I Corked A Baseball Bat With Bouncy Balls!

Mighty Goat
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I Corked A Baseball Bat With Bouncy Balls!
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 1 527
Mighty Goat
Mighty Goat 4 months ago
BRS Electric
BRS Electric 5 days ago
Back baby back baby
The Courtney’s !
The Courtney’s ! 2 months ago
Mighty Goat 🐐 oh yeahhhhhhhh
J J 4 months ago
Half price dude perfect
Vanimal Oz
Vanimal Oz 4 months ago
Mr sucks
Fear Carter11
Fear Carter11 3 days ago
Put golf balls in the bat
Nick Hamann
Nick Hamann 6 days ago
Both of your swings are ugly; neither of you have balance & I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. Thanks.
Michael Cameron
Michael Cameron 11 days ago
It’s impossible to play on a 758 bud it’s only 478 in Majer leage
evett jordan
evett jordan 12 days ago
I thought you were Tyler from dude perfect
mark k
mark k 15 days ago
the added weight causes lower bat speed. result less dingers.
Susana Perez
Susana Perez 18 days ago
Can i plese haveur metal bat
Turtle jones
Turtle jones 18 days ago
This video is racist
Ronald omg
Ronald omg 20 days ago
Mike 22 days ago
It’s a metal bat, who cares....
Taylor Maurer
Taylor Maurer 23 days ago
Took me till I went to comments to notice this ISNT dude perfect
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas 24 days ago
That field is smaller then my High School Junior Varsity park. 300 lol 300 omg 300 feet to put one over the fence. What a joke. What is this place??? Fenway without the high wall?
El Barto
El Barto 28 days ago
I wonder if you filled one completely full with silicone rubber caulk and let it dry and cure.
El Barto
El Barto 28 days ago
Golf balls work amazing in a bat!, we jammed them in tight and then filled the end piece and welded it back on.
It doesn’t work
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Month ago
Hi I’m A big big big big fan of you can you date me
The Muddy Billmans
Chris Wayne
Chris Wayne Month ago
I read a lot of comments and yes we all got generic Tyler click baited. Its like he studied his demeanor and for the record is it impressive he’s hitting home runs on little league fields i mean at least prove the distance
Venus Gonzalez
Venus Gonzalez Month ago
Try putting field hockey balls in a bat. We lost a game where our opponents were all using a crappy catalyst (black and yellow). We heard later on the afternoon that field hockey balls fell out of the bat when it was swung during a later game. I wonder how big of a difference does field hockey balls make vs the bouncy balls.
Behold The Nautilus
he could legit be tyler toney's brother and no one would know.....
Nicklas Sanchez
Nicklas Sanchez Month ago
Anyone else thinks this guy is a mix between Tylor from DP and Jojo Siwa?
t Month ago
Golf balls or tennis balls. Tennis balls is what they used in the 80s and 90s for softball
t Month ago
Dude in the blue has a way way smoother swing than the main guy here. I'd throw you alot of shit low and way w an open stance like that. Sliders and fastballs low and away. Maybe that's what you were fed....because you making RUvid videos now
Dave Gorman
Dave Gorman Month ago
Ohh Ya
Jake Biaggi
Jake Biaggi Month ago
He said oh yea 103 times
Jordan  Reza
Jordan Reza Month ago
I think you need to just calm down and breath a little bit more and talk a little less
Uninstall clan official Aimzy
5:42 Most majestic homer ever
Bob S
Bob S Month ago
No bat speed with that corked one
Isaac Franta
Isaac Franta Month ago
Tyler from dude perfect
Esteban Rodriguez
Possible I could get a shout out
Esteban Rodriguez
i love your vids Mighty Goat
Angelica Guzman
Angelica Guzman Month ago
O yaa
Noah Woods
Noah Woods Month ago
I lost count of how many times he said Balls in the video
South Sound Sports Cards
I love hitting baseballs in a softball park.
beamer6623 Month ago
Yall both swing the bat like little bitches
Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort Month ago
You could just weld it.
Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort Month ago
Kinect energy is fascinating.
Richard James
Richard James Month ago
2.0 speed only boys. LETS GO
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford Month ago
Lay off the coffe and meth bro.
CJ P. Month ago
That bat looks like it was from the 1980’s or something lol
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