I bred a PANDA ARMY in Minecraft

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SUB TO BE A LEGEND - goo.gl/HXwElg

Texture pack thanks reddit user DocDK50265
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Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 23 549
Pixlriffs 27 days ago
Congrats on your pandas my dude, and thanks for the namedrop! Glad you're enjoying my tutorials :)
X1 Yaz
X1 Yaz 5 days ago
You deserve it
Rounak Rai
Rounak Rai 8 days ago
i was watchin ur vid pixlriffs for the panda episode and subbed to u
Hannah Britten
Hannah Britten 8 days ago
Maurice life
Susan Callihan
Susan Callihan 9 days ago
Good gob
Poet Fjaagesund
Poet Fjaagesund 2 hours ago
lazarbeam: we will be millionars with mellons! me: millionars more like mellionars!....sorry...
Crystal Westfall
Crystal Westfall 2 hours ago
do more dume stuff
bawi cz
bawi cz 3 hours ago
12:53 Lazarbeam girlfriend expose?
James Andy
James Andy 5 hours ago
4:20 lazarbeam dies and it says yeeted by vindcator
Jacey Cook
Jacey Cook 5 hours ago
Lanon gets totem of undying what does do goes to fix thunder dome Alex joins praise pumpkin Lord are die
Serbian Skylands
Serbian Skylands 6 hours ago
13:44 skylanders music
Ryder Concepcion
Ryder Concepcion 6 hours ago
On 7:12 he sounds like Bazza lol
LCGman21 SnipeZ
LCGman21 SnipeZ 7 hours ago
Who was in the back of his webcam at 13.00
Pauric's house 2174
Did anyone notice at 4:01 it said adrevenueplease was yeeted by vindicator
Jaxx Kresner
Jaxx Kresner 14 hours ago
Little Panda
Little Panda 15 hours ago
I escaped that pit...
TheRedLegion 20 hours ago
Who is the best youtuber Like: Lazarbeam Comment: Lannan
Green Inkling Caiden
This is some PANDAmonium hehe hehe..... ill see myself out now
Anh Tran
Anh Tran 22 hours ago
Peta is Proud
DSA 336
DSA 336 23 hours ago
Petition to add Rhinos to MineCraft.👌
Dylan Norton
Dylan Norton 23 hours ago
Um that's weird there all from the same family
i am a disappointment
The moat is called Alabama panda moat
Beetle Oof
Beetle Oof Day ago
Breed a panda with a fish you will get a orca
Gaming Every Day
Name the baby panda panda peach
Skylar rise gacha lewis
You pasta baby man why would you do that
YouSir Naym
YouSir Naym Day ago
Anyone else see someone at 13:10
Arjun Bhandari
13:08 when he breaks the dirt with a pickax. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Charlie Petrycki
Guys like if lazar is better then pewds
Karsten marozzo
Mdogplayz 19
Mdogplayz 19 Day ago
Ive never laughed so much 😂
Mdogplayz 19
Mdogplayz 19 Day ago
Is this normal minecraft?
Matt Grant
Matt Grant Day ago
Its pandamodium
conner vlogs
conner vlogs Day ago
Lazar who’s better at fortnite you or Eliot
Sean Day ago
lannan theres a chanse that wandering trader will sell elytra
Marco Carmona
17:32 there someone next to him
Midnight Emmy
When he got killed at the start by a Vindicator It said "AdRevenuPlease was Yeeted by Vindicator" And you didn't notice Like if tou noticed
Destiny Stanley
Marchal Marie
Omg the baby panda sneezed and the other jumped 😂😂
deRpGOd Day ago
who else knew he was screwed the moment they saw the bad omen at the start of the vid?
Crazy Kids
Crazy Kids Day ago
When he died from the pill ever it said laser beam was yeeted
The Bubble Bar
Pewdiepie killed its mum
Rajani Ash
Rajani Ash Day ago
13:04 hey Lannan who dat
jaime d
jaime d 2 days ago
Call it Squidward nose
Ioannis Papachristos
XxRubix GamesxX
XxRubix GamesxX 2 days ago
my bro is trying to make a bigger melon farm except ITS BEETROOTS beetroots suck
Lilgooleys Yt
Lilgooleys Yt 2 days ago
In mincraft I’m a vegan from u
Carter Remily
Carter Remily 2 days ago
dog tv dog
dog tv dog 2 days ago
The totrm on undying does thzt when you die it gives you 3 hearts and you dont die :)
Nokulunga Nzimande
Use keep inventory
RandomMan 2 days ago
You know you can make bread with wheat
Stick-Master7 2 days ago
Am I crazy or did lazarbeam loose 11mil subs bc last time i checked he had 21mil
You-Inferior2322 Damo
BlitzGamer YT
BlitzGamer YT 2 days ago
Lazar what u should do is expand ur melon farm and add bamboos and pandas
Snippy 2 days ago
GliturKat 2 days ago
I built a large house once and it got raided :\ I thought that only happened to villages? also, wave 1 had over 11 waves worth?
XxJ_&_MxX Videos
XxJ_&_MxX Videos 2 days ago
Lannan: I think this is the coolest thing I’ve done in minecraft Giant melon farm: Am I a joke to you?
XxJ_&_MxX Videos
XxJ_&_MxX Videos 2 days ago
Is the in the jungle song because of the Woolworths ooshies?
GODDAM SWEG 2 days ago
Lazar you didn’t. See greasy it’s back
CKN Bot 2 days ago
Little did he know 3 weeks later he would blow the whole town up
Paul Stone
Paul Stone 3 days ago
Lannan you should have loured the rhino into the thunder don
Alexander Pisarev
11:10 lazarbeam mates jaquiline black with her son and jack black with a another panda
Isha Penafiel
Isha Penafiel 3 days ago
Kyle Beebe
Kyle Beebe 3 days ago
How can I get the lazarbeam resource pack?
Wyatte Spice
Wyatte Spice 3 days ago
Next videos