I Dare You Challenge !

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I dare you to put as many rubber bands on your head as you can, go up a down escalator, drink through a straw while you’re upside down, eat a lemon and take a bath in Coke and Mentos! Check out a new I Dare You challenge only on WooHoo!
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Howto & Style

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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 2 786
Dolores Ramos
Marissa Cimeni
I love the song i can belive i can fly
The Account
The Account 2 days ago
Escalators are for lazy people apparently
James Ervin
James Ervin 2 days ago
all these things can hurt you
James Ervin
James Ervin 2 days ago
all these things can hurt you
James Ervin
James Ervin 2 days ago
do not put tuber bands on youself
Nf_offical1 g
Nf_offical1 g 2 days ago
I do
Diana Ouma
Diana Ouma 2 days ago
I Dare you to tell. A girl. You love her
Priya Neergheen
Priya Neergheen 2 days ago
Wow you are butifue video I am Happy 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Alex Yo
Alex Yo 4 days ago
You copied troom troom narotor
Zaira Parvez
Zaira Parvez 4 days ago
So nice .. Your videos are the best..
harry saint Louis
You are so funny make us more fun videos
ShadowRebecca Amber
Jenni Crownover
Jenni Crownover 5 days ago
That guy in the beginning of the video he looks like he’s packing eggs like he’s a chicken
Gowri Sairam
Gowri Sairam 6 days ago
And maybe bad
IDIKA DAVID 6 days ago
Song: I believe I can fly
Della and cloudy Plays
Song: I believe I can fly~~~. Me: 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Deborah Beronilla
Amber Shea
Amber Shea 6 days ago
carlo pangan
carlo pangan 7 days ago
wow woohoo 😘
Rihanna Bent
Rihanna Bent 7 days ago
Christi O'Farrell
Trina Putman
Trina Putman 7 days ago
No man no✋🏾🙊🙊😫
Joey Knight
Joey Knight 7 days ago
Yep it is
the two girls vlogs
ang Arte Ng babae
Kaitlyn Bell-Saunders
Most of them are dangerous
Azzahra Salsabila
Azzahra Salsabila 10 days ago
Rachel P
Rachel P 11 days ago
people could get seriously injured or die by doing this crap
slogoman fan girl
slogoman fan girl 11 days ago
Ummm... troom troom did you just say sexy I thought you guys don't say bad words
Sonia Devi
Sonia Devi 12 days ago
2:10 how to become deaf
Flyingpug4 13 days ago
It went too fare down
Katherine Czyz
Katherine Czyz 13 days ago
Are you CRAZY!?! ⚠️
Samson Chumbu
Samson Chumbu 13 days ago
How-to &style
Samson Chumbu
Samson Chumbu 13 days ago
How- & Style
Trường hoàng mạnh
I love the woohoo
Richard Connolly
Richard Connolly 14 days ago
Milk is ment to be in the frige
Sara S.
Sara S. 14 days ago
I can go up a down eskalator
rinku barua
rinku barua 17 days ago
i love that gu
pradeep priyanka Pradeep
Kamino dudh bekar karte ho
Sm!ley 18 days ago
Dora VoiceOver
Carlina Francisco
Carlina Francisco 18 days ago
80000000000000000000000000000. years age. 1234{4545367788789999046. 700000000000000000. 2000000000000 1000000000000
Sara Duncan
Sara Duncan 19 days ago
I’m deaf, I could take this challenge “ “take speaker on my head and tape it”. Bc I don’t have any hearing in my ear system
Sara Duncan
Sara Duncan 15 days ago
Gatcha_Izzy yeah I would
Pøtätø_Gätchä 15 days ago
I’m sorry But I bet u COULD do the challenge
Sabina Shodieva
Sabina Shodieva 20 days ago
Monzer Saad
Monzer Saad 20 days ago
How did you this cool.
Paul Justine Matias
Some of these dares are rude and almost deadly
Nurain Aireessa Riana
he is a -_-
Shakha Saber
Shakha Saber 20 days ago
Isabella Hinojosa
o brother
Raevic Ferrer
Raevic Ferrer 21 day ago
Raevic Ferrer
Raevic Ferrer 21 day ago
Glue or tape
Celetia Bryan
Celetia Bryan 21 day ago
Ismit Ara
Ismit Ara 21 day ago
Ilove birf
Ismit Ara
Ismit Ara 21 day ago
I love bird
Dylan Hobbs
Dylan Hobbs 22 days ago
Abigael Marlon
Abigael Marlon 23 days ago
Woo Hoo vs troom troom
Akki vivaniya
Akki vivaniya 24 days ago
abli like a fly
Akki vivaniya
Akki vivaniya 24 days ago
Nimrah Sufyan
Nimrah Sufyan 25 days ago
You are sooooooooooooo beautiful
Anas Rulla74752
Anas Rulla74752 25 days ago
peter Phan
peter Phan 26 days ago
His hand is dead
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