I bought the World's Biggest Puppy

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


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May 18, 2019

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Comments 24 061
Dorian Mosceo
Dorian Mosceo 3 minutes ago
the reason why she was throwing up and drooling so much is she is either nervous or even car sick cuz my dog does the same thing u just have to hold and comfort them when ur in the car with them or it will happen everytime u bring her in the car with u .
kara bear
kara bear 20 minutes ago
Is broadly a Merle husky? Replie plz
Kran Kost
Kran Kost 44 minutes ago
Yo guys, Coyotes ain't doing shit against this monster
Dace Morgan
Dace Morgan Hour ago
I have a problem of... Jake Paul cars Logan Paul dogs
SLT Trapper
SLT Trapper Hour ago
I could ride that bear
princess sara
princess sara 2 hours ago
I know u are broken hearted logan
John Castrovinci
John Castrovinci 2 hours ago
how tf does this have 11k dislikes?!?!
Luna XXX
Luna XXX 2 hours ago
Next video:buying the smallest dog
Louise Kamaka
Louise Kamaka 2 hours ago
I just clicked on a Logan Paul video wtf
Sean_RSX-Vloger-Savage RSX
No Kong is the biggest dog
UrAvgPyro YT
UrAvgPyro YT 3 hours ago
“Broly it’s been good knowing you buddy, I always did like u.”
richard baker
richard baker 3 hours ago
R.i.p kong
Kim Wotherspoon
Kim Wotherspoon 3 hours ago
Who misses Kong
ItzRaGe 4 hours ago
I have a mastiff it’s really big and cute Edit- oh yeah and it BARKS SOO MUCH
Wolfy Gach
Wolfy Gach 5 hours ago
ShadyImagination 5 hours ago
Logan I know you're smart, much smarter than people think you are. But this was not a smart move. The poor dog is obviously hiding from heat. You have two wolves of a dog which need continental (at least) climate and 5-10 km walks a day. they thrive the most in cold climates (which makes sense being they are from Tybet and Sybiria). also, dogs have problems with sound because they hear 300x more than humans. loud sounds cause them pain, not fear. that's why they run away. you yell so much I have to constantly hold my mouse and regulate the sound on your videos. I can't imagine being at your house. would probably have a heart attack. please read about the breeds you're having. if you want to have a bond with them, you must 1) walk them 2) feed them 3) play with them. I think Broly could handle it more than the Bear (sorry I didn't catch her name). but you'll destroy the Bear if you have her in LA with no walks in the colder forests. I am sorry for long post. But I held my composure when you cut all Kong's hair off. Only few of the breeds have no damage if their hair is shaven off. I think Kong was not one of them. Maybe I don't even blame you but the people who sell you all this. But man, Logan. A guy with such a brain who does not use them... I know you're young, 9 years younger than me, but you're 24. that's not 16. I feel you wouldn't be so immature if you stayed in Ohio and be poor as fuck. there's a tax for immaturity you (or others near you) will have to pay one day. Good luck Logan. please do something about (edit Ginger) Bear. maybe there's a way you keep her and make her comfortable. maybe some sort of chill dog house, night walks etc. be careful about Broly as well. get them a really good vet, ask questions. don't be so 'me, me, I, me' all the time. you probably won't see this comment... but maybe stars align and you will.
Maria Rose leiy
Maria Rose leiy 6 hours ago
rip. kong :(
Anna Durocher
Anna Durocher 6 hours ago
she’s pure bread it’s a mutation, they’re called duclaws
Anna Durocher
Anna Durocher 6 hours ago
get a great pyrenees! they look like a polar bear so it could be the yeti
Anna Durocher
Anna Durocher 6 hours ago
plus they’re guarding dogs and working dogs so they’ll protect the house
Alfea Abuan
Alfea Abuan 8 hours ago
here lies kong in heaven he's in a safe place nw we love you kong we will never forget you.give this comment one like
Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke 8 hours ago
whats the dogs breed
molly mcguinness
molly mcguinness 11 hours ago
Imagine how many dogs he could adopt instead of shop with all his money :(
REM A 12 hours ago
honestly thought these were everyday dogs i have a white one with blue eyes
Kailah Meissner
Kailah Meissner 13 hours ago
“You think it’s a bad idea and spencer doesn’t seem on board I’m not gonna do it” next shot has him in the car with the puppy😂😂😂
Nicholas Gonzales
Nicholas Gonzales 13 hours ago
she's peeing upside down! what an amazing trick!
Ellesse Alasco
Ellesse Alasco 13 hours ago
I badly want a tibetan mastiff rn huehuehue so cudlyytt
Carson Seibt
Carson Seibt 15 hours ago
Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum 15 hours ago
It would be nicer if you would just adopt
The Dog Trainer In Training
There’s a reason Tibetan mastiffs aren’t common. Let’s just hope this won’t be another dog that will end up like Apollo. Also that’s a shit breeder, he has a shit ton of dogs and they are all in cages outside. A good breeder won’t have that many dogs that they have to expand to outside. Also the puppy coming out looked scared meaning she most likely wasn’t socialized right
Herbert Fountain
Herbert Fountain 17 hours ago
My favorite part of this video 13:12
Aiden Weeks
Aiden Weeks 18 hours ago
Don’t worry because my dog died from a coyote to rip 😭😭
SpiderMonkeyStudios 19 hours ago
Ginger and King brolley can roam what was once Kongs home But Kong can never be replaced
Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill 19 hours ago
R.I.P Kong f*ck every coyote
AvaX Rose
AvaX Rose 19 hours ago
I will subscribe ifffffff you get a bulldog 😁😁😁😁
Drayven Hallman
Drayven Hallman 19 hours ago
bro soo cute how do u even comprehend this he is in a phase totally
Morso 112
Morso 112 Day ago
Ginger the giant look like hedgehog. And its cuteee
Death matt21
Death matt21 Day ago
The dog puked cause it got car sicked
Yves Santa
Yves Santa Day ago
Lucas Lesley
Lucas Lesley Day ago
Bruh when it starts puking I died.. lmao 😂 u
SmashinLava Day ago
also the cane corso I have weighs 180 if you want another guard dog
Katelyn Munoz
Logan the next dog is a weiner dog
the duel slimes gaming
He says he’s not going to get her then in the car she’s there
Alpha Void
Alpha Void Day ago
She looks so depressed at the start of the car ride
Dr Futur3
Dr Futur3 Day ago
Btw a lot of drooling is sign of that she’s about to throw up
So did you just want that specific breed of dog because it's big? "Guard dog breeds" aren't normal house pets. I hope you know what you're doing and will take good care of her. Also, the extra toes can mean that the dog was inbred.
Derek Penberton
She’s kinda ug
Greer Cofield
Those extra toes are.called double do claws
Lauren Holland
What about Broli do you still like him
Sofia Morgan
Sofia Morgan Day ago
When I’m 20 I’ll have to boys called Logan and jake I’m eight
ReadRight Day ago
did anyone notice the giant airpods in the car windshield?
Alisher Kholikov
I dislike for the simple fact you cringy asf
Zachariah Fowler
Logan plz give me your puppy and I'll give you mine plzzzz your dog is so cute and my dog is super protective
Jessica Reynolds
The new puppy’s face look like she is really sad
Yodwin Solis Domingo
Your Chanel cures my depression
Project Maze
Project Maze Day ago
Where is the logang anthem
Helena Berry
Helena Berry Day ago
omg when she hid I cried
vakaris adomaitis
Brett Gibson
Brett Gibson Day ago
I just died inside... so perty
Mill_n o
Mill_n o Day ago
in my country it's ILLEGAL to BUY dogs
David Franco
David Franco Day ago
I need a dog
Why did the dogs sick look like brown rice hahaha lol
stoyan dimitrov
where he took this dog and what his breed was
Comal Black
Comal Black Day ago
I'm indonisia
KEKE Johonson
I am not a dog or cat lover but Logan is making me love dogs. Love you Logan❤❤❤😘
m e m e s R u s
Squidism Day ago
That is my dream dog.Logan is living a life I wish I could be. Love you Logan best of luck!
Yolanda Parra
I wish i have the puppy
Cadence Conrad
No no no no plzzz don't get this dog it will hurt brouly plz at least get it proper training plz
Olivia Davison
I know this may not compared to what you have I have four dogs when is a English Mastiff when is the Neapolitan Mastiff amd the other is a teddy bear search it up if you don't know the breed and a Boston Terrier with lots of energy
Sm1Le L
Sm1Le L Day ago
Bad idea dude!
Zeky Day ago
that dog is actually disgusting why would you ever want that
Jayden Williams
This dog is like a big fluffy golden retriever
Sophia Clifford
My dog weighs more then ginger. Lol my other dog is name ginger
Claudiu Ionescu
Get the fricing dog
john boduris
john boduris Day ago
i dont like logan paul but puppys
Bomtastic Guy
I bought clickbait
Coleman Field
11:43 😂😂😂💀💀
Conner Neese
Conner Neese Day ago
I have English Mastiff
Davy Bird
Davy Bird 2 days ago
Fucking coyotes
FBI OPEN UP 2 days ago
It probably is the biggest PUPPY in the world but is not the biggest DOG in the world
Savana Graham
Savana Graham 2 days ago
Those are called her hunting toes
MAX 13
MAX 13 2 days ago
It is so cute
GRP30X 2 days ago
Its a giant kong
Bigen Games
Bigen Games 2 days ago
Car sick dogie
ALEXZHYPER 2 days ago
Anybody else realize that Logan got less toxic
RFX Clan
RFX Clan 2 days ago
Kong is dad real DA SAVAGE 👇🏼 One like for long ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
The king of gaming
Who else gags when they see things throw up
lordyung daggerdick
@Logan Paul Vlogs Can you buy me a dog When it november last year I had a dog named thor and my mom said she was gonna give him Away and i said no please so 1 month later she said that its fine ill keep him since ive been taking care of him and the day after when he was outside my mom forgot to tell her friend she wasint giving the dog away and the lady came and took him away True story btw.
Familien Ransfort
8:41 my subtitels fucked up and Said oh i like spongebob
Strale TBR
Strale TBR 2 days ago
That aint a mutant dog beacuse of sixth toe its just that mountain kind of dogs have that thing
Keke Adcox
Keke Adcox 2 days ago
* kong*
Kenneth Dokus
Kenneth Dokus 2 days ago
The 🐕 is car sick
Lil Zobe
Lil Zobe 2 days ago
Logan next Tuesday I am going to LA and I really want to see you I’m going for my dads work but I really want to see you if we can
Hermenegildo Monjaras
Really pretty puppy 😻
《ASTAssaultTacticans 》
My name is Logan Paul and i have a big problem U CAN'T DO ACTING NORMALY
grace 2 days ago
i’ve wanted a tibetan mastiff since i was like 8 they’re so fucking sick
Logan you can't find another cong
Corey Weston
Corey Weston 2 days ago
Deji followers also watch Logan Paul 🤣🤣🤣
Played Pieces
Played Pieces 2 days ago
l a r g e d o g g o
Tyler Anon
Tyler Anon 2 days ago
Noooooooooooooooo! Poor poor dog 😩plus😨eaquls😰.
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