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Mar 20, 2019





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Comments 9 636
ReviveMyAccount 6 hours ago
5:34 Mad thing is that was an actual plane crash at an airshow that killed 3 of the 133 on board
Wahaib Saleh
Wahaib Saleh Day ago
6:58 I need that sweater
Yee Yee Gaming
Yee Yee Gaming 2 days ago
who else eats ass?
Tre Dabanna
Tre Dabanna 3 days ago
1:05 thats how u spell it in America
damakor 7
damakor 7 3 days ago
That plane was actually piloted with ppl on board
Charlie Keith
Charlie Keith 3 days ago
my man can spend whatever to get his apartment and is rich AF but cant afford to buy windows 10
Louie plays Games
Then you need to go to a hospital
jaziel salas
jaziel salas 3 days ago
Im weeak
Lil Shank
Lil Shank 3 days ago
5:44 4 people died on that just so you know But you didn't know so who cares if u laughed 👍
Virtual Earth
Virtual Earth 3 days ago
Your laugh can be easily the "joker" laugh 😅
SidemenClothing. Com
My mans watching the important videos playlist😂
Fire 4 days ago
2:57 Callux at the first sidemen match
Shaun Ali
Shaun Ali 4 days ago
Important videos playlist.
Wild overflex
Wild overflex 5 days ago
1:03 that’s the Canadian way to spell color btw
Joe Allen
Joe Allen 5 days ago
If you put on captions at 7:22 it says its music
Omari Bennett
Omari Bennett 6 days ago
Haroon Unknown
Haroon Unknown 6 days ago
call an ambulance then?
Yity Nikka
Yity Nikka 7 days ago
1:02 Color and colour are different spellings of the same word. Color is the preferred spelling in American English, and colour is preferred in all other main varieties of English. The distinction extends to all derivatives of the word Copy Paste btw
Risheen Dab
Risheen Dab 7 days ago
Use an inhaler
Hege Eldorhagen
Hege Eldorhagen 7 days ago
Your ar black
master of dizaster
ksi colour and color is right if you google color no correction on google same with colour
Zay1207 PSN
Zay1207 PSN 8 days ago
1:40 omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Caleldyr BladeRunner
I just realized that this is the same comp that tom (syndi) reacted to
Krishaan Singh
Krishaan Singh 9 days ago
omg how did he upload this if he cant breathe :O
Wouter Elbertsen
Wouter Elbertsen 9 days ago
6:33 yea right launching from third gear seams pretty fast
Troita Gaming
Troita Gaming 9 days ago
Color is spelled without a u in America Ik we’re weird like that 😂
Fuad Mohamed
Fuad Mohamed 10 days ago
2:02 Bottom left corner
XThicc_ FishticksX
XThicc_ FishticksX 10 days ago
Raiku soul
Raiku soul 12 days ago
there's actually two ways to spell colour this way and that way color
XxAlishaxX 10 days ago
well done genius
Jackson NHL
Jackson NHL 12 days ago
Americans spell it as COLOR
Jonas H4ppypay
Jonas H4ppypay 12 days ago
Plass get abbs
Ruairí Sloan
Ruairí Sloan 12 days ago
Tara 12 days ago
Aidan Bennett
Aidan Bennett 12 days ago
Jj was the only funny thing is this video
Sev1ce 12 days ago
Me: (fat) Me watching try not to laugh ksi memes: (gets six pack)
s1 13 days ago
TagO 27
TagO 27 13 days ago
Color in America
SIENNA HIRD 13 days ago
come to Australia plz
Liam Preston
Liam Preston 13 days ago
COLOR is American colour is English
Miwksheik 14 days ago
I love cats
Somebody 14 days ago
If you can’t breathe how the fuck are you alive
Bloody Needle
Bloody Needle 15 days ago
7:00 wheres this video at
Arthur França
Arthur França 15 days ago
2:02 This is from Brazil wtf
Brawny Python00
Brawny Python00 15 days ago
Every time I look at the background I think of the Deji comeback vid
PlayStation Gamer
PlayStation Gamer 15 days ago
Pause at either 6:23 or 6:24
Noel Sanchez
Noel Sanchez 15 days ago
Ksi laugh is the whole danm video
Linden Staley
Linden Staley 15 days ago
Color is the correct spelling for america
Chelsea Munyengeterwa
5:20 jj- Oh he's dead! He died! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHhHhaHhH And my friends call me dark 😂🤣
pogondings 16 days ago
4:45 at some point sounds like the minecraft slime (about when the papers fall)
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