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Air fryers can be great for many things, but how about meats? Today I test every meat I have by cooking 100% with the air fryer. Some of the meat are so good that it got me by surprised. Others not so much.
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Apr 29, 2020




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Comments 100
IG = STAYTRUECHRIS 4 hours ago
This guy always drags the last word of his sentence lol 😂
Calvin Neal
Calvin Neal 5 hours ago
Raw bird naw
T Boost
T Boost 14 hours ago
Hey man what air fryer you use?
Foxy_Boris 21 hour ago
But wheres human meat? Cangaroo, horse etc. You said every meat you LAIR
TacoDePan 22 hours ago
Me does not know what sweet bread is, him (in Spanish we call it molleja) me (now everything make sense
Beruthiel45 Day ago
If it's still red in the middle the other guy can eat it. I'll have mine brown and charred thanks very much.
Skillz Yt
Skillz Yt Day ago
0:23 When the homie almost got you slipping up during no nut November.
Arlene Baril
Arlene Baril Day ago
The Foodi Grill gives you a nice crust
Hankscorpio Day ago
I gotta stop watching these videos in bed
Cynthia Smith
Where did you purchase the cast iron plate, would like to purchase one to use in my air fryer.
Morris Jensen
Check in his gear list below the video. :)
Tomas Audejaitis
Tomas Audejaitis 2 days ago
“Because of course the last thing you want is unseasoned organs” that’s the first thing I heard
Robbie T
Robbie T 2 days ago
Squab is similar to Spruce hen or grouse
Robbie T
Robbie T 2 days ago
You want to do squab like Duck medium rare I guess you figured that one out LOL
Its_Kermit N’ Blursed Guy
No The Taste is Second The first is the meat it self
maximada2003 2 days ago
medium ware squab
Partydogg123 Mean
here my rate on this Whopper Whopper with Cheese Double Whopper Double Whopper with Cheese Triple Whopper Texas Whopper Texas Double Whopper Sandwich Whopper Jr. Whopper Jr. with Cheese Hamburger Cheeseburger Double Hamburger Double Cheeseburger BK Bacon Burger Bacon Cheeseburger Double Bacon Cheeseburger BK Single Stacker BK Double Stacker BK Triple Stacker BK Quad Stacker Chicken, Fish, and Veggie Tendergrill Chicken Tendercrisp Chicken Original Chicken Chicken Crisp Classic Chicken Crisp Spicy Home-style Chicken Strips Chicken Nuggets Tacos Country Pork Sandwich Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich BK Veggie Burger Breakfast Quaker Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Oatmeal Original Sausage Breakfast Burrito Southwestern Breakfast Burrito BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich Croissan'wich Double Croissan'wich Biscuit Sandwich Cinnabon Roll Hash Browns French Toast Sticks BK Garden Fresh Salads and Wraps Garden Fresh Salad Chicken Caesar with Tendergrill Garden Fresh Salad Chicken Caesar with Tendercrisp Garden Fresh Salad Chicken BLT with Tendergrill Garden Fresh Salad Chicken BLT with Tendercrisp Garden Fresh Salad Chicken Apple & Cranberry with Tendergrill Garden Fresh Salad Chicken Apple & Cranberry with Tendercrisp Side Garden Fresh Salad and Ranch Dressing Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap Ranch Grilled Chicken Wrap Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Wrap Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Wrap Ceasar Crispy Chicken Wrap Ceasar Grilled Chicken Wrap Crispy Chicken Apple and Cranberry Wrap Grilled Chicken Apple and Cranberry Wrap Crispy BLT Salad Wrap Grilled BLT Salad Wrap Desserts Dutch Apple Pie Hershey's Sundae Pie Soft Serve Cone Soft Serve Cup Caramel Sundae Chocolate Fudge Sundae Strawberry Sundae Oreo Sundae Mini M&M's Sundae Warm Oreo Brownie Sundae Chocolate Chip Cookies White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Beverages Strawberry Banana Smoothie Tropical Mango Smoothie Vanilla Milk Shake Chocolate Milk Shake Strawberry Milk Shake Mocha Frappé Caramel Frappé Whipped topping coffee shot
michael gg
michael gg 2 days ago
I ordered sweet bread as an appetizer at a fancy resturaunt bc it was the only normal sounding thing. Not knowing It was lamb pancreas until It came out, It was actually really good
ᎫᎯCᏦツ 2 days ago
The way he says oven makes me wanna punch something 🤣🤣🤣
Kluulessence 2 days ago
Why does the chicken have to be rare 😓😓
Kluulessence 2 days ago
I want Guga to understand that just because it's not raw doesn't make it a fail. Some people like cooking their food
Kamryn Reddick
Kamryn Reddick 2 days ago
I know I’m dumb as hell for this but I kept laughing at the way you said oven
Fernando De La Cruz
Thought pork couldn’t be pink when cooked properly?
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic 3 days ago
How does he get the temperature on the dot like every time? Impressive to say the least
Lester Hartness
Lester Hartness 3 days ago
Wait a minute. You grind your own burger, then top it with American cheese? I'm confused.
Default 001
Default 001 4 days ago
Bruh your food isn’t even cooked🤦🏾‍♂️
SaracatungaX 4 days ago
Finally sweetbread!
Enrique Pech
Enrique Pech 4 days ago
The last one is popular in mty, Mexico
devro muthafuckajones
Guga your a fat fuckin slob
Ted White
Ted White 5 days ago
Over cooked every meat. Appreciate the try though.
av40229 5 days ago
PINK ! Pass.
ExE Gaming TV
ExE Gaming TV 5 days ago
im amazed how many kind of sauces this guy can make
ExE Gaming TV
ExE Gaming TV 5 days ago
I mean come on.... Ooooooh..... Sooo Gooooood.....
Rosshafinaz 6 days ago
Peta dont like this lmao
Luis Macarandan
Luis Macarandan 6 days ago
Try brining the squab. My nan and my mum always cooks squab at least once every 2 months fresh from the livestock and it’s terrific
Koehli _
Koehli _ 6 days ago
that was really good! thanks. so informative!
Rhys Tilley
Rhys Tilley 6 days ago
I think the reason the burger wasn't that good cause their was no season to the meat
JNB 8 days ago
Cap... Not over cooked, depending on the person. Fully cooked, I’d say yes.
Chas L
Chas L 8 days ago
I don't know that I would make a habit of cooking a lot of meat in those are fryers with all oil it gets airborne unless it has some sort of pre-filter that can be cleaned.
tomnorton1 9 days ago
This man has a meat dealer
FloBros 123
FloBros 123 9 days ago
Everyone else “tastes like chicken” Guga “gamey”
Ken Dawa
Ken Dawa 9 days ago
Can it be seared first, then airfried for say 6 minutes?
Cameron Martin
Cameron Martin 10 days ago
The juice used in that first steak would make an amazing gravy
Lacey Granat
Lacey Granat 10 days ago
"if you need a recipe, check out guga's buns." what❤️
BJ P 10 days ago
Tim3rr 10 days ago
Perfect means no pink in middle but yours is meduim
Kusamo 12 days ago
so why is squad and duck able to be cooked to medium rare or pink but chicken needs to be cooked all the way through? arent they very similar animals?
Lake Newman
Lake Newman 12 days ago
Overcooked the tuna way overdone 😥😥😥
Twin Tyara
Twin Tyara 12 days ago
Why people like raw meat?
Sneak Porter
Sneak Porter 12 days ago
y do i feel like a steak plate is the most extra thing in the world
Brep Brep
Brep Brep 13 days ago
P H 13 days ago
More of this.
DaAlexSeed 13 days ago
Cooks every meat Forgets chicken
Chris Cantrell
Chris Cantrell 13 days ago
Surprised you can even taste the meat with so many flavours chucked on top. Overusing herbs and spices doesn't make you a chef.
idk ad
idk ad 14 days ago
I watch a video about cooking everything in an air fryer then I get an ad that is about an air fryer
Casey Wilder
Casey Wilder 15 days ago
20:15 medium ware. Lol
look at me 5951
look at me 5951 15 days ago
Meat: cheeseburger
sylvia linden
sylvia linden 15 days ago
I love your video's but u never cook right ur meat is all ways red inside not cooked 🤢🤢🤢 bro u must get the shits all the time
Petrino 15 days ago
no turkey? :(
Qualquer Coisa
Qualquer Coisa 16 days ago
The "Sweet bread" looked like it was gonna be good even with guga talking about we thinking it would be gross
Avraham Hirsch
Avraham Hirsch 16 days ago
I love squab! The taste is sort of like duck with a bit of liver flavor. But like everyone said, you cannot overcook it. Medium or medium rare only.
Joshua9 17 days ago
It seems okay for people that only have an air fryer (or more realistically are just too lazy to properly cook it)
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy
0:23 : Oooo I've been using air frying and toaster ovens for meat for a hot minute it works great except steak but I hardly like steak anyways Damn that's blackened tuna looked amazing
Nerü 18 days ago
ta crudo :v
soul x77
soul x77 19 days ago
Why is it that all like red meat with the blood still dripping out .... Y'all trying to get sick?
BlackFłøwer ØM
BlackFłøwer ØM 19 days ago
what's the background song at 0:44
Isaac Pemberton
Isaac Pemberton 20 days ago
The Squab😐😐😐
Swarley 21 day ago
Sweet bread is so good
Tek Zilla
Tek Zilla 21 day ago
Guga, I always flip meats over on the other side in the air fryer!
Brian Klinger
Brian Klinger 21 day ago
Hey ladies...check out Guga's buns. He says they're fantastic. Lol
tecnogadget2 22 days ago
Molleja 🤤🤤🤤
XxRexyQueenxX 22 days ago
I have the same airfryer
Vtec Banger
Vtec Banger 22 days ago
I’ve played a lot with air fry. With rib eye I cook in the air fryer then reverse sear on cast. Burgers are just no good in the air fryer
MAXLEON 23 days ago
Might be a cardinal sin but I freeze my burgers and air fry them frozen. It allows the outside to to sear with a dark crust but not overcook the inside.
Ivan Rojas
Ivan Rojas 23 days ago
I'm so happy my mom is finally gonna own a house
Sammyjoe Bryan
Sammyjoe Bryan 23 days ago
Next "i cooked EVERY meat with a lighter" lmao guga is losing it
The doot Slayer
The doot Slayer 23 days ago
If food in anime is perfect yours is the only thing better than perfect
ahmet çıtak
ahmet çıtak 24 days ago
get heart attack
Enrico P
Enrico P 24 days ago
my ancestors doesnt discover the fire to see red colours in any meat
OOFED! 25 days ago
This is clickbait you didn't do human meat grrr
Urban Decay
Urban Decay 25 days ago
FYI Ahi implies Tuna so no need to say ‘ahi tuna’...lol 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
Lukas Cavalier
Lukas Cavalier 25 days ago
Steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😎
Harry BubberspotterXD
My mom bought something that was a waffle iron but for burgers where its kind of like a george forman grill but it has a little stove thing on top to toast the buns
Mr Quakey
Mr Quakey 26 days ago
GuGa HoW Do YoU CoOk So WeLl
Isaac Leiva
Isaac Leiva 26 days ago
Mathew Jenkins
Mathew Jenkins 26 days ago
the cheese burger looks disgusting, just fat dripping everywhere. If you find that appetising, you have a problem
Zizzi's Genetics
Zizzi's Genetics 27 days ago
I AM NOT a fish person at all but that tuna was gorgeous and looked very tempting. I would hang a picture of those 2 steaks on a wall.
GX GAMING 27 days ago
Damn that olive oil is so light in colour
His Majesty
His Majesty 28 days ago
I love you man.
Anime Micheal Jackson
Cooking all MEATS in a nuke
loaded 21
loaded 21 28 days ago
I don’t know why but that’s Raw meat you didn’t even cook it you nasty person
RealLyfe Productions
Man this was GREATNESS
Chasen 161
Chasen 161 28 days ago
I cant stand how he ends every sentence because its so repetitive its like eh
werdle92 28 days ago
I air fry lamb steaks a lot.
werdle92 28 days ago
I add a tiny amount of MSG to steak
Raul Ornelas
Raul Ornelas 29 days ago
lunarcorpse 29 days ago
When I make a hamburger I mix the seasonings into the meat like you would a meatloaf. I use fresh garlic, pink salt, black pepper, and a hint of dehydrated parsley. It tastes delicious.
Mr.Player The2
Mr.Player The2 29 days ago
I love when My mom cooks cow heart, i love ir so no more complaining
Mr.Player The2
Mr.Player The2 29 days ago
Da f*ck that realy was a pigeon????
Mr.Player The2
Mr.Player The2 29 days ago
Oh Boy i didn't know about sweet bread bit i wanna fkin taste that
Solo 29 days ago
dude stop saying overcooked ffs hahah
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