I BROKE Lazarbeam's WORLD RECORD! (Longest Game Of Fortnite EVER)

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Shoutout to my brother who helped me out with this world record!
Click here: @juniorpk
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. In todays video I decided to break Lazarbeams world record for the longest Fortnite game in history.
#fortnite #sypherpk #chapter2


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Feb 8, 2020




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Comments 80
juniorpk 3 months ago
Get junior to 20k!
Swifty Fox
Swifty Fox 9 hours ago
People chill I know he's trying to self promote but chill he's a kid
Swifty Fox
Swifty Fox 9 hours ago
@ً what mean no?
Harvey Warner yeah
Harvey Warner
Harvey Warner 2 days ago
ًye get junior to 25k
adam.scammell 2 days ago
Falou Family same
Matthew burr
Matthew burr Hour ago
You killed me I was MatttheRattt
Born2 Killpros
Born2 Killpros 2 hours ago
Lazarbeam didn’t use stream snipers No hate
jokasi 55
jokasi 55 5 hours ago
John Doe
John Doe 8 hours ago
Why game get so glitchy at the end? Seems like there is less items on the ground and it would run better
Delvon Mays
Delvon Mays 13 hours ago
The mane in the back scare me
electric cat 10
electric cat 10 15 hours ago
Nednal 16 hours ago
Get Nednal to 200!
Jordan Tennyson
Jordan Tennyson 17 hours ago
Am I the only person that sees somebody behind sypher
Brady Burnett
Brady Burnett 16 hours ago
Jordan Tennyson are you seeing things
Callum A
Callum A 18 hours ago
Whos that man at the back
Boblord 123
Boblord 123 20 hours ago
10:21 voice crack
Nash Luttrell
Nash Luttrell 20 hours ago
I love sypherpk
Nash Luttrell
Nash Luttrell 20 hours ago
I love junior
Nash Luttrell
Nash Luttrell 20 hours ago
How do we now he did it
Ivano Op
Ivano Op 21 hour ago
You gona be healthy of all life how much fish you eat🤣
The crew
The crew 22 hours ago
Good Let’s get to 10 million subscribers
Reinhardt Engelbrecht
Sypher 290Fps Switch30Fps
Sam Vasandani
Can u imagine if in at the end of the game, right before they beat lazarbeams record, someone reported them for teaming up with enemies and they got banned
Sam Vasandani
Tiko would be so mad...
Kaeson Lynch
Kaeson Lynch Day ago
I dont know lazarbeam did this he did it by him self
Sypher:Plays a 1hour fortnite and beats a world record Me:Plays a full creative game
Bocchboys Day ago
Wow how funny you were streaming it at mid night and I’m watching the video at midnight
jonathan wang
get junior 300k
Gene Jones
Gene Jones Day ago
who was that behind you
An EPIC Potato4
Tournaments be like
Hyrule24 Day ago
I actually beat the record by accident in a real game I didn’t win but it was 2 and a half hours
Dean Dwyer
Dean Dwyer Day ago
The guy behind sypher creepy af😭
Potato Gaming
10:21 “Stop TaLkInG...”
Lorenzo Mullins
Lorenzo Mullins 2 days ago
He selfish I broke the record no We
Aaron K
Aaron K 2 days ago
beat this got a 1:41 :26 solo game
Oscar Benstead
Oscar Benstead 2 days ago
Aura s4vag3
Aura s4vag3 2 days ago
Gg congrats on the record
ToxicStorm 2 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how long he waited to eat those fishes he was already at 45 health and just siting there like 2 more mili seconds and he whould be dead
Imran Kamal
Imran Kamal 2 days ago
Sypher, who is that behind you
HeyMidnight1231 2 days ago
For some content, do the one gun per kill challenge. Start with one gun, once you get a kill, switch guns until the next kill
Falou Family
Falou Family 2 days ago
You’re the best Sypher PK
Falou Family
Falou Family 2 days ago
I really wish I could
Falou Family
Falou Family 2 days ago
I wish I could play with you S ypher
Itz Xpl0si0nzz
Itz Xpl0si0nzz 2 days ago
10:22 did u hear that crack
Mohammed Imran
Mohammed Imran 2 days ago
I volunteered
Trey Berry
Trey Berry 3 days ago
Vlad Kodistev
Vlad Kodistev 3 days ago
Look at this dude, oh no no no no! Look at the top of his head hahahahahhahahahhahhahahahah
Sean Koehler
Sean Koehler 3 days ago
Custom game. Doesn't count
George Selby
George Selby 3 days ago
i beat your record
Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan 3 days ago
Not true I had a 2 hour game once because the storm did not spawn in.
Brandon Paille
Brandon Paille 3 days ago
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when Sypher said it was midnight i look at the clock and it literalyl just turned midnight
ANITA Asadi 3 days ago
Lazerbean will YEET u
Yostin Lendos Calderon
Evan Egggers
Evan Egggers 3 days ago
I hate you I love lazarbeam
alfie lingard
alfie lingard 3 days ago
Report teaming 😰
Lilianna Maloney
Lilianna Maloney 3 days ago
who else thinks he was being really bossy
Jm0b sister
Jm0b sister 3 days ago
HOW DID NO ONE GET THE MYTHIC FISH😕😧😦😕😧😦😕😧😦😕😯😦😕😯😧😕😕😯😧😕😕
deblue mar
deblue mar 4 days ago
who was that guy in the back
Tania Allen
Tania Allen 4 days ago
Me and my group beat lazer beams record when he put it on twitch we acctualy went little more longer than you did bro but good try tho
Chiknoodle 2 days ago
Yes you did
Rising Phonix FN
Rising Phonix FN 4 days ago
I thought they would catch mithic fish
Ail Adam
Ail Adam 4 days ago
Where is lazarbeam
Lydia Harrison
Lydia Harrison 4 days ago
Do you and lazerbeam hate each other
Letitia Sibbald
Letitia Sibbald 4 days ago
Sypherpk you are the best
Tara Hughes
Tara Hughes 4 days ago
U are not the one that has broken a world record
Lewis Fahy
Lewis Fahy 4 days ago
Surely you couldve gone so much longer if only 1 person was healing
John Littleton
John Littleton 4 days ago
LZY LEGEND 4 days ago
I swear I am not lying but that is exactly me my screen freezing and on 20fps
Byron Galdamezz
Byron Galdamezz 4 days ago
4:53 who asked that😂
Medge3000 4 days ago
This is super easy to beat. *just go to creative mode*
mckenzie kenny
mckenzie kenny 4 days ago
Mmmmm eat that fish and don't regret it. We. Are. The. Bananas. YEEEEEEEEE BOIIIIIII
Pulse X Fusions
Pulse X Fusions 4 days ago
stop TaLKing
BH Leoo
BH Leoo 4 days ago
Due To Ingame Use Fishes Was Vaulted
Gyanni Contreras
Gyanni Contreras 4 days ago
I love you
LobberDropper 4 days ago
the 70 frames that sypher has is exactly me IF NO ONE IS IN THE MAP LIKME NOTHING
GraveDigger298 4 days ago
I dont have friends
JonelKingas 4 days ago
Mr beast gonna do it for 10 hours easy
Apple Juize
Apple Juize 5 days ago
Did anybody else came down to the comments to see if lazerbeam left a comment.
RaZe clan
RaZe clan 5 days ago
Abeast Gaming
Abeast Gaming 5 days ago
We’re spike traps added back? I saw one at 3:55
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 5 days ago
If slurps were in here it would be so much easier
Ayoub Zidi
Ayoub Zidi 5 days ago
i get a battle royale solo game without storm i swear That was a 2hours game then i was bored and i leaved. (Europa server)
airo airo
airo airo 5 days ago
I tought that you did this record with evantubetv
Rishi Sankar
Rishi Sankar 5 days ago
It is good that he is acknowledging Lazar beam for this idea
Brogan Kidd
Brogan Kidd 5 days ago
Next videos
i broke every KILL RECORD