I Can't Believe Dr Phil Said This - Jacksepticeyes Funniest Home Videos (Season 2)

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Season 2 of jacksepticeyes funniest home videos starts now. With even more memes, reactions, funny videos, dr phil and laughs than ever before. Whether it be funny clips or vine videos or even epic funny fails, nothing is off limits.
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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 80
G-Dashy- Shawn
G-Dashy- Shawn 5 hours ago
My nervous system when I stub my toe: 7:11
Haley Zavagnin
Haley Zavagnin 9 hours ago
(tries to swear but it's censored out) 3:29 "Why can't I swear?! Oh, we can't swear in season two?" 5:50 *intensive swearing about gun safety and dad leaving*
Trite Natpevarruvaci
When jacks videos where still good
Fresh boy skillet
Jack said shit with no cut
Jason's Outdoor Mischief
2:58 tells guy to pay attention literally does the exact opposite
Yesterday's Tomorrow
5:18 wait I thought that was tall Jack-
Pamela Arana
Pamela Arana 3 days ago
Where’s the follow up vid if chair
Game Space
Game Space 4 days ago
It was tall jack that fell
Javiar Abarca-Montes de Oca
jack: 3:14 Also Jack: 11:02
Practicing appreciation channel
5:15 cracks me up every time!
Crazy Cashew
Crazy Cashew 5 days ago
at the beginning i thought it was my phone that was ringing not yours
Megan Anstey
Megan Anstey 6 days ago
me in July 2020 waiting to see jack's new chair like: 👁️👄👁️
MAKE OUTHILL999 6 days ago
7:12AhHhHhHh! ThE dIsToRtInG!
kgamerHD 6 days ago
The chair pants remind me of nigahigas peg pants
michelle ann
michelle ann 7 days ago
Im imprest that jack know that obamas name means thanks ...cause obama is from my country and barak(a) in our language means blessing...which is kinda thanks so good job séan
me: 4 jack's yayyyyy jack: tall jack jack and jack hiself
Gooey hoster
Gooey hoster 8 days ago
Jack: rip habsome jack Me: that is tall jack!
Tiffany Teoh
Tiffany Teoh 9 days ago
The worst thing of the “I have a bad case of diarrhoea” is that they made a song and a dance out of it
FIRE FIST06 9 days ago
Oh my god, Michael’s chair-pants idea became a real thing!
Ravi Mitchell-Chablani
He said Rip handsome jack wasn't that tall jack?????
Thomas Edsall
Thomas Edsall 10 days ago
When the Dr. Phil segment came on I thought for a second it was an ad wedged into the video
Spike 11 days ago
JBbiking 11 days ago
Thanks obama
l e x i m o n t y
l e x i m o n t y 13 days ago
5:54 he sounded like Nathan Drake and Joel at the same time 😔😥
FaZe. Lulu.
FaZe. Lulu. 13 days ago
Can u do your old Intro
Jimmy Little
Jimmy Little 14 days ago
Dr. Phil and Jacksepticeye is my favourite mashup.
Taffy Smith
Taffy Smith 15 days ago
7:54 me in a nutshell
Can we get 1 mil subs before 2025
What you came for 4:12
Bridgit Lammert
Bridgit Lammert 15 days ago
Can you just imagine if Evelien walked in right as Seán started dancing
Rosalio Esocbedo
Rosalio Esocbedo 16 days ago
This whole intro reminds me of Rifty
niakay x
niakay x 16 days ago
jack where’s the SLAP chop
_Panther_ _
_Panther_ _ 16 days ago
5:50 woahhhh
Flame Pig 06
Flame Pig 06 17 days ago
The danse shod be his new intro
Itzel Lopez
Itzel Lopez 17 days ago
Wait a minute he said he can’t curse but he said Bitch
Hunter Faughn
Hunter Faughn 17 days ago
Fuck you youtube
Xy GatchtubeYT
Xy GatchtubeYT 18 days ago
When you can't speak 7:25
EnderEli 19 days ago
9:13 Someone stole Michael Scott's idea...
Dwight k39
Dwight k39 19 days ago
So is the seasons renewal a running gag I’m too new of a sub to understand or are his sponsors really uptight assholes ?
Maddie Brown
Maddie Brown 20 days ago
it so weird hearing seán say “i have a bad case of diarrhoea” not in the tune of the song... (7:14)
Michal_King 20 days ago
omg you could literally sell him anything xd
Elitelegend 21 day ago
Is that the gta v sound 0:01
Angelus_Solus 21 day ago
This was actually pretty stupid...and god have mercy on the imbeciles who actually buy that chair. May they suffer endless ridicule and silent judgement.
Carson Murray
Carson Murray 21 day ago
In the front is stupid jacksepticeye
Michaela Elaine
Michaela Elaine 21 day ago
5:47 “get in the truck” he’s been sentenced to twenty minutes in hillbilly time out
Maddox Branco
Maddox Branco 22 days ago
Maddox Branco
Maddox Branco 22 days ago
Shiny Cheryl
Shiny Cheryl 22 days ago
Jack: we took out swearing, but we were able to afford nicer things... like this!... *an ad plays for a dog..* Me: yeah okay jack lol
T. C.
T. C. 22 days ago
Where's the follow-up video, Seán?
Rose Sykes
Rose Sykes 22 days ago
when you’re 8 months late to finding out that jacksepticeye can set off your siri
Xxx Team ghost
Xxx Team ghost 22 days ago
They look like the weapons in aot
SLICK _ TYLER 26 days ago
F*ck not being able to curse
absol 1006
absol 1006 26 days ago
No jack, Obama's his middle name, thanks is his first, and care is his last
Francisco Díez Jiménez
someone watchin this in quarentene
Pixlyx 28 days ago
10:18 Still waitin
Sayy Blink
Sayy Blink 28 days ago
when he said “lAUuGhH” i lAUuGhHeD
Ashton Brousseau
Ashton Brousseau 28 days ago
Has jack from jacksepticeye been handsome jack from borderlands 2
gavin hawkins
gavin hawkins 28 days ago
Did anyone notice that it’s unedited
Hotsauce Gaming
Hotsauce Gaming 29 days ago
Obama’s first name is president
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 29 days ago
jack swearing in season 2, i think jack isnt swearing, but i think he is doing the minecraft thing XD
Luzin 29 days ago
Angelica Wiley
Angelica Wiley Month ago
hey whats that video called at 5:38
yk draco
yk draco Month ago
You need to make a video of u buying dumb shit and showing it off
HCGosling Month ago
Jack: this is monetiser friendly, this spelling isn’t... shows the spelling and the video is no no moneyyyy
Dragoș Lopata
Dragoș Lopata Month ago
When a robber robs a shop 4:48
Urbo FN
Urbo FN Month ago
He never made the follow up vid ☹️
Pundertale Fan
Pundertale Fan Month ago
I remember the diarrhea one. It wasn't actually a language lesson. It was a workout video. Not even kidding. Jontron fans would know. XD
Exotic Typhoon
Exotic Typhoon Month ago
5:00 omg I died I was drinking water and spit it out
Cris Emmanuel Lazaro
Is Jack talking to Tom Nook here?
Aleeeesa_http Month ago
Didnt nigahiga create those pants years ago?--
Natasha Jayne Devereaux
Did the chair ever arrive?
Gacha Netflix And Friends
7:11 when you get kicked from a game after being afk for 1 minute
Penwoo Month ago
9:14 Ok this is just Ryan Higa’s Peg Pants
Kirsten Lighthall
It was tall Jack that fell not handsome Jack
Thomas Kolb
Thomas Kolb Month ago
1:39 sheep dabs
Cindy Nelson
Cindy Nelson Month ago
When u said this it went straight to a add 😂😂😂
Bunny Month ago
Did that chair ever come in?
Eqwa _dino
Eqwa _dino Month ago
me me
me me Month ago
Ummm all your friends are here, no offense but are all your friends 2 cardboard figures of you?
Victoria Hayes
Victoria Hayes Month ago
Ohmygosh Obama 😂
It’sJust Yaboi
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