I built a PC with parts from Wish and somehow lived | Ashens

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I got this idea when Wish kept showing PC parts when I was sourcing items for the random videos. SPOILER: It was a stupid idea.
I managed to get all the parts from the mighty Wish.com with the exception of the case. But was the low-spec graphics card a fake, as shown on RUvid with more expensive cards? SPOILER: Yes. Yes it was.
Oh well. At least I've got a potentially dangerous computer I can... er... put Linux on and use for editing Raspberry Pi SD card images...?
Those numbers in full (All in £)
PSU: 31
SSD: 34
GFX: 34
Mobo: 34
CPU: 29
CPU Cooler: 8
HDD: 34
RAM: 32
Gift Card & Discount code: -33.21
Case (Not Wish): 23.38
Total: 226.17
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Aug 13, 2019




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Comments 3 453
lolageez1 13 hours ago
Jesus christ what was that cooler
Ben10plays 16 hours ago
its simple wish is crap
If it was a Q6600 then a wee bit OC and good GPU and it could play CRYSIS! Nah i'm joking but yeah put a 1080 on and i'd bet wage that it could play any pre 2018 game just fine with 64 bit and 8 GB DDR2 Ripjaws
Charlie Quinn
The q6600 was in my first ever pc build!! I got so happy seeing that little guy.
E5400 was the Pentium Dual Core series.
Counter Russianstrike
Wish seems a good bet based on videos ive seen! I built my latest PC only from 2nd hand parts off facebook. 1 week later of screaming at it and contemplating my own death i got it running!
Syd's Room
Syd's Room Day ago
So the cheapest part was from an actual supplier? :D
Syd's Room
Syd's Room Day ago
''I bought shit stuff full of backdoors and spyware from China''
Hector Romero
Hector Romero 3 days ago
Foreshadowing intensities
Alex 3 days ago
I got a wish ad on a wish video
albert buta
albert buta 3 days ago
Lmao got a wish ad
Bartholomew Dan
Bartholomew Dan 4 days ago
Got a Wish ad before this video. They really won't let go, will they?
Seshpenguin 5 days ago
3 frames a week and everything's orange.
Nic B Creations
Nic B Creations 5 days ago
I bought a better specced second hand pc for that price 9 years ago 😅.
azriel angel
azriel angel 5 days ago
You crack me up ! I love you :) You didn't develop the Gtech cordless hoover did you ? :)
paul c
paul c 6 days ago
thay processor is shit and you could have got a decent quad core xeon processor for £25 that can over clock to 4.5 ghz and matches early i7 speeds.
Mang0 6 days ago
i got a wish ad no joke
Cossu 6 days ago
I got a wish ad in the end
Eddie Meduza
Eddie Meduza 6 days ago
Don't shit on PS/2. It's superior to USB.
A White & Black Cat
I got a Wish ad before this video.
William Marshall
William Marshall 7 days ago
dude why do you sound exactly like shadowfrax
Bujaan 7 days ago
An ad for Wish at the start if this video. Ironic.
pio pio
pio pio 7 days ago
I got a wish ad on this
Kuba Mariański
Kuba Mariański 7 days ago
Skorch951 7 days ago
What a hilarious and great idea - I wouldn't WISH shopping here for PC parts on an enemy!
Notorious J Himself
Humor us and pull the heatsink off of the gpu. If it's legible you can figure out the correct bios, flash, and try benchmarking again.
GunOnXbox 8 days ago
io shield = little backing plate thingy
John Hendrickson
John Hendrickson 8 days ago
Had a wish add for this
Morques 8 days ago
But can it run Crysis?
Klaas Muller
Klaas Muller 8 days ago
Got wish AND aliexpress ads on this vid :(
Phat2 Tony
Phat2 Tony 8 days ago
why Wish? use aliexpress, they are way cheaper for the same items and free shipping. only idiots use wish thinking they are cheap, shipping gets you on wish, its their scam.
HowlingSnail 6 days ago
You must be new to the channel, because you just explained exactly why he used Wish.
Emerson Lamond
Emerson Lamond 8 days ago
gigabyte really did well though to have motherboards from then that are solid up till today, my ga fxa890 ud7 still works perfect, durability is very important to me, secondhand market is a good indicator for future purchases, if it still works it will work
Foot Studio Reboot
Dear Ashens. I need that sound machine! That type. Is that from Ebay?
Ryan Kleintop
Ryan Kleintop 9 days ago
the only couch other than casting couch that everyone on the internet would know without context.
Okzide 9 days ago
Wow you have bought a PC From Dell auction and been able do so much for so much less! Great video very interesting
Tobias Völkel
Tobias Völkel 9 days ago
Q6600 exists, but it is even slower than yours.
Milky Ryan
Milky Ryan 9 days ago
Do you have a sexual connection with your couch
TheFlacker99 (Flak)
Take the gpu heatsink off and see what the silicon has engraved on it, then we can know what the chip ACTUALLY is!
Jogibearson 9 days ago
The first shot of PUBG looked like as if the card was flashed to "think" it has 2 GB but actually running at 512 MB or something ridicoulusly low. The orange tain was weird.
Jogibearson 9 days ago
I actually had a GT 730 like this back in the day, though, mine was off amazon and the HDMI slot was the "glued" on one.
The Digital Doctor
Runs at 3 frames a week.....🤣
Luke Wells
Luke Wells 9 days ago
How many dildos and butt plugs do they advertise to you now?
joy boy
joy boy 9 days ago
Bloody is only thing i heard
weaponx26 10 days ago
Build the same from cex
Master Chief
Master Chief 10 days ago
I got a Wish ad while watching this.
The Grinder
The Grinder 10 days ago
That’s one expensive camp fire
Tupacabra 10 days ago
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Of course a wish ad
Marco Meijer
Marco Meijer 11 days ago
The GT730 never had value even when it was brand new. It was a substitution for onboard graphics, for systems that didn't come with integrated graphics. Why would you even flash shit to pretend that it's a GT730?
Marco Meijer
Marco Meijer 11 days ago
That's a socket 775 board with DDR3. That's weird. They used DDR2 back in the Core 2 era.
DrathVader 5 days ago
They used both. the newer chipsets had both DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers in them. I remember having a board with two DDR2 slots and two DDR3 slots.
DankPooper aka Klein
Very few G41 boards had DDR3, when DDR2 was being exchanged
-Ronald- -Mctwisty-
Chinese pubg assassins
I bought a core 2 quad q6600 so yes they do exist. I am currently using a core 2 duo 3.33ghz gpu as the core 2 quad wasnt compatible.
Alexander Peniston-Bird
I swear to god, when the video finished I got a wish add.
Michael 11 days ago
run that pc in a blast chamber
Meatball 11 days ago
Petition for him to put the eBay links in the description ☺😉😉
SysGhost 11 days ago
waiiit ...what? 500 GB for.over £30??? I'm throwing out those en masse in the e-waste because no one ever wants them. Even for free...
We Repost Stuff
We Repost Stuff 11 days ago
lol i got a *wish* ad on this vid🤣
wilderness but i hate going outside
i got a wish ad
Steven N
Steven N 11 days ago
The episode we've all been waiting for lol
Dybala 10
Dybala 10 11 days ago
I got a Wish ad when i clicked on this lmao
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