I Didn't Wash My Hair For a Month And THIS Happened..

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I stopped washing my hair for a MONTH and this is what happened (challenge)
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Apr 13, 2020




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Ellbat 2 months ago
second channel: ruvid.net/u-elenabateman NOTE: some people mentioned that this video was potentially insensitive towards people with depression or similar mental health illnesses. As someone who as suffered from depression myself, this was not at all my intention. This video was simply an experiment investigating sebum regulation - it was made for the purpose of science and myth busting. It is not at all intended as a commentary on depression, or a mockery of that experience. Thank you for understanding !!! PS. if you follow my insta (@elenabatman) you'll know I accidentally deleted the footage from day 30 and of my first shower in a month 😞 The footage I used is what I (thankfully) took on my phone before showering. Im sorry it isn't as it should be!! I'm so bummed 😞 I also want to add that different hair needs different care and so a lot of hair types (especially close to 4c) would manage this just fine !!! I massaged my hair in the shower, as well as brushing my hair nearly every day. I think the problem was not using the right brush!! 🖤🖤
Paul French
Paul French 2 days ago
The right brush might be an answer. I recently changed the type of brush I use on my cat and his coat is now amazing. Not that you or your hair is anything like a cat but the brush did change his world. As for the mental health thing. You were doing a fun hair experiment (maybe not fun for you) and you were showering normally so you were making no comments at all about people with depression. One thing I did a few years back when I still had long hair was to switch to baby shampoo because it was less toxic and I found after two weeks I no longer needed a conditioner. Then to give support to my youngest son who had a military haircut I cut my hair super short. He grew his hair back I didn't because it was easier to care for and I could cut it myself. I used the money I saved from haircuts and beard trims for extra Christmas money. It also help with the lock down because I continue to cut my own hair while most of the world is freaking out.
Kai Garza
Kai Garza 2 days ago
@jeonghan x yoongi so with depression, typical self-care or daily tasks can be very hard to complete and in a major depressive time, a lot of people's hygeine gets worse because of it. That being said, I have depression and I don't find this insensitive, i find it interesting. So while not showering can be related to depression, that's clearly not what she was doing and i personally don't see how it's insensitive
R H 6 days ago
The 'no poo' method has been around for at least a decade, and refers to no shampoo, but many wash their hair using alternatives like baking soda or apple cider vinegar. The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey is the book I recommend for people with curly/wavy hair. I have dry, curly hair, I rinse my hair well 2x/week and use a deep conditioner. I only comb through my hair with my fingers when wet, haven't used a comb or a brush in ten years and I'm happier with my hair than I've ever been. Please do your research before discounting the 'no poo' method, it works for a lot of people who have taken the time to read up on it and experiment to find what works for them. 😊😘
lihi perry
lihi perry 8 days ago
it depends very mush on the type of water reservoir u use/ in russia' for example' they have amazing eater and that's why their skin is perfect
Trish Jaye
Trish Jaye 8 days ago
🙄 ppl are so sensitive.... anyway... im trying it out!! Im scared haha because I have to shower and wash my hair every single day... if I dont... i get really grouchy haha... a shower with my hair washed... is like my morning daily coffee.... lol
XxKittyrina xX
XxKittyrina xX 8 minutes ago
Dandruff gang where y'all at? 🙋‍♀️
Blackset 5 hours ago
i can go 4 days max, 5 if i need to without washing my hair. the key is dry shampoo tho.
WhiteHair Rules
WhiteHair Rules 7 hours ago
You started biased and done every stupid thing you can to fail 👏🏻
Yasmine Nachit
Yasmine Nachit 8 hours ago
You to brush your hair everyday to get aalll the hair full of sebum
Savannah Dawn
Savannah Dawn 9 hours ago
My hair could never again lmaooo my hair use to get greasy easily
Elli Trillo
Elli Trillo 10 hours ago
Why is this on my recommended lol 😂
ShadowLander 10 hours ago
I can’t. Lived with dandruff my entire life and still have dandruff.
Xxlil FleaxX
Xxlil FleaxX 11 hours ago
I once knew a girl who never washed her hair like ever and like...it was bad
steelplatedheart 12 hours ago
Did you not actually talk to anyone before doing this? If you wind up with an excess of sebum you're supposed to use baking soda. It helps reduce the amount of oils on the scalp without stripping it from the follicles. I spent several years using just baking soda, it was the softest my hair had ever been... I stopped because it took less than 24 hours for my hair to get oily and I didn't have any luck with dry conditioner which is supposed to increase the time between washings.
kitty cat
kitty cat 15 hours ago
I've had long hair my whole life(to my knees, exactly 4 feet, I'm 5 feet) So I for logical reasons didn't wash it very often. (Once a week) but a few times I've either been lazy, depressed, or stuck in quarantine. Resulting in that time to elongate. I think the longest I've ever gone is 3-4 weeks. And of course it gets oily but never and I mean NEVER this bad. Since I'm kinda used to this I have a sort of schedule. First(right after washing) its unmanageable(to me) it gets knotted easily is kinda dry and not really any natural oil. A few days later and its manageable, clean, easier to brush. Then a week and its icky. Oily, dirty, not nice, gets knotted easily. Then in sometime in the next week or so magic happens. I call this the prime. Of course it isn't washed but it doesn't look as oily. You can brush it easily, the hair is manageable and overall a good time. A few days after this though I'd recommend washing it. The prime will have passed and your hair is craving a wash. Of course this is different for everyone. And since I had long hair I was used to keeping it in a braid to avoid snarling(knotting) so this might not be the same for you, take this video for example. I don't recommend just not washing your hair for a month after frequently doing it every day or every other day. You have to work it into your hair. Get it used to it. Of course I'm not a hairdresser so I'm not a professional but I do have some experience with hair so I thought I'd share. Everyone is different, along with their hair, and their experiences. Edit: Disclaimer though I do have type 1, or 2 so this is really just for personal experience
Hazel G
Hazel G 18 hours ago
zilch: name for zero
Hellsmaster Kight
Hellsmaster Kight 19 hours ago
Just wash your hair lol. Its like your skin it needs to be cleaned once in a while. the amount of pollution we have now adays you will just get dirty hair. Love the video
isaacd52 Day ago
i havent "washed" my hair in over 10 years.... your kinda doing it wrong?
Lily Mohring
Lily Mohring Day ago
I kind of want to try it haha for being able to leave my hair for a day or two extra without washing but I'm not so sure that I could handle the greece and the itchiness.
Elin Fersman
Elin Fersman Day ago
Yes please do 2-3 months!!
Sophie Engelstad
sis I’ve gone 2 weeks without showering and it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be a challenge
Martina Marocco
Once I had Dan drift and my Head was SO itchy that I scratched it until I had scabs on my head they are still there
Peanut Butter
But I bet washing it after this challenge felt GLORIOUS
Gemma Blakeney
I am so lucky my hair doesn't get greasy. THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!
Bennet Stepens
"I didn't washed my hair for a month" Me: "I haven't washed my hair this whole quarantine..."
Elizabeth Buxton
I love your voice
Golden GolemYT
another word for 0, Zilch
Nicolas Atuwaogu
Try 2-3 months, but only if you want to. After seeing this, I don’t know if that would be a good idea... 😂
Nicolas Atuwaogu
Nicolas Atuwaogu 2 hours ago
XXX Girl: I don’t know how you’re doing it, but carry on 😂
XXX Girl
XXX Girl 4 hours ago
I haven‘t washed my hair for nearly three month now and it‘s still greasy... but i‘m not giving up 💪🏼😂
Kaleidoscope Eyes
I couldn't stomach a whole month of not shampooing. However, since gradually tapering off from washing my hair every single say years ago I can get away with 1-2 times a week in the winter and every other day or so when the weather gets hot. And my hair looks healthier for it.
Adaline Ezumba
OMG who else thanks her accent is like sooo amazing lol
sbeve Day ago
most shampoos completely strip your hair because of sulfates,, sulfate is an extremely harsh detergent that can also be found in dishsoap and toothpaste
Brielle and Odalys
brad mondo punching the air rn
Rosi Yankova
Rosi Yankova Day ago
Thank you for this video. I usually wash my long and thick hair every 5 or 6 days, and I have attempted to last until day 10 during colder months, but since you were a more frequent hair washer to begin with, the sacrifice is absolutely remarkable. I am glad to know that you got some money for it too. :)
Anna Sofia Martorella
You can use a SULFATE FREE shampoo that still cleans your hair but will not strip the natural oils
stranger_ wolfhard
Admit it, when the vid started, u looked at her hair
Boo Boo
Boo Boo Day ago
This happens to me last years, I can save my lovely long hair cause my hair really in bad condition, and now for the first time in my life i have a short hair style😭,....so make sure to wash your hair (im sorry if my English bad or wrong)
Ayumy The Hoe
dude thats how my hair looks after 1 day
Gacha_boba kitty
*her starts talking* Me: huh? When did Siri and borris Johnson collide
Add it
Add it Day ago
First time I heard someone say it's ok the give their video a thumbs down
Eloise Wilkinson
im so impressed that your skin stayed good with all that oil round it my skin goes awful when i miss just one hair wash
Drawing_idkhowtodraw Carriejensen
I think I have like dry scalp and I pull little pieces of hair out I don’t know why.
Michelle Kohut
Bruh, why was this on my recommendation👁👄👁💀😂
Minnie Chan
Minnie Chan Day ago
i cant even stand a day without washing my hair
[ Here Must Be My Name ]
American RUvidrs: arent washing their heads for months Russian RUvidrs: washing their heads a hundred times
khyon yang
khyon yang 2 days ago
your eyes are sO beautiful 🥺
Cool Crew
Cool Crew 2 days ago
Her: I have never had dandruff in my life Me: 👁👄👁 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Viktoriya Murzina
Me watching this video also me: wHeRe dId sHe gEt hEr sHaMpOo FrOm??
SoGertie 2 days ago
I didn't wash my hair for a mounth Me as a black girl: Ummm
RyleeVlogs 2 days ago
we have the same dresser...
Paul French
Paul French 2 days ago
This video was both fun and educational and I watch all the ads. I can see why this has 4 million views because I will watch it again.
Gabriele Bucciarati
"I didn't wash my hair for a month" Me, an Mcr fan: 👁👄👁
Addison 2 days ago
Me: How did she not get dandruff..? Everyone else: I n t e r e s t i n g..
Jiminie rejecting rejection Since nursery
Lorne E. Tapp-Cowan this is what you call a top tier student xD
Lorne E. Tapp-Cowan
Because what most people call "dandruff" is actually dry scalp or a form of dermatitis which can actually be exacerbated by over washing the hair and drying the scalp out too much. Most shampoos are heavily fragranced and have alcohol and a lot of other chemicals in them that is actually bad for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Actual dandruff is caused by a fungal infection of the scalp which leads to a buildup of dead skin cells and sebum secretions.
Gabbyx_butterfly :3
Omg..day 10 she was so Pail and she looks tired..I feel bad..
Teygan Manning
Teygan Manning 2 days ago
Why am I watching this directly after I just shampooing my hair?
Norah Abdullah
Norah Abdullah 2 days ago
Hi question what’s the thing under ur eye at 7:33?
Camila Bueso Regalado
I haven’t washed my hair in like 2 months till five days ago- My hair was fine lol
Mirai Weed
Mirai Weed 2 days ago
Me: *Day 3 without washing my hair and having the hair like her day 25* :( It's because i wash my hair everyday and a lot, and now it became greasy :(((
brandski1 2 days ago
I did this for a year and it took about 3 month before I felt confident my hair looked normal enough to be in public with my hair. I do now wash my hair but I have been careful about what products I'm using and I only wash when it's starting to look really bad. My hair now feels amazing and looks healthy
That's why my mom shaved my head now it doing WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better.
Lara Honey
Lara Honey 2 days ago
She: now I can go 3 days without washing my hair Me: I can go a week without washing my hair and it'd be fine
Lara Honey
Lara Honey 2 days ago
Should I feel ashamed that I've gone a month without my hair even touching water?
Linda Allen
Linda Allen 2 days ago
I only wash my hair every 2 months and have no problems, my husband can’t go more than 2 days and his hair is so oily. People always comment how beautiful my hair is but when I tell them why they don’t believe me.
Abeera Nauman
Abeera Nauman 2 days ago
%does nobody think she talks EXACTLY like Jeramy Clarkson?????
Poo and the other hand Maguire
We are living through history
Maddie Hill
Maddie Hill 2 days ago
why do they sell shampoo then
Tamara Jovanic
Tamara Jovanic 2 days ago
Why does she sound like the girl version of boris Johnson
Julissa Tapia
Julissa Tapia 3 days ago
Her says she has been scratching her head Me thinking she has lice
kyla 3 days ago
Your hair gets "horrible" at day 15, mine gets horrible in a day. Life isn't fair, I need hair like yours
jayleegiraffe 3 days ago
I shower like once every 4 days in the summer and one time my hair went passed the point
-laliz. 3 days ago
ironic how i got a shampoo ad while watching this video
StrawberryMilk Robloxian
Honestly i wait a week before i wash my hair again-
Morgan Ryan
Morgan Ryan 3 days ago
zilch (another form of zero 😂)
midnight skiez
midnight skiez 3 days ago
title: i didnt wash my hair for a month 2-4 year old me: *_is this a joke_*
Jiminie rejecting rejection Since nursery
midnight skiez 2-4 year old me- -is this a challenge?-
ilovejeremyx3 3 days ago
I ended up not washing my hair for 2 almost 3 months because of my depression after having my third child !
Bunni Bussell
Bunni Bussell 3 days ago
rewatching to get you more views
Holly Round
Holly Round 3 days ago
okay now i know why my hair is so greasy...im trapped :(
Pix_zer _
Pix_zer _ 3 days ago
Don’t tell me I’m the only one not washing my hair for a month at a time owjsoejwodidwoe 😔✌️
Alexa M.
Alexa M. 3 days ago
i could never do this because i work and i couldnt go to work with greasy hair, id be embarrassed and feel gross.
Kristan Leger
Kristan Leger 3 days ago
So basically when I was young I did not want to wash my hair then one day I had to go to a party and I did Space buns and realized how gross my hair was so l was like I will wash it tomorrow and kept saying that over and over again anyway every body said oh you’re hair is so thick and healthy but yes that does happen whenever I had to scratch my head skin would get caught in my nails and my hair would fall out and feel like there was to much hair gel on my head hope you have a good day
Cactus Squad
Cactus Squad 3 days ago
Why was this on ma home page when....uk what forget it just....how does it feel? Me being depresseD
Ocean freak
Ocean freak 3 days ago
Merlosy 3 days ago
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but why you do this? It's boredom maybe..
Summer Sinclair
Summer Sinclair 3 days ago
I can go a week without washing my hair.It doesn't get greasy.
Elizabete Ferreira
Maybe you should have washed with aloe vera at least 😂😂
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