I bought the World's Biggest Puppy

Logan Paul
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


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May 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Dream Cometru
Dream Cometru Hour ago
He is that birch name Becky
Xu Du
Xu Du 3 hours ago
When they drool a lot is bc they get car sick and about to puke
UNKNOW 11 hours ago
16m views Lul ;D :d
Macy Lockey
Macy Lockey 13 hours ago
You can already tell how good of a dad he’s gonna be 🙂
Nancy Meredith
Nancy Meredith 18 hours ago
Dose Logan now he is trying to make a guard dog not to be a guard dog anymore
Brylle Padilla
Brylle Padilla 20 hours ago
2020? Wathcing?
ivano pavic How2Violin
This puppy was a mistake
Waaaaaaaàa a wish i have a tebetan mastif
Zombie Goddess
i would like to ask when ginger is coming back from the training thing :( i know she killed mavrick and all but...shes a puppy she didnt know better so i hope she comes back into your life with a newfound love in your heart to forgive her :)
Hailey Guida
Hailey Guida Day ago
This dog is so cute I love her wish I could have her
Alfie Nolan
Alfie Nolan Day ago
Logan: I promise I won't let anything happen to you Ginger: I can't say the same for you
Alexis Nordstrom
😭😢 poor maverick
Abigail Therian
Anyone notice that Logan kinda just Abandoned ginger or not :p
Jessica May
Jessica May Day ago
Prathamesh Joshi
And here is the biggest mistake of all time .... Rip maverick
Butter Scotch
Never always wanted 1 of those dogs too I had a dog at passed away like 2 years ago he was the cutest dog it's name is Judy his real name was jacked in GD for short he was a member Of our family so we loved him so much we have a new dog now that's name archer last name is more and can we have a new dog we used to have 3 dogs took us a long time to get take care of there we got puppies so don't wake up 1 and it made archer I love you Logan Paul I'll give you a kiss and a kiss all the way to you live
Butter Scotch
Hey Logan I live at 21 check wire street I was just wondering if you have any march can you please give some to me my mom and dad won't let me but I don't have enough money and I only have like $3 so I wanted to be shipped for free I love you bye you're the cutest man I ever seen
luisjana nerhati
Aww we rarely see such a nurturing sensitive side of Logan and this was so sweet🥰🖤🖤
Brennan Moore
I’m sad I gave Logan Paul money.
Christian Comer
Christian Comer 2 days ago
Logan stop swearing
Animal Twins
Animal Twins 2 days ago
I LOVE 🐶 DOGS!!!! I wish i had one I want a dog more than anything 😭😭😭😭🥺😕😞
Dee Remo
Dee Remo 3 days ago
I love that logan went in the bush with the dog to suport the dog and logans reaction when the dog heard the sound 3 of them went running to the rescue
Tom Lacker
Tom Lacker 3 days ago
10:21 Logan paul, "I cant wait to see what else goes wrong with this dog" *** Maverick
Jie Andaya
Jie Andaya Day ago
Jie Andaya
Jie Andaya Day ago
What the Hell I just got a Maverick AD not joing
Recon SM
Recon SM 3 days ago
5:40 is me when I eat too much tiktok food I'm not kidding the dog reminds me of my Dog😊
Zack Roberts
Zack Roberts 3 days ago
Get the dog back from cmap
niohyoko 4 days ago
uwo uwu owu
Manny 4 days ago
That’s not a dog that’s a brown sheep lol
Sweetie Gracie
Sweetie Gracie 4 days ago
My dog killed my rabbit and it was really sad for me but you can’t be mad at them because he didn’t understand
Noah Chavis
Noah Chavis 4 days ago
"my dog will not participate in anal
Currysause 4 days ago
His mom was right it was a bad idea now maverick is dead
Logan paul you are the best guy and your song is best
Ched Dars
Ched Dars 4 days ago
Shaggy 4 days ago
Can someone tell me where logan got them shorts tho
Jayden Cortes
Jayden Cortes 5 days ago
0:20 best part of the video
lozy live
lozy live 5 days ago
the dog will slay the caodys
Davis Manuel
Davis Manuel 5 days ago
any one else got teary
Enrique R
Enrique R 6 days ago
What type of dog is that
Tiffany O'Hara
Tiffany O'Hara 6 days ago
I am big fan
pandas43v3r XD
pandas43v3r XD 6 days ago
"I'm done buying dogs" Yeah we'll see bout that
pandas43v3r XD
pandas43v3r XD 6 days ago
8:39 ,that face though
Keylee Ramirez
Keylee Ramirez 6 days ago
She so cute
Atomic Martian
Atomic Martian 6 days ago
Seeing buying the biggest puppy: cool Reading PUPPY not dog: passes out
Suzanne Joinson
Suzanne Joinson 6 days ago
Okay that is cute
N.O.X Caustic
N.O.X Caustic 6 days ago
What I was see : I bought world's biggest pussy
Lazarus McCarthy
Lazarus McCarthy 7 days ago
God Bless Ginger
Gilberto Paredes
Gilberto Paredes 7 days ago
2:24 a I wounder why he said perfect
trebor redning
trebor redning 7 days ago
Sad to see these dogs be locked in cages don't but from breeders
Mihail Gjorgiev
Mihail Gjorgiev 7 days ago
I'm late, but Logan she is a mountain dog I think . It has an extra toe for helping it climb hills I think
Ver john Astorga
Ver john Astorga 7 days ago
Why the doctors in San Leandro ca doesn't believe that my face is getting worst every single day.... The parasites on the side of my head is getting bigger cuz there is new born n I just want to put my story out there because we all live one life n y doing good in life doesn't make it better ... I recovered from psychosis memory loss n depression along with schizophrenia ... This is the problem I never thought I would encounter ... It's ruining my face and it's probably gonna end up going in my brain cuz it's ticking sound I can hear that's gonna penetrate thru be my skull ... The law enforcement team up with the landlords cuz one of my goals in life is to be a mechanic....the nortenos the whites and the blacks along with the others support me thru this battle I'm going thru and it's tough when I'm stuck at home hoping I can travel to search for the right doctors ... My life is one only so everyone else ... Why can't they or whoever cares give me this second chance in life for being born again... I can see the holy spirit n God the father maybe it's because I'm always being accused for the wrong things ... Vlogging would be nice if the law enforcement didn't wrongfully imprisoned me cuz my plea woulda been insanity with medical record thru workman's comp .. my head hurts on the left side where baby parasites surfaces n wonder around my head... I couldn't speak nor think straight to even understand or talk to anyone.. I came to United States to get rich or to make my family proud ... Why does the normal n innocent people is now comming crimes against me who never did any crimes when I was normal but the voices n my situation with no food n not being able to stand up n walk due to my back paincaused by my chronic pain on my left shoulder .. I was supposed to get my second surgery but never got it n it's the eleventh year n Imstill recovering from my mental illness .. maybe if I was wealthy I know they would take care of me
Ver john Astorga
Ver john Astorga 7 days ago
U guys are so lucky ! Ur family is so blessed
ailie jang
ailie jang 7 days ago
Logan: I think we made the right decision Maverick: : |
Muffin Sensei
Muffin Sensei 7 days ago
God i love sweat pants
GunhawkGamer 800
GunhawkGamer 800 7 days ago
My name is Jeff
reabetswe motshwane
thats the cutest dog ive ever seen
Ashley Olvera
Ashley Olvera 7 days ago
Does he even know about animals no so why buy more animals if not even now about animals and dogs can and up really bad for him and most importantly the animals he buys
Daphrin Samuel Joseph
4:45 why does she look like she is about to cry
TwistingGears 7 days ago
Plot twist: It wasn't a good idea.
R3TAKE 7 days ago
I know i late but that tibetan mastiff will wooooop those Kyoto ass
Shanti Gomes
Shanti Gomes 7 days ago
That’s not a puppy
Isabel J Sanchez
Isabel J Sanchez 8 days ago
how many dogs do you have
Olivia Chen
Olivia Chen 8 days ago
like it’s still a living so it’s not about the size
Olivia Chen
Olivia Chen 8 days ago
it’s so sad how he’s just like making a vid of him or her (forgot if it said) just cuz it’s a big one like that’s mean plain mean
Adelyn boeseneilers
Logan, I love u but u do some stupid s**t
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 8 days ago
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 8 days ago
That shit was funny...u got a chance to give jack back
laura durbin
laura durbin 8 days ago
This was the first LP vid I watched a year ago and now I watch everything he makes
Lil tes Jester
Lil tes Jester 8 days ago
It’s pretty sad that she’s addressed as maverick killer
static 8 days ago
can u buy me a dog ive been asking for 6 years
Paxton Westerberg
When the dog was hiding logan was like time to get the whole family
Jaydn Mullery
Jaydn Mullery 8 days ago
If he followed his mams advise maverick would be alive I
Saša Aleksić
Saša Aleksić 8 days ago
Spencer was right, you shoudn't buy Ginger. RIP Maverick❤
Cooper Ford
Cooper Ford 9 days ago
She’s peeing up side down what a trick
Matthew Noychinkatok
You’re size 13 pathetic I’m a size 14.5 and I’m turning 15 and 6 feet tall fight me
Akinsimp 9 days ago
this is where it all went wrong
Lil Unicorn
Lil Unicorn 9 days ago
"She's peeing upside down, what an amazing trick"
Anna Donovan
Anna Donovan 9 days ago
You obviously don’t care about the dogs pls stop buying dogs for there looks or for vews
Logan Reinke
Logan Reinke 9 days ago
lightningboy do not mess around
I always thought jake paul was better bit i was mistaking
Paitynn Metzger
Paitynn Metzger 9 days ago
Soooooo cute
sun light
sun light 9 days ago
That dog is cute it going make a cry
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