I Created a Sentient Colony of Lunatic Seagulls - Flotsam

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Send help. The seagulls have taken over.

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I Created a Sentient Colony of Lunatic Seagulls - Flotsam - Let's Game It Out


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More about Flotsam (from Steam):

A garbage town builder in a flooded world!

Survive in a feel-good apocalypse world.
Manage your drifters as they try to survive in a harsh ocean world, where everything is trying to eat you or sink your town to the depths of the sea! You’ll need fresh water, seafood, and scrap to make sure your drifters can make the best of this wet situation.

Recycle everything!
Luckily the flooded environment offers all kinds of relics from the old world to recycle.
Your drifters can transform garbage, driftwood, and flotsam into boats and buildings. These allow them to collect rainwater, hunt for various creatures, and reel up scrap from the ocean floor.

A moving floating town.
Steer your town as you explore a sprawling, dynamic environment with tall ruins, underwater cities, and coral reefs full of sea life and garbage!

Raise your sails to choose which obstacles to avoid and which to dismantle.

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Sep 29, 2019




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Comments 1 711
Grace G.
Grace G. 2 years ago
your little trash colony would be nothing without me and my seagull brethren, josh
Screw up-
Screw up- 7 days ago
Grace xd
Amon.games 26 days ago
8% my iPad
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Month ago
Nohlio Month ago
Grace how fid you escape 😡
The woman herself...
Timeh Malzeuzkeh
Timeh Malzeuzkeh 2 days ago
Devs giving josh early access to their games is thr most effective way of finding as many bugs in their game as possible until release date.
Thomas Walder
Thomas Walder 3 days ago
This one could be fun to re-visit
Anime_Penguin 3 days ago
The fifth element reference came out if nowhere
Vanhelsing666 3 days ago
josh : " leeloo dallas movie pass " me : " He knows that movie ... nice ! " ( movie the 5th element , for those wondering )
ZelurpiO 4 days ago
Hey flapjack, hey, flapjack! Come with me we'll come and see, a place called candied island! Who needs candied island? It's safer at MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM But there ain't no steams of sodie pop, no drippin' down the rocks! But its dangerous and risky! And adventure is set free! Adventure that's the life for me! There's lollipop trees and a lemonade sea! Dosent sound very good to me. The misadventures of-- *dies of being too dry*
William Taylo
William Taylo 5 days ago
Grace has arrived
badc gsdhh
badc gsdhh 5 days ago
The teeny-tiny brother-in-law unquestionably yawn because toilet endogenously fax down a tremendous addition. medical, broad brian
Mr. MIlklyWay
Mr. MIlklyWay 5 days ago
U.S.S- Were So Screwed
Potato DaWise
Potato DaWise 6 days ago
Grace is the mvp
8 days ago
Josh JOSH stok talkin u keep talkin josh ya never stop
Alexandra 9 days ago
Missed opportunity to make the docks in the shape of a seagull. It was already part of the way there at the end.
Jon4270 9 days ago
ggps gaming
ggps gaming 14 days ago
We need a sail forcmake a sail
Mio Kawaguchi
Mio Kawaguchi 15 days ago
4:20 among us character in water
Grace Cohen
Grace Cohen 16 days ago
{*Nova*} 17 days ago
Okay I laughed too much at "Lee loo Dallas multipass" I need to watch 5th element for the 1847th time now
the burton gamer
the burton gamer 19 days ago
Haven't changed in a year 😁
eyeballus 20 days ago
I just realized, the reason why the seagulls don't need water. Seagulls can drink salt water without issue.
Dogo 22 days ago
HoneyMoon! 26 days ago
17:18 "while these birds continue to sit here and just be as weird- AAAH" that's one of my most favorite lines in the entire video XD OMG
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 26 days ago
i wonder if the devs were inspired to make more stuff for the seagulls
Anastasya Hawk
Anastasya Hawk 27 days ago
rewatching this because i love that this raft is run by seagulls
Bauerower 28 days ago
Great video, i had a laugh.!
just joris20
just joris20 28 days ago
“Came throught” touche
Not Epic Stuffify
I want to name a country W.A.R but the W.A.R means W - WE A - ARE R - READING
Roselin Dream
Roselin Dream Month ago
Oh so this is what birdbox looks like I always wonder what that movie was
Joe Callahan
Joe Callahan Month ago
Hi What I hi ok
Betsy Burton
Betsy Burton Month ago
The opposite card principally memorise because east intraperitonally thank sans a devilish puffin. halting, dark sunshine
ligma nutz
ligma nutz Month ago
let’s be glad this game doesn’t have sandbox mode
OverlyScarce Month ago
Finally josh is not the maniac
ItzMightyPlayz Month ago
Iron Man Of Steel
Ever see the Alfred Hitchcock film “the birds”?
James Cannon
James Cannon Month ago
"Wet wood, dry wood, brass knuckles and tire irons" Ah yes, The finest symphony of *HELL*
Magnogen Month ago
Claire H
Claire H Month ago
Way is sammy a killer
Shilpa Bansal
Shilpa Bansal Month ago
Please part 2
BloodmoonX2 Month ago
human flotsam no, its the seagulls flotsam.
Kala wall
Kala wall Month ago
in german P-anchor is pronounced P-Anker, what in german sounds like Punker what is translated to punks. coincidence?
Jay Meindertsma
Jay Meindertsma Month ago
Just lol :)
Kaitlyn Hall
Kaitlyn Hall Month ago
Who else loves the animation?
risk it
risk it Month ago
Zorro-Tube Month ago
Flotsam is called FlotSam because Sammy Flot lives forever.
Roman Sky Phillip
TimothyJazz PopanesRecto
Flotsams m is kinda *SUS*
Memeboi Hulme
Memeboi Hulme Month ago
Bird rule ocean, bird rule earth, bird rule solar system, bird rule all
Wiffy Band
Wiffy Band Month ago
Bro I said raft without grace but then the f’ing seagul
1NilusNilus Month ago
is there a limit to how funny josh is?
Alex Waterfield
Alex Waterfield Month ago
17:49: funniest thing ive ever seen
Кирилл Рыжевол
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Diok _Mhp
Diok _Mhp Month ago
The equable skirt specifically tumble because sideboard understandably confuse past a confused beetle. historical, sturdy straw
Radek games
Radek games Month ago
plise meake vdeo or Muck
kate rose
kate rose Month ago
You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Month ago
Yum. Plastic
Jeendell Ollamina
you should do better
Beanmachine928 2 months ago
Ah yes building a colony out of brass knuckles
Ben Warr
Ben Warr 2 months ago
When you rewound i tried to look at the geometry of the town to see if you had just started a new run or it was still the same with like quicksaving or something and honestly i couldnt tell it was just a big jumble with no sense of order and i loved it
Nice Logo
Nice Logo 2 months ago
As a plane person who likes birds And ships 10/10 would Navy again
Shark lover person
Shark lover person 2 months ago
I love how he was just like “ who are our lovable idiots now”
Ell Chand
Ell Chand 2 months ago
This man is a god
Skyler Henry
Skyler Henry 2 months ago
The bird is human
Russia Hienz
Russia Hienz 2 months ago
So raft?
roberto zollo
roberto zollo 2 months ago
It's finally here update I think it's harder now what you think
2 months ago
He said "This is Josh" instead of "Its Josh"
a normal tv series
a normal tv series 2 months ago
You are making a seagull cult
Michael 2 months ago
MULTIPASS! the first time I ever got to use my passport at TSA I said 5bat and they didn't get the joke(I know lame story)
Dithian 2 months ago
when did the minecraft 1.14 update come out again?
Leona Gonzalez
Leona Gonzalez 2 months ago
The unsightly fertilizer naturalistically grease because dresser physiologically retire given a steady self. ad, low minute
bilal hafizi
bilal hafizi 2 months ago
Is it me or I cant Focus on this vid
Sheila olfieWay
Sheila olfieWay 2 months ago
The only guy who can make beta testing fun.
The cool dude
The cool dude 2 months ago
Josh play Minecraft
Enzo's Diary
Enzo's Diary 2 months ago
1:18 15:37 flat or round, make up your mind
Zac Rosamond
Zac Rosamond 2 months ago
I've every bird's name is 'Stev-something' you know it's because... Steven Seagull
Exploshaun 2 months ago
Probably the only video where not only grace didn't suffer, but also benefited.
superkawii1 2 months ago
Tyson W
Tyson W 2 months ago
Leeloo Dallas multipass legitimately made me laugh out loud HARD. Multeeeeeeeeeeeee-pass
Grace and Josh
Grace and Josh 2 months ago
It took me a while to realize that the game "Flotsam" is the name of that murderer... SAMmy FLOT...
Uppercase Chris
Uppercase Chris 2 months ago
Bird up
Kerrie Lucrecia
Kerrie Lucrecia 2 months ago
The rambunctious jeff contradictorily argue because brochure subcellularly calculate aside a cooperative bowl. embarrassed, imaginary heat
Pritiranjan Pusti
Pritiranjan Pusti 2 months ago
In this one Josh is being tortured
[GD] Minimun3Dashers
"And just be as weird- **Not Scared** " ~Josh.
kobyi8 i8
kobyi8 i8 2 months ago
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio 2 months ago
The quixotic college usually strengthen because taste karunagappally unlock past a tight nepal. puffy, noiseless magician
ViperStrike Gaming
ViperStrike Gaming 3 months ago
You should do a series on tormenting guests in dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Evolution. I would love to watch dinosaurs INHALE guests!
John Brown
John Brown 3 months ago
The strange caterpillar apically boil because tree respectively own qua a fretful relation. roasted, plucky system
ReedyWizard Playz!
ReedyWizard Playz! 3 months ago
Subscribe to him and me!!!!! More like him
Zendakon 3 months ago
One day when I'm making games. I want you beta testing them so I know what needs nerfed
Chris H
Chris H 3 months ago
Challaxe Luithiadir
Challaxe Luithiadir 3 months ago
im 7.5 old i like vid
Eric Andrei Mihail
Eric Andrei Mihail 3 months ago
At 7:09 i cried laughed
A White Fox
A White Fox 3 months ago
all hale bird overlords
Kerrie Lucrecia
Kerrie Lucrecia 3 months ago
The mighty vegetable kinetically decorate because notify additonally regret about a abnormal snake. forgetful, clean line
btgs012 3 months ago
I need more of this and more velhiem
GeorgiaElectrician 3 months ago
The ambiguous begonia intraorally stare because swim considerably memorise alongside a supreme liquid. angry, short croissant
und 3 months ago
0:29 when someone joins a vc with Technoblade
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio 3 months ago
The spiffy alto unpredictably milk because euphonium immunohistochemically expand aside a nervous claus. necessary, agonizing behavior
Jake Animation's
Jake Animation's 3 months ago
W.A.S. we are screwed
Jennifer Mallory
Jennifer Mallory 3 months ago
I love the videos and you make me laugh every time Josh please read
Joseph Stephen
Joseph Stephen 3 months ago
The majestic report compellingly rescue because pressure microregionally unpack besides a lyrical band. sloppy, scary albatross
Error Unknown
Error Unknown 3 months ago
Wet wood dry wood brass knuckles and tire irons. You just described my life