I Built A Robot To Stop Over-Eating

William Osman
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Jul 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Big Sur
Big Sur 18 hours ago
eat only with your mouth. simple.
dr07828 3 days ago
Wait... WTF? Did william just invent something that actually works the way it's intended? Holly crap man! This stupid thing might actually be legit. I bet if you actually used this every day for a month, you would not only loose weight but you would super condition your self not to eat as large of a portion. FANTASTIC!
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson 5 days ago
Next video william makes a prosthetic to cure the neuropathy in his hands.
Lord Turtle
Lord Turtle 8 days ago
"What would Hillary Clinton do?" She would cry about russians interfering with the 2016 election.
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas 9 days ago
whoa. Caretaker looks amazing! Good for you Chelsea!
Amnesia Music
Amnesia Music 11 days ago
Do you still have the fatboy 8000? I'd really need it right now
alexa sarái
alexa sarái 11 days ago
"Right now I'm chunky" 😭
monkey moment
monkey moment 12 days ago
I love the idubbbz accent he did
Da AKM 12 days ago
“I don’t wanna be fat” **eats ice cream**
mackenzie tetlow
mackenzie tetlow 12 days ago
Or you could just not use it
Outdoor Daily
Outdoor Daily 14 days ago
That guy was screaming like a little bitch
Obionemore Slice
Obionemore Slice 15 days ago
Please have that mullet put to sleep.
foxtrot 15 days ago
Or you could just like... go on a diet...
x Ghosty x
x Ghosty x 15 days ago
Jeez did you hook your barber up to this machine too?
James Levy
James Levy 15 days ago
Well I think it’s not good to be fat. It’s just objectively not healthy. Im really glad you’re doing this and making robots
BreadSandwich _
BreadSandwich _ 16 days ago
Don’t be fat . Don’t choose to be fat at least
Noah Pop
Noah Pop 16 days ago
If you're overweight, you expose yourself to a LOT of problems down the line. I think he avoided the question from what I watched ... God bless you all!
Duane Pretzman
Duane Pretzman 17 days ago
Duane Pretzman
Duane Pretzman 17 days ago
Take the mic to which side ?
Harris M.
Harris M. 17 days ago
one of the dumbest RUvid videos I've ever seen and I love it :)
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 17 days ago
All of the 1400 calories on that salad are in the dressing.
LA dude
LA dude 17 days ago
making an exercise bike that makes you fat is definatly not theculprit
Iris 17 days ago
for sure he hasn't seen electroboom's weight loss machine
Sofia Ibarra
Sofia Ibarra 20 days ago
Okay but I didn’t know that cajas de toques were illegal in the us
Amprage A-Lister
Amprage A-Lister 25 days ago
That opening was genuinely so sad
Randonium TJ
Randonium TJ 25 days ago
Why is this channel so underrated ...? He makes such cool videos and also are they presented in such a unique and enjoyably wierd way ...
Penguin 26 days ago
That man being murdered I think he took Will's Kiwico...
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia 27 days ago
Was he really saying to do what Hilary would do
Master Hand
Master Hand Month ago
Your video made me cry because I am dealing with weight issues so fu*k you
Ben Flath
Ben Flath Month ago
6:18 is a the perfect example as to why they call her care taker
Shayne Urban
Shayne Urban Month ago
How am i supposed to pay attention to this stupid fuckin robot when someone's literally dying in the background
Really? Month ago
290 x 4 is just 300 x4 - 40. jeez bro
[ Duscious ]
[ Duscious ] Month ago
i dont wanna be fat but i need to be fat because i have a decease :(
omegahippe Month ago
Can we buy one of these so I can invite my friends over for dinner?
Trent Plunk
Trent Plunk Month ago
BREAKING NEWS ! Obesity rates drop to zero
Thomas Oostveen
Thomas Oostveen Month ago
3:20 Your voice made my google home play "Wat does the fox say"... thanks for bringing back a song everyone wants to forget hahaha
Xx_loneboy_xX Month ago
3:35 he would cock meth look it up
Ann Sm
Ann Sm Month ago
We use the caja de toques in bars, like a random man would come inside a bar and charge $30-$50 pesos to see you and your drunk friends suffer electrical charges
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 Month ago
Robert Ingold
Robert Ingold Month ago
His old mule looks a little over weight herself, please apply diet before you can't even find the wet spot
MindLag92 Month ago
Bro you get a single instead of a double and ice tea instead of soda. You're doing something wrong. Get your double but drink water maybe? lol
Octo sponge
Octo sponge Month ago
Dont you mean big bone
Joshua Stringer
Joshua Stringer Month ago
Oh noooooo. Will? U good?
worship worm king
all my fellow ed people, seeing the thumbnail: (✷‿✷)
Combine Elite Assassin
All you got to do to is have someone lock you in a cage with nothing but a surplus of water, and a phone connected with an extension cord so it don’t die.
Jack Tait
Jack Tait Month ago
so by your inventions logic the more calories your meal has the more you can safely eat
Armin Meiwes
Armin Meiwes Month ago
Do Americans really believe ice Tea is a diet drink smh Tha fuck they doin over there
DapperJazz Month ago
Sn-sn-sna-snacks Sna-sn-sna-sna-snacks
Jake Lang
Jake Lang Month ago
jesus christ the hair that beard what is going on !? What happened to you man, who did this to you!!!!
Gabo Wabo
Gabo Wabo Month ago
Im a teenager and weigh 200 pounds. Where do i sign
Nick Leo
Nick Leo Month ago
I call will The Inventor.
Марко Ракић
there are several problems with being fat: people wont like you as much, its harder to get around and your life is shorter if you are really fat
localmemedealer Month ago
thanks for making my google talk about “evergreen oak”
mafiacat88 Month ago
I cannot get over the calories in those portions
Seiyuōkami Himura
Holy shit i must undereat like hell. That or everyone else are pigs. That blooming onion dish was like 2 and a half meals for me. On a good day.
Michael A
Michael A Month ago
You’re also the oldest you’ve ever been in your entire life
Skunktail Month ago
i WANT this robot lol
MeliodasPlayz Month ago
Is that laßagnjiya?
Sir_poop Month ago
The mew remix is lit
David Popolizio
David Popolizio Month ago
Micheal Reevez?
gio s
gio s Month ago
Damn mans block is hot
Mario Augusto
Mario Augusto Month ago
when is your gf only fans coming out
Connor Romo
Connor Romo Month ago
This video make my fat ass want to eat some Cheetos
AshMaster 2083
AshMaster 2083 Month ago
Wouldn't it have made sense to put the live wire on the knife instead of the fork so your mouth wouldn't get electrocuted?
You got any lard?
E van
E van Month ago
Why is your hair...like that lol
Gage Hutsell
Gage Hutsell 2 months ago
I like creating and decorating things for fun am I good at it hell no
Johnathan Alvarez
Johnathan Alvarez 2 months ago
What’s the Mexican song playing in the background
Gabe 2 months ago
You’re not fat you just found out the results of the McDonald’s ice cream experiment
VEDANT TIWARI 2 months ago
Y do u have to say ok google in yr video 😂
TheScientition 2 months ago
Dude why are you bringing up Obama and Hillary so much?
Raynsauce 2 months ago
Ascociating pain with eating is literally giving yourself an eating disorder Edit: I see you've willingly bought a meal from Applebee's, proceed
Tilly Layne
Tilly Layne 2 months ago
I’m a bit confused. We actually learn how to calculatedly your kJ intake at school in Australia we also learn how to calculate your blood alcohol level it’s in every year 11 math class. Plus I don’t know what tea you where drinking at the fast food restaurant but generally ice tea has more grams of sugar in it then soft drink. The uk government says that an average adults daily sugar intake should only be 7 teaspoons so you just look at the grams of sugar in the drink or food your eating and divided by three then you have the equivalent amount of teaspoons. A 500ml bottle of Vanilla Coke has your entire daily intake of sugar
Jose Escalón Prada
Jose Escalón Prada 2 months ago
I really enjoy listening to this man's spanish
Ashton Voss
Ashton Voss 2 months ago
How the hell does an ice cream machine over heat
Jonah Chatham
Jonah Chatham 2 months ago
trying to lose weight. Eats over 6,000 calories in one sitting.
SpecEX1 2 months ago
i feel like this is where micheal would like this
Anton Ego
Anton Ego 2 months ago
9:48 turning into Jesse from Breaking Bad
The G33ky Gamer
The G33ky Gamer 2 months ago
i lowkey think this is actually a good idea
Hassan Ayan
Hassan Ayan 2 months ago
William:This dosen't even seem like so much food. Random Girl:Omgggg your soooooo fat.
Your Mom
Your Mom 2 months ago
How about do the opposite and build something that will make you a sandwich?
Alucid 2 months ago
Sick mullet William
Grizzboy56 2 months ago
I have one of these for my cat. It’s called a gun
Tyler Franjesevic
Tyler Franjesevic 2 months ago
Man: Dies outside of Will's house William: Oh no! Anyway
thespark studio
thespark studio 2 months ago
Not big willy fat willy 😂
Khurshid Umarov
Khurshid Umarov 2 months ago
be in a caloric deficit. Only way to lose fat
JoaquiM 2 months ago
Isaacs Random Videos
I like the meow music
SLugG 3 months ago
my google home just scared the shit out of me
Alexander Micallef
Alexander Micallef 3 months ago
@William Osman you need to make an instructables for your projects
Solis XVII
Solis XVII 3 months ago
”to loose weight”, well that is deeply wrong and my English teacher would literally smack you for that
Kronos Rogers
Kronos Rogers 3 months ago
5:12 I thank someone just got stabbed outside William's house...
Da boi liquify
Da boi liquify 3 months ago
when he told me not to refill my cup then me remembering that my family refills each cup 3 times LMAO
chunky boi
chunky boi 3 months ago
Right now I'm chunky should be a quote
color stamp
color stamp 3 months ago
i love cats and i love the cat song that you put (;
H-Dawg98 3 months ago
how has will and caretaker both got C A K E
antiisocial 3 months ago
RIP laser cutter
kisn pisn
kisn pisn 3 months ago
caja de toques!!! 🤩
Bob Bobathan
Bob Bobathan 3 months ago
Anyone else have their google assistant turn on when he asked his? Freaked me out
I Stole Your Jams
I Stole Your Jams 3 months ago
Why tf no one talking about the police and screams
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