I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop...

Austin Evans
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From Wii to Switch and PS3 to Xbox One we decided to see exactly what GameStop has...
Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it? ruvid.net/video/video-0geM5WxBtcM.html
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Oct 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Preston Harris
Preston Harris 8 minutes ago
7:44 lol
Hydro Fuse
Hydro Fuse Hour ago
GameStop is just pathetic, and I thought EBGames was bad.
4xJays XXIX
4xJays XXIX 8 hours ago
I don’t understand how people can’t take care of their consoles
Squaridot flxil45
Squaridot flxil45 10 hours ago
So that what happened to all the console in gamestop
Marvel is better Than DC
GameStop is so trash
Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit 16 hours ago
**returns them for 10 dollars**
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 18 hours ago
I got Nintendo wii and 2DS,Nintendo switch lite and also nes Classic edition
Maude Boyd
Maude Boyd 20 hours ago
wow, more money
Wavykx Day ago
I still play Minecraft Xbox one edition but I don’t have it on my Xbox one but somehow my 360 with Xbox 360 edition still works so sometimes I would play my Xbox 360
Qwerty money
shemaiah worku
At this point my mans playing with money 😂
Kelly Trowbridge
Ariel Play fortnite
sj4iy Day ago
We still have our launch day Wii. Haven't had any issues, but yeah, we keep it for gamecube game. I will say though, ebay is just as risky as gamestop so I don't believe the prices.
XxRedNightxX Day ago
sub to XxRedNightxX
MegaKirb28 2 days ago
don’t worry austin ik i’m late but that happens to my ps3 so i take it out of the cabinet and put it on a chair
sixty night
sixty night 3 days ago
My familly 40% did buy ps 3 40% did buy x box 360 and me and someone of my familly have ps 4 normal %10 And someone have ps4 slime %10
Bharathkrishna Menon
1:29 fat PS3🤣🤣🤣🤣
Callum Brown
Callum Brown 3 days ago
Daniel granados
Daniel granados 3 days ago
when the ps3 died i burst out laughing lol
Sk8tr Jedi
Sk8tr Jedi 3 days ago
2:11 They probably used sandpaper. Sometimes they do the same thing on phat ps3s.
Corn 3 days ago
Maybe this video is to show off how much money he has
macaroniandgamer 4856
this my first video when I saw this video.
lucas brown
lucas brown 3 days ago
Can I get one console please
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang 3 days ago
Where's The Play Station 2
Ardan Bal bal
Ardan Bal bal 4 days ago
Its not nice if you get more than one concel since other kids would want one
Pump 4 days ago
bro you get your money back and you get back like 6 dollars i would give 50 or 60 its valuble things i have have and all the consoles in all i would give them like 200
lokinfer 4 days ago
Wa this is why there's no more Nintendo switch
INeedLotsOf _
INeedLotsOf _ 4 days ago
The kid who was about to get a new console: *HOLY WHY NO NINTENDOSJHANAKAGSMRISV*
Brid Curran
Brid Curran 4 days ago
Lucky you can buy a PS4 😩
Miguel Noriega
Miguel Noriega 5 days ago
What a rip off they just want to get rid of the fuked up ones
Rupesh Badole
Rupesh Badole 5 days ago
I think you have lot of money...can you send me one...console
John 4 days ago
Akmal Jailani
Akmal Jailani 5 days ago
Hi Austin this is guys
ApicalMitten 502
ApicalMitten 502 6 days ago
MG SGDEGOAT 6 days ago
The fact is I had a mariokart 8 Wii U black version when I was six guess my age
Skydive 6 days ago
Indian_ Sketchers
When he takes them back: the best I can do is 350
Aishah Altaf
Aishah Altaf 6 days ago
Hong Zhen
Hong Zhen 6 days ago
I’m late but I can see Twice music playing in the car
TRAVIS12_ Plays
TRAVIS12_ Plays 7 days ago
I got a ps3 for free and it works great 👌
Puur Lord
Puur Lord 7 days ago
The PS3 is dying it happened to me
WindowFreak 8 days ago
Dickbag Looool
I loved the video, I went crazy with this video my God what a wonderful video congratulations on the video :-)
Stark Playz
Stark Playz 8 days ago
Me: come on PS3 Also me: nevermind it's gay station
mr magmind
mr magmind 8 days ago
dickbag i was dead when he typed dat shit XD
PRO BURAZ 77 9 days ago
Can u give me one
Chris V
Chris V 9 days ago
on the xbox 1 the disc did not werk you becuse you have to play game
XxPobbatronxX 9 days ago
Said the model of ps3 is not the most reliable dies him well I’m not wrong
free1 runner
free1 runner 9 days ago
💀yo i live by that GameStop
Robert Schommer
Robert Schommer 10 days ago
RSY Grid
RSY Grid 10 days ago
I hate you because you never send me a love
Craig Pelletier
Craig Pelletier 10 days ago
11 minute video just to prove what everyone knows already, Gamestop is a rip-off!
Random Guy PR344
Random Guy PR344 10 days ago
Hi K)hvufhuhthguiyugfhfh
Kidchris 112
Kidchris 112 10 days ago
I love Xbox 360🤘😎👍
Ariel Izgel
Ariel Izgel 10 days ago
Austin all of them it’s preowned no dah it not gonna work properly
Ahmad Adnan
Ahmad Adnan 11 days ago
Who An Xbox 360 Gamer? Haha Its A Legend
Kaleb Eldred
Kaleb Eldred 12 days ago
I’ve had my ps3 for years and it’s doing the same thing that your ps3 is doing.
Margaret Okuly
Margaret Okuly 12 days ago
i have a PS4 AND i Have a PS2 AND i Have a nintendo DS
Pewdiepie Giveaway
Pewdiepie Giveaway 12 days ago
8:31 No one every said the wii wasn’t fun it’s like a whole generations childhood
Creeperfan78 12 days ago
Wii U pog
Daniel Lannon
Daniel Lannon 12 days ago
What a rip off.
Hisau Salazar
Hisau Salazar 13 days ago
Has anyone noticed that in 11:15 they were listening to twice which it was cool
glizzy gapz
glizzy gapz 13 days ago
Thanks for commenting on my latest video! (Read my name)
Fityan Rizqullah
Fityan Rizqullah 13 days ago
Bro thats ylod
The Dark moon
The Dark moon 13 days ago
This video the money can used in this video was 1000 something but when he plugged all of it in the electric bill was 1Million
Ssteven playz
Ssteven playz 13 days ago
1:48 Nice
Andrew M
Andrew M 13 days ago
11:25 i like how ken wanted to show off his music
Dean7779x 13 days ago
moral of the story is burn every single GameStop to the ground, it stinks in there, there's no advantage to buying from them and they're the biggest rip off. Did I mention it smells like bad cheese in there?
Cornermercury 77
Cornermercury 77 13 days ago
I have one of the original day 1 Wiis. But i haven't even played a single gamecube games on it because my dad sold his original Gamecube and all of the games before i was born.
Braddah Weemo
Braddah Weemo 14 days ago
Bruh 8 doller wii
yuppet duppet
yuppet duppet 14 days ago
This how i got flexed on
Carter Rogers
Carter Rogers 14 days ago
Can i have one
Doug Nelson
Doug Nelson 14 days ago
I like this video because f**k game stop
Tianyu Qiu
Tianyu Qiu 14 days ago
Who guessed the worst pandemic in 100 years of human history happened in 2020, everyone has to stay home, people went crazy for games, and saved GameStop from bankruptcy.
Six finger Beast
Six finger Beast 15 days ago
Omg you have every thing I even don’t have psp
ZIL_K 15 days ago
The disc works you just have to flip it on the other side
nick schonviesner
nick schonviesner 15 days ago
Not cool some of us are trying to get a system for our house holds. Maybe instead of thinking about content you should think about others
nick schonviesner
@Dean7779x wow looks like you are trying to make up for the family jewels so you pick on people instead. And even if your proud of yourself you obviously don't care about covid so you can shut your mouth before you put your other foot in your mouth besides I don't think it will fit along with the family jewels and current foot in there.
Dean7779x 4 days ago
😂 😂 want tissues bro?
nick schonviesner
Again not and. Also respond and you will look bad because RUvid hates bullys
nick schonviesner
@Dean7779x also you mean and cruel and need manners before you speak and
nick schonviesner
@Dean7779x obviously you are a rude and inconsiderate moron
GEEDUP5 FOREVER 16 days ago
Don’t buy from GameStop or sell to them if you wanna get scammed
GEEDUP5 FOREVER 16 days ago
You can buy a game for 10$ and say wait a minute I don’t want it after 10 secs and -GameStop- gives 4$ and points -Me-👶🏿🧸
GEEDUP5 FOREVER 16 days ago
My Xbox one broke and I had Insurance and all the used Xbox one they gave all weren’t working and wouldn’t let me put my account on them and they said they didn’t know what was going and gave me a Xbox S for 30$ because I had insurance but two of the Xbox s’s didn’t work so they gave me a brand new one 😇
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 16 days ago
I still love your videos tho
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 16 days ago
You guys are idiots sorry
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 16 days ago
Ours did the same thing about nine years ago but it broke red light of death like four years ago maybe
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 16 days ago
That ps3 need new thermal paste
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 16 days ago
These prices suck
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 16 days ago
100 dollars for a 3ds you can get a 2ds xl brand new for that
Purrp. LiX
Purrp. LiX 16 days ago
The GameStop employees: “ tell him to bring me my money..YEAH!”
Evan Adams
Evan Adams 16 days ago
gamestop is called gamestop for a reason: the games stop
Gentleman We The People!
Great original content
Joshua Pearce
Joshua Pearce 16 days ago
I fucking died at, "Gamestop's gonna have to rescue us next"
pukka pikka
pukka pikka 17 days ago
u need to install the game on xbox1
a̸p̸p̸l̸e̸ M̸a̸s̸t̸e̸r̸
Liam Gamer
Liam Gamer 17 days ago
I like PlayStation more than Xbox I mean there both the same thing
Nishant 17 days ago
I never got a Wii in gamestop... And a Xbox 360.
Lacey Tavian
Lacey Tavian 17 days ago
Was that the YLoD? 3:55
Equal Potato
Equal Potato 17 days ago
I used to love GameStop till a few weeks ago. When I was looking for games and guess what :) GUES WHAT. No god damn games only like 20 different ones. Then there was only lesbian T shirts and toys and stuff
DramaticMazeRunner 18 days ago
Hey guys this is austin
GamerJohn886 18 days ago
Holy crap, your a ONCE??? Same
Darrel Oduca
Darrel Oduca 18 days ago
I wish i could have a ps4
Brice Scott
Brice Scott 18 days ago
My Wii u looks even better than that
BC TV 18 days ago
My Wii supports the gamecube
Unknown King
Unknown King 18 days ago
No one cares
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