I Built A Cake Ladder in Minecraft to prove god is real - Part 36

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I make a cake ladder in minecraft and send ikea tower to space
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Nov 19, 2019




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Comments 35 900
Axel Battista
Axel Battista 50 seconds ago
how did he even send the tower to space?? :o
SGT Hour ago
English(auto generated) subtitles: cake bladder cake bladder cake bladder cake bladder Me: aight imma head out
Amerie Cruz
Amerie Cruz 2 hours ago
11:51 "Promise me to call..." 11:59 Tribute to ikea tower
TerrariaVideo76 2 hours ago
Yea, Felix has totally lost it
Shady Potato
Shady Potato 3 hours ago
Everything and everyone pewds loves when they die it’s now his new father xD
Weeboo Wee
Weeboo Wee 3 hours ago
*cake tower* Seems like a piece of cake .u. sorry
immakinwaffles 9
immakinwaffles 9 4 hours ago
It doesn’t work the cake ladder
Tarlor92 4 hours ago
This man made me sad about a tower.....
Evie Hob
Evie Hob 5 hours ago
Bye IKEA tower we will miss you🤞🥺
LimboLimny870 5 hours ago
Bye bye ikea tower :(
zero cherī
zero cherī 5 hours ago
cake ladder cakee laddder cakeee ladddder cakeeee laddddder cakeeeee
King Kirbo
King Kirbo 6 hours ago
You know someone can build anything when they send a tall tower to space... WITH REDSTONE!!
Екатерина Волкова
Толькорусские поймут что было написано на кепке😂😂😂
Thuli Khumalo
Thuli Khumalo 6 hours ago
bye ikea tower
Green Tea
Green Tea 7 hours ago
Who else got sad when ikea tower went up
Kärt Evi Auksimäe
And wheat too
Ritzky Faturrahman
Ritzky Faturrahman 8 hours ago
Orang Indonesia mana like nya😁
BadChannel 10 hours ago
didnt all of his pets die in the last episode
Hiie Posti
Hiie Posti 10 hours ago
Its time to return to home, ikea tower Its time to return to stars Becausr ikea tower is the stat
Enzo Korhonen
Enzo Korhonen 13 hours ago
You know that you can fly up to ikea tower becuase it will be at 255 blocks up in the air
Adcube 22
Adcube 22 17 hours ago
so sad good bye IKEA tawer
hien le
hien le 17 hours ago
cake lader logic is horse could step
KDoel Studios
KDoel Studios 19 hours ago
Fight dream
Matthew Dettamore
Matthew Dettamore 19 hours ago
Why was America the beautiful playing
Remus Aluthr
Remus Aluthr 20 hours ago
Is it just me or does this video never buffer properly? Is YOutube bottlenecking the buffering for Pewds videos now? Have they sunk so low?
VixyZ 20 hours ago
5:37 I dont feel so good
KadeA Lad
KadeA Lad 21 hour ago
Who else cried when he sent ikea tower to space
Muhammad Kharismawan
Been missing this world~
mj 23 hours ago
Eating my Swedish meat balls
What a deppresing episode r.i.p ikea tower :(
jaxs prim
jaxs prim Day ago
Jimin's pinky
This series is better than any drama series i've ever watched
Nicole Jasso
Nicole Jasso Day ago
NASA. Guys there’s an IKEA tower in space. Pewdiepie. That’s my rocketship
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin Day ago
it gonna stop at height limit
evenings. Day ago
12:00 Felix's singing is quite good actually
Chelsea Bonvillain
You don't need to prove God is real. Just read the Bible.
Any Old Biscuit
This is actually Part 37. Not part 36.
aros Day ago
i'm honestly so addicted to the way pewds sang the song at the end lol. anyone have song recommendations with similar tunes?
Glitchy Day ago
luckily, it will be a memorial in the sky since theres a block limit.
Joshua Harper
I love how america the beautiful is playing at 8:58
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