I Corked A Baseball Bat With Bouncy Balls!

Mighty Goat
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I Corked A Baseball Bat With Bouncy Balls!
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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 1 285
Mighty Goat
Mighty Goat Month ago
J J 24 days ago
Half price dude perfect
Vanimal Oz
Vanimal Oz 26 days ago
Mr sucks
mike C
mike C 27 days ago
wayy too much time on your hands for childrens games!!
Head Shot
Head Shot 28 days ago
Lmao dying to be like dude perfect
MTM2626 Gaming
Ohh yeah
Isaac Maxwell
Isaac Maxwell 2 days ago
Watching a 30 old man hit baseball waste of time
jonathan van dyck
Oh Yah
Roshan Naidu
Roshan Naidu 2 days ago
oH YAaaH
Tonya Greene
Tonya Greene 4 days ago
I thought it was Tyler from dp
Ka loners
Ka loners 4 days ago
Video starts 6:50
Zesi Abbruzzesi
Zesi Abbruzzesi 4 days ago
This guys is so annoying
Cooper Rotondo
Cooper Rotondo 5 days ago
u look and sound like tyler from dude perfect
Non Gamer
Non Gamer 6 days ago
next time can you go find a real man that can hit a baseball?
Eddie Latko
Eddie Latko 6 days ago
None of those are gone on a HS field
yankee candle baby food
I couldn’t finish watching the video that big ass overbite distracted me
Michael Fox
Michael Fox 8 days ago
Lmao.... it’s only 300 feet to center ☠️
Bone Slicer
Bone Slicer 3 days ago
Michael Fox wow! Good eye you fucking jack ass!
Logan Faltysek
Logan Faltysek 8 days ago
I’m 14 and I play on a 762 fence field
FonchCakes 8 days ago
Cork a wooden bat with bouncy balls
FonchCakes 8 days ago
Cork a wooden bat with bouncy balls
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez 8 days ago
rip off dude perfect and can barely hit 300ft dingers with metal bats LOL
rocsteady83 8 days ago
only 300 to dead center?
Steve From Stranger Things
Ty from dude perfect has a twin?
yps 9 days ago
Ummmm where’s Tyler?
daniel 10 days ago
Should have put the end cap back in.
Kid who likes History
Thank you Kanye very cool
Puddin 12 days ago
"I wonder why so many ankle and back injuries are occurring on that particular field and not the other ones?" --Park officials.
VideoBerzerker32 13 days ago
Who else thinks he looks like Tyler from dude perfect
TehWumbo 16 days ago
One layer of duct tape.... mans a genius
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz 17 days ago
You need a couple racquetballs stuffed in there.
Blake Herron
Blake Herron 18 days ago
For the end cap instead if duck tape use flexseal
Fish Bo
Fish Bo 18 days ago
Do tennis balls next
Lowdistortion 19 days ago
I thought this was the guy from dude perfect for a second
ZerginOut 19 days ago
I was expecting something that made more sense but idk what would make sense
Trevor Parker
Trevor Parker 20 days ago
Love our vids
Don Snabitz
Don Snabitz 20 days ago
This guy is so fucking annoying holy shit
Jay Boley
Jay Boley 20 days ago
Too many ads= me no watchy
Chase Shaw
Chase Shaw 21 day ago
Disappointed this wasn’t dude perfect
WildBoy 9000
WildBoy 9000 21 day ago
Cool video
Z55K 22 days ago
Polyurethane bat?
Juan Luis Zamora
Juan Luis Zamora 22 days ago
Just say no to drugs
Baseball 22 days ago
Hahahaha 😁🏴‍☠️
OntheFish With Adam
lol ive played on that field
Cyrianna Lee
Cyrianna Lee 22 days ago
OG Mudbone
OG Mudbone 22 days ago
Use flex seal
Mc Bongrip
Mc Bongrip 23 days ago
I wish i could unwatch this, only because dude is yelling the whole time..
Gravity Killed My Car
Whats up with the dollar store dude perfect? I thought it was dude perfect at first.
Jon Torres
Jon Torres 23 days ago
Oh yeah
El Dorito
El Dorito 23 days ago
Who else came here cause they like mighty goat and not because I thought it was ty
Adam Tidwell
Adam Tidwell 24 days ago
Melted bouncy ball core next w/welded cap!?
5.56 X 45mm
5.56 X 45mm 24 days ago
Did anyone else think they were watching a dude perfect video for a minute?
ayyy ayyy
ayyy ayyy 24 days ago
He should had used flex tape
J J 24 days ago
Lol I was half way watching this video until I realized he wasn’t the guy from dude perfect. He must have been cut from the dude perfect team.
Todd T
Todd T 24 days ago
The key is to not try and hit it over and you will
KyogerPlays Minecraft
You should join the nba you’re really good at baseball
Gerry Yazzie
Gerry Yazzie 24 days ago
This guy sounds like and looks like the guy from shaytards.
Booker T
Booker T 24 days ago
Why didn’t he put the top back on the bat then tape it? Moron
Hieheheheht Me
Hieheheheht Me 24 days ago
Base ball is the most lazy sport
Dylan Rich
Dylan Rich 24 days ago
Thought this was dude perfect
Dallas Time Bandits
They have metal bats too, which i didn’t realize until i got there!
Cameron Schmit
Cameron Schmit 24 days ago
Will somebody explain why bouncy balls in that thing would make you hit balls further? Cause I don't think it would
Patrick Donoghue
Patrick Donoghue 24 days ago
Totally illegal
Will Howard
Will Howard 24 days ago
5:10 your welcome
Cfnobunt 3
Cfnobunt 3 24 days ago
Cork the bat with flex seal
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance 24 days ago
I stuffed one with racket balls. Helps dramatically.
clevelandcbi 24 days ago
CAN'T stop laughing picturing a dugout full of Little Leaguers getting pelted with bouncy balls🤕😭🤕😭😲
L0RDR31M43 _
L0RDR31M43 _ 24 days ago
Justin Manson
Justin Manson 24 days ago
People “cork” wood bats to lighten them and increase bat speed therefore this is stupid as hell yall suck
Jk Trolls
Jk Trolls 24 days ago
You should of super glued the cap back on
Dean Waddell
Dean Waddell 24 days ago
Melt the bouncy balls then pour them in the bat 🤔
Mason Bailey
Mason Bailey 24 days ago
Oh ya
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 24 days ago
Okay we get it... Y'all dumbass's thought this was Ty.
Certified Pinoy
Certified Pinoy 24 days ago
my childhood question is now answered. great
LB TV 24 days ago
Mighty please please please play madden 20 face of the franchise
bubbiesdad 25 days ago
That's not a corked bat.
musikaljeanyus 25 days ago
I will now make the only RUvid comment that ever needs to be made on any video: “Starts at 5:18”
Kyle Pirko
Kyle Pirko 25 days ago
5:30 I called it. No you're gonna be responsible for destroying a young career when little Tommy slips on the rubber balls like the kid from "The Rookie ". Lol
Jacob Suever
Jacob Suever 25 days ago
Holy shit he sounds like ty too. Must be the cocaine
Kyle Pirko
Kyle Pirko 25 days ago
You should really have doubled up on the duct tape. I'm betting that it explodes out the end. Lol
Idkc Young dagger
Idkc Young dagger 25 days ago
I did it with a golf club, it broke
TalkingBanana22 bannanapeel
When you want to be like someone so much that you grow a beard and we’re a hat backwards just so you can be like them
Thomas Tunnell
Thomas Tunnell 25 days ago
This guy definitely never left his home town.
Drama 25 days ago
Use tennis balls or racket balls they are lighter. That's what we did when we where kids.
sergio lopez
sergio lopez 25 days ago
You look like the guy from dude perfect
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