I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

Safiya Nygaard
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So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and here is the 5th installment - in which we went to a "fake" market in Hong Kong and bought head to toe fake designer outfits! The Ladies' Market in Hong Kong is famous for having a lot of counterfeit and knockoff clothing and accessories, from fashion "brands" like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Off-White, Fendi, Supreme, Peppa Pig, and more! It was an ~interesting experience~, to say the least! What did you think of our fake market finds?
A huge thank you to Taylor for accompanying us to the market :)
You can check out the collab video we filmed for Taylor's channel here!
And you can check out Taylor's channel here!
You can check out Collin Abroadcast's channel for more Fake Market sprees! ruvid.net/show-UCXsQlHGuoWqukC9vz-uonrg
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Safiya Nygaard
HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? also, you can check out the video we filmed on taylor's channel here! ruvid.net/video/video-DHiQCctPOFA.html :) xoxo, saf
Jay 11 days ago
I always want to purchase Chanel purse but the bills on me got me thinking .... but slaybags.com got me lol I got a chanel bag from and i absolutely love the quality . Just sharing y'all Thank me later
Cloey Banan
Cloey Banan Month ago
Tyler standing by the mcShit shirt is such a mood
Mabintou Sillah
Mabintou Sillah Month ago
Amelia S rfvvho
Emily Yu
Emily Yu 2 months ago
Sugary Lemons
Sugary Lemons 2 months ago
300th reply
tiana roblox
tiana roblox 2 days ago
any one else cam here just to herr alright
Janine Adriana Reguenga gomez
siento que están en la lagunilla jajaja , Here in mexico to have 'mispelled' brand is a regular joke and some of those fake brand become with time real brands hahaha but seriously that was expensive, i think you could get all for less
Shanaia Holmes
Shanaia Holmes 4 days ago
Safiya : Hellooooo friends
Amber Varma
Amber Varma 4 days ago
Bro sarojani is also this rushed😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eve louis
Eve louis 5 days ago
When he said “450” I was like whaaaaaat. 220 my guy 😭😭. I ain’t paying 450 Lmfaooo
Jads 5 days ago
Hong Kong night market is just like Paraguay. Tons of fakes on the streets next to luxurious malls. I could buy an adidas tank top for 5 dollars or 55 lol
Wania Ali
Wania Ali 6 days ago
Taylor is so beautiful she's so pretty and safiya she was born pretty
Trudy Ann
Trudy Ann 6 days ago
Yvette Mwendwa
Yvette Mwendwa 7 days ago
It's not a shocking thing in Kenya....shoes bags all vary at 20-40 dollars
Komal Sahni
Komal Sahni 7 days ago
Similar as 'Sarojani and Palika' market here.
Potatuh 7 days ago
My old math teacher aka the beast math teacher in the whole wide world who was Vietnamese always said happy birthday to us when we did something well or even when we were just leaving the classroom I have no idea why
lizzie cheshire
lizzie cheshire 8 days ago
If you ever come back to Asia, you should go to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There are lovely sights there and a bunch of night markets as well as in your vid.
Amber Cassidy
Amber Cassidy 8 days ago
I love your vids but you featuring sssniperwolf just made me so exited
Hattie Bodeker
Hattie Bodeker 9 days ago
Taylor looks so much like Sabrina Carpenter it's scary
Gih Mello
Gih Mello 9 days ago
I love how the $780 original merch on the thumbnail is uglier than the fake $34 one
MarteonaAlaya Tobin
Y’all was dippin in y’all Fucci outfits
MarteonaAlaya Tobin
Bruh the Merkin part took me all the way out
Laura Molony
Laura Molony 10 days ago
The manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods funds more serious organised crime including drugs, prostitution, people smuggling and terrorism. That's why I only buy the real deal.
sakura midnight
sakura midnight 10 days ago
And thats on murkin
Elizabeth Kruzel
Elizabeth Kruzel 11 days ago
Every sssniperwolf fan see her and skip back to make sure it’s her
purple tears
purple tears 12 days ago
Taylor : GD Safiya : god dammit Me being a kpop stan : G-Dragon
Hillmidget 12 days ago
Omg your on 9.8 m subs!! You go girl!!
nadistic 13 days ago
Girl.. you are TERRIBLE at haggling it should be a crime! My first time doing it wasn’t even half close to this bad, but I’m Asian so haggling is in my blood lol. But nonetheless I was entertained by this vlog so thank you for sharing!
Ouma Kokichi
Ouma Kokichi 13 days ago
When that one shopkeeper said Gucci it sounded like he said coochie-
soop 14 days ago
the baienglacas kill me every time...i refer to balenciaga as baienglaca in my head hehehe
kazuya_ masumi
kazuya_ masumi 14 days ago
I love fake market 🌼♥
mermiii 15 days ago
My aunt told me there was this one place in Hong Kong that's quite hidden, and there you'd find class A bags which looks super identical to the authentic ones. The prices were also EXORBITANT.
Michael Jayson Banua
20$ for a ake.... Gurl that's like 10$ - 15$ only.... The are class A knock offs. Those are not sold in those types of markets. And they look exactly like the originals. Crazy. But they are a bit pricey.
Izzy Clark
Izzy Clark 16 days ago
i live in hk 👁👄👁 edit: this is the stanley market right? looks like it edit 2: my dumb self did not watch the whole vid and just the start so yaa its not stanley.
animation funland
animation funland 16 days ago
I wonder how it looks now in 2020
Kostaza Teasealot
Kostaza Teasealot 16 days ago
My grandfather was telline how there are people who will be happy selling you a $40 product for $5 after haggling cause they got the most they could out of you, as to where if you just give him the $40 they would feel like they could have asked for more
nonameruby 16 days ago
*i mean she’s not lying about the pittsburgh steelers fan vibe*
Param Kaur
Param Kaur 17 days ago
It's a Hong Kong sarojni market, the sarojni market is in Delhi, having a reasonable fake items there and it is one of the busiest market in Delhi India like Hong Kong has there busiest market😉😊😍
Emma king.
Emma king. 17 days ago
Samila Espinoza
Samila Espinoza 17 days ago
Tharusha Mudalige
Tharusha Mudalige 18 days ago
its so weird seeing pre corona stuff
Marcelo De Sa Ellwanger
watching this post corona is terrifying
jamie howes
jamie howes 18 days ago
Seriously how beautiful is Taylor
Zesty Aqua
Zesty Aqua 18 days ago
You should probably understand how buying the counterfeit brands back terrorism and human trafficking. Very real even the luxury brands. I suggest doing research including a series on Amazon Prime "The giant beast that is our global economy" to better understand this. As well as this playlist. Yes, I love your videos fun to see it all has a cost to human rights down to the environment. Not that anyone will read this, care or take it seriously. ruvid.net/group/PL7gVhPMGKsTYSK9MwIFVjm6KVSb73j-hc Reaching millions on this platform or any is powerful we can definitely form a healthier marketplace these 'hauls' don't. Wage slavery to debt slavery is a problem. Still.... en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_harvesting_from_Falun_Gong_practitioners_in_China Be remissed if I didn't mention the organ harvesting to adultering the food supply. We have issues the tensions are funded by these very videos to the products. Still like your style only pointing out the facts of our economic structure globally. Human trafficking to slavery the conditions of this workers are all linked. We consumers are driving this we outnumber a few, this isn't new. Been working awhile on an ethical transparent marketplace- catfish do not deceive they actually clean waterways- people decieve so the term Markling* or to Markle is more accurate for the record. Gaslighting and narcissistic abuse has driven the tensions globally those wont completely be resolved through a RUvid PSA, no. At least you are aware of the situation in more depth it affects us all including in the US. Hope China and we all make better goods. That they US can stop being hypocrites and start living up to our own hype at the moment we are contradictions driving these tensions. Just one person's perspective on the situation. Here is a playlist in Markets & Morality as well as narcissistic abuse- ruvid.net/group/PL7gVhPMGKsTYXX7laqXSdYWLixc8aLjqz ruvid.net/group/PL7gVhPMGKsTYSK9MwIFVjm6KVSb73j-hc Both tie in. We can create better social media, marketplace to legislation overall takes others to do the research understand not one government or person can magically fix our problems. But, those goods do end up in disgusting landfills I worked for waste management go stand in one in the US, barefoot no mask. Perspective changes when it's not in a video. Does effect our water supply so these hauls are toxic on many levels. Just a fact and we can do better. I also encourage you to read "Slow death by rubber duck" and also check out the 3rd video on the Markets & Morality playlist link by Kevin Shipp former CIA officer. It's important to understand the destabilization especially through our market supply chain and how? I love to consume as well want better products don't back slavery or abuse. We made up this system we can do better the chemicals alone in our clothing are making us sick to even our soil. We have a mess. Lot of work to be done when you become an "influencer" with a platform you hold personal responsibility to investigate even liability on content, socially and ethically examine how? In more depth. Yes, I find you relatable and engaging on many levels. Your humor matches my own. Like your style with your draw you and your husband both need to understand more how the profits are made? The true cost to others? That matters warrants a deeper dive. Should also point out the sweatshop conditions the toxic environment as well as long hours breed illness, microbes are much smarter than us. Asia has been wearing face masks including Hong Kong well before this pandemic for a reason wasn't a matter of if it will spread to the US but, when? Until the marketplace to the human rights violations are addressed we will be wearing face masks well past 2020 perk, no Planet or species very soon at this rate....so real pretty serious consumerism is a very interesting study. Those shoes aren't worth the true cost even the expensive name brand version in the end. Rather make my own and sell em than consume, working on it. At least be aware of the true cost of even this video. I like both of you no doubt few actually care or give a shit the true cost and yes, feces on your goods including chopsticks, real many produced in slave labor camps I linked more on the organ harvesting in China they work these folks in other ways. Then we have to address China dumping trash onto the marketplace floods the market with these goods actually puts small businesses that are legit out of business this video contributes to this continuing as well as the human rights violations. Industrious group no doubt China treated my sister very well when she visited the Yellow mountains they cared for her when she got hurt. So, I know that my posts sounds harsh have great love for many things Asia has offered the world just not slave labor I don't want anyone to be abused no matter where you are to make goods want folks to thrive be as healthy as possible I love capitalism just not our current version without Morality or ethics backing corruption as well as abuse rewarding that behavior. We may make more our paychecks don't go very far. Will not sell my name for profit like a Kardashian or Jenner want quality goods that ensure the employees make true livable wages and the consumers know the true cost of very cheap poorly made products to us all. Trace each product back to where it's made and how? You'll find sex trafficking especially of children, horrid living conditions many layers of abuse behind one bag. Takes raw materials to make as well the chemicals alone rather have good clean drinking water to air minus cancer than a knockoff purse or shoes. My take on this all. To each their own just effects us all in the end. We are all enabling this, now what? We can do better at least examine how everything is made? True cost? And you'll found the civil unrest links right to videos like this these hauls. At least examine the how, please?
Maria Chiara
Maria Chiara 18 days ago
is no one else super confused at how safiya pronounced Moschino?? wth was that??? i’m so confuseddd 😭 i’ve never heard anyone call it that (it’s MOSKEENO btw)
Michael Neal
Michael Neal 18 days ago
Is Taylor blonde ingrid Nelson?
Eowyn Gordon
Eowyn Gordon 18 days ago
It’s so weird watching videos that from before covid- every time I see people in public without masks I panic slightly 😭
White Sky
White Sky 19 days ago
Gosh those people really do profiting from foreigners not knowing the actual average price of these counterfeit products. 🙈
Jayden Shaw
Jayden Shaw 19 days ago
They should of wore this is to the McDonald’s wedding.
Student Isabella Trevino
Me just minding my own business trying to watch the video My brain: she said co-
Maira Thebarge
Maira Thebarge 19 days ago
3:09 its sssniperwolf!!!!!!
Queenohsocrafty 20 days ago
Funny... I enjoyed this video❤️
shiromi Le PLeb
shiromi Le PLeb 21 day ago
ryan anthony
ryan anthony 21 day ago
Taylor’s channel is lit guys!!
Laura Carthew
Laura Carthew 22 days ago
I will never forget the demon pants.
Riley Thacker
Riley Thacker 22 days ago
Taylor: What is a Merkin? Safiya: It’s a pubic wig. Taylor: oh...😯
Merissa Lau
Merissa Lau 22 days ago
They should have bought that stuff, and wear it to a dior store or gucci store and see how the workers react and say
Angelo Lasheras
Angelo Lasheras 23 days ago
2:37 I saw jollibee AHHHH pinoy only can understand
Chahat Magotra
Chahat Magotra 24 days ago
You should go to India it is amazing but if you do you should go to pune ,delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab and pls try food it’s amazing
Ain-drila 25 days ago
If u have gone to India nobody would have considered u foreigner because u and tyler look sooo Indian!!!
Nicholas Zmaj
Nicholas Zmaj 25 days ago
You won't find better place for replica Balenciaga shoes - Manderoti.com
rishita srivasatava
Safiya really said asia is only japan korea china!! -_- asia tour
Divya Punmia
Divya Punmia 26 days ago
If he accepted your offer very quickly it means it was a good deal for him you could have went lower on prices
Nicholas Zmaj
Nicholas Zmaj 27 days ago
This site is really good manderoti.com, I have already bought few sneakers from them.
Senad Kalinic
Senad Kalinic 27 days ago
They are the best manderoti.com
Adopt me 1# Player
Adopt me 1# Player 27 days ago
You should try going back there and getting fake toys
Son Gayku
Son Gayku 27 days ago
13:11 You were expectiong Dor but it was I, Dio!
Renee 名牌時間
Renee 名牌時間 28 days ago
I actually live in Hong Kong
Aaron The Hero
Aaron The Hero 28 days ago
To quote sonic “faker HA! Your not even good enough to be my fake”
Brigh Geal
Brigh Geal 29 days ago
im sorry but why do I love this SO MUCH, like i enjoy the fakes so much more then the real thing
wemikz 29 days ago
Watching this during the pandemic and seeing them touching, and even at one point smelling, lots of random stuff legit gave me an anxiety attack 😅 Stay safe and wash your hands, everyone!
The Carb Fam
The Carb Fam Month ago
Absolutely can’t stand people that buy fake designer goods. You can wear something ‘cheap’ and make it beautiful :) there’s no need to buy into the ‘designer look’. Anyhow, I wish you would of gotten to know the real Hong Kong for being the biggest cultural hub rather than being ‘famous’ for counterfeit goods (China, Shenzhen to be exact is famous for their counterfeit goods)
Sophia Schumm
Sophia Schumm Month ago
Saf: cam dik ar saw 14:28 The french: 💔👀
Rachel Tafua
Rachel Tafua Month ago
girly cloud
girly cloud Month ago
I found sssniperwolf in clip of 3:08
Perin Hussar
Perin Hussar Month ago
Its a great place! Just Sad How People Are Oppressed So Much By Communist Brutalities There.
Clara Santos
Clara Santos Month ago
Hi quarenteners An advice for those that like fake stuff and traveling directly from Brazil, if u come here visit 25 de março in São paulo and saara
Mazza Cheewanich
I watched this 'cause I miss HK....
E_Fox snowspirit
When the fake Yeezy looks classier than the real Yeezy
E_Fox snowspirit
Me: Can I buy some Gucci? Mom: We have Gucci at home.... Gucci at home:
Yasmin A
Yasmin A Month ago
tip: if they don’t lower the price by at least half, walk away
R J Month ago
this is like the fifth time I've watched this video and I just noticed the sign that says "ASS JUICE MAKER"
Kanchan Gupta
Kanchan Gupta Month ago
U make us cheered.
Kanchan Gupta
Kanchan Gupta Month ago
Love & enjoy to watch ur posts ..
Sunny Month ago
Even tho there fake there still very expensive-
Bunny Icecream
Bunny Icecream Month ago
I live at Asia and I was born there Indonesia
Leo MarBel
Leo MarBel Month ago
19:47 wtf happened to the person in yellow tshirt lol
Chimera Kuchar
Chimera Kuchar Month ago
Safiya: *looking at all the clothes* Me: *catches sight of a kirby nendoroid knockoff and hyperfixates on that*
Alice Month ago
the key to good bargaining is literally to make them angry lol don't offer anywhere close to their quoted price go like all the way down.
Raluca Cobeanu
Raluca Cobeanu Month ago
It's melancolic seeing so many people in one shopping place without masks... 😂
Irelyn Comfort
Irelyn Comfort Month ago
I wonder how many ppl fight over store blocks before they open oof what if they bargain store blocks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤯
Bhoomika Malik
Bhoomika Malik Month ago
Who else snipper..leave a like..
Brenda Month ago
omg Taylor is ridiculously pretty and I have a giant crush on her 🥰
ixxlee Month ago
this is making me miss hong kong cuz i go there every year but i cant this year 😔🥺
Darna Dibella
Darna Dibella Month ago
When you do bargain: for example the shoes you should start to bargain from half price or even lower ..
spaghet titty
spaghet titty Month ago
maybe they are purposefully knockoffs because tourists think it's funny and pay a lot for ironic fake brands....
Nelle Salinas
Nelle Salinas Month ago
I cant even afford these counterfeit items much more the real ones.
Snapple Candy
Snapple Candy Month ago
*M U T I P L E P E P P A P I G S I G H T I N G S*
Joe Boik
Joe Boik Month ago
no luv
no luv Month ago
she pronounced it as moshino 😭😭it’s mos-kino
Melanie Estrada
Melanie Estrada Month ago
She’s so pretty!
KN Mnygts
KN Mnygts Month ago
Me gets happy cause I saw sssniperwolf on here! like and reply if you like sssniperwolf This is where you can see her 3:08 to 3:10 I hope I stop and start where she stop talking and started talking so I hope this work have a great weekend everybody!
Cassandra S.
Cassandra S. Month ago
So turns out I know approximately 3 big brands, And am clueless to everything else lol
Drina Is here
Drina Is here Month ago
How u said thx u tho
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