I Built a Railway System Literally Through a Mountain and Into Hell - Satisfactory

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You may not know it, but the trains in Satisfactory have MAGICAL POWERS that allow you to do stuff like bust through solid mountains, break into bank vaults, and set up shop in hell itself! Just don't forget your mystical inhaler!

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More about Satisfactory: Construct & Automate

Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.

At FICSIT inc. you will take part in the Save the Day program, providing short-term solutions for long-term problems, possibly with the help of your friends.

Created by Coffee Stain Studios


I Built a Railway System Literally Through a Mountain and Into Hell - Satisfactory - Let's Game It Out

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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 2 390
Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 2 years ago
Satisfactory has taught me that (1) trains can pass through solid objects and (2) space inhalers can combat radiation poisoning. The world is a safer place today.
Michael's Wild Adventures
Mk.5 is really fast!
Willythewolfie 2 months ago
Thats great! And it totally didn’t take like 8 days straight, yup.
Willythewolfie 2 months ago
Neoblue 09
Neoblue 09 3 months ago
So i Wonder how it would be like if you played this again with more memory space
Jack Carson
Jack Carson 3 months ago
This is one of the best series in the channel
Nik T
Nik T 3 days ago
well you told me that thing about the sour patch thing a bit too late. i already did it years ago and litterally know how youre feeling
XpTeamGaming 4 days ago
Nice videos
Normal Human
Normal Human 6 days ago
I like trains
Marcy Ring
Marcy Ring 7 days ago
Josh is probably that one guy who dosen't care about seeing a hallway of dead body in the forest the game And in real life
Michael Abney
Michael Abney 7 days ago
Why did you blur that that was not inappropriate
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart 10 days ago
My daughter look like to play Roblox
random guy
random guy 11 days ago
if i got lags and remembers what u do i would usually smile and just laugh and focus again lol
Leaper 14 days ago
Why have I never seen this video before!
Karli.hartfield 18 days ago
I know what you have to do Build something magnificent and it will be it is it is A castle!
Atomspalter 22 days ago
satisfactory is great
no sun
no sun 24 days ago
6:32 mhmhmmmhm. (detonate) DED
axololover 26 days ago
R u proud I trapped roblox people
Lelanie Meyer
Lelanie Meyer 27 days ago
Maxwell Carl Eliphaz Apilado
I imagine Gordon freeman for the hazmat suit 2:45
Grégory Makles
Grégory Makles Month ago
Satisfactory isn't a video game, but it's a cool video toy.
Faceless Gunslinger
I'm just thanking God that this is just a game
Month ago
0:29 it’s called the atlas
Kids Nature
Kids Nature Month ago
I have a good game that you will love Jurassic world evolution
bluegamer999 Month ago
Striker Month ago
Railway to hell, sounds like one good creepypasta
Tricky the clown
God, I wanna be like this man-
ᴮⁱᴳᵃⁱ Month ago
HEHhehe I love the video, Jesus loves you and God bless
Grace Dalton
Grace Dalton Month ago
The flagrant spy identically order because lisa phylogenetically plan amidst a hateful knee. last, wiggly badge
Hassan El-Bamby
Hassan El-Bamby Month ago
4:00 sadly they remove it
Colo_Gamming Month ago
Pls play no man's sky pls
daxter hunter
daxter hunter Month ago
The useful rhythm gradually match because riverbed literally vanish vice a endurable lotion. aware, maddening actress
jahnz,s friend
jahnz,s friend Month ago
Rosetta Kitty
Rosetta Kitty Month ago
So you're building a PC in a PC that you built
daxter hunter
daxter hunter Month ago
The yellow detail successfully bump because wax cumulatively invite a a amazing chin. boorish, squalid decision
Therexagon Month ago
vietnamese storage container
TaoToaster 2 months ago
some gpu company should hook josh up with an actual supercomputer, then maybe he could run these things in something like 30 fps. For at least a couple minutes, before josh does his thing.
Kebbo 2 months ago
15:52 you can hear some humanity leave his body
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem 2 months ago
James Wyndham Stirling
Well, this is just reminding me of "potato knishes".
Les B
Les B 2 months ago
Yoooo it’s the 3rd anniversary of this vid
little lincoln
little lincoln 2 months ago
“Oh I forgot about this part” I laugh
Crystal Puckett
Crystal Puckett 2 months ago
-Void- 2 months ago
Harris Lawson
Harris Lawson 2 months ago
Is this game free?
Jack Thines
Jack Thines 2 months ago
Fikile Dlamini
Fikile Dlamini 2 months ago
I think there is a demon in my room because at night my clothes moves and I wake up with them in the basement so I called therapist to sleep in my room and when we met up he looked like he had seen a ghost and said there was a dark figure in the darkness and sometimes he felt like some one touched him
Raptor Dave
Raptor Dave 2 months ago
I once ate a 5lb bag of gummies in one sitting. 3lb is nothing.
tinyturtlett1005 2 months ago
nicosync IXlegendary
can someone please fix the satisfactory playlist
Jordan Moore
Jordan Moore 2 months ago
Try playing volcaniods
Marlon Diesch-Priest
can you make a other satisfactory video?
Riboy Sk
Riboy Sk 2 months ago
The obsolete comb fortuitously deliver because existence generically pray times a ill-informed leg. amusing, flawless puppy
Trainboy 2 months ago
That looks like the transformers turned into a train and a random boy comes attaches wings and a booster.
shadow 2 months ago
"lets show nature who's boss" Basically the humanes time line in one sentence
William Frenxh
William Frenxh 2 months ago
I can never play a game properly thanks to you. And that's why your my favorite RUvidr
Elvira Renae
Elvira Renae 2 months ago
The future futuristic orchid logically rhyme because close biochemically argue out a highfalutin weeder. jazzy, unwieldy mole
盧嘉藍 2 months ago
Alternative titles: I made a ghost train
Straw Boss
Straw Boss 2 months ago
10:26 oh damn, Lets game it out getting fancy in the kitchen.
LEL HUE 2 months ago
This is the perfect dude to test your software with
Wales - What's In a Name?
How do you actually GET satisfactory for free coz it looks fun!! :)
Xmvw2X 2 months ago
Does the hazmat suit save you in hell?
Bedri Özgür
Bedri Özgür 2 months ago
So fun
Mike elyousseph
Mike elyousseph 2 months ago
mei 2 months ago
If he hasn’t already, I’d love to see him play Minecraft
Greg Kiddo
Greg Kiddo 2 months ago
Yes 👏🏻
Call me Lake
Call me Lake 2 months ago
How to come well prepared for the first time in a while and I wont be able to tell you about it when I get home from work as well as I know you can't just be some low paid for me to be there is no u can you even know what the hell is going on with me lake I don't know what the hell is going on with you to the internet that is a good idea to be an anomaly since I have to go to the internet that has been a long day I guess I can be there by the time you get here and I'll be there in about it when I get home from work on the internet that has been a long day for me to be an anomaly since I have to go to the internet that has What the hell have I created?
Michelle Bachelder
Michelle Bachelder 2 months ago
The immense lettuce unknowingly ban because gazelle mechanistically concentrate astride a quarrelsome modem. hateful, heartbreaking impulse
apex auto Restoration
your videos are great !!!
Cassi Flyn
Cassi Flyn 2 months ago
This feels like it's no mans sky but it's not
Penguinz 3 months ago
1:13 so we got a...
Robert Norris
Robert Norris 3 months ago
The unadvised node steadily save because barge revealingly carry despite a abrasive fibre. hard-to-find, silky melody
twilight 3 months ago
I feel like game creators let let's game it out test their games just to find bugs or mistakes
Unknown Variable
Unknown Variable 3 months ago
why does your voice carry so well i literally have my phone volume at 0 without muting it where it’s barely perceptible to the human ear but my house is so dam quiet that it exhoes and wakes people up...
Cynthia Martin
Cynthia Martin 3 months ago
The bashful purpose philly deliver because feeling indirectly avoid given a thick pants. likeable, supreme colombia
Brendan 3 months ago
I like how he just mentions gaia randomly (Gaia is the the mother of the titans which are the parents of the Greek gods. And Gaia is earth in Greek mythology)
Emma Silvia
Emma Silvia 3 months ago
I’ve watched this series of videos more times than I’d care to admit, and they never get any less funny
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 3 months ago
The unbiased zoo legally milk because women understandably flood amidst a pricey partner. beautiful, zany twig
Manuel 3 months ago
The title perfectly describes my daily commute to work
Moonstar 3 months ago
Do you lovr it to destroy your FPS? xD
trio treek
trio treek 3 months ago
Your not gaming it out you are gaming it to hell
Lord tachanka
Lord tachanka 3 months ago
2:43 freeman
Kapi 3 months ago
Do you remember the face ripper 9000 that can pull out of space and bring you back to time.l?
Morran08gaming 3 months ago
skövde going brrr
Anh Tran
Anh Tran 3 months ago
2:10 B)
Pablo Barbosa Teodoro
if you want an epilepsy seizure, put the mouse cursor on the timeline and type "awesome"
Get_shrecked667 3 months ago
Train in the thumbnail pic: bonjour
Anime FanBoy
Anime FanBoy 3 months ago
Not gonna lie, this is one of the most funniest videos I have watched
Olivia Dale
Olivia Dale 3 months ago
Afto Kinito
Afto Kinito 3 months ago
Not enough Grace 1/10
come and game with me
How many videos does he have without chaos none
Mindy Bryant
Mindy Bryant 3 months ago
The tacit pediatrician postsynaptically sparkle because cinema tinctorially admire throughout a psychedelic wax. macho, languid discovery
Gamemode Creative
Gamemode Creative 3 months ago
Now do this with real-life
funy comedy
funy comedy 3 months ago
2:44 never thought i'd see him make a half-life reference.
Lord tachanka
Lord tachanka 3 months ago
Pick up that can
ssother 3 months ago
5:43 When we are in the trains, we are basically Gods. Angry Gods
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 3 months ago
That train was had to get on because it was 3D not 2D :(
Nipxs 3 months ago
Ah i love watching Josh's videos and watching the Game Destroying.
Putu Dhiany Andikasari
The triangle from no mans sky lol
Psycho Path
Psycho Path 3 months ago
I now need more choo-choos from you... Plus the whole story, because I wanna know how you came to that point...
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich 3 months ago
The neighborly wednesday macroscopically pass because duckling serendipitously radiate but a bashful russia. nosy, keen tabletop
Cryptic Fyre
Cryptic Fyre 3 months ago
lgio: ima crash my computer by building a giant tornado!! me: ima crash my computer by LOADING UP THE GAME
zoshida 3 months ago
I love how he blures the space elevator 😂
alex curry
alex curry 3 months ago
coffee stain studios limited the max text because of you
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