seto koji 24 days ago
you are bias. unsubscribe
Ray Amatsoleman
Ray Amatsoleman 24 days ago
iPhone or Android, I just can't slap a case on my phones
First Avenger
First Avenger 24 days ago
You compared a $350 phone with $750 phone. That’s a big difference. You should have compared iPhone XR with S10e... then see what people say about your blind test. For $350 I say pocophone has a f****** good screen
GeoffDaCow 24 days ago
Tennis max 🤙🔥
Estelle Bright
Estelle Bright 24 days ago
I constantly switch from LCD to OLED, and cannot say I favour OLED than LCD or the other way. The display quality difference on iOS device is so small, I’d say even if Apple decides to not jump ship on OLED for another year they are probably gonna be fine. Apple’s implementation on how OLED is utilised does not take much advantage of OLED I would argue.
Walter Esese
Walter Esese 24 days ago
Nah I loved 3D Touch #NeverForget
Matt Tyler
Matt Tyler 24 days ago
It's OK to take it out the case on the sofa or in bed but no matter how nice it looks or feels KEEP it in the case everywhere else 😂😂
Andrew Polk
Andrew Polk 24 days ago
I did upgrade to iPhone XR from Galaxy S7 which had OLED. Occasionally I do still miss those inky black levels, but don't really notice it incredibly frequently. One thing I don't miss is the faint status bar icons which had burned-in at the top of my screen on the S7 after 2 years of use.
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