I Died In Hardcore Minecraft And This Is How

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 2 months ago
1000 Days is coming! Want updates? Follow me and Twitter and check my "location" to see an up to date Day counter for 1000 Days! twitter.com/LukeTheNotable Stay Notable!
Aidan Gittings
Aidan Gittings 22 hours ago
Luke TheNotable we’ll see
josh gamer
josh gamer 3 days ago
Do 400 maybe i comment on 300d and 1000d
Zofia Elice Bernal
Zofia Elice Bernal
Zofia Elice Bernal
Orange Red18
Orange Red18 2 hours ago
on my hardcore minecraft i found 1 Diamond on day 14
sadboyz 113
sadboyz 113 9 hours ago
I encourage to keep on going Luke, and please, be careful!
Baby YODA 10 hours ago
I was watching this at 2:00 am and he told me I was going to die!!! ( my names Aiden)
Adem Harries
Adem Harries 12 hours ago
Why don't you change your skin?
James 17 hours ago
I’m so sorry
D's vidz
D's vidz 20 hours ago
In this video he really stresses how he is about to die.
Aidan Chiu
Aidan Chiu 20 hours ago
I was enjoying this video and eating when he said AIDAN!!! It kinda caught me off guard lmao
Unhinged Deer59
But then a creeper creeped up on me, and I died.
hot lava
hot lava Day ago
uNkNoWn mEmes
Nobody: *Ph1lza making the high scores for surviving for 5 years in real days*
Sambam kittieland
i loooooooooooove this
Enzo Luiz
Enzo Luiz Day ago
if you ever have a harcore world do NOT get a dog because if you die your........... you know what happens next
Christian McAndrews
I thought he died in the good one I was sad
Chonchitaa ClicksYT
I thought this was his other world I was about to get sad and mad
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 2 days ago
When he said Aiden I though the devil was coming for me
Marco Moschetti
Marco Moschetti 2 days ago
In 3 out of the five attempts, Luke dies from creepers.
Mcmuffin 1.0
Mcmuffin 1.0 2 days ago
I thought he actually died in his main minecraft hardcore server but its just his other attempts
Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor 2 days ago
Luke: I survived 300 days in Minecraft Ph1lza: Heh, amateur
Mutinrzombi 1628
Mutinrzombi 1628 2 days ago
Why you trick us like that you had me trippin
Madz - Paladins
Madz - Paladins 2 days ago
How does he know how many days hes on?
The Mega Bob
The Mega Bob 2 days ago
Julie Smith
Julie Smith 2 days ago
live footage of drunk LTN 8:13
Monkey Vlogs
Monkey Vlogs 3 days ago
Am I the only one laughing at 8:19
Aiden Haun
Aiden Haun 3 days ago
I got scared when he said aiden
Itz_Jay_Here! 3 days ago
Hey Luke, what was the seed for that cute island world?
AidenIsChill 3 days ago
Ummm why did he say I’m gonna die someday just like you AIDEN and I kinda got scared since u know my names Aiden.
Garnet 3 days ago
My name isnt Aiden
Cozy Friday
Cozy Friday 3 days ago
It’s so satisfying how you build and adapt so fast even if u die I like hearing ur voice xD
j j
j j 3 days ago
I got scared when he said this at 6:30 it's my name
Andrew Wise
Andrew Wise 4 days ago
So sad..
SW1F7Y 4 days ago
What resource pack is that ? I cannot find the name
Steven Tran
Steven Tran 4 days ago
phew I thought you meant like how you died in your current series
MasterDoge987 4 days ago
At 8:46 you can hear Tors giggling in the background
Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif 4 days ago
My dad surprised me with a computer and I survived 100 thousand days Edit: it took me a month
The Bros
The Bros 4 days ago
I used your seed in your next vid can you tell me coordinates of the nether forthres plz
Sandra Scott
Sandra Scott 5 days ago
1:44 u have a diamond sword?!?!?!?
rose milk
rose milk 5 days ago
i thought he died in the normal play through AAAAAH
MaverickFire YT
MaverickFire YT 5 days ago
dude u said im gonna die u said my name
Kylie’s Vlogs
Kylie’s Vlogs 5 days ago
Amanda Gallant
Amanda Gallant 5 days ago
idk who am I phantom
You are so creative making houses i tried to survive as many as you also i like how you always build bridges! !!!
Droplettz 6 days ago
hellllllll yea
Noah Somera
Noah Somera 6 days ago
Why didn’t you just run from the creeper in the dungeon
Niko Sitaras
Niko Sitaras 6 days ago
Coin master no
Doreck Abalo
Doreck Abalo 6 days ago
Do it with the tors
Roman Sawicki
Roman Sawicki 6 days ago
I need 1000 days
Mary Griesinger
Mary Griesinger 6 days ago
6:28 well by (my name is also Aidan)
Tom Carn
Tom Carn 6 days ago
I got scared 6:30 said my name
Tanki - THUNDER 200,000
how did you die from a creeper explosion with the shield?
Poison TG
Poison TG 7 days ago
Guess this man has a love for creepers 🤣
AtomicX 7 days ago
"The first *night* I started mining" *Strike 1, dont mine at night*
Julie 7 days ago
Man I can’t wait for a thousand days!!!
Im0rta1 Champ10n5
I don't know wether to be shocked or spoked by your prediction~
Karl Benson
Karl Benson 7 days ago
Will you ever make the save file downloadable?
Shag Monster
Shag Monster 7 days ago
You are sooped
Nick Bwolf
Nick Bwolf 7 days ago
What is the seed for the island world? It sounds awesome
9cxt 8 days ago
6:28 bruh wtf my name is actually aiden hell no
f in the chat
Wooper Wi-Fi
Wooper Wi-Fi 8 days ago
I like when u found diamonds and u were like hellllllllllll yea
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk 8 days ago
I once tried Hardcore. I died on the first day when I mined some stone on the surface and fell into lava.
Herminio Duran
Herminio Duran 8 days ago
4 out of 5 attempts he died from a creeper
VLOG Opening Gamer
Ahhh a lot of the ahhh right of them
LilTostforeating 8 days ago
Aiden Bell-McNee
Aiden Bell-McNee 9 days ago
6:28 gave me chills. especially after reading so many reddit r/nosleep posts
Joe Weaver
Joe Weaver 9 days ago
Ayden Thio
Ayden Thio 9 days ago
When he said were gonna die... Aiden My name is Ayden
Jaylen Haynes
Jaylen Haynes 9 days ago
7:57 thats why
Jaylen Haynes
Jaylen Haynes 9 days ago
7:45 it sounded like ar bullets to me
AnnJackie Mukiibi
AnnJackie Mukiibi 10 days ago
Make more Minecraft vids
hamza karaf
hamza karaf 10 days ago
4:10 Creeper : omiya mou shindeiru Luke : NANI?!
OscarGamer22 :v
OscarGamer22 :v 10 days ago
The days os of minecraft ir he Real life
Aidan Dykstra
Aidan Dykstra 10 days ago
6:29 what?... (Look at my name)
Legend G4ming
Legend G4ming 10 days ago
6:30 omg my name is Aiden and it's late at night island I can't sleep anymore
Barteq _YT
Barteq _YT 10 days ago
Creeper?! AWWW MAN!!!
FadedProtato123 10 days ago
Me: Reads title Also me: that is a human function that you have failed to complete correctly
NiceManAidan 10 days ago
Bro why you hating on the Aidans. That definitely surprised me tho, lol.
Andre Bailey
Andre Bailey 10 days ago
I like how luke says,"Alot of em hell yeaaaaaaa."
lj willis
lj willis 10 days ago
hellllllllll yea
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