I Bought My Brother a $40,000 Housewarming Gift!!

Dolan Twins
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This actually might be my best surprise yet...
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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Miecah 21 hour ago
At 8:44 when Grayson was like ‘and dass on periodt’, my ghetto ass said ‘CUSS DASS ON PERIODTTT POOH’😭😂
Hailey Shelton
this video just called me broke in 40,000 ways
The Lady Reina
He’s wearing my yearly salary on his wrist lol
valleet 2 days ago
And 25 cents 🤣
Cynthia Corral
Cynthia Corral 2 days ago
Awww you are so sweet with your brother, i can just imagine what it feels like having a brother or sister since i am an only child (booooring)
Maggie Reeves
Maggie Reeves 2 days ago
Kada Mégri Manel
Ethan : "i'm gonna cry in my room, i'm imbaressed to do this right here" Me : HOW CUUUUUTE AND EMOTIONAL HE IS OMG😍😭😭💓💓
Ivor Sealetsa
Ivor Sealetsa 3 days ago
OMG. Jake Paul is there 👍
Milisa Grazer
Milisa Grazer 4 days ago
11:23 am I the only one who noticed that they held hands 🥺
Tom Vinnie Snow Globe
So cute
Meeka Willis
Meeka Willis 5 days ago
i hate jake paul so much
selina 5 days ago
graysons hair reminds me of frat boy harry styles
NİLDA nilda
NİLDA nilda 5 days ago
who's missing emma and james?
wcnder aep
wcnder aep 5 days ago
ragenalava 5 days ago
For the first time jake paul is the side character🤣
fille 5 days ago
when he said it was an old friend who owned a lot of flashy things i was about to have a panic attack because i thought it was gonna be jeffree 😭💀 first and last time i’ll ever be relieved to see jake 💀💀💀💀
sharra mad
sharra mad 5 days ago
it’s the tooth jewels grayson have for me🤩
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem 5 days ago
“I thought u went to Home Depot” ICONIC
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem 5 days ago
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem 5 days ago
The fact that they still have to keep their statements to their moms name lmaooooo She really doesn’t trust them to do stupid shit
Hana Saleem
Hana Saleem 5 days ago
The 25 cents lmao
jaexlyn 6 days ago
Man : *'it's 39,146* Grayson : *panik* Man : *and-* Grayson : *kalm* Man : *25 cents* Grayson : *panik*
roxi Raft
roxi Raft 6 days ago
I love how happy seeing eachother happy makes them
Kimberly Martinez
Bro his voice tho 5:45
Louise Raymond
Louise Raymond 7 days ago
Nobody needs 40k on their wrist when there’s people starving in this world, so arrogant to rub your wealth in peoples faces for a video🙄 I know they work hard and deserve nice things but it’s just stupid to me to have a watch cost so much in general 😐
Aseel Shahin
Aseel Shahin 7 days ago
I love how worried they are about how their mom is gonna react. So cute and wholesome
Sunny Rosario Trujillo
Twin magic 🥰 a relationship you can’t comprehend unless you are one
E 7 days ago
At 11:19 when Gray was leading E to the car to show him his gift he said: “I think you’re gonna like it, just come *watch* ...come look.” That had to have been a Freudian slip!
Pamela Cale
Pamela Cale 7 days ago
It feels so good to gift family when you finally have the means to make it significant by making a dream come true.
R Dawg
R Dawg 7 days ago
I have a twin brother we're feternal twins but we're just as close Ethan and Grayson
Liv Amato
Liv Amato 8 days ago
Grayson: "so, yk we got this house" Ethan: "no, i don't" OMG 😂😂😂
Mariah Williams
Mariah Williams 8 days ago
bro’s helping bro’s we love to see it
Sebastian Montanez
"Let me call my mom now" cutest shit ever AHAHAHA
Allyson Rose
Allyson Rose 8 days ago
that watch is more expensive than anything I own lmao
Valentina Kalanyos
biggest gag was Jake Paul not the watch lbh
NUGGet3562 9 days ago
What's up with the 25 cents on the watch like it's 40 thousand frickin dollars what's a quarter gonna matter XD
Lauri Johnson
Lauri Johnson 9 days ago
okay, i am on a Dolan binge. don't know why, but i am. this is too cute. gotta go home now from work. see you tomorrow Dolan's.......You guys are sooo nice to each other.
Mark Wagner
Mark Wagner 10 days ago
Coming from a family of 8 siblings I appreciate the love you two share The bonds are so powerful Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I miss that with my brothers
joe fransone
joe fransone 10 days ago
i knew grayson was gonna call jake
Marjorie Acevedo
Marjorie Acevedo 10 days ago
Grayson: “Alright guys we will see you next video where he surprises me” Next video: *Ethan surprises Grayson* I thought that was funny lol
Dace productions2
Dace productions2 11 days ago
When he said old friend I thought he meant James Charles not Jake Paul😂
ASMR Jules
ASMR Jules 12 days ago
Jake acts so chill when he’s not on his own channel.
Aquafangirl 12 days ago
Sorry but I hateeeeee Jake paullll
keirra Leggins
keirra Leggins 12 days ago
Thamsanqa Bhali
Thamsanqa Bhali 12 days ago
And that's on period 😂
Nadarajah yoganathan
When i saw jake paul pop up i threw up in my mouth a little bit.
Kora Audrey
Kora Audrey 12 days ago
It’s so cute when they hug each other 🥺
Max Johnson D’amelio
There mom watching this like: 👁👄👁
Max Johnson D’amelio
Victoria Michelle
Victoria Michelle 12 days ago
Sweetest thing ever 💀
Brenda Rose
Brenda Rose 13 days ago
Spend more money on your mother
Tricia Abreu
Tricia Abreu 13 days ago
Jessie B
Jessie B 13 days ago
I have been watching the Dolan twins since they started vine but I didn’t know they were still friends with Jake Paul-
Mikinzy Sova
Mikinzy Sova 13 days ago
Who else noticed that grayson still has long hair in this vid when the last vid was him getting a hair cut
Lavender 13 days ago
I Love You Guys💜
Camryn Rose
Camryn Rose 13 days ago
the im back at the beginning🥺
Hailey Pena
Hailey Pena 13 days ago
You should’ve asked Jeffree star
Krystal Martinez
Krystal Martinez 14 days ago
Aww their brother love is so amazing ❤️
Regina George
Regina George 14 days ago
listen. Loosing your dad could have really changed your sibling dynamic and it seems to have only brought you closer, that's awesome.
Kennedy Ross
Kennedy Ross 14 days ago
bro the way they talk about each other, my heart......
laila 14 days ago
i come back to watch talks videos to see how y’all are doing and i see jake paul like i did not expect to see him
lola renfroe
lola renfroe 14 days ago
why did i know he was going to call jake ahaha
Chanelle Helle
Chanelle Helle 14 days ago
Meanwhile I haven’t worn my $12 watch in four months because the battery died 🙃
Madelyn Ryan
Madelyn Ryan 15 days ago
Grayson- I am going to call a old friend who has these Calls jake Paul
Milly Wing
Milly Wing 15 days ago
Just me or was jake acting like kinda weird in this
Nitaliah Haider
Nitaliah Haider 12 days ago
Ik like kinda...staged 😕
fitstudboi 15 days ago
Omg..i literally cried that was so awesome👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Arathey T
Arathey T 16 days ago
I fucking love them I’m always smiling watching these videos 😭💛
Raven Wilson
Raven Wilson 16 days ago
My family struggling with groceries. Gray buying a 40k dollar watch for his brother
Janis Leung
Janis Leung 17 days ago
HAHAH when Jake said do you need one of these he looked like a gnome
Raghad D
Raghad D 17 days ago
Me not skipping the ads to help Gray pay the 40K 👁👄👁
Olivia Whittall
Olivia Whittall 17 days ago
holy crap gray ur turning into a dad and going to home depot every sunday :'( my dudes growin up fast
Natalie mazza
Natalie mazza 17 days ago
Jake paul has been very quiet since this video came out..?
Haylie Vallieres
Haylie Vallieres 17 days ago
“I don’t even like care *👁💧👄💧👁* like at all”
kylie is qtt
kylie is qtt 17 days ago
“love u okay love u bye” omg🥺🥺 10:06
kylie is qtt
kylie is qtt 17 days ago
Jade Levacque
Jade Levacque 17 days ago
Why did I start laughing really hard when jake Paul answered the phone like really who else did I think would casually have all these flashy toys laying around 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lydia Huo
Lydia Huo 17 days ago
Hug for Ethan as a friend I'm very nice
Filip Francesca
Filip Francesca 17 days ago
You non james and grayson’s ship ❤️
ASMR Jules
ASMR Jules 18 days ago
Anyone else going to miss their old house?
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 18 days ago
Me, watching this knowing I will never be able to afford that, nor will I ever want it: 👁👄👁
Celina Major
Celina Major 18 days ago
Second time watching this and I am smiling with joy again :')
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